HEALING THE WOUND, HONORING THE DARK GODDESS! Black Moon Lilith’s exact square to Pluto and opposition to Uranus (Cardinal T-Square, 11th January 2016).


Blessings – what an exciting alignment! Black Moon Lilith is now exactly squared Pluto at 15 Capricorn, whilst opposing Uranus at 16 Aries. Goodness, Goddess! This is a powerful activation of the exact energetic dynamics we collectively faced during 2012-2015 (with April/May 2014 as its energetic peak).

This time around, as Pluto tests our commitment to ensuring a legacy worth leaving behind and Uranus insists we burn with the truest flames of authenticity – we are now called upon by Black Moon Lilith in Libra.

She asks us the following …

Have you acknowledged my Shadow?
Have you seen it through the eyes of time?
Of depradation, of insult, of disempowerment?

Do you rage in My Name?
Do you demand justice for the hurt, the harm, the wounds that have been inflicted?

Or have you remained in acquiescent silence?

… And so on and so forth.

For context, Lilith (in the Judeo-Christian, rather than the Sumerian tradition) was the first woman created, paired up with Adam. She refused to obey him and took off. She was then projected upon as a night-terror, a queen of witches, a demonness, an eater of babies – everything that (comparatively) docile Eve was not.

Lilith’s story is not unique. We see it echoed across time, space and culture – as the independent voice, power, sexual choices and freedom of woman was forced into the Shadow. The Unacknowledged. The Disassociated. The Projected. The Othered Energy.

In Libra, Black Moon Lilith asks us to reflect upon about the types of energetic imbalances that are reflected within partnerships, arising from deeper ideals and values embedded in patriarchal modes of thought and cultural codes. Here we are asked why the feminine is essentially, told that she must comply, or else …

Bear in mind that this dynamic need not be played out in a man vs. woman sense – they are archetypes that we all bear within. For who has not, in some way, been told that they cannot afford to be sensitive, intuitive, powerful and yes … beautifully dark, beautifully sacred.

Some of Lilith’s insecurities and memories of past persecution and abuse will come out in partnerships, be it personal or professional. Within the self, it may come in the form of impulses or perceptions that your conscious perception of you are does not quite know how to express, acknowledge or understand.

Pluto’s exact square to Lilith intensifies this focus upon the shadow and the many cycles of victim-abuser dynamics that have been present within generational lines. Some of these imbalances have been integrated into cultural constructs, social mores and political ideas. They have been taught to us as being part of ‘the way things are’, or, the status quo.

I don’t think Lilith is going to stand for that at this time 🙂  – especially with her opposition to Uranus in Aries.

You might see declarations emerge from out of the blue, deep seated realizations that change your perspective on your connection with the Shadow Feminine, your idea of who you are, why you’re here and how your partnerships figure into it all.

Those of you with placements near 15-16 Cancer – this will be a GRAND CARDINAL CROSS for you! Kapow!  The role of family, the domestic sphere, your connection with your tribe, culture and the archetype of the Mother join the energetic configuration present. And they all begin to dance to this wild, dark, primal, feminine rhythm.

Bear in mind that Black Moon Lilith’s opposition to Uranus will be exact on January 25th! Two weeks later, the Black Moon Lilith-Uranus-Pluto-Cardinal-T-Square begins to fade in intensity by February 8.

~ ~ So ..  what to do about the raging wounds, triggers and shadow-dynamics coming forth ~ ~

The best thing we can do – as in individuals and as a collective – is to honor what is getting triggered, birthed and/or wounded at this time. That does not mean needing to re-play those dynamics out, but to be compassionate to the parts of you involved in it.

Some of you will experience breakthroughs at this time that allow you to process this in a way that eventually, will help you release the attachment to those dynamics.

As with any form of energetic wounding, you can choose to relate to it in a different form. Pretending it doesn’t exist doesn’t help. Denying it is going to get you a Lilith kick-up-the-bum.

On the other hand, letting yourself acknowledge the fears and vulnerabilities that arise now is key. And, perhaps, more important, to realize that they are not the Sum of You.

You can let go. You can choose to manifest this energy differently. You can begin to work with the more detached aspects of Libra that say – right – I know there’s an injustice, this is what I can do to bring the scales back into balance!

For Honoring the Dark Feminine / The Shadow / The M(other) / every being whose Womanhood or connection with Goddess has been denied  – is not the same as needing to be wounded in the same way over, and over, and over again. Nor is it the same as exacting vengeance or revenge on those you perceive as being the aggressors.

The deeper you go with Lilith’s rage, you will begin to enter a space of detachment. It is neither apathy, nor is it acquiescent. It allows you to draw, once more, from that rich, dark wellspring of Her Embrace. It is a compassionate space.

And one day, the wound that took you to that space stops having power over you. It becomes a tool or modality of teaching, once cherished, but now outmoded.
And one day you begin to make entirely new choices and birth creative new expressions of who you are and how you respond to those triggers.
All in the Nascent space of Darkness, as you journey with the Forgotten Feminine.

At least, that is what I have experienced in my Journey with Her. Yours may look completely different.

As we begin this inner process of compassionate recognition, we begin a powerful process of healing – which can even lead to release. Not of the lessons the wound taught us, but with an identification with a particular dynamic of energetic wounding and victimhood – as being immutably ‘just the way things are’, or ‘just who you are’.

Your work within will begin to be reflected in your outer world – in your external partnerships, in the legacy you leave for later generations and, now, in the Sense of Self you are called to Birth into Being.

Blessings to All of You,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

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Over the next 3 days (Dec 6 – 8, 2015), we’re all going to be ‘attracted’ or pulled into alignment with the people, pathways, paradigms that call to our Spirits – as The Sun conjuncts the Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius). Some of you will be discovering teachers and guides who can help you, and others will walk away from them. The question here is not about truths or teachers themselves (or lack thereof), but how you resonate with those truths and the larger belief systems that underpin them. Some of you may also discover the Teacher within.

It’s also a time where many may travel, begin new adventures, engage with academia, organized religion or other institutions that make specific, authoritative claims over knowledge. Those of you getting astrology or tarot readings, or dealing with spiritual teachers in the next three days – bear in mind that the work you do now will be unusually powerful.

Ensure that you trust your facilitator, and that s/he is willing to respect your Journey without imposing their view as Absolute.

It’s probably not the best time to get into the ‘my Path is Better than Your Path Debate’ as really, what we choose to believe has more to do with ourselves, than any external measure of it.

My suggestion is to instead, use this energy to find the path that brings you the most expanded perspective of who you are and where your horizons (currently) reach out to.

Venus in Scorpio (Dec 4/5 – Dec 29/30, 2015) – Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be drawn towards the darker, hidden, unacknowledged sides of our psyches. Some of this will come up as you seek to merge your energies and resources with another – be in in the bedroom, or the boardroom.

It is also a fantastic time to question and explore the way in which we embody different aspects of The Shadow / The Dark Archetype and its connection with the Sacred Feminine. Bear in mind that there many gifts within these hidden spaces, the black, sacred, ground within. Whilst this journey of intense self-reflection may be uncomfortable for some, it can be a deeply rewarding path or perspective to take.

Whilst associated with death, crisis and trauma- Scorpio is also the sign of healing, rebirth and alchemical regeneration.

Balance whatever deeper work that you do at this time with play – things that are uplifting, uncomplicated, joyful – both vibes are equally important. If you’ve forgotten how to play, just look at a happy baby or young child 🙂 (or cute furbaby of your choice)

Vesta’s re-entry into Aries (Dec 3/4, 2015 – March 7/8, 2016) – Vesta now begins a new astrological cycle – her transit around the zodiac over the next 3.5 years (till April 2019). We’re going to be burning through what remains of the ego-self (which we can get to this time around), and finding deeper parts of ourselves from which we can be of service.

We’re being asked to listen to our instincts and our body’s inner wisdom as we embody a particular type or path of facilitation (for self and others).

Whilst Aries can be impulsive and run head-strong into things without permission or cause, it is the same energy of the pioneer, the one who ‘breaks through’.

The question is – where is that impulse coming from – Ego? Heart? Spirit? – and have you fine-tuned yourself to tell the difference yet?

Much of these answers also relate to the path of service we choose to undertake within this lifetime. The more we are conscious of our motivations (and how they change), the more aware we become of our energy and the work that we do with others.

Summary – Taking it all together, it’s a fantastic time to get deep, to get real, to connect with the Sacred Feminine, and the Fires of the Awakening Self. Over the next three days, pay attention to whom you meet, the decisions you take, the ideas you have or encounter. They could well pave the way for another chapter of growth and experience within your life.

Some of you will experience a profound paradigm shift at this time. Some will embrace it with open arms, minds, hearts and bodies. And others will bitterly resist it as it challenges the truths they have become comfortable with identifying with. What response you have depends on upon your relationship with the idea of Truth … with a capital ‘T’.


Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess


Additional Info:

The Great Attractor is a gravitational anomaly in space denser than the mass of 1000 trillion Suns, located in a fairly mysterious zone in the Cosmos known as the ‘Zone of Avoidance’. Whenever the Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius) is activated – this time, by the Sun’s transit -, we see an intense focus on issues surrounding belief systems, paradigms, religions, world-views, long-distance travel, visas, citizenship, etc.

The Great Attractor takes no hostages, and often leads to the expression of information or perspectives that can be sharply polarizing – it leads to a ‘love it or hate it’ type of response by fairly large groups of people. It is not a private revelation, but one that involves the masses and their reactions in one form or another.

From an earlier article on the Sun’s Trine to the Great Attractor (8 August 2015) ~ http://wp.me/p4OUNS-Ap


Image: Sagittarius A.jpg, NASA, public domain via Wikimedia Commons

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Why I Love the Dark Goddess: An Invitation to Self-Reflection and Dialogue


In this video, I pose a few questions at the start to get the ball rolling – and share some of my personal experiences along the way. So many of us are awakening now, as we are following paths which call us to an understanding of femininity, motherhood and womanhood that defies conventional understandings. As we go on this path – asking ourselves the basics of Why? How? Where? can take us a long way in understanding what we are embodying, and how to carry that as we move through the world. There are so many misconceptions surrounding the Dark Feminine (e.g. witches are bad or evil, women are inferior, it’s all negativity, etc.), deeply embedded into the collective psyche. So it’s important to think about how we deal with these challenges, and in so doing, embody the essence of this Path – which is to me, a commitment to truth and a way of life that goes beyond rituals or forms. This is an invitation to engage in self-reflection and dialogue. Please comment with your responses, if so inclined.

Just so I am clear – whilst I speak of the experience of women, the themes that I address will also be ones familiar to men honoring the Feminine principle, particularly if they do not obey the heteronormative norm (e.g. alternate sexualities, not being a ‘manly’ man, etc.). The same applies for those with a trans-identity, breaking out of societal expectations.

Vanakam, Namaste and Blessings to Everyone Across The Globe,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD