Merc Rx in Aquarius & Capricorn (Jan 2016)


Mercury Retrograde is a time where we revisit ideas, contracts, decisions, any type of significant commitment or investment of energy. Where the re-visitation takes place depends on the sign/s Mercury retrogrades in and what house/s that corresponds to in your chart.

In this case, we’re seeing Mercury shift out of Aquarius and into Capricorn, before it returns once more to the Water-Bearer. It’s a time to revisit the ideals we hold about the collective and our role within it, technological/electronic concepts, ideas or items (anything that holds that energy), friendship groups, social media networks and commitments to humanitarian causes. That’s Aquarius’ role.

Mercury’s transit in Capricorn asks us to consider whether the ideals we now believe in or identify with actually contribute to a legacy that is worth leaving behind for future generations. We also examine our relationship with institutions of governance, authority, power and statecraft to see how they best reflect (or inhibit) our fullest expression and collective dynamics of awakening – and how best we engage with these institutions. We are encouraged to get clearer about our long-terms goals and visions of the future, in ideological and material terms.

In day to day terms, it means looking at the way we communicate, express and exchange energy through our electronic/online presences, friend groups, charity/common-interest associations and with VIPs, bosses or authority figures. We may feel an urge to transform the way we see our careers and find ways that that may better align with our ideals.

The potential for miscommunication and misinterpretation is heightened during a Mercury Retrograde. Bear in mind that people (you, me, we included) respond not to the words of the message, but to their interpretation of it. Take a little time to think about what was said vs. what may have been meant before jumping the gun and allow others the same courtesy.

I’d also recommend not committing your energies/resources to major purchases or decisions now. If signing paperwork, delay if possible, or triple check all details – especially if it is related to your career and/or governmental institutions. Give yourself and others the space to look over things.

In terms of dates, Mercury retrograded earlier today (Jan 5, 2016) at 1 Aquarius ’02. It will reverse out of Aquarius and re-enter the tail end of Capricorn on January 8, 2016. The retrograde ends at 14 Capricorn ’54 on January 25, 2016. Mercury exits the shadow period, i.e. the point from which the retrograde started, on February 14, 2016. Quite a nice way to celebrate Valentine’s Day (those of you who do).

We will all be revisiting decisions, commitments and new/changing ideas or relationships with power/authority and career-related shifts or questions experienced between Dec 19, 2015 – Jan 5, 2016.

Please bear in mind that dates might differ based on location. Also – we’ve got a whopper of a New Moon (19 Capricorn) coming up on January 9th! The Sun/Moon conjunct Pluto (15 Capricorn) and square Uranus (16 Aries). For many, this will be a time reminiscent of the generation-and-life-transforming Grand Cardinal Cross of 2014, woven into the seven exact Uranus-Pluto squares (2012-2015).

Stay Tuned,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

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MUTABLE T-SQUARE: Sun conjuncts Galactic Center (26-27 Sag), squares Moon / South Node (26-28 Pisces) and North Node (26 Virgo) ~~ a.k.a. Epic Alignments in the Skies!

T Square

Blessings all – am on pilgrimage so I’ll keep this quick. The Sun’s conjunction with the Galactic Center (watch the next 12-24 hours) , quite literally, points us to the roads, paths, teachers, paradigms, travels and philosophies (or ‘big ideas’) that help us align with our sense of who we are, and what that means within the cosmos. Also a phenomenal time for astrology or tarot readings, or acts of structured spiritual facilitation from a mentor or more experienced Hierophant-like figure (as in the Tarot). Some of you will be drawn to great truths and teachers, and others will be drawn to the opposite. Whether you fall for the false prophet, or discover a true guide is part of the experience, and the challenge of this conjunction.

The Sun is squared the Moon at this time, making it an interesting interplay of energies from different levels of consciousness. Whilst the rational mind and conscious focus of the self looks to the Path, the deeper Spirit looks to places that cannot be comprehended or defined, irrespective of experience, wisdom, or other claims to authority and knowledge. It represents the potential clash between established ‘ways of knowing’ and deeper spiritual movements that exist outside of tradition, time and space. Much like the way the phrase ‘half-moon’, or when the Sun and Moon were at square angles to one another, kept popping up on my travels – prompting me to look at the sky-charts 🙂

The Moon is also conjunct the South Node, which represents the kinds of energies that we have some prior access, potentially mastery of. At this time, we’re all drinking from the deeper waters of Spirit as we begin to re-work karmic contracts, explore previous life-cycles and/or to begin to relate to the concept of Forrnlessness. Equally, it represents the place where we are most likely to become caught up in past karmic dynamics, particularly ones which trigger a deep chord with our own emotional insecurities. The past, our ancestral heritage, our karmic inheritances – all of these can be gifts that form the foundation for our futures – they can just as easily become burdens that inhibit us from exploring the new. Which side of the Pisces Moon-South Node conjunction you explore, is, at the deepest levels, a choice that is in your hands.

The Sun, Galactic Center, Moon and South Node all aspect the North Node in Virgo, forming the Mutable T-Square. The North Node represents our direction of greatest karmic / spiritual growth at this time. These are the areas in our lives which we need to pay greater heed to. They represent areas of challenge, but equally, possibilities for growth and new beginnings. Within this T-Square, the North Node asks us to take the spiritual impulses / visions / mystical experiences of Pisces, and Sagittarius’ need for a structured, formalized Path – and to reflect upon the two with respect to the lessons of Virgo. Here the North Node asks us how we take these different types or levels of information and put them into a Material, Embodied, Physical Form of Service and Healing.

Some of you will link this back to the Priestess Traditions, Yoni/Shakti Worship, or simply a deeper spiritual appreciation of the Womb Center (in all Beings). Others will answer the question by looking at the structure of their daily lives, the rituals or habits that make up the nuts and bolts of their day – and to change them accordingly. Some will discover new paths of healing and discovering wellness, seeing Mind-Body-Spirit as an integrated whole.

And, there will of course be those who take this energy to re-fuel puritanical judgments upon the Path of the Feminine, Sacred Sexuality, the Priestess Traditions and so on – critiquing it in terms of what is ‘pure’, ‘sacred’ and – of course – ‘virginal’. Whilst the Goddess Movement has sought to re-claim these terms and older spiritual traditions associated with them, much of the planet still lives in a different understanding of reality. So, bear in mind that everyone will respond to this energy in the way that their consciousness is best able to do so.

But – Getting back to the larger picture ..

There are many possibilities as to how this Nodal challenge is manifested. The key question is: What do I do with all this information, and how can I use it to help/heal myself and others?

Those of you with bodies near 26-28 Gemini will experience this as a Grand Mutable Cross. That roughly corresponds to those of you with birthdays between June 17-19.

So, keep your eyes open my friends 🙂 This is a powerful prelude to the upcoming Solstice and Cancer Full Moon! 🙂

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

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There isn’t one definition of what a ‘good’ parent is, just as there isn’t one definition of what a ‘good’ child is. In recent years, with so many energetic changes and waves of spiritual acceleration across the planet, the face and substance of parent-child relationships have been undergoing their own dramatic transformation.

Basically, we need new ways to understand our children. They bear within them great wisdom and the template of a new, emerging consciousness. We need new tools, or perhaps, old tools re-fashioned to understand a child’s path through a more holistic perspective.

We see this with parents who are daring to question accepted ideas about parenting, and to seek different ways of understanding conditions like ADHD/Autism and other manifestations of energetic hypersensitivity. Labels such as the ‘Indigo / Crystal / Rainbow’ generation have on the one hand, created ideal-type models to match the pace of change and innate spirituality of many of the kids being born today. On the other hand, these labels can be pretty stifling and prone to create ridiculous expectations of children when growing up. It isn’t easy being a sensitive soul in a very very, loud world irrespective of how powerful one’s gifts are said to be.

So, whilst those general paradigms help us understand the collective characteristics of this emerging generation of children, they don’t help as much when we consider the question how to nurture a specific child, growing up in a specific set of circumstances. Parents who innately understand that their children have certain special needs, or struggle with very complex spiritual questions at a young age then begin to look for other tools to help their children.

In that vein, and this emerged out of the blue at a suggestion of a friend, I began to offer the ‘Newborn Session’ – astrological consultations for new-born babies, up to the age of 6. I chose six years as the cut-off age as that generally tends to be the time by which much of the brain has been formed, as has the neural wiring/network that supports the emergence of a discrete Ego-Mind.

The purpose of this session is to help craft a set of approaches, techniques that can better help you understand what your child is doing in this lifetime, and how you can best nurture that process. It works best when you consider the information provided as a general set of guidelines, rather than a rigid, dogmatic chart or list of things that you ‘must’ do.

For instance, If I tell you that your child might have a gift for music, please don’t force him/her to go to music classes – that can create resentment against a gift that ought to be explored and celebrated.. Introduce the option of music classes, and leave it at that – as a door or opportunity that your child can choose to take. The point of astrology, as I understand it, is to allow ourselves the greatest possibility of choice, which we then navigate with Free Will.

The astrology of your child’s chart can reveal the following:

– what kind of work / spiritual experiences / lessons that your child’s soul has come to experience this time around (some of it will relate to parents/family, and others will come from different areas of life)

– inherited or easily acquired aptitude for talents, habits, certain skills or interests (which can be great things, or things to avoid, depending on what they are

– your child might be able to pick up words quickly, or maybe he/she may be too easily able to pick up vibrations in the environment, it differs)

– areas where a child might need more support (physically and otherwise)- learning techniques or modalities that would suit your child’s needs and interests (again, things to explore, not to force unto your child)

– potentially problematic dynamics or challenges that can arise and ways that these can be mitigated to some extent

– areas of strength and mutual growth for children and their parent/s or guardian/s (as this is a spiritual experience for all of you involved)

– a general road-map which can give you the tools through which you can better understand your relationship with your child, and vice versa

There’s only so much that I will reveal about your child’s chart to you as certain parts of the chart are really things that he/she should go forth and discover for themselves. There will be certain experiences that the Soul has to go through, and no amount of mitigation or early warning can avoid it.

The information given in this session not be used as a means to ‘control’ a child’s life or destiny, but to allow a parent to understand their needs and sense of being through a different perspective. If you’re looking for that kind of control over your child, you will not be granted a session. Simple as.

So what you won’t be getting is a blow by blow account of the specific life-path your child will choose to walk on. You’ll just be getting the manual of ‘How can I best help or facilitate this process’? Sometimes there are things that you can actively do, and other times, it will be a case of ‘being there’ and being supportive. Sometimes both.

Some children will be easier to work with, and others will have more Shadow-placements to deal with. Some children will easily bond with their parents, and others will have to work through their own trauma from past-times. No reading will be the same, as no child is the same 🙂


Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: 288 USD

Sessions are via skype, payments are via paypal. I require the consent of both parents/legal guardians. It is best that both parents are present if possible with the child during the session.


Contact form:

Here’s a review from a recent Newborn Session:

“We were initially not sure if we wanted to get an astrological reading for our son who is just an year old. However, we are facing a dilemma, given our current situation we are at the brink of making life changing decisions. Hence to know how our decisions as parents can impact our son’s life, we resorted to getting an astrological reading from none other than dear Bairavee. From our past experience with her, we could trust her discretion in revealing to us what we absolutely need to know versus not know. We signed up for an hour’s session with Bairavee and she went way beyond the constraints of time to explain the complexity and subtlety of not only my son’s chart but also how it is deeply interconnected with our charts. After getting a broad perspective on our son’s soul journey and what he is here to accomplish in this life gives us insight into how to nurture him and avoid few pitfalls. Every individual is unique and hence nurturing each individual uniquely becomes imperative. Bairavee has a special gift of explaining some of the most abstract concepts with great clarity and ease. She could deliver to us the psychological and socio-emotional challenges that my son could face in his life and how we could support him through those experiences. We feel blessed to have received this information as it allows us to become more conscious and mindful parents. We wholeheartedly recommend other parents to get a reading of your child/ren from amazing Bairavee.”

~ Published with permission from Mrs & Mrs. T, USA

Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions:

Please note that none of the information presented within sessions is meant to replace advice from a medical, healthcare, legal and/or other professional. How you choose to act upon the advice given is entirely based on your own free will. Receipt and/or Payment of the sessions implies full acceptance of the Terms & Conditions as set out in the Invoice you receive when you book. All sessions are confidential, non-refundable, non-transferable and non-liable without exception. You will receive a electronic link to an mp3 recording of your session.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD
The Sky Priestess ~

Image: A child’s dream of a star, Internet Archive Book Images, No Restrictions via Wikimedia Commons
Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015. All rights reserved.



Blessings to All. The Pisces Full Moon brings us the culmination of intentions set during two powerful Pisces New Moons: February 18, 2015 with the Aquarius-Pisces-Hybrid Supermoon) and March 19, 2015 (Eclipse, Supermoon, Equinox at 29 Pisces). Both of these New Moons carried with them powerful opportunities to break out of karmic cycles from lifetimes past and to discover new ways of deepening one’s connection with Spirit.

By nature, Piscean energy brings us to other realms or states of being. This is the watery realm in which all forms, definitions, boundaries and labels cease to exist. It represents, in its purest form, the energy of Unconditional Love and Absolute Compassion, associated with more mystical and transcendental spiritual experiences.

Piscean energy has the capacity to unconditionally sacrifice itself for the betterment of another, without expectation of reward, recognition, status – or even of reciprocation. It can give, and give, and give, drawing from the Infinite, without paucity – and without seeking anything in turn. We venerate those who absolutely operate at this level of spiritual vibration and unconditional love as saints, Messiahs, Ascended Beings and so on.

I associate Pisces energy with Compassionate Masculine figures such as Lord Shiva from the Hindu tradition and Lord Christ from the Christian tradition (unsurprising as my Mars and Jupiter are both in Pisces). In both instances, the act of physical sacrifice or unconditional surrender is woven into the mythology, or narratives that establish key aspects of their Divinity. Depending on your own inclinations and natal chart, you might identify the same energy in other spiritual figures or archetypes.

Whilst the compassionate waters of Pisces encourage the flow beautiful, tender and vulnerable expressions of love, spirituality, altruism and unconditional giving, they open the self to possibilities of projection, (self) deception, escapism and so on. Pisces is equally the energy of Maya, or Illusion, the veil that separates some idea of transcendental Reality from the immediate present. It may seem beautiful, but may be deceptively so.

The blurring of facts, boundaries, ideas and identities that Pisces is famous for can entrap a spiritual seeker into something that looks and feels great, but may be wholly unaligned with their spiritual needs and actual level of awareness or realization. Ever met someone claiming to be an Ascended Being, only to see their ego blow up all over the place when you don’t fall at their feet in awe and worship? Well, then you know what I mean.

At times these illusions are harmless, but at other times, they can cause harm – to one’s self or to others who believe a person’s claim to spiritual gifts, expertise or alleged sainthood.

At the everyday level, Piscean energy can be used to project self-serving acts as the epitome of martyrdom and selflessness. You see this a lot with care-taking behavior that becomes resentful when unacknowledged, “Look at how much I do and sacrifice for you and see how little you appreciate me?” Those with codependent traits are likely to see this line of questioning (or the energy behind it) emphasized during this Full Moon.

A further danger of Pisces lies in its ability to escape. When in balanced form, spiritualists can work with Piscean energy to experience otherworldly realms and states of being, beyond the veil of Maya as it were. When unbalanced, Pisces seeks to escape through a variety of mechanisms – projection, dissolving one’s identity in another person, obsession, substance abuse – and in extreme cases, even suicide. Those who seek ‘ways out’ may be unable to face the vulnerability that Piscean energy almost inevitably asks us to fully experience and immerse ourselves in completely.

This is not something to be ashamed of – it just means that you might need to find support groups, friends, or organizations that can help you through a rough time. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people or institutions that you think might help, but don’t take it personally if they’re not available for you. It’s an intense energetic time for everyone, and we’ve all got our karmic baggage to sort out. Some of you might find solace in a mental health retreat or simply a support group of some kind (AA, Al-Anon, etc.).

A further dimension of Piscean energy deals with the karmic heritage of the individual soul. Pisces Full Moons are ones which quite literally have the capacity to dissolve karmic contracts, or to clear the karmic slate as it were. This is especially true of this Full Moon as its seeds were also set during the March 2015 New Moon at 29 Pisces  – the Anaretic or Terminal degree of the Sign, and the Zodiac as a whole. We quite literally set the seeds to move past a whole cycle of energetic lessons, a turn in the wheel as it were – and are now witnessing that process of release unfolding.

Now is a time of great energetic release in which a person can realize just what attachments they may be holding onto out of fear, or other egoic needs. It can be a scary process, especially for those at the verge of a critical breakthrough/breakdown and can involve the experience of profound vulnerability, along with the humility of absolute surrender to the Divine. 

Now is a moment that calls for absolute surrender – not to the will of another being – but to whatever it is that you have Faith in. It is an energy that asks you to trust in whatever outcome that emerges without seeking to control or contain it in any form. As a general rule, Pisces can create Miracles, that is, it can manifest just about anything it needs to when powered by Faith, rather than expectation.

In a direct, everyday sense, try to avoid major conflicts and simply process what you need to in solitude. You might find tears as a potent form of release or even simply feel the need to sleep longer. Grounding out under a tree or in a natural setting can be calming at this time. If you need support, go to organizations or people who can help hold a space for you (ritually or even in a practical sense, or both) as you process. Avoid excesses of anything, especially if you’re trying to distract yourself from deeper realizations. As the Pisces Full Moon opposes the Sun in Virgo, chances are that you will be called to draw a line, or find a certain boundary that actually (somewhat paradoxically) lets you open up to the Divine in a more direct way than before. Watch the experiences that come your way and act accordingly – Pisces is notorious for blurring the waters, so whatever comes up may appear in a distorted form.

Try not to jump to conclusions and allow your intuition to guide you – it’s the time to trust it.

And -as a general rule – this Full Moon is bound to be a fairly tender time for most people – that includes YOU. Remember to practice compassion, and be gentle with yourselves and other people. Allow people to be what they are, and you just be what you are. Avoid control dramas and conflicts unless you feel that standing your ground is absolutely what you need to do.

For those of you feeling up to it, try to do something which inspires you, that makes you re-member that you are a Channel of Divine Will – be it through art, dance, or whatever activity that makes you feel ‘in tune’. Others may consider helping out at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or in other contexts where the simple act of giving is done without expectation, question or negotiation. If you can, hold space for someone who is charting their spiritual journey through the rougher tides of Piscean energy – but not if you’re trying to avoid the same work/journey within yourself. Remember that the the idea is to help out another, and not to take on their baggage!  It’s also a fantastic time for pilgrimages to sacred sites and for spiritual ceremonies conducted by grounded, experienced facilitator.

For those looking for a more specific guide to coping with this Pisces Supermoon, I refer you to a 12-house coping strategy (by the Ascendant/Rising Sign) I wrote for the same alignment last year:

Other Alignments:

The New Moon of February 2015 was conjunct Nessus (0 Pisces), commonly referred to as the ‘abuser’s asteroid’. We are all going to be, at some level, processing deep karmic experiences and memories which may have _appeared to_ disconnect us with Spirit. We are never truly disconnected, however, experiences that are particularly traumatic can create the illusion of disconnection. Healing the Nessus wound requires us to recognize the illusion for what it is and to acknowledge, once more, our indivisibility with/from Spirit. We are always surrounded by with the Love of Divine, even when we believe all has been forsaken or lost. Here is where the test of Faith comes, and with it, the capacity to manifest Miracles with Piscean energy.

For most people, Nessus triggers the sensation of having one’s personal, intimate, psychic and/or sexual boundaries violated. These wounds may not have been sustained in this lifetime, or even acted out by people you’ve met this time around, but can easily refer to events that transpired many, many, SuperMoons past. Do not feel the need to locate what you feel at a physical level and accept (if you can) the idea that your Soul has experienced a lot more than what your Conscious Self is aware of. This can avoid a lot of unnecessary pain, stigma and fear in interpersonal relationships.

Neptune Retrograde (8 Pisces) will be close to the Moon, whilst Jupiter (3 Virgo) will be close to the Sun. Neptune’s influence will only intensify the experience of the Piscean Moon (as Neptune rules Pisces), whereas Jupiter will amplify the Sun’s focus in Virgo – an energy that seeks to delineate, find form, structure and function of material vessels designed for a path of Earthly Service. There’s going to be a somewhat of a tug-of-war going on between the two – with Neptune as the Teacher of Formlessness, and Jupiter as the Guru that shows you the road ahead.

Chances are that we’re all going to be called to find a more grounded, earthly, practical way in which we can manifest, or carry forward the lessons that we experience at the more emotional and intuitive level during this Full Moon. The tension between Virgo and Pisces will be highlighted – as we discover the balance between setting a boundary and opening the self to the Divine. Both are equally important in the Road Ahead, especially with Jupiter’s year-long lessons in Virgo and the North Node’s upcoming shift into Virgo in October 2015.

To quote a conversation I was a part of last night: it is the archetype of the Guru vis-a-vis the Saint. One Knows, and another Experiences. Both are equally valid.

Also bear in mind that the Mercury, Black Moon Lilith, Super-Galactic-Center and North Node conjunction in Libra sextiles Saturn in Scorpio – and that Venus Retrograde prepares to meet Mars in Leo within 2 days’ time. There’s a tremendous focus upon our relationships, the ways in which we relate with others and the parts of ourselves which we do not acknowledge or simply tend to disown (the Shadow Self). The decisions that we make now will, due to Saturn’s & the Super Galactic Center’s influence, form a significant part of the energetic blueprint we carry for a long time henceforth.

In short, it’s a quite a significant Full Moon and one that I hope will bring us all to a greater awareness of just what it means to Be and Love ourselves and others as The-Divine-in-Human-Form.

Much Love,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

Image: ‘Nessus’, kindly gifted by Theresa Luttenegger. You can find more of her work at


Grand Sextile

Grand Sextiles look like the Star of David (Judaism) or Shadkona Yantra (Hinduism) surrounded by a Hexagon, also known as a Hexagram. They represent powerful portals of manifestation as they merge multiple elements and houses across the astrological chart. The ancients viewed the symbol as a symbol of Divine assurance, guaranteeing their protection and their ability to manifest what they desire.

So it’s best to watch your actions, intentions and words (more so than usual) as they represent the energy you’re putting into a powerful manifestation engine.

Phrasing it in a different way –

Be careful what you wish for 😉 as you will receive it in some form or another.

This Grand Sextile is particularly powerful as it involves the Super-Galactic Center (1 Libra) and the North Node (2 Libra), we’re sending out powerful energetic ripples that will further our individual evolution as we learn how to coexist with ourselves and others through partnerships – in life, business, and interpersonal shadow dynamics. The influence of the Super Galactic Center (with its supermassive black hole) draws or attracts to a very, very deep point of inner awareness and understanding.

It’s basically like dancing the tango with the most powerful body of energy imaginable. It leads the dance, and the way you follow in turn (there’s no question about that response) determines the nature of the path you take and your experience of it.


Let’s look at some of the players within this alignment:

Moon – early Gemini – Emotional energies/intuitive focus upon the mental constructs we learnt in early childhood. We reflect upon the emotions surrounding our early ways/methods of perceiving the world.

Mars – 29 Cancer – Preparing to leave the sign of The Home/Mother, Mars pushes forwards in the domestic sphere. Expect bold, brash actions and powerful emotional declarations.

Black Moon Lilith – 28 Virgo – The Dark Priestess prepares to complete her lessons in the sign of Virgo. Lessons surrounding the Shadow aspect of the Feminine come through strongly at this time.

Super-Galactic Center – 1 Libra – described above

North Node – 2 Libra – described above

Saturn – 28 Scorpio – The Karmic Taskmaster asks us to continue our review of Shadow-Lessons learnt in the Sub-Conscious/Dark Spaces within. Issues surrounding intimacy, sexuality, power and the like come to the fore for processing, reconciliation and/or karmic balancing.

Ceres – 28 Capricorn Retrograde – The Abundant Mother asks us to find a profound source of nurture (for self and others) within. The Crone appears as a powerful guide. Working upon one’s career or future ideas of what legacy you wish to behind may be a powerful way to focus your path at this time.

Salacia – 29 Pisces – We seek to complete a certain cycle of learning surrounding sexual matters, especially ones involving a certain level of scandal. Many will be opening themselves up to memories of past abuse/violation (in this life, or a prior one) to seek complete release in the transcendental, compassionate, unconditionally loving waters of Pisces. Rhodocrosite, Rhodonite and Rose Quartz may help for those who feel this placement intensely. Others, depending on their individual paths may not feel Salacia’s influence at all – it really depends on your journey, natal chart and sensitivity.

Amor – 1 Aries – We look to an ideal-type quality of Love, which goes beyond ego-based, body-based, mind-based or even heart-based ideas of connection. There is something immediate, embodied and undeniable about the kind of Love that we seek in the Self at this time. It’s not necessarily romantic, or sexual – but really goes past any Disney or Hall-mark defined standard of love.

South Node – 2 Aries – We draw upon lessons from the past which explore the dynamic between representing the Self with respect to others. Do we bodly assert the Self’s needs, do we temper it down to suit the group, or do we ignore it entirely?

I’m sure there are other influences which I can also write about in this space, but to be honest, that overview should give you an idea of the intensity of the current alignment. With so many planets about to enter a new sign: Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Black Moon Lilith, The Nodes – it’s a time in which we feel such intense currents of energy surround us, whilst holding our breaths for the next wave of energy to begin.

The Grand Sextile Portal Opened at 15:48 UTC (7th August) and will last until 17:53 UTC (8th August). UTC = Universal Coordinated Time.

If you’d like to understand how this energies intersect with your chart, you can understand through an astrological transit reading. Those with placements/bodies between: 22 Pisces – 6 Aries; 22 Taurus – 6 Gemini; 22 Cancer – 6 Leo; 22 Virgo – 6 Libra; 22 Scorpio – 6 Sagittarius or 22 Capricorn – 6 Aquarius will feel these energies intensely. They cover 84 / 360 degrees of the zodiac (23.33%) so most people are bound to at least have one body intersecting with this alignment!

We’ve got about 6 hours and 23 minutes to go! 🙂 Bear in mind there’s lots of other stuff also going on in the cosmos as well ! ❤

MERCURY CONJUNCTS VESTA ( + CIRCE ) – The Priestess Receives the Message and Begins to Heal her Womb, Be-friending the Serpent & Transforming the Cosmos (Pt. 2)


Blessings to All. This is an exciting energy for all those who walk the Path of the Spiritual Facilitator, in service of the Rising Feminine Principle. Thanks to a beautiful conjunction between Mercury (The Messenger), Vesta (The Priestess) and Circe (The Sexual Alchemist) at 17 Aquarius, we are collectively opening ourselves up to powerful messages that can shape the Path of Service we walk on and experience, and to begin the Healing of the Womb. As we do so, we will also need to face some of our deepest fears surrounding the Power of the Womb and its Vulnerabilities.

Basically – It’s an excellent time to work with facilitators you trust, who can receive cosmic information as clear channels. Many of you will be ‘turning a corner’ in your own emergence as Priestesses, Priests, Shamans, Shamankas, Healers, etc.

I’m going to links to a few meditations and make a few suggestions before diving into the Hardcore Astrology – with Zeus, Chaos, Dionysus, Ceto, Achilles, Varda, Hybris, Toro and Circe (The Sexual Alchemist). So hang on to your hats!

In terms of meditations and practical guidance, I can recommend a few:

(1) Your Feminine Essence: The Kore of Female Spirituality –

By Marie de Kock at [Check out her E-book on “Heal your Feminine Essence A Transformative Journey Within For Women who Wish to be Free”]


(2) Naomi Wolf’s Vagina: A New Biography – Recommended Reading for just about Everyone on the Planet. [ Updated Version:…/…/0061989177 ]

Here we see the intricately woven, neuro-biological connection between the female sexual center, the brain, consciousness, spirituality and orgasm. Not a spiritual practice per se, but certainly something that can help you become more aware of Sacral Energy, and the Wisdom of the Womb.

(4) Gemstones such as Rose Quartz, Rhodocrosite, Carnelian will gently allow you to work with these powerful energies. Essential oils such as Rose and Neem will also help (use a carrier oil if you’re sensitive).

(5) Deities: Whomever you feel guided to. Goddess Ishtar, Goddess Venus, Goddess Isis, Goddess Durga, The Serpent Goddess (in her many forms, and others, for starters.  Male deities/archetypes who honor their connection with the Great Mother such as Lord Cernunnos, Lord Shiva, etc.

What comes next in this article is a detailed narrative of how this Womb-Working Journey will unfold – using the road-map provided by astrological alignments. You are invited to engage with it and to take the time with as I am using astrological archetypes, couched in terms of spiritual, mythological and psychological narratives. In any case, the gist of the alignment is already summarized in the first 2 paragraphs  you have the basics of what you need to know there, along with practical guidance.

So – those of you wanting to go further, get deeper … and into the epic astrology of this energetic alignment – let’s Begin 😀


All of this wondrous opportunities for healing the womb are supported by a powerful Grand Air Trine involving Zeus (17 Libra) and Dionysus (17 Gemini) and Chaos (18 Gemini), along with a Sextile to Varda/Hybris/Toro at (16-17 Sagittarius). The more challenging aspects come from Ceto (17 Scorpio), Sila-Numam (16 Leo) and Achilles (16 Scorpio). I’ll explain what all of that means.

This is the third time that Mercury (The Messenger) has conjuncted Vesta (The Priestess) in the past few months – (1) December 23/24, 2014 at 10 Capricorn, (2) Februrary 5, 2015 at 3 Aquarius (with Mercury in Retrograde) and (3) (today) March 4, 2015 at 17 Aquarius. Mercury is also now Out of its Shadow Phase and moving full steam ahead! (Whoo!)

Look back to these two dates to see the full implications of the Message that Mercury brings to you now. Conjunct Vesta (the Goddess Asteroid of Priestessing), the message deals with the archetype of the Spiritual Facilitator and the kinds of wisdom that S/he can help you access. As both these bodies are now in Aquarius, the focus is on how we can communicate directly with/through the Cosmos, via the Collective. It is a fantastic energy that can be used to reach out to kindred spirits who share the same spiritual values, mission and ideals as you, and to find spaces in which you can offer your individual gifts to a collective cause – if you are a facilitator yourself. If not, it is an excellent time to receive messages from facilitators, in turn.

I also refer you to Pt. 1 of this article which describes the 2nd Mercury (Rx) – Vesta conjunction.

Now… we get to the fun stuff 😉 – the deeper astrological narratives that come through and give life to this alignment –  Mercury/Vesta:

CONJUNCT CIRCE – THE SORCERESS! (17 Aquarius) Circe represents the knowledge of sexual alchemy and deep magic. Caution is needed here to learn how to use this knowledge in ways that empower the self and others, rather than to subjugate. The wisdom and power of this Sorceress is also present as a profound influence at this time and can represent a deep gateway to accessing the Wisdom and Memories of the Womb and Sacral Energy. Those who identify as male will experience the same, but in a different way. It is likely that you will know about experiences from the past where you have been involved with a violation of sexual/sacral/fertile energy in some way.

SEXTILE VARDA/HYBRIS (at 17 Sagittarius) and TORO (at 16 Sagittarius). Many revelations can come through a reading of the stars (Varda), and ones which help you reveal layers of egoic conditioning that keep you from seeing who you truly are (Hybris). We draw upon the energy of the Bull (Toro) in charging through those out-dated perceptions and ways of being – but be warned that Bull can also keep in place these perceptions out of sheer stubbornness!

Those with placements between 10-23 Cancer will experience this as part of a profound Yod (Finger of Fate). They are advised to work with the disciplines of astrology, astronomy, or simply ‘speaking to the stars and opening your hearts to the Universe’. These individuals will be able to learn a lot about who they are and what acts of facilitation they came to perform and experiencing.. If you’re interested in doing so with me, I’d recommend the Soul Portrait Session – .

IN A GRAND AIR TRINE WITH ZEUS (17 Libra), DIONYSUS (17 Gemini) AND CHAOS (18 Gemini) – Without going into too much detail, the Mercury/Vesta/Circe conjunction is amplified by the intensely focused, powerful Being that is Zeus himself. Mythologically, Zeus – as the Patriarch – has been involved in the sexual conquest of female beings, often appearing through various disguises and ruses. I wouldn’t be surprised if this particular theme came up in our sacral processing – irrespective of whether we identify as male or female or neither or both in this lifetime. Dionysus warns us of sensual excesses and asks us to focus upon these lessons and experiences with a certain degree of sobriety :D, not seeking to lose th self the process (which is very different from ego-dissolution).

And finally – Chaos – in this context, is not something to be feared. In its original sense, Chaos referred to the ‘Gaping Void’. To me, it speaks to the idea of a tunnel, through which something emerges. It is a beautiful metaphor that speaks directly to the Womb itself, or the Birth Canal through which New Life Emerges. Issues or incidents surrounding the formative years of childhood may also come up for many at this time. Don’t be afraid, just accept it as part of the processing, or karmic work, that you came to do.

Here we get to the challenging bits – Mercury/Vesta/Circe:

SQUARE CETO (17 Scorpio) – Ceto represents our deepest sub-conscious fears. In mythology, Ceto was the giant sea-serpent that engulfed ships – a motif that is echoed across the globe. It is here that we must face the fear of the Deep Ocean, The Abyss, and the nature of Serpent Energy. Serpent Priestesses, Ocean/Sea Priestesses, Priestesses who remember or who are associated with the sunken energies of Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria, Kumari Kandam, etc. will all be feeling this profound energy – as they begin to feel into their Womb-Sacral Complex.. Some may also revisit fears of drowning, or other intense experiences with water. Transcending your Ceto, or ‘Making Friends with your Giant Sea Serpent’ is part and parcel of the Spiritual Journey. It represents a great milestone in learning to access the Deep Sub-Conscious. Ceto, the Serpent, is not something to be slain, but understood, and if possible, healed.

SQUARE ACHILLES (16 Scorpio) – Achilles represents a point where, despite feelings of invincibility, we bear our deepest vulnerabilities. The idea of invincibility in itself can be a dangerous one to hold in any spiritual tradition, as it often feeds into the ego seeking to self-aggrandize. To me, the warrior who knows his or her vulnerabilities is far more prepared, than one who does not.

In Scorpio, the vulnerability – once again – is centered upon the Sacral Chakra – and for women (and men in tune with this aspect of themselves) – situated within the Womb. Remember that the bodies we are in now are just for this lifetime – we are likely to have had memories and experiences of being other sexes/genders in earlier times. The Soul Remembers..

As we Rise and Celebrate the Feminine Principle once more – it is vital to honor both the Power and the Vulnerability of the Womb and the Feminine Essence that it contains. It is also counterproductive to engage in the narrative of blame, shame, guilt, victimization as we do so – as that only feeds further into maintaining the Wound, rather seeking its release. This is a huge topic in itself, but you can refer to my earlier posts for more on that.

Ceto- the Feared Serpent – rears his head here, showing you the places where you can spread your web of healing and integration onto:)

OPPOSITE SILA-NUNAM (16 Leo) – Sila-Nunam’s role in this picture is … less of a challenge that may frighten you … but more of one that can excite you. It opposes Mercury/Vesta/Circe and, along with it, forms a Kite that weaves in the Grand Air Trine. Ceto/Achilles and Sila-Nunam make a T-Square aspect to Mercury/Vesta/Circe. In some sense, you can think of Sila-Nunam as the destination point or direction that all these energies are asking you to walk towards. Please note that those with placements between 10-23 Taurus will experience this as a Grand Fixed Cross – time to shift what no longer works;)

Rather than running into a situation yelling Charrrrggee!! or using metaphors of battle where you have to ‘defeat’ the energy that you fear – Sila-Nunam asks you to take the opposite approach. This is where acceptance and love wields a greater power in integration and healing of the Seat of the Sacral Chakra (represented here by Leo – it’s amazing how many Sacral Activations are a part of this alignment).

Here we are called to Play with the Serpent, and hug the Vulnerabilities of the Wounded Inner Child. We are called to hold Him/Her in a Loving Embrace and to practice Self-Compassion, Acceptance and Serenity. Through all of the intensity of the other aspects, we are – at the end of it all – asked to come to terms with and find a sense of peace with the many layers and complexities of our Sacral Energy. And much of that will involve a processing of deep wounds and hurts.

What can result from this, is a profound breakthrough in the way you relate to this delicate, intimate part of yourselves – that represents the seed of your creative, reproductive, joyful and authentic Being! It is also here that you can find the gifts that allow you to Co-Create a Powerful Reality of your Choice, with the Cosmos (coming back to Aquarius and the Collective).

This is a fantastic alignment for all beings. Whilst there are challenges to be met, these will only help you find a deeper, truer, sense of peace, grace and healing compassion – starting with Yourself ❤

Blessings to All! I’m excited for each and every one of you! 🙂

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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Image: Manasa, the Snake Goddess (6124609239).jpg – By English: thesandiegomuseumofartcollection (Flickr) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Text © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015


gs 17 jan

Between 6:27 am, Jan 17 – 3:14 am Jan 18, 2015 (GMT + 8) – so beginning in 3.5 hours and ending almost 24 hours from now – we will have a Grand Sextile in the Skies! This is the first of three similar alignments, all due to occur by the end of January 2015.

Grand Sextiles are potent portals for manifestation and for anchoring energies that bring balance. This alignment appears as a Star of David/Shadkona Yantra/Hexagram shaped configuration in the sky surrounded by a hexagon.

The bodies involved in this alignment are: Juno Retrograde (Leo), North Node (Libra), South Node (Aries), Uranus (Aries), Mercury (Aquarius), Venus (Aquarius), Moon / Pallas Athena / Saturn (Sagittarius) and the asteroid known as Chaos (Gemini). I’ve been writing about all these components in recent days, except Chaos – so here goes 🙂

Chaos throws whatever frames of thought or perception, ways of learning and expressing, relationships with siblings & early childhood – into question. It’s the kind of energy that needs to clear what was one there before something new can take its place (to paraphrase Mark Andrew Holmes). Something about the way we directly experience the world, through the mind is about to change.

Choose your intentions wisely over this next 24 hour period as you will anchor them further into your reality. Be aware that the Moon/Saturn/Pallas – Mars/Neptune – Black Moon Lilith T-Square I wrote about earlier (here: is woven into the Grand Sextile.

Moon/Saturn/Pallas trines Uranus/South Node and Juno Retrograde – activating the Great Goddess Fire Trine which lasts into the month of October 2015. Mars/Venus, North Node and Chaos create a Grand Air Trine.

Blessings to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


Ceres conjuncts the Galactic Center

Ceres, the Nurturer allows you to find ways in which you best give and receive nurture. Conjunct the Galactic Center she brings you powerful messages from Source that facilitate a deep sense of nurturing and connection with the Cosmos.

I’d originally wanted to do an End-of-Year Special, but this seemed a better fit.

Instead, I am offering a 25% discount on astrological readings conducted during the window of time where Ceres makes this powerful Galactic Conjunction. For those of you in the US, this roughly correlates to the evening of Dec 31st, 2014 – Jan 3rd, 2015.

So far, 4 sessions have been conducted, another 6 have been booked.

Here’s what I’ve observed whilst conducting the readings: There’s a very, very beautiful energy of nurture (Ceres) coming through from Source (the Galactic Center). The resulting vibration is one that Nurtures you towards finding and accessing a new layer of Self-Awareness and a greater awareness of your own Path

There’s only 1.5 days left till the conjunction ends and 6 sessions available! 🙂

Please get in touch if you would like to book a reading during this powerful energetic window.

The cost of the readings (after discount) are 87.75 USD for the 1 hour session.

Priestess Bairavee ❤ ❤ ❤

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image: ‘Ceres’ by Alice Pike Barney [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Gemini Full Moon Astrology 6 December 2014

Blessings to All! We’ve got two major alignments coinciding with this Full Moon, powerfully opposed to the Great Attractor! It’s going to be intense!

Six months ago, on May 28/29 2014, we seeded our intentions for manifestation during the Gemini New Moon (under the influence of a Double Yod and the Grand Cardinal Cross!). Now, we will see how our efforts have culminated in some form. Full Moons are always a time of culmination, and they brings certain issues or aspects of our lives into clear focus. This Full Moon is at 14 Gemini, occurring at 8:27 pm (Dec 6th 2014, GMT + 8).

In Gemini, the Moon seeks freedom through the Mind, making this an excellent time to release any old ways of thinking/perceiving/seeing the world that no longer serves a useful purpose. It shows the way forward (or the fact that something has conclusively ended) through impasses of thought, cognition and communication. You are encouraged to find a position of detachment (rather than disassociation or simply shutting off your emotions), wherein you can allow things/people/situations to be what they are and simply ‘go with the flow’. This isn’t an energy that typically asks you to stand and hold your ground, it encourages you to be more flexible with the way you see things and to release expectations about the way certain things ‘ought to be’. Be careful of the tendency to disown or disregard deep emotions, for your emotions are the flow of energy through which you navigate the Path. Let them flow through you and know that this too, shall pass – into a new territory, chapter or beginning. Those who feel overwhelmed – take good care of yourselves! This is an intense lunation!

Gemini also refers to one’s early childhood environment, and in particular one’s siblings. Keep an eye out if they require your assistance at this time in any way.

This Full Moon is also opposed the Great Attractor (conjunct the Sun), adding a whole new dimension of impact. The Sagittarian Sun at 14 degrees, is one that will seek adventure, expansion, and that constant projection of energy that keeps pushing and pushing your boundaries and perceptions, now emphasized by the Attractor.

[Asteroids Hermes (12 Sagittarius) and Hekate (13 Sagittarius) also conjunct the Great Attractor/Sun, emphasizing the energies of Mercury (the archetype) and the Dark Crone Goddess of the Underworld (you’ll see why later)! Ceres, the Nurturer and Mercury (the planet) are also conjunct this point at 13 and 16 Sagittarius respectively.]

The Great Attractor is “a gravity anomaly in intergalactic space within the vicinity of the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster at the center of the Laniakea Supercluster that reveals the existence of a localized concentration of mass tens of thousands of times more massive than the Milky Way” (Wikipedia). It exerts a powerful ‘pull’ like a black hole, but lacking the event horizon that sucks things in.

In astrology it acts as a ‘Pull’ towards a system of belief, ideology, world-view, philosophy, teaching, etc. (all related with Sagittarius). In natal charts, those with planets conjunct the Great Attractor are often ‘magnets’, easily drawing in the attention of other people. The wisdom they bring and the full impact of their energetic contribution to our collective awakening cannot be explained, measured or even adequately described.

With the Sun now lighting up the Great Attractor – we are all in a place to make key choices as to how we perceive our place in the wider Cosmos and our take on the Governing Dynamics/Principles/Ideas behind it all. For some, it may feel like a powerful pull to ‘go somewhere’ (travel/adventure/etc., also associated with Sagittarius) or take a particular stance on an issue. My caution here (to you) would be to avoid being over-judgmental, or opinionated to the point of telling anyone else how to live/not live.

Paraphrasing Philip Sedgwick, (the man who first brought the Attractor to the attention of Astrologers) all truths are but a part of the Universal Hologram. Everything can be, and is, True, only if you see it as part of the Totality, or the Full Spectrum of Potential Truths. Know that your Truth is valid for You, but by no means does it have to be valid for Another. Great Teachers who can impart this information to others will bring out Great Works at this time, or arrive at key mental/intellectual/cognitive culminations that will allow them to do so.

The Gemini Moon and the Sagittarian Sun conjunct Great Attractor are also part of a T-Square involving Chiron at 13 Pisces. Both the Sun/Attractor and the Moon square Chiron, making it the apex of the alignment – where the greatest stress, tension, but equally, potential for breakthrough is. Chiron in Pisces tells us of our Soul’s greatest woundings – particularly in issues to to do with past-life karmic situations, other-worldly / transcendental experiences of Spiritual and the challenge of Looking Past the Veil and living with the Reality of the Void. Very major stuff!

Those with placements at or near 13-14 Virgo will experience this as a Grand Mutable Cross.

Finally – last but by no means least – during this time, we will also experience a Near-Grand Sextile (NGS), with a missing corner somewhere between 8-22 Aquarius. Grand Sextiles appear as a perfect ‘Star of David’ / Shadkona Yantra / Hexagram shape in astrology – with a perfect downward facing equilateral triangle intersecting with an upward facing one, both surrounded by a Hexagon. The Grand Sextile is essentially a seal of manifestation and protection – a Divine ‘thumbs up!’ if you will for whatever it is that you wish to manifest at this time. As a friend helpfully pointed out to be – it is in fact, a 3D Merkaba of Manifestation.

This alignment will be in place between 6:36 pm. Dec 6 – 5:35 am, Dec 7 2014 (GMT + 8).

Linking all this intensity together, it seems as though the lesson you learn from this Full Moon will give you a powerful tool of perception (Gemini) and/or embodiment of your Path (Sagittarius), which you can then use to manifest something that will accelerate your spiritual journey by lightyears.

The bodies involved in the Near-Grand Sextile are: Juno (16 Leo), Uranus Retrograde (12 Aries) + South Node (16 Aries), Sun / Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius) + Ceres (16 Sagittarius) + Mercury (13 Sagittarius) as part of the GREAT GODDESS FIRE TRINE (see for further info). The North Node (16 Libra) and the Moon in Gemini, along with the hypothetical point in 8-22 Aquarius make up a GRAND AIR TRINE. All these aspects are connected via sextiles, creating the near-Hexagon, with the Fire/Air Trines intersecting one another to create the central shape.

Looking at this list, we see the opportunity to manifest/address: Goddess & Soulmate Connections (Juno), Awakenings (Uranus), Karmic Decision Points (North and South Node), Issues with Giving/Receiving (+Self ) Nurture (Ceres), The use of Reason/Logic/The Mind (Mercury), Conscious Energies (Sun), Unconscious/Intuitive Energies (The Moon) – and other stuff! depending on what contacts your natal chart makes with this alignment. Despite the fact that Air/Fire is typically associated with The Masculine, KNOW – that Goddess Energies are abundantly represented in this Cosmic Alignment. This is a fantastic moment and opportunity for Multidimensional Balance and Manifestation.

When lesser-known asteroids are considered, the Grand Sextile is completed. We have Echeclus (16 Aquarius) that tells us about a choice in discernment – how do we use the energies of the mind to resolve or re-frame issues from the past. This has resonance with the way we see the future. You have the Choice as to how you Perceive your Past, and what influence you Allow it to have on Your Future.

Urania, The Muse, is at 15 Aquarius – blessing the paths you take, and the choices you make – particularly when influenced by wisdom gained through astrology/astronomy. I hope this post and whatever other astrological info you read will facilitate you in that direction.

Psyche, the Woman who Became a Goddess, is at 22 Aquarius – asking you to look at the archetypes, narratives and stories – which you tell yourself about who you are, how the world is, how it treats you, and how you live in it. Again, this is a chance for you to re-claim and re-tell your own story, manifesting it into a new reality. Be wise in your choice and use this chance to transmute that which no longer serves and begin to Live the Life your Heart, Spirit and Soul is in True Alignment With.

Persephone, at 14 Aquarius, the Queen of the Underworld – asks you to brave the Descent into the Underworld (your sub-conscious, for most of you reading this) as you seek the Truth of Your Self and your Sovereign Power. In other words, Do not Fear The Darkness Within. Sit with it, and see what comes. If you can’t handle it, seek help from a professional/ qualified facilitator. It’s a powerful time for Death and Re-birthing, in a metaphysical sense. Many of our Wounded Feminine archetypes, forcibly dragged into the Darkness Within through pain and violation, are waiting to be reclaimed as the Sovereign Queens that they are.

Orpheus, at 10 Aquarius, allows you to grieve for that which has been lost. Expressions of self through music or song would be greatly facilitated at this time. Let go of what is no longer valid, or present or resonant in your life.

Damocles, at 19 Aquarius, gives us a sense of urgency as to the Choice – that all of this energy is urging us to make at this time and a promise that your choices will have energetic consequences. Again, choose wisely. The principle of : Harm None [Including Yourself] applies here.

— so , putting it all together —

There seems to be a big breakthrough in your perception of some situation, most likely highlighted by events from the last week of May 2014. You might also see some resonance with the type of energy we’re feeling, looking back at December 6/7 1995, when we last had a Full Moon at this degree.

We’re going to have to metaphorically journey into the Underworld, so we can be Reborn Spiritually at this time. Fear not, have Faith and sit with all the parts of yourself seeking resolution at this time with a position of Heart-Centered Openness. Let it flow, and you’ll be surprised how far this journey can take you, beginning NOW.

Watch for the opportunity for ‘Breakthrough’ at this time and remember to do the Phoenix Meditation if so inclined. Rebirth is in the Air!

Blessings and Love to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


Near Grand Sextile 11 16 am 12 10 14

Blessings all! We’ll be having a powerful Near Grand Sextile (NGS), beginning later today and lasting for 18.5 hours. The NGS is formed by the movement of the Moon through the sign of Gemini, linking up with Uranus Retrograde/South Node, Jupiter, Sun/North Node/Venus and Mars.

Grand Sextiles are essentially placements that look like two overlapping triangles (one facing upward, the other, downward) surrounded by a hexagon. They are familiar symbols across diverse faith traditions. For instance, Hinduism might represent it as the Shadkona Yantra, or even the basis of the Mahalaxmi Yantra – whilst Judaism would represent it as The Star of David, also the Seal of Solomon.

Astrologically, these elements are templates for energetic manifestation of whatever that is desired. So be cautious with what seeds or intentions you place during this potent alignment – for they will manifest accordingly.

Those with astrological placements between 14-20 degrees Aquarius degree will feel it as an actual Grand Sextile. Those who do not can still work with the alignment by consciously engaging with Aquarian energies, ideals and pursuits, e.g.: Mental/Intellectual Awakening, Humanitarian Causes, Friendships, Idealism, Rebellion, Individuation, etc.

There are other celestial bodies such as Klotho, Damocles and Alnair that do exert their influence within this range. Each has its own lesson to teach. Damocles refers to the perils of power and reflects the maxim ‘be careful what you wish for’. It is also the bearer of unexpected news and shifts in perspective. Damocles was a real person who got his wish to sit in the monarch’s throne and reign, only to discover a sword pointed downwards to the throne, hanging only by a hair. He quickly realized that his perceptions of power were not in alignment with reality and renounced the position he was given, thereby indicating an altered perspective.

Klotho refers to the beginning of a new cycle of life, learning and karma – with seeds of the end embedded in the very beginning. In mythology, Klotho is one of the Moirai (Fates), along with Lachesis and Atropos. Klotho spins the thread of life, Lachesis measures it, and Atropos ultimately cuts it. As a Goddess in her own right, Clotho or Klotho is both giver and taker of life (to cut a very long story short, if you’ll pardon the pun). She is also associated with the energies of resurrection, dispensation of justice and the creation of the Greek alphabet (along with Hermes).

Alnair’s influence is one that imparts grace, detachment, balance, a keen interest in astronomy (would also extend to astrology). It is part of the Grus (or Crane) constellation ( The Crane itself symbolizes longevity, secrecy, strategy, loyalty, innovation and honour. It advises you to stay focused on your tasks without drawing too much attention to yourself and also emphasizes the use (or transcendence) of the past as the foundation for your future ( – And more or less – that’s the position I’ve been recommending people to take at this time of great intensity.

Putting it all together, this Grand Sextile energy is one that can really work towards creating or beginning a whole new chapter in your spiritual journeys, based upon your engagement with your pasts. It’s time to let go of ideas of power and desire that are not in alignment with reality (unless you’d like to be forced into that shift, as Damocles was, literally at sword-point). It’s also a time to stay centered, grounded and somewhat secretive about your work, transformation and journey at this time. The moment to present it openly will surely arrive. Keep working on what you have to and avoid unnecessary drama.

Those who work with this energy constructively can set the seeds for a profound transformation in their level of self-awareness.

Also – please bear in mind that profound karmic dynamics are also at play as indicated by Klotho’s role, and also the involvement of the Nodes.

This opportunity will last between 7:28 pm, October 12 2014 – 2:57 pm October 13 2014 (18 hours, 29 minutes). Please note that the Sun conjuncts the North Node at 10:38 pm on October 12th. I will do a separate post on this. The Sun/North Node also form sextiles to Jupiter (17 Leo) and Mars (19 Sag). Those with planets at or near 18 Pisces and 18-19 Taurus will feel this as two powerfully karmic yods.


Blessings and Love,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Graphic by Bairavee Balasubramaniam
Crane Image Information: Bian Jingzhao-Bamboo and Cranes.jpg, Public Domain, via Wikipedia Commons.

All astrological interpretations are my own unless stated otherwise.