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Blessings to all,

It’s been quite an intense time since Saturn shifted from Scorpio into Sagittarius on December 23rd. There are two reasons for this: (1) We all experienced the culmination of Saturn’s parting lessons in the sign of Scorpio. Whilst we will revisit these lessons as part of the Saturn Retrograde between June – September 2015, we were asked to set clear boundaries and no longer participate in power dynamics or relationships out of resonance with our sense of Truth. (2) Secondly, we are currently experiencing a POWERFUL STELLIUM (combination of planets acting as a group) in Scorpio, with The Sun, Vesta, Pluto, Mercury and Venus acting together in the sign of Capricorn. Saturn rules over Capricorn, just as Pluto rules over Scorpio. Whilst Saturn is no longer in Scorpio, the Stellium keeps some aspect of its intensity and energy alive.

At this time, this stellium is powerfully activated as the apex of T-Square with the North and South Nodes. In other words, it is the point of release for ancient karmic dynamics working through you, and the collective at this time. Owing to the large size of the stellium, anyone with astrological placements in any degree of Cancer is going to feel this as an immensely powerful Grand Cardinal Cross.

Moreover, this stellium is also part of a Double Intersecting Yod (Two Fingers of Fate that share mutual points), involving Juno Retrograde & Jupiter Retrograde in Leo, Chiron & The Moon in Pisces and the North Node in Libra. I cannot emphasize how powerful the effects of this energy will be for us all.

Please note that Pluto will conjunct Vesta – the Archetype of the Priestess or Spiritual Facilitator – at 10:54 am, December 28th 2014 (in about 21 hours’ time). Facilitators, hang onto your hats!

This is a time where great intensity can either lead to the breakdown of something established, and often through that breakdown, a breakthrough to some deeper level of Truth, the¬†Sacred Source of your own Power. As Pluto’s energy (which dominates the Stellium) deals with a powerfully intimate aspect of our inner worlds, and Capricorn’s energy deals with a powerfully external manifestation of our material endeavors – we’re really experiencing this great push on both fronts. Pluto rules over health, regeneration, death, crisis, transformation – and a bunch of other stuff – so take extra care of your health, exercise reasonable caution.

So what do we do?

Breathe. Take it a day at a time. Let karma unfold around you see what structures in your life are collapsing/have collapsed. If there is no more you can do about it, allow the fallout to occur and the dust to settle before you begin to think of rebuilding.

On the other hand – some of you will be riding this energy like pro-surfers – Kudos to you – and allow that intensity to take you deeper and farther than you ever thought possible.

All of this is happening alongside Saturn’s shift into Sagittarius. This is a big move and signals a new chapter in our collective development. Remember that some of the themes of Saturn-in-Scorpio are still being played out thanks to the Pluto-dominated stellium in Capricorn.

Saturn is the great karmic taskmaster whose lessons operate in the dynamic of restriction. Like the farmer who realizes that too much water can flood his/her crops and cause famine, we are called to tighten down and exercise discipline over the area of Saturn’s teaching. I feel that the lessons we will learn over the next 9 months will somehow be linked to the energy of the past three years – owing to the re-entry of Saturn in Scorpio as part of its retrograde. We’re preparing for the next stage, and there remains some work to be done in Scorpio.

Also bear in mind that the Uranus-Pluto (who rules Scorpio) square is still in effect as we head towards the final, seventh exact square in March 2015.

Between now and mid-June, the lessons of Sagittarius will show us the way to transcend past perceptions and understandings of our Selves on our respective Paths. We will be called to use the mind in a focused way to make sense of all that Saturn-in-Scorpio has taught us in the past 3 years. What will learn will be of use to us when Saturn re-enters Scorpio – I’ll celebrate Saturn in Sagittarius proper when it has finally completed its retrograde through Scorpio on September 18. 2015.

In Sagittarius, Saturn’s lessons focus upon the parts of us that seek to expand and seek information beyond ourselves to make sense of our places in this vast Cosmos. It is linked to higher education, religious paradigms, spiritual paths, philosophy, theology, astrology, a sense of adventure and ‘moving forward’, a constant push towards a new direction that keeps you excited, aligned, motivated and with a sense of Self aligned with your sense of Purpose & foreign travel / immigration / visa concerns. It is also associated with your Guidance and connection with Gurus/Guides in different realms.

Here is where our lessons will come and through it all (even with the Pluto-led stellium), a sense of optimism somehow shines through, radiating the words: You will get through this, and it’ll be a blast!

On the flip-side, this is also a time where in institutions or persons of authority and power (e.g. governments) can also become increasingly punitive and restrictive on freedoms and laws surrounding one’s chosen religious or spiritual paradigm. These seeds are already beginning to reveal themselves in full clarity in different parts of Asia, and as I read earlier today, in the US as well. It is a time where institutions of authority will challenge our right to define ourselves in terms of a larger construct (be it religion, spirituality, a form of knowledge, etc.). This restriction or limitation can also be felt in institutions of higher learning and through individual persons associated with a sense of authority (be it professors, guides, gurus, etc.).

Bear this in mind as you learn the lessons of Saturn. Whatever restrictions come through this planet are ones which will you either have to learn to transcend, or go around as you move towards your Goal. As you pass these challenges and tests, you will create something that is truly resilient and will last you for decades (30 years or so, to be precise – till Saturn makes its next transit).

Those born between mid November 1985 – 1988 will be experiencing their first Saturn Return. It will be a powerful energetic test and opportunity for consolidation for these beings as they emerge into their own right as Teachers, Gurus, Guides, Astrologers, Paradigm-Makers, Adventurers, Travelers, Philosophers and so on.

Blessings to all.

Be Kind and Honor all Paths, even the ones you’re not on.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD