THE FINAL URANUS-PLUTO SQUARE: Experience, Resonance, Guidance & Cupcakes

Final UP post

I’ve been wondering what to write for the past few days. What words of guidance and comfort I can provide to those who are struggling through current energies. For me, at the very least, it’s been a mostly calm time, with moments and decision-points of absolutely life-changing intensity in between. Certainly not an energy that is easily expressed beyond words like ‘intense’, ‘transformative’, and ‘life-changing’. Certainly not an energy that you can define into a single form, a prescribed ‘one-size-fits-all format’. So this post will be different to my usual pieces – more personal, more reflective and more open, in some ways. Whilst this post exclusively focuses on the Uranus/Pluto square, check out Pt. 2 ( ) for a discussion of other celestial influences that add tone, depth and flavour to this alignment, in specific ways.

Astrology gives us clues as to the general features of this energy, and looking at the personal natal chart helps us hone in on the details. In some sense, the astrological perspective is a bit of a luxury – in the same way that one wading through an unknown forest may find a map of the locale a gift from the heavens.

We’re about 54 hours from the actual moment of the exact Uranus-Pluto square (2:46 am, GMT/UTC time – March 17th) at 15 Aries/Capricorn ’18 ”04. This is the last exact square between the two ( # 7 of 7 ) and with it we finally reach the gate we’ve been working so hard to get to since 2012. Uranus in Aries is going to open up a whole new way in which we understand our identity, persona and expand our perception of self. Pluto in Capricorn is going to force us to break through structures that have supported the abuse of power and authority, and to force a profound re-structuring of our political and economic systems of governance. These are long transits in themselves, but their critical point of emergence/eruption/breakthrough/breakdown/destruction/creation/transformation, so to speak come to a head on March 17, 2015.

To be clear, the sign placements are based on the Tropical system of astrology – there are other systems which lead to a different interpretation (e.g. Sidereal / Indian, Heliocentric, Realsky), and each claims to be the most correct. Each school has its supporters and its detractors and the claim for which is ‘the best’ or ‘the most right’ has yet to be proven (if that’s even possible).

Much like religion, or cupcakes, at the end of the day, you go for the path that resonates with you best – and ideally allow everyone else to walk on the path, or chomp down on the cupcake of their choice, in turn. Right now I resonate with the Tropical system and the interpretations of energy it offers – but am open to the possibility of another school being more relevant as the collective continues to transform. (That or return to the Mayans that didn’t have this issue on account of their elegant, numerical system of 4-week cycles and 13 moons)

But I digress …

Uranus and Pluto are both planetary heavy-weights, though I wouldn’t class them as ‘malefics’ – I find the term in itself a very loaded one, and an astrological relic we need to get past. They’re not easy teachers though, and they bring to the fore profound changes that you really need to dig deep to get through. The beauty and power of Uranus/Pluto comes through the fact that such powerful personal transformations are – simultaneously – happening at the level of the collective. The energy of the square is one that will go on to outline and shape the choices of generations to come.

The last time we had this alignment was during the time of the Great Depression, concurrent with the rise of Nazi Germany. This isn’t to say that the same thing must/will happen again. It is to show the intensity of the challenges we faced then, and how, they have (for better or worse) shaped the world in which we exercise the faculty of choice now. So what we’re doing now, as individuals, as a collective … will have ripples that carry on far, far, into the future.

I’ve been watching events unfold in my life, and glimpsing the highs and lows in others’ lives through FB. It’s certainly an intense time for just about everyone and extremely unpredictable. Uranus is, after all, the planet of surprise and awakening – and Pluto, the planet of intense crisis, breakthrough/breakdown, resurrection and transformation in the Underworld.

Certain parts of the process were initiated for me as I began to process the sudden, and all-too-early death of a beloved author (Terry Pratchett, aged 66) and to consider all that he had taught me about Death (as his most favorite character in the Discworld Novels). Millions of readers, who grew up with his books, are in some form or another, mourning the loss of a friend they’d met in script. Revisiting some of his work has been a revelatory and healing experience for me.

I suspect the catalyst will be different for just about everyone. Deeply personal, and yet a collective experience.

Coming back to the question of – what do I tell everyone else in search of guidance. Well, I decided to go about it in practical terms. Here’s a list of questions that you can ask yourself before reacting, responding to or getting overwhelmed by whatever challenges, decision-points or crossroads you may face in your respective lives:

(1) Uranus – Are my actions in alignment with the guidance that I receive from Source/Divinity? Will they help me expand my perception of who I am and what I am capable of accomplishing? Will I learn to fully harness and express the gifts I was born with, in service of the collective? Will they help to connect my process of awakening with the Collective? Will they safely awaken or activate my connection with the Higher Chakras – or do I need to tone it down (in cases of over-stimulation)?

(2) Aries – Am I acting from the seat of the Ego? Am I seeking to serve my needs without considering others? Am I trying to bully my way to the top? Am I re-acting without thoughts of consequence? Am I tuned into the ‘I AM Consciousness? Am I acting in alignment with Spirit / The Heart / Love? Do I see how my self-assertiveness can actually support a healthier relationship with others? Do I begin to cherish and value myself for the simple fact of being alive, here, and now? Am I honoring the physical body and maintaining it well?

(3) Pluto – Will this line of thought or action help me understand more truth about myself? Will it take me deeper into my self-work? Will it help me learn about the vast reservoir of power and authenticity that resides within me – and how to use it ethically? Will I learn to rise from my own ashes? Will I stop fearing change, crisis, transformation and death – in its many forms? Will I finally let go of what is not true to who I am and the illusion of permanency? Will I learn how a certain degree of surrender and vulnerability (to one who deserves it) can actually grant me the wings I seek, and that I don’t have to do it all by myself? Will I learn to honor my own boundaries as sacred – and that of others?

(4) Capricorn – Will my actions inspire or burden future generations? Am I acting for the sake of acquiring fame, prestige and status? Or am I acting out of a sense of responsibility and duty? Am I learning about the authority I carry within me, or am I seeking it in others? Am I wielding the status and power that I bear with integrity, or have I abused it? Do I call upon the wisdom of the Elder, the Crone? Do I challenge or accept the status quo? Am I a part of the silent majority, or do I speak out through organized, public channels? Do I give myself permission to define what is ‘successful’ for me, and to live in accordance with that truth?

Those are a lot of questions – but it’s a big energy coming our way and such questions help to you to think through and unpack the situation at hand. A tool to get the ball rolling for those who need a hand in making sense of what’s going on.

Others might feel inclined to simply rest, sleep, retreat and process in the dream-time, and that’s okay too.

Some will practice radical surrender and seek to float through, submerge themselves and simply accept whatever comes.

Or some other way. Or combinations thereof.

We all process differently, and each pathway is just as valid. Just like the choices we make in astrological schools, religions and cupcakes.

Blessings and Love to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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