Grand Sextile

Grand Sextiles look like the Star of David (Judaism) or Shadkona Yantra (Hinduism) surrounded by a Hexagon, also known as a Hexagram. They represent powerful portals of manifestation as they merge multiple elements and houses across the astrological chart. The ancients viewed the symbol as a symbol of Divine assurance, guaranteeing their protection and their ability to manifest what they desire.

So it’s best to watch your actions, intentions and words (more so than usual) as they represent the energy you’re putting into a powerful manifestation engine.

Phrasing it in a different way –

Be careful what you wish for 😉 as you will receive it in some form or another.

This Grand Sextile is particularly powerful as it involves the Super-Galactic Center (1 Libra) and the North Node (2 Libra), we’re sending out powerful energetic ripples that will further our individual evolution as we learn how to coexist with ourselves and others through partnerships – in life, business, and interpersonal shadow dynamics. The influence of the Super Galactic Center (with its supermassive black hole) draws or attracts to a very, very deep point of inner awareness and understanding.

It’s basically like dancing the tango with the most powerful body of energy imaginable. It leads the dance, and the way you follow in turn (there’s no question about that response) determines the nature of the path you take and your experience of it.


Let’s look at some of the players within this alignment:

Moon – early Gemini – Emotional energies/intuitive focus upon the mental constructs we learnt in early childhood. We reflect upon the emotions surrounding our early ways/methods of perceiving the world.

Mars – 29 Cancer – Preparing to leave the sign of The Home/Mother, Mars pushes forwards in the domestic sphere. Expect bold, brash actions and powerful emotional declarations.

Black Moon Lilith – 28 Virgo – The Dark Priestess prepares to complete her lessons in the sign of Virgo. Lessons surrounding the Shadow aspect of the Feminine come through strongly at this time.

Super-Galactic Center – 1 Libra – described above

North Node – 2 Libra – described above

Saturn – 28 Scorpio – The Karmic Taskmaster asks us to continue our review of Shadow-Lessons learnt in the Sub-Conscious/Dark Spaces within. Issues surrounding intimacy, sexuality, power and the like come to the fore for processing, reconciliation and/or karmic balancing.

Ceres – 28 Capricorn Retrograde – The Abundant Mother asks us to find a profound source of nurture (for self and others) within. The Crone appears as a powerful guide. Working upon one’s career or future ideas of what legacy you wish to behind may be a powerful way to focus your path at this time.

Salacia – 29 Pisces – We seek to complete a certain cycle of learning surrounding sexual matters, especially ones involving a certain level of scandal. Many will be opening themselves up to memories of past abuse/violation (in this life, or a prior one) to seek complete release in the transcendental, compassionate, unconditionally loving waters of Pisces. Rhodocrosite, Rhodonite and Rose Quartz may help for those who feel this placement intensely. Others, depending on their individual paths may not feel Salacia’s influence at all – it really depends on your journey, natal chart and sensitivity.

Amor – 1 Aries – We look to an ideal-type quality of Love, which goes beyond ego-based, body-based, mind-based or even heart-based ideas of connection. There is something immediate, embodied and undeniable about the kind of Love that we seek in the Self at this time. It’s not necessarily romantic, or sexual – but really goes past any Disney or Hall-mark defined standard of love.

South Node – 2 Aries – We draw upon lessons from the past which explore the dynamic between representing the Self with respect to others. Do we bodly assert the Self’s needs, do we temper it down to suit the group, or do we ignore it entirely?

I’m sure there are other influences which I can also write about in this space, but to be honest, that overview should give you an idea of the intensity of the current alignment. With so many planets about to enter a new sign: Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Black Moon Lilith, The Nodes – it’s a time in which we feel such intense currents of energy surround us, whilst holding our breaths for the next wave of energy to begin.

The Grand Sextile Portal Opened at 15:48 UTC (7th August) and will last until 17:53 UTC (8th August). UTC = Universal Coordinated Time.

If you’d like to understand how this energies intersect with your chart, you can understand through an astrological transit reading. Those with placements/bodies between: 22 Pisces – 6 Aries; 22 Taurus – 6 Gemini; 22 Cancer – 6 Leo; 22 Virgo – 6 Libra; 22 Scorpio – 6 Sagittarius or 22 Capricorn – 6 Aquarius will feel these energies intensely. They cover 84 / 360 degrees of the zodiac (23.33%) so most people are bound to at least have one body intersecting with this alignment!

We’ve got about 6 hours and 23 minutes to go! 🙂 Bear in mind there’s lots of other stuff also going on in the cosmos as well ! ❤



We are experiencing a powerful Grand Fire Trine involving The Great Attractor – a gravitational anomaly in space denser than the mass of 1000 trillion Suns, located in a fairly mysterious zone in the Cosmos known as the ‘Zone of Avoidance’. Whenever the Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius) is activated in a chart, we see issues surrounding belief systems, paradigms, religions, world-views, long-distance travel , issues surrounding visas, citizenship and the like become heavily emphasized – be it in the news of the day, or in the life-cycle of one who has this point strongly aspected in their charts. The Great Attractor takes no hostages, and often leads to the expression of information or perspectives that can be sharply polarizing – it leads to a ‘love it or hate it’ type of response by fairly large groups of people. It is not a private revelation, but one that involves the masses and their reactions in one form or another.

In short, whenever the Great Attractor is activated, Truth – of one form or another – comes sharply into focus and is revealed in a very public, often polarizing, manner. The Sun’s trine to this spot in the Cosmos illuminates these truths in ways that make them impossible to avoid processing at the conscious level.

Whilst the energy of Sagittarius can reflect the Guru/Wise Mentor/Teacher/Wisdom Speaker Archetype, it can equally reflect the religious zealot, the bigot, the fire-and-brimstone-preacher calling for the picketing of funerals, the self-righteous proselytizer – and so on.

We see this reflected in two major news items dominating global headlines: Donald Trump’s performance in the Republican presidential debate in the USA and the confirmation of the remains of MH 370, a long-distance flight, in the Indian Ocean. Bear in mind that Sagittarius’ energy in the astrological paradigm explicitly focuses upon things like politico-ideological debates, and long-distance travel.

In news coverage of the Republican presidential debate, we see Mr. Trump projected as the ‘dominant’ presence, his views capturing center-stage and provoking intense commentary and attention. His views have been sharply criticized even within the party for portraying Latino minorities and women in ways many would find deeply offensive. Some within the party see him as a joke, whilst others consider him as a real prospect for the Presidency. Either way, he’s powerfully projecting (and being projected upon) with his brand of ‘Truth’, his understanding of the world as he sees it. And, as indicative of the Great Attractor, his views have captured the attention of the public, eliciting a mixed bag of responses.

We see a similar intensity of public interest, a revelation of truth and discord in its interpretation in the discovery and confirmation of wreckage of the MH 370 flight bound to China found off the coast of Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean announced just yesterday. It’s a tragic time for families as they refuse to believe the confirmation given to them, still having so many unanswered questions. Airlines seats, parts of windows and a wing have been recovered so far. The French government is also stepping in to provide air and sea support to further the search for debris and clues as to what transpired on board the plane in its final hours. The relatives of some of the passengers on MH 370 in China have clashed with local police in front of the Malaysian Embassy.

In both cases, we see the theme of ‘Truth Revealed’ – but the question is, really, whose Truth? And is it seen as valid? Such is the nature of the Great Attractor.

The Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius) is trined the following bodies at this time, creating a Grand Fire Trine: The Sun (14 Leo), Rhiphonos – the setter of boundaries (13 Leo), Hygeia – the Goddess of Health and Healing (14 Leo), Eros – our Intimate connection with all of Creation (14 Leo), Vesta – The Priestess (13 Aries – preparing for Her Retrograde). It lies in proximity to Varda – The Mistress of the Stars (15 Sagittarius) and Pallas Athena – The Warrior Goddess, Healer and Strategist (11 Sagittarius).

There are various bodies at play in this alignment – and what jumps out as being of greatest relevance to me is the role of The Sun – and as part of a broader cosmic shift – an intense focus on Goddess / Priestess archetypes (more on that here: http://wp.me/p4OUNS-bb ).

The Sun represents the Light of Awareness on the Unknown (Great Attractor), resulting in Revelation of some Vision of Truth. Much as a spotlight, in the dark, cannot reveal the full picture – it is important for us to remember that we see a version of Truth emerging at this time. Others will undoubtedly have different understandings of the same. We need not accept others’ Paths as our own, but my suggestion to you would be to accept and acknowledge every being’s right to choose the Path that seems truest for themselves. That includes you 🙂 !

Those with placements of 7-21 degrees of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – you’ll feel this energy working powerfully through your charts. Those with placements between 7-21 degrees of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius (all together) will experience this as a Grand Sextile, or Star of David Alignment. That will be a powerful portal for manifesting whatever intent you align yourself with at this time, so handle that energy wisely.

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

Cosmological info on The Great Attractor:http://www.universetoday.com/1…/what-is-the-great-attractor/

Image: M51 Sketch by William Parsons, 3rd Earl of Rosse (Lord Rosse) (Unknown) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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