THE SKIES SPEAK, THE COLLECTIVE SHIFTS: LESSONS FROM THE BROKEN GODDESS (Mercury conjuncts Uranus, inconjuncts the North Node + Grand Sextile / Star of David with Thereus and Cyllarus, 31 March – 1 April, 2016)


Blessings everyone. Over the past few hours I´ve been seeing a lot of messages coming through – signs, codes and symbols that speak to the crossing of the threshold – from the Age of Pisces, to that of Aquarius.

I wondered why, then turned to the skies. And it was clear.

At this time, we have a Grand Sextile (Star of David) in the skies, along with an impending conjunction between Mercury (The Messenger) and Uranus (The Collective Awakener / Revealer). They both form an inconjunct to the North Node (20 Virgo).

The Mercury-Uranus conjunction indicates that we shall either be receiving, transmitting, or somehow engaging with the energy, or consciousness, of the Collective. This is a time where we think about the ideals and visions of a future that we – humanity and all else it coexists with – can aspire to manifest. We are challenged to find new ways of thought and modes of articulation that facilitate the breaking into new ground, or revelation of new codes or forms of thought – as we enter a new Age.

So much of this requires a re-visitation of the lessons from the Age of Pisces, and to allow those lessons the time they need to fade. Change, as radical as it needs to be, is not something that happens overnight. It takes time for the ideas we articulate to sediment into the material lives of the collective we exist as a part of.

In Aries, Mercury and Uranus focus upon messages that are channeled through – the physical body – the way we connect with ´I AM Consciousness´- insights on the human brain (anything neck upwards really) – things that break through old ways of seeing who and what we are, and that allow new ones to be recognized.

The old and new dichotomy is somewhat ironic, as so much of what we celebrate as cutting-edge research is stuff that has often already been said or put into practice by ancient civilizations. An article I saw yesterday captures this perfectly: Scientists now believe they have to rewrite the textbooks as they have now conclusively shown a connection between the brain and the lympathic system. Whilst this is a celebration and indeed, a triumph, for ´modern´ science, it´s something that practitioners from India and China have recognized for thousands of years. Be it in acupuncture, Ayurveda, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and related fields of body energy-medicine.

For me, I saw it in a little-known version of Hercules (starring Dwayne ´The Rock´ Johnson). Surprisingly good … and I mean graphic comic book level good. He plays the role of Hercules, essentially, as a mortal man who has an unusual amount of strength. Quite gritty.

Much of the mythological figures associated with his trials are shown to be – rather than gods – interpretations of his own subconscious. I loved that narrative.

It´s quite epic in a Promethan-MonkeyKing-challenge-the-gods kind of way. A dismantling of old hiearchies, and dissolving of the game that mortals play and gods orchestrate.

The closing scene is him essentially pushing down an idol of Pallas Athena onto a raging army. In that world, much as this one, the symbols of the gods become co-opted for the tyrannical machinations of would-be autocrats. Quite a powerful tale, and Pallas Athena a powerful symbol of the fall of the old. She is, of course, as the ancient Feminine co-opted as part of a later, patriarchal, mythology.

Think of her as the Distorted Feminine, that (alongside the Distorted Masculine) equally needs to tumble back to the Abyss as we seek balance once more.

Interestingly, the head of the Goddess rolls straight into the main villain, plunging him – and Her – into the abyss. Quite a powerful symbol.

Now this direction of thought and experience wasn´t one I thought I´d be entering. I´ve served many lifetimes in the role of the temple priestess and related spiritual … positions. And I thought that this life was going to be more of that.

I – and many other priestesses – have died in service to older forms and symbols of what was once sacred (temples, statues, sacred serpents and familiars) .. But all of that has shifted for me, and for others who come forwards to tell similar narratives of their own journeys.

The karma of that path of service no longer seems to call to me, and instead, I am asked to find something new for myself – and to recognize that this is a collective moment to discover (once more) – what is ´Sacred´ in this coming Age.

So much of what we once considered the forms and structures that hold/express the sacred need to … well .. tumble down. They need reconfiguration so we do not repeat the imbalances of the past, but build on that knowledge to find better ways of connection. Even in in the things we´re trying to bring back.

But is this a call to Ascend and leave the Earth plane? Not necessarily. If anything, it is a call to find ways of service that are reconfigured to match the energies of this new Age. But one that no longer uses that binary of Earth / Heaven , Black / White – one that sees and celebrates it all as different chapters of the same story.

In short we are called to discover a collective ethos or universalist ideal that is focused upon service to this Earth-Plane. A bridging of the rational mind and intuitive spirit in ways that no longer enslave us within the doctrine of predetermination and fatalism.

I see that expressed as the inconjunct between Mercury/Uranus (19 Aries) and the North Node (20 Virgo). Those of you with placements close to 19-20 Aquarius, or 19-20 Scorpio will see this activated as a powerful Yod (or Finger of Fate). They will lead you through powerful karmic currents, and to the crossroads of change.

It´s a very exciting time to be working with the energy of the Collective as all of this is happening whilst we have a Perfect Grand Sextile in the skies. Grand Sextiles are essentially, the Hexagram formation, or Star of David surrounded by a Hexagon. We have all but one area in Cancer (9-16 degrees) that would otherwise complete the alignment – and that too is covered when consider other asteroids. So yes, a perfect Star of David.

The bodies involved are (briefly speaking):

Vesta at 9 Taurus – The Priest/ess in Service to the Earth – see yesterday´s post for more info

Neptune at 10 Pisces – The Deep, Formless Surender to Spirit / Nothingness / Ocean of All-That-Is

Moon and Pluto in Capricorn – Questioning our understanding of authority and forms of legitimacy born of power, the idea of legacy

Juno at 12 Scorpio – the Energy of the Divine Feminine, the awakener of the Soul in the sign of the Underworld / Lessons from the Descent

Jupiter Retrograde at 15 Virgo – Growth through the Archetype and Practice of Service (bear in mind that Jupiter itself is currently squaring Saturn Retrograde – 16 Sagittarius – and Pluto – 17 Capricorn)

Thereus and Cyllarus (asteroids) at 15 Cancer – The recognition of traditional traps of identification on the victim-abuser spectrum, familial or cultural wounds that resist transcendence. The need to recognize the power of emotional movement through the past, without wanting to leap forwards / into the fray before we´re ready to do so.

Energetically speaking, it´s prime time to manifest, whatever you will. Watch your energy and intention at this time and allow it to tap into the emergent wisdom fo the Collective. Quite a lot of what will come through for you is likely to resonate with the points of the Grand Sextile. And take it in your own time, there´s no need to rush into something. If it seems too overwhelming, plug out and let things unfold as they will.

The Grand Sextile formed through the Moon´s movement into Capricorn, circa 5 am on March 31st 2016, UTC time.

The alignment dissolves just as the Moon conjuncts Pluto (17 Capricorn) and intensifies its square to Mercury and Uranus (19 Aries) I´d estimate that to be around 3.30 am, April 1st 2016 (UTC time) – roughly 9 hours from the time this post goes public.

The Grand Sextile dissolves as the Moon conjuncts Pluto, squaring Mercury-conjunct-Uranus. That activates the same dynamic we´ve been (intensely) feeling between 2012-2015, i.e. the Uranus-Pluto squares. It (in a nutshell) makes you question the legitimacy of authority and the legacy you leave behind in this world – supported by that radical break-through energy of Uranus as it propells the evolution of the Collective.

Old structures fall, as we prepare for new alignments to take their place.

Blessings to the Collective,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2016.
Image: Roman – Statue of Hygeia, Goddess of Health – Walters 2342.jpg – Walters Art Museum [Public domain, CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

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