Whilst we’ve had some serious activity in the skies in the past 24 hours (Venus/Mars conjunct, trining Pallas Athena, The Great Attractor, The Moon, Vesta and Uranus – with the Sun opposed Neptune) — I feel that the dominant influence in the skies continues to be the Pisces Full (Super)Moon. The karmic floodgates were pretty much unleashed, washing through all beings and their individual states of consciousness. I refer you to my article from then for further astro-info – .

There’s a further clustering of bodies/placements which merits greater attention in astrology – The Super-Galactic Center, The North Node and Black Moon Lilith all around the 0-1 degrees of Libra.

I cannot emphasize how important this conjunction is as the Super-Galactic Center represents, arguably, the most powerful point in our current understanding of astrology. It’s ‘pull’ or influence is directly, tangibly felt as we dance a tango with the heart of the Cosmos – the Laniakea Supercluster, to be exact. With the North Node and Black Moon Lilith so close by, we’re going to be seeing a powerful focus of our energies, lessons, challenges and directions of spiritual growth and balance focused in the realm of partnerships, and specifically, how we integrate and acknowledge the archetype of the Dark Feminine.

I spoke on this topic earlier today and will provide you with the link when the interview will be aired.

So – spiritual release, karmic re-balancing and an intense, cosmic focus on the ways in which we relate to others, and the various parts of of ourselves in our daily lives — those are the themes currently highlighted in our lives.

And a word to the wise when addressing Black Moon Lilith’s needs and roles within Partnerships in Search of Balance – The Dark Goddess does not always require you to roar or leap into battle – she is also the Mistress of Detachment, and the Crone that peers through the veils of Maya.

She represents a far fuller spectrum of possibilites than is often associated with the Dark Goddess Archetype. I’ve written on this in a previous article on Understanding Kali-Ma, and you’re free to have a look if so inclined –

Much Love,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

Image: Sepia Cosmos, Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015