Neptune Retrograde and Vesta are both at 5 degrees of Pisces and Sagittarius respectively. They formed an exact square aspect at 5:34 am, October 17, 2014 (GMT + 8). Neptune Retrograde refers to that source of inspiration, vision, otherwordly perception or connection. It is situated within a web of formless, boundless, psychic connection. It is the planetary energy that seeks transcendence and the loss of ego, Self and Knowledge. In Retrograde, Neptune can slice through the comfortable illusions we hold about ourselves and our spiritual paths. Those willing to face their inner realities may escape deeper into delusion, or find self-dissolution (unhealthily) through self-destructive behaviors of some kind (e.g. addictions to substances, people, etc. ). Neptune is reinforced in Pisces, its home sign and its emphasis is upon transcending the requirements of form, definition and boundary in spiritual pursuits – up to a point, this is completely welcomed, but in excess, it leads to all other kinds of issues.

Vesta refers to that point of complete focus, dedication and commitment – an intense pursuit of something for which we are willing to sacrifice all. At times, it is exactly that pursuit that we are called to sacrifice, at different parts of the Journey. It is linked with the energy of the Priest/ess Archetype. Vesta in Sagittarius has her sights set upon the Path itself. She looks to the Mountaintop, the Faraway, the Teacher, the Institution for knowledge, experience and the opportunity to expand Knowledge of the Self and Pathways of Ancient Knowledge. It is also a time in which our energy of focus, commitment, and our potential for regeneration lies in anything which expands our horizons – be it travel overseas (long-distance journeys), learning something new, re-starting school, adopting a new spiritual philosophy, etc.

When Pisces and Sagittarius square with one another, what you get is a clash between two very different Spiritual Paradigms. Sagittarius is very certain that IT knows how to reach the Summit, and that other Paths are somehow lesser. Pisces is absolutely certain that it is uncertain …. and its Path is one of dissolution and transcendence. Resist the temptation to assume that this is ‘The Highest’ or ‘Truest’ Path as that would be contradicting what Pisces is about in the first place. And making that Assumption is part and parcel of what makes Sagittarius such a powerful, forceful and determined sign in the first place – its certainty.

Neptune Retrograde and Vesta themselves clash as they play different types of spiritual roles – both powerful. Vesta empowers and facilitates whilst Neptune dissolves and initiates (in a different way). Think of it this way: If your definition of spiritual facilitation relied upon a certain definition of what is/is not Spirit, Sacred, Ritual, Path, etc. … Neptune basically comes in to say that all that is ultimately impermanent, transient and illusionary. Not a happy combination unless you’re already comfortable with dealing with the Pisces-Virgo (see ) dynamics. Essentially, those who feel very certain they know what Spirit and Path is about, will be very challenged today. We all need tests and challenges on our understanding of the Path from time to time, take this energy as one of those tests and opportunities to hone your understanding and embodiment of Path.

Bear this energy in mind as you go about your day. There’s a powerful potential in this square – one which can help you hold the formless nature of Energetic Spirit and the Material form of Facilitation in the same breath. Those with astrological placements at or near 5 degrees Virgo or Gemini will feel this as a Mutable T-Square or Grand Mutable Cross.

I relate to his energy instinctively as Vesta and Neptune are squared in my natal chart anyway. My writings on the Formlessness and Priestessing might shed some light on the dynamic of this tension, or encourage you to find ways to formulate that truth for yourselves. ( )

Blessings to all Be kind to Self, and Others as All-Ways Neptune’s energy can be hard for some to handle, seek the company of reliable support groups or networks of people, particularly if you are prone to escapism through addictive substances, self-destructive tendencies, etc. Otherwise, meet the challenge head on and see where it can take you – down the rabbit hole, and back to the top of the mountain – just as the clouds part to reveal something wordless, formless, amorphous, Eternal and Transcendental …

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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Blessings to all. Today’s Sun-Mercury Rx conjunct brings about an intensified focus, or, awareness of the ways in which we bring Balance into ourselves, our partnerships and other aspects of our lives. Mercury – in astrology – represents the analytical, or, thinking and communicative faculty. In Retrograde, this energy can either manifest itself as an inability to perceive/communicate with clarity, leading to disagreements, etc – or as a focused review on past events, connections, contracts, court/legal actions, partnerships and other relationships. It all depends upon how you engage the energy of Mercury as it Retrogrades. Both the Sun and Mercury at 23 Libra bring the awareness and intellectual/perceptual/analytical focus we require in order to sort out some issue, arrangement or idea pertaining to the flow of Give-and-Take, the requirements of Co-Existence, or any other scenario wherein Balance and Justice is required. It can be a particularly intense time as the Sun illuminates and forces into awareness the kinds of truths that may hit home hard. Mercury Retrograde is akin to its Journeying through your Personal Underworld (Subconscious, etc.). Prepare for deeply-buried truths to re-emerge into your waking consciousness.

Both the Sun and Mercury Retrograde oppose Eris at 22 Aries (the higher octave of the Dark Feminine Rising – Eris causes discord in systems or organizational frameworks which systematically oppress, suppress or exclude the feminine form). We’re going to powerfully be looking at the hidden, or unspoken ‘contracts’ by which we allowed such a world order to manifest. Expect vocal statements or plans made tomorrow to bring us back into a greater sense of balance – triggered through reviewing something old, outright mis-perception, etc. Those with astrological placements at 22-23 Cancer or Capricon will experience this as either a Cardinal T-Square or Cardinal Cross.

On a related note – those with astrological placements at or near 22-23 Pisces will experience a powerful Yod (Finger of Fate) involving Sun/Mercury Retrograde/Spica/Rhadamanthus (see below) and Lilith (the oscillating Apogee form of her) – another expression of the Dark Feminine Rising. Powerful stuff!

Both the Sun and Mercury Retrograde are also conjunct Rhadamanthus at 24 Libra. Rhadamanthus was a stern upholder of justice and the law. Upon his death, he was made the judge of the souls of the departed by Zeus. It’s a karmic energy that very much involves the repayment of karmic debt. In practical terms, this actually seems to be in the favour of the innocent who seek justice through some means. Also a day where cutting corners will seriously do you no favours whatsoever. Ancestral dynamics are likely to be activated at this time. I would associate this energy with that of Lord Anubis, in particular.

Continuing the theme of ‘reaping’, the Sun and Mercury are conjunct Spica at this time. Spica is a star which is part of the Virgo constellation. It represents the head of a sheaf of wheat, depicting a harvest. Usually connected with abundance of all forms, Spica encourages us to reap the harvest from the seeds we have sown. It a different understanding of reaping in which we collect our dues in a more positive and enjoyable manner.

Spica (known as Chitra or Chitirai) is a pretty important star in the Hindu calendar. Certain systems of calculation take the first day of the New Year as the day the Sun opposes Spica/Chitra, circa April 14. By that token, the Sun-Spica conjunction makes the midpoint of the Hindu calendar year (8:07 pm, Oct 17, GMT + 8). The month of Aipassi begins a day later, on October 18.

So, in more ways than one, this Sun-Mercury Rx conjunction invites us to review the seeds we set during April 14, and what we have manifested since.

Other moments of useful review are to previous instances in which the Sun has conjuncted Mercury Retrograde in Libra. The previous conjunction was on Oct 7 2008, and the one prior was September 28, 2002.

Try to piece together the puzzle that this energy seeks to teach you. To the best of your ability, embody your path with integrity. Be fair in your dealings with others and do not facilitate victimization of self/other/both.

Blessings and Love to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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