SUPER ASTRO UPDATE! THE SKY IS LIT WITH MARS CONJUNCT PLUTO! (Major Yod + Grand Water Trine + Cardinal T-Square!)

Mars conjunct Pluto

At 6:31 am, 11/11/14 (GMT + 8), Mars will be exactly conjunct Pluto at 11 Capricorn. (numerologists – note the 11-s). Mars/Pluto is sextiled Chiron Rx (13 Pisces) and both inconjunct Juno (12 Leo) – creating a SUPERYOD. I can’t think of any other yod this year which has involved such a concentration of energy. With the apex of the yod in Juno – all of the energy is going to focus upon one’s soulmate relationships and/or one’s connection with the Flow of the Feminine, i.e. Goddess Consciousness! Refer to my previous article for more details –

Whilst this is going on, we also have a Grand Water Trine between the Moon in Cancer, Neptune/Chiron Rx in Pisces and Mercury/Pallas Athena/Sun in Scorpio – strong, strong, emotions from deep, deep, karmic ties come out to play.

The Moon in Cancer also creates a T-Square with Uranus Rx (13 Aries) and Mars/Pluto. Remember that Uranus Rx and Pluto are squared within 2 degrees of one another. Those with astrological placements near 13 Libra will experience this as a powerful GRAND CARDINAL CROSS. – a tremendous challenge to your sense of self, ideas of power/success and your most tender emotional being.

The Moon is inconjunct Ceres at 5 Sag – those with placements at or near 5 Aquarius will experience this as a YOD – a further point of karmic crisis and/or key decision point in life. This involves your ability to nurture and be nurtured, as well as key aspects of your emotions and subconscious make-up.

Pluto erupts and transforms through crisis. Mars asserts and acquires through action. When the two meet, we see a powerful amplification of energy. All of that feeds into the alignments described above.

Powerful transformations await us all. Go through them with as much grace and integrity as you can. Just under 4 hours to go!

With Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD