16 18 nov 14

At 9:34 am, November 16th 2014 (GMT + 8), exactly 12 hours after the Neptune Retrograde ended, a powerful yod formed in the skies. The Virgo Moon sextiled Mercury (11 Sco) and Pallas Athena (12 Sco), both forming inconjuct aspects to Uranus Retrograde (13 Ari). This yod will remain in the skies until 1:39 am, November 17 2014 (approximately 9.5 hours from now).

As you know, the skies are currently lit up with all kinds of different configurations (which I’ve written about on my blog) – so to avoid repetition, I’ll just focus on newer configurations.

This Yod (Finger of Fate) creates a critical decision point/karmic point of transcendence or further entrenchment in the way we access the qualities of ‘Higher’ Consciousness or ‘Higher’ Mind.

Our connection with Source ‘Out There’ as opposed to Source ‘Within’ is being pushed to a whole other level. In the sign of Aries, we are likely to feel the effects of this yod as an opportunity to transform, to revolutionize, to discover a whole new way in which we embody ‘I AM Consciousness’.

Many will see key breakthroughs in their sense of self at this time – as whole new chapters of their Soul’s awakening begin to emerge.

With the Virgo Moon, the energy of one’s emotions, subconscious attachments and intuitive faculties are likely to be focused upon the Here-And-Now – what needs doing, who needs serving, what’s right/what isn’t, what’s the best way to deal with something from a practical perspective, etc.

On the other hand, sextiling the Moon, the conjunction of Pallas Athena and Mercury are focused on different things.

Pallas Athena is giving you the courage to speak up about what your feelings, rights, entitlements and perspectives are surrounding a situation with an intimate/sexual and/or financial partner of some kind.

She slams her spear into the ground to create a boundary and says: Do not cross, lest I call you to do so. Remember that She is the Goddess of Healing, Wisdom _and_ War – it’s probably wise to honor that boundary and to assert the same for yourself..

Mercury similarly focuses upon the communicative, intellectual and analytical faculties that Pallas Athena embodies. In the realm of Scorpio, the energy of the Messenger allows you to access different layers or parts of yourselves at this time, facilitating a more holistic, integrated response to whatever situation of crisis/karmic challenge you face.

Whilst this is a powerful opportunity to transform one’s notion of Self, even the health of the physical body (depending on your chart), it may be experienced painfully by many – owing to the Moon’s opposition with Chiron Retrograde ( 5:41 pm, November 16, 2014, GMT + 8) at 13 Vir/Pis ’07.

This opposition is likely to take on the classic Pisces/Virgo dynamic which – as I understand it – places two different approaches the spiritual journey in (unnecessary) opposition.

Think of Pisces as the tsunami, ultimately washing away all need for Form, Structure, Boundary and knows no Time. In contrast, Virgo represents the Priest/ess holding his or her ground, ensuring that energies are encoded in material form, serving in the present moment, the Here and Now.

They seem like opposites, but truly, they are complements to one another. I see it as a different expression of the Shiva-Shakti dynamic.

Those who feel particularly ungrounded or vulnerable at this time are advised to treat themselves gently and/or to seek reliable support groups. Try not to give into escapist tendencies – be they expressed through substance abuse, food binges, over-working, etc.

If you can, face the energies these aspects unleash, and allow yourself to learn their lessons – and if that’s not possible, don’t worry about it – just make sure you are in a well-supported situation.

You will learn what you need for your journey ahead, when you need to. No rush.

Be aware that Mercury will conjunct Pallas Athena at 9:29 am November 17th (12 Sco ’30) – you may well find the words and the strategy to deal with the intimate situation highlighted by the yod (possibly even earlier!).

Also note that the Sun is preparing for its annual conjunction with Saturn at 25 Scorpio ’56 – This will take place at 4:47 pm, November 18. I expect many of you to be already feeling the focus upon some kind of element of restriction or obstacle perceived within intimate partnerships, energetic/resource sharing arrangements and such.

All of this emphasis on Scorpio will certainly require you to look within the ‘Shadow’ Self, in a direct and disciplined manner.

It’s time to look in the darkness, only to realize that there is – Nothing To Fear. This is a profound opportunity for you to address issues deeply buried within your sub-conscious with the Light of Awareness (Sun) present in this conjunction.

Mars (17 Cap ’15) will will make a T-square with both the North and South Nodes (17 Lib/Ari ’15) at 5:42 pm, November 18. Those with placements at or near 17 Ari/Can/Lib/Cap will feel this as either a Cardinal T-Square or Grand Cardinal Cross!

This is powerful Nodal energy which hints at a karmic situation involving (1) a male romantic partner/the partner playing the ‘masculine role’ (2) one’s animus (male aspect of psyche) which we can interpret as reflections of our connection with the Divine Masculine within. The partner/s we attract externally tell us something about this Inner Connection – strongly emphasized during this alignment.

So, all in all – it’s a very busy sky at the minute! Here’s yesterday’s article which tells you more about Neptune stationing Direct, other aspects still playing their roles in the sky, and the Awakening of the Masculine Principle –

And… I’ve saved the best for last. Those with astrological placements at or near 11-12 degrees Cancer AND 11-15 Taurus will feel this as a GRAND SEXTILE. Happy Manifesting!

Blessings and Joy to All!

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD