Blessings to All. Right now we have what I’m calling a ‘Black Earth Trine’, formed between Venus (14 Taurus), Pluto (15 Capricorn) and Black Moon Lilith (13 Virgo). Basically, this is a Grand Earth Trine between the Goddess of Material Manifestation & Sensuality (Venus), The Great Transformer-through-Crisis (Pluto) and The Dark Priestess (BM Lilith in Virgo). Grand Earth Trines are powerful portals of manifestation, and they operate whether or not you choose to work with these energies consciously. The focus is upon the ways in which you connect with the physical world, the ‘rules’ which you assume to be true about manifestation.

So, really, the focus of this trine is going to be upon the physical aspects of the lives we lead on this planet. Are we in harmony with the Earth? Are we nourishing our bodies the right way? Are we living sustainably? Do we remember to take care of ourselves, with at least as much importance as we take care of others? (Can’t fill anyone else’s cup if yours is empty – that kind of logic) And what for – what kind of legacy are we leaving by what we manifest? What is the sum product of all that we strive to own, possess or have at this time?

But where does the Black/Shadow aspect come in? And what does that mean for the kinds of energies of manifestation present now?

Basically we’re being asked to question all the stuff we had to sweep under the carpet. All the stuff we were told was bad, inappropriate, wrong, sinful – so on and so forth. Be it women’s sexuality, the right of women to hold equal office in organized religions, the ways in which we can actually claim back our planet, and so on. And all of that baggage is coming out now

That’s manifesting in many, mixed ways for people. Some are feeling unwell, others just feel as though they’re walking through some maelstrom. Some others soaring and feeling great, and others .. well.. are feeling high , wired and fueled by the flames of self-righteousness. That can be fun, but hey, when you’re on the spiritual path, there comes a time where you have to let that stuff go too. That comes from an over-identification with Venus. Venus also rules judgments, value systems and our attachments to them – when her energy gets imbalanced – we then get egoic, emotional attachments to things we you believe to be true).

So it’s really, really a mixed bag …

+ Venus is opposed Deucalion and Achilles (15 Scorpio). Basically, we’re asked to rise above, or float above our impulses and bids for power and control. There’s also a strong warning not to rush into something with the assumption that we are invulnerable. A lot of stuff sitting about in our sub-conscious is about to come out, and we’re asked to try and channel it as consciously as possible.

+ Black Moon Lilith is conjunct Requiem (13 Virgo). Those of us who facilitate are likely to be drawn to reflections of how our path includes Darkness, in its Sacred form. Facilitators, in particular, are going to be drawn to the Death aspect of the Life-Death-Rebirth cycle. It may also be a time in which many uncover suppressed grief that they’d been holding in, also a time to recognize experiences of perceived ‘loss’

[[ Little wonder I finalized the first episode of The Dark Mother’s Children today, soon to air on WGT Radio 😀 😀 😀  ]]

Those of you who need a reminder on what Black Moon Lilith in Virgo encourages us to do – check out –

So if you’re feeling particularly weird or muddled up at this time my friends, fear not. The cosmos is just tilling the soil of the soul, or of our psyches if you prefer, before the Lunar Eclipse comes about. Try not to be too attached to your views on things – or another’s response/reaction to your own. And if you’re feeling fine – great! Keep doing what you’re doing!

Live and Let Live seems to be an especially good mantra to live by at this time.

Blessings to all!

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ;

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We’re about to experience a POWERFUL Lunar Nodal T-Square, meaning the Moon at 10 Cancer will be in potentially tense aspects to the North Node (10 Libra) and the South Node (10 Aries). Navigating this T-Square will be a challenge for some, others will see it as the kind of challenge you need to push through into a new phase (like birthing). The Moon will be the apex (pinnacle/peak) of this T Square and so the focus is upon our emotions, our relationship with the Sub-conscious, issues surrounding the domestic sphere, connections with our Mothers/Motherhood/The Divine Mother, and so on.

The lessons that the Node teach us, or rather, the karmic experiences they ask us to face are ones that focus upon the idea of balancing the needs of the self with the needs of others in partnerships, and for integrating both aspects of self (known/unknown, light/shadow) into harmonious balance. We are able to draw upon the strength of the Self as it has been purified through the fires of the Solar Eclipse, and with that Strength we discover our capacity for detachment and acceptance. Those with placements at 10 Capricorn +/- 7 degrees will experience this as a Powerful Grand Cardinal Cross (Remember the intensity of late April/early May 2014? Yes, that kind of energy).

Exact alignment: 11:31 pm, GMT + 8, 27th March 2015 (10 ’24 Cancer-Libra-Aries) – about an hour prior to uploading this post.

A second T-Square involving the Moon (15 Cancer) will then form, this time with Pluto (15 Capricorn) and Uranus (15 Aries). This second alignment will effectively trigger the Uranus-Pluto square one more – and all the lessons, experiences and possibilities that it has opened our eyes to. Whilst the Cancer Moon stresses the emotional/familial/material concerns as activators for this alignment, its apex is at Uranus. We may find the intensity of this alignment to make us question the true nature of Who We Are. Uranus represents the breakthrough of consciousness as it moves to a new level of being. Here we have the opportunity to truly find more answers in our quest of self-understanding and self-assertion. Those with placements at 15 Libra (+/- 7 degrees) will experience this as a Grand Cardinal Cross.

Exact alignment: 9:13 am – 10:08 am, GMT + 8, 28th March 2015 – in under 9 hours’ time.

The Moon’s energy will also be energized by its trine to Neptune (8 Pisces), ensuring that the emotional energies, lessons and experiences we have directly correlate to key themes of Soul-Working we are all currently engaged in. Bear in mind that people will respond differently to this – some may be very likely triggered by the slightest provocation at this time, so it might be best to postpone overly sensitive discussions. Some people will sail right through it and harness the squares’ creative energy to break through the old, in order to find the new. Those with placements at 8 Scorpio (+/- 7 degrees) will experience this as a potent Grand Water Trine (amplification of emotional and psychic intensity)

Exact alignment: 7:33 pm, GMT + 8, 27th March 2015 – approx. 5 hours ago.

Whilst all this is ongoing, we also have the Venus (12 Taurus) – Jupiter Retrograde (12 Leo) square also exerting its influence in the skies. Try not to get too carried away with engaging in the sensual pleasures of life at this times as Jupiter tends to amplify anything that it touches. The challenge here is to manage our relationship with this material form, home, planet – and enjoy this embodiment – without getting overly attached to the sensual, physical pleasures that it brings. Those with placements at 12 Scorpio – Aquarius (+/- 7 degrees) will experience this as either a Grand Fixed Cross or a Mutable Fixed Cross. There may be some pressure to dig in and hold onto, or simply let go of beliefs and ways of being that one is attached to and comfortable having. That is case specific and dependent on your own chart.

Exact alignment: 10:10 am, GMT + 8, 28th March 2015 ; 12 Taurus Leo ’48 – just under 10 hours’ time.

The powerful Grand Fire Trine with The Sun, Juno and Saturn Retrograde still exerts its influence in the skies. You can read up more on it here.

In short, this is an extremely active sky. And one which raises many karmic question and opportunities to widen/deepen our Awareness. As always, be kind to Self and Others.

Blessings To All,

Priestess B. Bairavee
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