VESTA CONJUNCTS PLUTO (13 CAP ’02, 10:54 AM, GMT + 8, 28-12-14)


Blessings. Vesta is the Goddess Asteroid which represents the archetype of Priestess-ing and Spiritual Facilitation It shows us what we are fixated upon (initially) as a path of service, which we must later throw into the (metaphorical) fires to be purified and reborn. It combines the energies of Virgo and Scorpio, bringing together the themes of service, sacrifice, regeneration and transformation – with a special focus on the home and hearth.

Pluto is the planet which represents key transformations-through-crisis, issues surrounding boundaries, sexuality, intimacy and power – as well as what transpires in / through our ancestral karma and deep Sub-Conscious. Part of its transformative dynamics are echoed in Vesta. [The Pluto-Uranus square and its dynamic is more or less generally understood, won’t be discussing Uranus in-depth here for that reason]

Capricorn, the sign which both bodies make their conjunction, relates to the energies of the Deep Earth Crone / Tomb as well as the pinnacle of material manifestation in this realm. It asks us to seek the Deep Wisdom of the Earth as we go forth in our deeds and words, leaving a material legacy behind us. What that legacy is, depends on the choices you make.

When Vesta and Pluto are in conjunction, what I see is an explosive energy, breaking through outmoded structures in the way you carry yourself as a vessel of service and facilitation. If there is something in your Path of Service which is not in alignment with your Deepest/Truest Self, now is the time that it leaves … even if you really want to hold on to it. It might be a fear of success/recognition, or a refusal to look at the Earth/Crone’s wisdom (Capricorn) — or anything else in this vein. But whatever it is needs to be thrown into the Cauldron that is Pluto-Scorpio for it to be burnt, and transformed into something New: Rising from the Ashes.

Some of you will feel this as an intense crisis of sorts, especially if there are things that you’ve been holding onto which you need to let go of. Sometimes it can come through an inner crisis, and at other times precipitated by an individual in your environment who may be attempting to manipulate you or overpower you through the improper use of power (an abuse of Pluto’s gift). Others, who have worked their way through these challenges, will simply feel this as a time of great intensity, potentially of great power, healing, regeneration and transformation. Remember that the kind of ‘death’ that Pluto brings, is ultimately the precursor to New Life.

For those of you in the position to respond consciously to this energy, it might be a great time for you to use meditative or introspective tools to identify to places where you could get even deeper / go further inward in your spiritual journey – if that is appropriate for you. Those seeking to offer their services as a facilitator as part of a business may also find insights coming to you at this time. Some of you may also find key insights as to where you need to stand your ground and/or surrender in interpersonal dynamics, particularly with intimate partners in life and/or business (i.e. with whom you may merge a company, etc.).

But please also be aware that this is a particularly intense time, and that some of you may have to deal with waves and waves of ancestral karmic dynamics coming to the surface for purification and transmutation at this time. The square that Vesta/Pluto makes to Uranus intensifies the ‘surprise’ element to the revelation you are about to receive. It may be an unexpected conversation, a message delivered by a friend, something you read on-line – but whatever the source is, Uranus will ask you to transform your Facilitator-Consciousness and align it – even more so – with Source.

Facilitators, this energy can really move in any direction. My only advice to you – should you wish to take it – is to center yourselves with the values, ideology, vibration, Path, Deity, etc. that makes you feel closest to who you truly are, and your identity as a Facilitator. Even if you’re in a situation where you have to stand your ground in the face of manipulation tactics and/or an oppressor — stand tall, but always remember the principle of inward surrender to the Divine (however you conceptualize it). Those of us on the Path of the Feminine in particular are called to stand our ground with a state of inner grace in the face of established institutions of power that have not yet accepted what we do, and why. The way you conduct yourselves now has the potential to break through some of these structures, be they in the form of a person, or an institution. You choose whether this breakthrough comes through the modality of destruction or healing, or both – whichever is appropriate to your context. Remember there is no one answer that suits everyone.

Blessings to all of you at this intense energetic conjunction. Be as gentle as you can to Self and Others without compromising your Truth. And just Breathe.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


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Image Information: Cornelia, the Vestal Virgin, entombed alive surrounded by bones in the dungeon. Line engraving by G. Machetti after B. Pinelli – See page for author [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons