Blessings all. Vesta, the Goddess Asteroid of Priestessing, is now conjunct the South Node (5 Aries). It’s a time of great remembering and re-awakening for those who walk the Path of the Priestess / Spiritual Facilitator. Much of the Ego of the Self needs to be burnt away at this time, cast into Sacred Flame.

What remains is a more resonant path of service, able to build bridge, connect opposing polarities and to find a sense of dynamic equilibrium/balance within collaborations, partnerships and the individual’s relationship with their Unknown/Shadow Self.

It’s fairly hard to generalize what the experience of such a process is for everyone as all our Souls have their own re-membering and re-awakening process. Some are enjoying this, others are struggling with it – some feel a sense of elation, others pressure. It’s a very mixed set of responses which analysis of the natal/progressed chart can help to make sense of.

All that I can safely say is that it will be a Soul-Revealing experience, especially with Juno (28 Leo) still trined the Galactic Center of the Milky Way (27 Sag). The energy of Guidance/Ascended Beings beams unto the Soul-Mate Asteroid (responsible for awakening the Soul to complete its cycle of learning, sometimes through pleasure, sometimes through pain).

The Vesta Special Reading is still on, and for those of you want to book, please do so directly at : – I’m offering some extra openings for June 26th (which would be convenient for those of you in Europe, Asia and Australia. (As there have been requests 🙂 ).

Many Blessings and Much Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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