gs 17 jan

Between 6:27 am, Jan 17 – 3:14 am Jan 18, 2015 (GMT + 8) – so beginning in 3.5 hours and ending almost 24 hours from now – we will have a Grand Sextile in the Skies! This is the first of three similar alignments, all due to occur by the end of January 2015.

Grand Sextiles are potent portals for manifestation and for anchoring energies that bring balance. This alignment appears as a Star of David/Shadkona Yantra/Hexagram shaped configuration in the sky surrounded by a hexagon.

The bodies involved in this alignment are: Juno Retrograde (Leo), North Node (Libra), South Node (Aries), Uranus (Aries), Mercury (Aquarius), Venus (Aquarius), Moon / Pallas Athena / Saturn (Sagittarius) and the asteroid known as Chaos (Gemini). I’ve been writing about all these components in recent days, except Chaos – so here goes 🙂

Chaos throws whatever frames of thought or perception, ways of learning and expressing, relationships with siblings & early childhood – into question. It’s the kind of energy that needs to clear what was one there before something new can take its place (to paraphrase Mark Andrew Holmes). Something about the way we directly experience the world, through the mind is about to change.

Choose your intentions wisely over this next 24 hour period as you will anchor them further into your reality. Be aware that the Moon/Saturn/Pallas – Mars/Neptune – Black Moon Lilith T-Square I wrote about earlier (here: is woven into the Grand Sextile.

Moon/Saturn/Pallas trines Uranus/South Node and Juno Retrograde – activating the Great Goddess Fire Trine which lasts into the month of October 2015. Mars/Venus, North Node and Chaos create a Grand Air Trine.

Blessings to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD