Current Energies – 16/9/2015: Eclipse Season, Welcoming Mercury Retrograde + More

Original Peacock

Why do things feel so heavy? Why does it feel like the cosmic spin cycle just got a hundred times more intense? My personal take on this crazy intensity is simply — Eclipse Season + the last-days-of-Saturn-in-Scorpio.

There’s a wild influx of energy present now – things are shaking, unsteady, and waiting to birth/burst/combust.

And that’s okay.

Personally, I see tomorrow’s (Sept 17) Mercury Retrograde in Libra as a good thing. Merc Rx actually brings a welcome slow-down to the already overactive mind. It’s a good energy to work with, take a chill pill, and slowly – but steadily – make key decisions inspired by the Virgo New Moon and the upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries (Sep 27/28). I feel like there should be a wolf howl accompanying that in the background…

I’ve been sleeping, and sleeping and sleeping. Crazy dreams though – but hey, it’s an interesting way to process.

Bear in mind we’ve also got other things going on/coming up – Juno’s entry into Libra, Jupiter/Neptune opposition – Sept 17, Saturn’s shift – Sept 18 and more besides.

It’s a busy time for us all to search for Balance, Equilibrium, and the role of the Self within/through Partnership.


Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

PS – Whilst most of us are still in the ‘dying’ phase that precedes rebirth (Saturn-Scorpio themes), some will have already passed that phase. For them, it’s smooth sailing through epic energetic intensity.