Blessings to All. Today we see the powerful culmination of energy between The Bringer of Abundance (Jupiter) and the Soulmate Asteroid (Juno). These two have been dancing in close proximity for days now, and today we feel their most intense point of merger, or conjunction – in the sign of Leo.

Let’s start with Leo – here is the sign that rules matters of the heart – romance, joy, vitality – that feeling you get when you’re just happy to be alive and filled with joie de vivre! It is associated with the archetypes of the dramatic performer, the child along with processes of creation, co-creation, reproduction, sensuality and the flow of sexual energy. I associate it with both the Heart and Sacral Chakra.

Whilst Leo is associated with that sun-shiney quality of being able to charm, persuade and enthrall, it is equally associated with the possibility of performing in inauthentic ways, i.e. wearing masks or roles to elicit a certain response from others. The gift of Leo’s ability to perform, prance about on the global stage as a playful lion, is that is can also reveal the power of vulnerability, authenticity and the wisdom of the inner child. The setback is when such performances block the very flow of authenticity in order to either mask the vulnerability and truth of self (from the self, or others), or to engineer particular responses.

Jupiter’s role in Leo is to show us the Path forward – the ways in which we can expand our sense of ourselves within the larger Universe. Be it through a mentor, a teacher, a priest or priestess, a guide, a philosophy, a belief system, an astrologer, or anyone/anything that helps you widen your horizons – Jupiter is paving the way forward for your growth and exploration of self. It is the Great Amplifier, which can work both ways. It expands upon all that it touches – both pleasurable, and painful experiences (and both might be valid/necessary for soul growth).

Juno’s role, as I have been guided to intuit her, expands us in a different way. It opens doors for the soul’s evolution, through which we walk and explore ourselves in a wholly new direction. Here, the agent of initiation is not Jupiter, seeking to lay the path for us to walk upon – it is the Alchemy of Soul Transformation – which occurs through the energy of the SoulMate (Juno). Very often we believe that Soulmates are necessarily romantic or sexual partners, but this truly need not be the case. They can just as well be children, siblings, parents – and – as I’ve seen in some clients’ charts – even those who appear in our lives as ‘abusers’.

You might ask why someone who would hurt you would be a ‘soulmate’ – use the word ‘soul awakener’ if you prefer. For that is what Juno represents, an awakening of the Soul at a profound level in ways that leave you completely transformed. At time such transformations are pleasant, and at other times they are the absolute opposite.

Jupiter being able to swing either way essentially amplifies the intensity of the Soul-Contract being activated today, in ways that awaken us to the Paths our Souls seek.

Bear in mind that Juno is the spouse of Jupiter in mythology – their coming together in this form represents the merging of various sacred archetypes (and the projections upon them). Juno (as Hera) – the vindictive/jealous wife, Jupiter (as Zeus) the philandering patriarch. The more positive associations see Juno as the goddess of liminality (as I understand her), giving rise to new states of being through the life cycle (birth, marriage, and so on). Jupiter provides the guidance, elemental power, and the sheer presence of authority. For starters …

In Leo, the Jupiter/Juno conjunction may manifest as a wide range of circumstances and/or people – lovers, children, teachers, mentors, astrologers, guides, gurus – or simply people with whom you have already made a Soul Contract prior to incarnation in order to facilitate your awakening process at this time.

Either way, it is an extremely intense alignment. When we consider other bodies in astrology, we see further aspects which provide a more detailed understanding of what this conjunction brings to us at the energetic level:

Jupiter/Juno (14 Leo) :

– inconjunct PLUTO RETROGRADE (15 Capricorn) – This is the biggest alignment that Jupiter/Juno make in terms of the concerns of traditional astrology. Pluto rules over the great transformations in our lives, and in Capricorn, concerns itself with the question of authority, status, and the legacy that one leaves behind. Inconjuncts are uncomfortable aspects, and they raise issues in critical ways that appear to be in need of resolution. Pluto’s involvement can signify a potential abuse (real or perceived) of power and/or the invasion of privacy and other boundaries. In Capricorn, it is likely to involve a heavy-handed authority at the workplace, or someone else perceived to be in a senior capacity. Those with placements near 12-18 Gemini (see below) will experience this as an extremely intense Yod.

– trine GREAT ATTRACTOR (14 Sagittarius) – The Great Attractor, as I’ve written about before, is essentially a point in the chart that will draw, or repel attention to your path/ideas/belief systems/teachings in the public eye. People may be drawn to you, particularly if you are a wisdom speaker of some kind, whilst others may simply be repelled for no apparent reason. Jupiter/Juno’s lessons are drawn towards the Great Attractor, powerfully pulling us towards our paths and paradigms.

– square DEUCALION (14 Scorpio) – Deucalion reminds us that we have a choice in the way we deal with forces of destiny that seem too large to handle. One of our best approaches in managing the energy of Jupiter/Juno is to consider the roots or energy that arises – finding its truth and how it relates to one/another person’s need for control and power. Once you find your answer, you’ll know whether to walk, surrender, or stay put.

– sextile PANDORA (14 Gemini) – a supportive alignment that asks us to bear in mind the information that we share, discover or reveal about potentially sensitive situations today. Truth is wonderful, but there is a means, a time and a place where it is best revealed. This is part of a Yod (Finger of Fate) with its apex at Pluto Retrograde (15 Capricorn). Bear in mind that Mercury is about to go Retrograde close to Pandora – the role of communications is highlighted even more strongly!

– conjunct NIOBE (14 Leo) – Niobe is a warning. She cautions us against becoming too attached to our children, seeing them as proxies to find one own’s sense of ‘glory’, ‘worth’, or ‘achievement’. In a broader sense, she calls us to remain humble about our creative works, and to realize the hand of serendipity, the Mystery and the Cosmic in the co-creative process.

– trine HYBRIS (15 Sagittarius) – Like Niobe, Hybris is a similar kind of warning. Do your level best to avoid bragging with the ego (cutting a long story short) or giving into a sense of false pride. Irrespective of talent or status, it is worth bearing in mind that there is always a greater or larger force beyond ourselves that works through all that we do.

– trine PHOTOGRAPHICA (15 Sagittarius) – Quite a potent emphasis upon the visual image and the role in interpreting the image. It might be a great day to express whatever ideas or thoughts that arise through the visual/graphic form.

Bearing these influences in mind, what we see is an intense energetic alignment that awakens us to the deeper truths of the Self. And certain aspects of the energy will support this process, whilst others will test us in key ways.


Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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Blessings to All! The Sun, representing the Light of Awareness and our Conscious point of Focus meets Uranus, The Great Revealer/Awakener in the Cardinal Fire Sign, Aries. This occurs at 16 Aries’ 27 at 10:07 pm GMT + 8.

In other words, we’re at the brink of receiving a Jolt of Awakening, a Lighting Strike of Surprise that can result in transformed perceptions of The Self and ‘I AM’ Consciousness.This conjunction is squared Pluto (The Great Transformer-through-Crisis, The Lord of the Underworld, Shadow-Working at 15 Capricorn). Quite literally, this alignment is going to be making you revisit the lessons of the 7 Exact Uranus-Pluto Squares (2012-2015) in a very conscious way.

The Sun squared Pluto exactly at 15 Aries-Capricorn ’30 at 11:10 pm yesterday (5th April 2015, GMT + 8). I’d say we’d have been feeling the buildup to this alignment even earlier- and that it’ll linger for a few more days, as well.

As we’ve been doing so much work with Uranus-Pluto as of late, I feel as though – for some – this isn’t going to feel like a bolt out of the blue, so much as a much needed spark to rev up things and get the engine going. For others, particuarly those who have been avoiding the Consciousness-Expanding-Transforming process that Uranus has been involved in with Pluto, particularly since 2012 – it might manifest as a heavy-handed spanner thrown in the works. It’s hard to predict which way the ‘surprise!’ element of Uranus goes: or how the ‘burn it till it turns to ash, let it rise again stronger’ Phoenix-dynamic of Pluto will manifest: Is it the lightning stike in the ocean that gives rise to life? Or is the lightning strike that hits a tree and causes a forest fire?

From the spiritual perspective, either option might be seen as equally rewarding, if only to make way for the new in the latter case – but from the human experience, such events can range from being beautiful surprises to devastating ones. Pluto’s influence in this alignment can bring about crises, challenges, sometimes bring a person face-to-face with some kind of death to find the lesson in the Shadow. But what is often forgotten about Pluto is that it is the Alchemical Chamber of Spirit:

“That which is burnt in its fires, rises again; That which seeks refuge in its Shadow, regenerates”

As a collective, we now know what Uranus and Pluto teach us. So let’s speak of The Sun itself, the key trigger or catalyst of this alignment:

The Sun is associated with Leo (5th House), and so that is linked to (as I see it) with the tender, joyous aspects of the Sacral Chakra – that includes sensuality, sexuality, children, romance, joie de vivre (the joy of life), honoring the yoni (womb, vagina) /linga (phallus) and so on. In the same way the Moon is associated with the Mother, the Sun is associated with the Father.

You may find such great awakenings, revelations, or transformations in the way you see yourself arising through your connections with people or energies in this part of your life. The Sun is also associated with powerful Lion-Goddesses such as Goddess Durga, Goddess Sekhmet, and so on 🙂 Ritual practitioners and spiritualists honoring such deities may also want to take note of what’s going on.


Sun/Uranus square Pluto & Memoria (16 Capricorn ’19): Memoria highlights the role of memories in triggering or catalyzing our transformation process. I’ve been seeing this in myself quite strongly as of late. Things from decades ago which I’d forgotten, rising to the surface now to bring me the information I need to heal. Sometimes the process of re-membering can be beautiful and make you feel strong, and other times it can open up old vulnerabilities that need to be addressed (empowering in a different way).

Sun/Uranus opposite Zeus (16 Libra ’42): Zeus is a Uranian Planet, which according to Arlene Kramer represents “Controlled, directed energy…. Zeus is like a loaded gun that is aimed. Even the glyph looks like a rocket. It signifies well planned efforts.” (http://arlenekramer.net/uranian_eightplanets.asp) In Libra, I feel as though this relates to powerful breakthroughs and releases of energy in the aspects of our lives that deal with partnerships (interpersonal, transpersonal, intrapersonal – with others, with the Divine, within ourselves). It’s also a great time to focus upon the ways in which collaborate efforts can support your individual work of awakening, and vice versa. But bear in mind that the intense power of Zeus is very much like a compressed spring then bouncing back with full force. Certain dynamics that arise now, whilst powerful, might actually require the breakdown of certain things before new breakthroughs can be made.

Sun/Uranus trine Sila-Nunam (15 Leo ’59): Sila-Nunam represents the energy of calm acceptance, in which two different vibrations are harmoniously merged and woven into a perfect symphony. It represents a coming together of elements that create something beautiful that exceeds the sum of its parts. http://markandrewholmes.com/sila_nunam.html In Leo, I interpret Sila-Nunam to focus itself upon things such as healing the Inner Child, childhood abuse/trauma, the Sacral Chakra, revitalizing one’s Creative Spirit and desire to express the Song of the Self in the World. This trine provides powerful energies that ask us to meet the shadow within and dance in its fires as part of our inner alchemical process.

Sun/Uranus sextile Siva (16 Aquarius 56): Asteroid Siva represents the energies of The God Siva – the power of both destruction and creation, raw masculinity as the sum of both destructive potential and easygoing acceptance and willful surrender. I view this as a powerful alignment that supports our collective awakening of the Compassionate Masculine Archetype as we re-member and rejoice in the energies of the Fiery, Assertive Feminine.

Remember that Eris, the Dark Goddess is nearby at 22 Aries ’39. Also – Psyche (15 Aries ’23) still conjuncts Sun/Uranus – Her role is to help us re-claim the meaning and form of ‘The Heroine’s Journey’ in both Light and Dark.

Those with bodies near 12-20 Virgo will experience this as a Profound Yod! A Yod is a Finger of Fate/Karma/God/Goddess/Destiny that will bring a person to a pivotal decision point, or crossroads of choice. What they choose strongly influences their next cycle of learning in that particular aspect of their spiritual journey.

(My day makes more sense now – I had a wonderful deepening in my own relationship with my Mother, my first Dark Goddess in a physical form 😀  I have a Virgo Moon )

Pluto sextile Deucalion (15 Scorpio ’17): This sextile reminds us of the power of choice as we navigate through deep waters of Spirit. At some level, we get to choose the way we process deep, transformative emotional events, memories and experiences.Those with placements at 11-19 Gemini will experience this as a powerful Yod alters the way we perceive, articulate and express ourselves as we learn through profoundly deep, intense experiences. It can also, for some, indicate a culmination point of some kind in one’s relationship with their sibling.

To know more about how each alignment will manifest itself for you – You can draw up a free natal chart at www.astro.com and find your house placement. Google can help you with the rest, try searching for: what does the (x, y, z, 1, 2, 3, etc.) house in astrology mean? Other factors in the natal chart can also influence your experience of this energy, as with just about everything else that happens in the skies.

For the overview of the past week’s astrology, tune into the most recent episode of ‘ Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD’ at www.wgtrdemand.com/astrology-priestess-bb.html . Next week’s episode will air at 9 am Thursday, Central US Time. Stay tuned for the live link.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
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Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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Blessings to All. Right now we have what I’m calling a ‘Black Earth Trine’, formed between Venus (14 Taurus), Pluto (15 Capricorn) and Black Moon Lilith (13 Virgo). Basically, this is a Grand Earth Trine between the Goddess of Material Manifestation & Sensuality (Venus), The Great Transformer-through-Crisis (Pluto) and The Dark Priestess (BM Lilith in Virgo). Grand Earth Trines are powerful portals of manifestation, and they operate whether or not you choose to work with these energies consciously. The focus is upon the ways in which you connect with the physical world, the ‘rules’ which you assume to be true about manifestation.

So, really, the focus of this trine is going to be upon the physical aspects of the lives we lead on this planet. Are we in harmony with the Earth? Are we nourishing our bodies the right way? Are we living sustainably? Do we remember to take care of ourselves, with at least as much importance as we take care of others? (Can’t fill anyone else’s cup if yours is empty – that kind of logic) And what for – what kind of legacy are we leaving by what we manifest? What is the sum product of all that we strive to own, possess or have at this time?

But where does the Black/Shadow aspect come in? And what does that mean for the kinds of energies of manifestation present now?

Basically we’re being asked to question all the stuff we had to sweep under the carpet. All the stuff we were told was bad, inappropriate, wrong, sinful – so on and so forth. Be it women’s sexuality, the right of women to hold equal office in organized religions, the ways in which we can actually claim back our planet, and so on. And all of that baggage is coming out now

That’s manifesting in many, mixed ways for people. Some are feeling unwell, others just feel as though they’re walking through some maelstrom. Some others soaring and feeling great, and others .. well.. are feeling high , wired and fueled by the flames of self-righteousness. That can be fun, but hey, when you’re on the spiritual path, there comes a time where you have to let that stuff go too. That comes from an over-identification with Venus. Venus also rules judgments, value systems and our attachments to them – when her energy gets imbalanced – we then get egoic, emotional attachments to things we you believe to be true).

So it’s really, really a mixed bag …

+ Venus is opposed Deucalion and Achilles (15 Scorpio). Basically, we’re asked to rise above, or float above our impulses and bids for power and control. There’s also a strong warning not to rush into something with the assumption that we are invulnerable. A lot of stuff sitting about in our sub-conscious is about to come out, and we’re asked to try and channel it as consciously as possible.

+ Black Moon Lilith is conjunct Requiem (13 Virgo). Those of us who facilitate are likely to be drawn to reflections of how our path includes Darkness, in its Sacred form. Facilitators, in particular, are going to be drawn to the Death aspect of the Life-Death-Rebirth cycle. It may also be a time in which many uncover suppressed grief that they’d been holding in, also a time to recognize experiences of perceived ‘loss’

[[ Little wonder I finalized the first episode of The Dark Mother’s Children today, soon to air on WGT Radio 😀 😀 😀  ]]

Those of you who need a reminder on what Black Moon Lilith in Virgo encourages us to do – check out – http://wp.me/p4OUNS-pf

So if you’re feeling particularly weird or muddled up at this time my friends, fear not. The cosmos is just tilling the soil of the soul, or of our psyches if you prefer, before the Lunar Eclipse comes about. Try not to be too attached to your views on things – or another’s response/reaction to your own. And if you’re feeling fine – great! Keep doing what you’re doing!

Live and Let Live seems to be an especially good mantra to live by at this time.

Blessings to all!

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
bairaveebalasubramaniam.com ; fb.com/theskypriestess

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