THE ENERGY OF NOW: 9th January 2015 [Double Yod + T-Square]

9th jan 2015 energy of now

Blessings to all. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. At this moment we have a powerful, intersecting Double Yod formation (present till January 20-21st) greatly influencing the energy dynamics of the heavens. Yods are known as Fingers of Fate – the literally point us to a karmic crossroad at which we are called to make a key decision. The experience of a yod is generally crisis-oriented, insistent and operated by a hidden, Divine hand. We are called to make a clear decision on something anytime a Yod is present. Our decisions determine whether we engage with the yod through an old energy cycle, or whether we finally break through into a new paradigm.

At this moment we have an intersecting Double Yod involving Chiron (14 Pisces), Pluto (13 Capricorn) / Sun (18 Capricorn) / Vesta (19 Capricorn), Juno Retrograde (14 Leo) / Jupiter Retrograde (21 Leo) and the North Node (14 Libra).

As these two yods intersect, they create a flow of energy that is akin to a ball bouncing off obstacles and walls in a pinball machine. The energy shifts quickly, but into a targeted and specified direction. So let’s look at each component and understand what these yods bring to our karmic curriculum.

Chiron in Pisces – The Soul’s Wound is activated by/in areas related to our spiritual paradigms (at the transcendental level), our perceived channels through which we directly access Soul and Spirit, and through past-life activations. Here we are really called to face whatever vulnerabilities we face in directly gazing upon / accessing our most authentic Self. Be warned of escapist tendencies – be it through workaholism, food binges, substance abuse – or even by escaping ‘into another person’ where you rely upon another’s vital energies to support yourself. (And you may also be the recipient of such energy, so watch out either way). The only real response that Chiron asks you to manifest is Surrender. Surrender to the Flow of the Divine and to the Wisdom of your own Ancient, Powerful Spirit as you go through these turbulent energy dynamics. Those of you who do so willingly, may find yourself on a spiritual journey of Epic proportions. In short: As tough as it may seem, go with the flow. Expect nothing and take each moment as it comes. If you can do nothing else, just breathe.

Pluto / Sun / Vesta in Capricorn – We are focused upon the kinds of Legacies which our Souls yearn to create and leave behind in this material plane of existence. Pluto challenges us to find a balanced and ethical use of power, and acknowledgement of boundaries, whereas Vesta asks us to detach from something near and dear to our ego-level understandings of ‘what constitutes success / recognition / achievement’, etc. In other words, some outdated way in which we see success etc. needs to shift so that the work you do resonates with a Path of Collective Service. The kind of Sacrifice that Vesta calls for is not like what you’ve seen in Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom! It simply means that you need to let go of some old idea, habit, identity or perception that currently constricts your ability to access Capricornian energy. Let go of what holds you back and you will find your Innate Source of Power, Authenticity and Authority, by way of Pluto’s presence in this sign.

Note that the asteroid Narcissus is at 19 Capricorn. The balanced energy of self-love (as opposed to full blown narcissistic self indulgence) can help you determine which type, or form of legacy you wish to create. What would you love doing? What would you love yourself more for doing?

Juno Retrograde / Jupiter Retrograde in Leo – The presence of Soulmate energy and/or Gateways that directly access the vibration of the Divine Feminine are highlighted at this time, as is the role of the Teacher, Guide, Guru or Mentor. It is very likely that your romantic partner, creative collaborator, sexual partner (all of whom relate to the Sacral Chakra that Leo partially accesses) is going to ask you to walk through the Gate of the Fiery Feminine. Here is where that more active, assertive form of the Feminine comes through and asks you to Take Action – Lead – Create (Leo). Your child / children whom you may work with may also perform a similar catalytic role in awakening this part of you. The retrograde motion of both Juno and Jupiter indicate that these lessons / awakenings are more focused upon an internal process – it may be your perception of these beings that you are responding to, rather than anything they do themselves. Another alternative is simply that these are lessons from the past (this, or a previous lifetime) that you are completing now.

North Node in Libra – As far as I am concerned, Libra is the most powerful sign in the Zodiac. I’ve seen this understanding echoed by very few others, with some wonderful exceptions. I believe this is an understanding of the sign that really needs to be revisited in mainstream and more specialized branches of astrology – as we can then learn the true strength of the Scales and all that it represents. Libra is the only energy in the Zodiac that can accept ambiguity and paradox. It can hold opposites in perfect balance and harmony with one another. An understanding of Libra that only favours things that are pleasant is … well… a different form of imbalance. Libra can, at its essence, hold the good / bad / ugly / beautiful / pleasant / unpleasant in dynamic equilibrium with one another. Like the Hindu gods who hold weapons in 4 hands and implements of peace in the other 4, it is not an energy that – in its most authentic form – seeks to hide or dismiss or transform anything. With the North Node in Libra, we are called to find a New Balance in the way we deal with the complexity of our Lives. Note that the North Node is opposed by Uranus (conjunct the South Node) in Aries. We are being pushed towards reacting to whatever situation the North North is triggered into playing out, through the modality of Aries – resist the temptation to Charge Headlong into the Abyss! There is in fact, another way!

Looking at these four energies and knowing that they intersect powerfully through these two yods, we see the kinds of challenges we face. Be it through wounding, finding your legacy, seeking a true Balance, or dealing with romantic/sexual partners/teachers/gurus/soulmates/children — we are really called to step up right now. In our understanding of astrology, in our understanding of self, in our understanding of the choices we make and the consequences they generate.

Also note that Juno Retrograde is trined Uranus/South Node. This only adds further charge to this alignment. We also have a powerful T-Square involving the Virgo Moon conjunct Black Moon Lilith (4 Virgo), squared Saturn (1 Sagittarius) conjunct Pallas Athena (5 Sagittarius), squared Neptune (5 Pisces). In a nutshell, this energy relates to different spiritual paradigms, paths of service, strategies we take to search for spiritual guidance, and the relationship we have with the Dark Feminine (as she Facilitates us to awaken deeper). Those with placements at or near 1-5 Gemini will feel this as a Grand Mutable Cross.

Neptune is also conjunct asteroids Psyche and Bacchus at 5 Pisces. A great deal of healing work is possible if you choose to transcend old myths or narratives in which you may have confined your identity, sense of purpose, life perspective etc (Psyche). Bacchus encourages you to partake in in sensual pleasures, fun, and other activities which break you out of the groove and into a more joyful vibration. Spiritual work doesn’t have to be a drag, not do you have to be overly serious about it. Be sure you don’t cross the line and overindulge!

Also bear in mind that we are still bearing the intensity of the Cardinal T-Square involving Pluto/Vesta/Sun, the North/South Nodes and Uranus – also activated by way of the Double-Yod.

The Double Yod lasts till January 20-21st, whereas the Mutable T-Square (Neptune, Black Moon Lilith, Saturn, Pallas Athena) lasts till Jan 14. The Cardinal T-Square (Nodes, Uranus, Pluto) breaks completely in early April.

Please also note that Mars (27 Aquarius) is currently sextiling the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius). Those with placements near 27 Cancer will experience this as a powerful Yod, inspiring you to Source-driven Action that will help you further your Spiritual Journey and play a role in facilitating the Awakening of the Collective.

Many Blessings to All, I hope this article will help you make more sense of the energies which surround us collectively at this time.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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