Celestial Dynamics The Energies of the Skies (26 3 15)

Blessings everyone. At this time the strongest celestial influences are:

(1) A powerful GRAND FIRE TRINE involving Sun (5 Aries), Saturn Retrograde (4 Sagittarius), Juno (3 Leo). We’re still feeling the intensity of the Sun Saturn Rx exact trine yesterday, making this a highly charged alignment.

This is the kind of alignment that basically inspires you to take your passion and follow it. Find what moves you, brings you joy and do it. Saturn’s presence in the trine indicates that the work or challenge you find yourself drawn to now is something that has a hand in the long-term development and shoring up of a sense of self-identity. In other times, a truly powerful time for self-work.

Juno’s role in the trine basically opens the doorway to the Divine Feminine, and facilitates experiences that lead to a more complete understanding and experience of one’s Soul.

The Sun in Aries facilitates the energy of the trine, allowing ourselves to put our best foot forward in the the challenges and the gifts that it brings. A powerful time for Knowing, Developing, Asserting and getting more Focused about our Paths of Self Development.

The following bodies are also activated during this transit. Rhiphonos (4 Leo) , Isis (2 Leo), Niobe (6 Leo), Nemesis (4 Leo), Child (6 Sagittarius), Rhiphonos tells us to honor the sacred, sexual boundaries that we are all entitled to have and cherish. Isis connects with the energies and mysteries of the Goddess Isis, her archetype both as a Mother, Protector, and an an Alchemist capable of resurrecting Osiris in the Underworld. Niobe warns us to avoid becoming overly attached towards, or developing an unhealthy sense of pride over our creative, sensual, sexual products and experiences (which, in a direct way, also includes our children). Child can either refer to your child, or a significant younger person in your life, even your own Inner Child within (strongly supported by Leo’s participation in the trine).

And finally we have Nemesis – Nemesis refers to an abstract principle of justice or karmic re-balancing. She ensures that we reap that which we sow, no more and no less.

She adds a powerful sense of gravitas to celestial proceedings at this time (along with Saturn), making this Grand Fire Trine feel distinctly less ‘peppy’ as it normally would – as there is much work to be done with it, as we move towards the Lunar Eclipse on April 4th.

(2) The Uranus/Pluto square – that alignment continues to make its presence felt in the skies, and will continue to do so for the next few weeks (it takes a long time for Uranus and Pluto to move into, or out of, alignments

(3) Vesta (28 Aquarius) sextiled Pallas Athena (28 Sagittarius). This is a phomenonal aspect for spiritual facilitators to work with, particularly if they are Female / resonate with the Priestess Archetype or are focused upon The Divine Feminine. Those with placements close to 28 Cancer will experience this as a powerful Yod, or Finger of Fate. This is a powerful time in which we can blend our intuitive wisdom, along with more structured paths of knowing and belief.

(4) North Node (10 Libra) inconjunct Venus (10 Taurus). Uncomfortable, potentially challenging situations raised in the areas of your Soul’s Growth (fixated in the realm of partnerships) and the way in which you relate to material value systems, your place / and partnership with this Earth, your ideas of sensuality, femininity and attachment. This is a time in which Balance is the mantra of the Time, and we are encouraged by the North Node to find more detached ways of viewing our role within partnership dynamics both within and with other people. Those with placements near 10 Pisces / Sagittarius will experience this as a Potent Yod, bringing you to a crisis or decision point. Such choices can either entrench you in a particular karmic cycle of learning or help you transcend it, and then begin new chapters.

(5) The buildup to the Lunar Eclipse (4/4/15). It’s unusual to see the energetic buildup of an eclipse begn two weeks before it is due. Looking at the specifics of the Eclipse .. I can safely say that it is going to be MAJOR. I discuss this alignment in depth in the upcoming episode of Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD  on WGTR – that will be airing (with analysis on the Eclipse and the Week’s Forecast + more) on Thursday (26/3), 9 am Central (US) Time – wgtrlive.com/listen-live.html

There is just SO much going on in the skies right now, with energetic shifts anchoring, or paving, the way towards the Lunar Eclipse. Take it a day at a time, and let’s all get good work done together in the meantime.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
bairaveebalasubramaniam.com ; fb.com/theskypriestess