Astrological analysis can help you identify the psychological, spiritual, metaphysical and other factors that lead to the manifestation of certain states of mind and related physical conditions. Whilst not to be used as a replacement for medical/alternative therapies, it gives you a framework through which you can assess the state of the physical body and its link to the energy-body.

For instance, I often work with individuals who exhibit the features of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (a complex phenomenon which is built up of many conflating factors). When I study the chart, I am able to pinpoint specific experiences, individuals and types of trauma linked with the onset of fatigue. And it differs for each individual.

For some, fatigue is – just what it is. Exhaustion. Tiredness. Weariness. Medically linked with hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue (with the related Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome). If you work yourself to death, at some point that body is just going to shut down and say: Buddy I´m done. Let me rest.

In others, what I see is the over-investment of their vital energy into the re-living of a certain traumatic experience and/or holding themselves in a ´brace´ position for fear that it may happen again. So rather than a lack of energy – it´s a case of redirecting it.

Another dynamic that sometimes comes up in my case studies is when a person needs to learn how to ground better into the earth and to draw up energy back into the body.

There will certainly be other dynamics as well. But this is what I´ve seen so far with my case studies.

Various energy medicine systems do this through their different traditions – the Indian subcontinent understands it through the flow of prana through the nadis – China calls it chi and the meridians. And I´m sure South America, Africa and Australia (and other cultures/civilizations) have their own ancient understandings of the same.

These are things I would like to learn and incorporate further in my own practice.

What I do with astrology is to trace or map out the psychodynamic pathways that are created between specific events, individuals, lifetimes that leads to a particular state of imbalance.

I let the chart, rather than the individual I am working with to help me identify this pathway and its own timeline of progression. To confirm what I´m seeing, I might ask specific questions like:

Did you have this experience with so-and-so in this way, at this time of your life?

Does such-and-such situation trigger such-and-such symptoms?

It is located in this such-and-such organ with such-and-such sensation or feeling?

And so on.

It really does get that specific.

And then I identify the chakra/s involved and provide practical tools to address some of the kinds of energetic imbalances identified.

My healing toolkit works more so with essential oils, gemstones, mantras and guided visualizations. For me (at present), the 7 chakra system is an excellent framework to interpret the energybody.

There are of course other conceptualizations that work just as well. But it´s a good place to start.

And for some – it´s not just the tools provided that help them – but the awareness that arises when they – logically and intuitively – see the way the dots connect up. And then the AHA! moment hits.

For some, that it is enough to trigger the release of pent of trauma, or the attachment to a certain experience of wounding that has gone on for years, and years – perhaps even lifetimes.

The face takes on a glow and you can see the instant, deep release and shifting. The work then becomes one of maintaining this state of receptivity and release.

For others, the experience is less dramatic, but still substantial. It is a baby step, but one which can become a powerful foundation towards developing a healther mind-body-spirit connection. Neither response is better or worse, as we each take different paths and timelines to healing.

It helps to know that there are alternative understandings out there as it puts your own choices in context.

And of course there will be certain charts in which karma, timing and the more hidden mysterious of incarnation simply refuse to reveal the process. In which case I work more so with symptom management.

Specifics, context and an understanding of process can be a deeply healing thing to have, especially when working through states of health described in vague or over-generalized terms.

Irritable bowel syndrome is another one … It covers so many things that you wonder what it actually is. And when you don´t understand it, and are just given things to mask or alleviate your symptoms – you´re not healing.

In my early 20s, whilst doing my PhD, I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue (similar, but not exactly the same as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Terribly draining (and time consuming). Besides medical letters that said I was tired and drained, I didn´t really get any remedies from the medical system (was in the UK). So I had to turn to alternative sources, and did find relief.

The experience helped me understand how the act of mapping, and getting specific with the energy dynamics that underpin physical health and imbalance – in itself – provides a sense of liberation. And it gives you tools, perspective and a greater sense of confidence.


You realize, hey – I got this.
I can do SOMETHING rather than just feeling like a victim in my own body.


But to be fair, Western science and medicine continues to map out the unknown through its own paradigm. As its tools of understanding become more sophisticated, what Western science ends up saying (and empirically proving) is increasingly beginning to match up with what older traditions have been saying for thousands of years.


I look forwards to deepening my own knowledge of these various paradigms and combining them with the work that I do as an astrologer and a priestess. It is interesting that this is coming up for me now as my mum, dad and my brother are all doing the same kind of work through their respective inclinations.

And I´m sure many others are as well 🙂 Go Virgo North Node, Scorpio Full Moon!

Much Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2016.

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