ASTRO-ALERT! Moon Conjuncts Vesta, inconjuncts Black Moon Lilith – Choosing and Manifesting a Path of Service, Facilitation and Embodiment of Divine Feminine energy.


Blessings all. The Vesta-Moon conjunction indicates an emotional focus upon the devotion, intensity and continual need to give up aspects of the Path of Service that so many of us walk upon. Vesta is constantly releasing energies that no longer serve, sacrificing them to the Fires of Spirit. In so doing, she regenerates her vitality, enthusiasm, power and energetic connection with the Path she defines her Self and Service by. In Aquarius, our questions of Spiritual Service and Dedication are aligned to expressing the gifts of the Individual to serve a Collective Need, sacrificing the Ego-Mind’s notion of ‘I’ in the process. It can also be a time for heightened energies of manifestation and a sense of direct communion with the Cosmos. Mother Moon brings us her receptivity, intuitiveness through powerful psychic and emotional channels at this time, allowing us to bridge our Paths with the energies of the Heart and the Mind 🙂

With the inconjunct to Black Moon Lilith at 9 Virgo – the Archetype of the ‘Dark’, Suppressed or Rising Priestess / Spiritual Facilitator – what we see is an energetic dynamic that is in need of resolution. We may feel an urgency, a sense of intensity, to define our spiritual roles in more practical, grounded terms. Some of us may be drawn more to the wisdom of the Crones at this time. Black Moon Lilith here is challenged to choose a form of Service irrespective of the way it may be projected upon by others.

Those with placements between 7-11 Aries will experience this as a powerful Yod (Finger of Fate/Karma) which culminates with a key decision made at the Black Moon Lilith point. Normally, the range would be a little wider – however, one tends to take tighter orbs for Black Moon Lilith and the Moon’s Nodes. That’s why we don’t see the yod formed – strictly speaking – despite Uranus’ position at 13 Aries or the South Node at 12 Aries.

The exact Moon/Vesta conjunction takes place at 10 Aquarius’ 23 at 12:51 am, Feb 18th, GMT + 8 (in about 30 minutes’ time).

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Image: Palanchok Bhagawati-Ma in Nepal. Photo by Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2014.
Text and Image © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2014-2015