gclnd 28 feb

The Moon in Cancer is now completing the Cardinal T-Square that we’ve been experiencing for weeks! The Moon, Pluto, Uranus/South Node and The North Node are now joined once more in the shape of the familiar Grand Cardinal Cross.

Some will sail right through this and feel it as an intensification of dynamic, creative energy! Whereas others, who have yet to let go of people, relationships, ideas about yourselves, or just about anything that no longer serves you – might find this a more emotionally explosive alignment.

Remember that the sky is abuzz with numerous near-exact aspects involving celestial giants ( see yesterday’s post for more info

Those key placements or house cusps at the midpoints (close to 15 degrees) of any of the Cardinal Signs will have front-row seats to all that this alignment opens us to experience and grow from.

Bear in mind that we’re working up to the generation defining Seventh Uranus-Pluto exact Square (March 16/17) and, a few days later, a Total Solar Eclipse on March 20 on the same day as the Equinox!

If you’re feeling overstimulated – more than you can handle, try to distract the conscious focus a little – but know that the processing is going on beneath the surface 😉 Sometimes the best you can do for that is to not over-think it, and to let yourself process.

Find activities that are relaxing and calming.

Comfort foods are good, particularly those rich in serotonin and Vitamin B 🙂

Personally, I’ve needed to zonk out and rest. There are times when mindless TV actually helps- if you can’t get to a serene, calm space in nature or your immediate environment – this is one of those times. Just find whatever makes you relax 🙂

Those of you who are feeling no such over-stimulation – have fun putting all this energy to good use!

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

© Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015

GRAND CARDINAL LUNAR NODAL CROSS RETURNS! 11:02 am – 10:39 pm (Feb 1st, GMT + 8 – PEAK times)


Blessings to all – today we have the Grand Cardinal Lunar Nodal Cross in the skies (same alignment we had on Jan 5th). Uranus in Aries conjunct the South Node squares Pluto in Capricorn, the Moon in Cancer and opposes the North Node in Libra. It’s the same karmic dynamic which we faced for so long in 2014, this time reinforced by the Nodal (Aries-Libra) opposition. By now, all of us have experienced this alignment several times. Those with strong Cardinal Placements (Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, Aries) – be mindful that these energies will be even stronger for you!

The times given above are PEAK times. Meaning that you’re likely to have already felt this alignment coming and will continue to feel it into the morning/afternoon of February 2nd, depending on where you are. Bear in mind that we’ve also got a lot of Pisces activity with Venus, Mars, Chiron and Neptune going on concurrently – asking us to Transform the Way We Love (see ). The Moon, by way of its transit through Cancer lights up the Pisces stellium as well! Those with placements between 12-18 Taurus will also experience a powerful Yod between Mars/Chiron, the North Node and the Taurus placement (read the linked article for more information).

Many of you will feel this alignment as an unusual form of intensity or pressure, urging you to take action and DO SOMETHING! Others who have already attuned themselves to the Grand Cross may feel a little calmer about it, sensing a slight pressure. It really depends on you and how you work with this energy.

Cardinal energies look at some of the larger questions such as
– Who Am I? – Aries (Self, I AM Consciousness, Self-Assertion, Path-making/Path-breaking)
– Who Are You? – Libra (Partnerships, Balance, Collaborations, the Shadow Self)
– Where do I Come From? – Cancer (Home, Grounding, Mother, Family)
– What did I Come to Accomplish? – Capricorn (The Legacy you leave behind, Public Life, Career,, etc.)

In short, we’re being asked to look at all of these major questions – at once! The North and South Nodes directly weave our Soul’s Experiences and Karmic Cycles into this alignment. Many will be remembering the strength they once had (which may have been abused) – South Node in Aries, whilst finding ways to bring that strength and self-knowing into a social, group or partnership dynamic (North Node-Libra).

I see the North Node as the direction which this Grand Cross leads us towards. I’ve often said that I find Libra to be the most powerful sign in the zodiac. It represents Balance and the ability to accept Ambiguity and Paradox. It can Accept Difference without needing to change it!

I suggest the following practices/ideas to you on that basis:

(1) Stay Centered, Stay Grounded.
(2) Know that this is a transitory phase. It WILL pass.
(3) Look for the Eternal Part of you that lies deep within. All of these transformations are powerful, but there is still a part of you that remains as the Detached Observer. Connect with that part of yourself and the Wisdom it carries.
(4) Try to avoid knee-jerk reactions. Take a few moments to calm yourselves before saying anything in haste

(5) Sitting by the Ocean, or going to places which make you feel deeply connected with Source is highly recommended.
(6) Be forgiving on yourselves and others. Take nothing personally at this time. Remember that Everyone is going through the same process!
(7) Have Faith. This process is helping you prepare for something much bigger. Have Faith in your conception of the Divine/Sacred and allow the transformation to happen.

To those of you who observe the Sabbats of Lammas (Southern Hemisphere) and Imbolc (Northern Hemisphere) – happy celebrating! I hope to do a post later today which explains the energies of these festivals and how they are reinforced by current astrological configurations.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


full moon jan 2015


Blessings to all. The energy of this configuration is akin to an intense, whirling vortex that churns the very essence of the Self. It’s been such a strong energetic whirlwind that I’ve cut the Ceres Special Readings short and rescheduled readings. It makes the usually straightforward exercise of connecting with Source energy to read and facilitate a chart akin to trying to find a needle in a haystack in a churning, swirling vortex.

So it makes sense to let individuals (and myself) to process this intense cosmic storm. Those with strong Cardinal placements, more towards the middle of the sign, will have their charts lit up like Christmas trees!

Moon in Cancer – Deep, subconscious, emotional, intuitive connection with the Great Mother archetype, relationship with the biological mother/maternal line, domestic arrangements, the physical home, the conceptual ‘home’, the tribe or collective, the Earth-Home.

The Moon is conjunct Cyllarus (14 Cancer), a Centaur body which speaks of great power which has the potential to be used with impetuosity, or an over-identification of a narrow, or parochial identity. Things like jingoism, racism, ethnocentricism, excessive pride in a racial or collective identity can be lit up in a powerful, emotional manner as it conjuncts the Full Moon itself. It can also indicate the abuse of power and karmic dynamics by a powerful figure – with the equal potential of using such strength for more collectively beneficial purposes.

Sun / Pluto / Vesta in Capricorn – Sun (Consciousness, The more visible aspect of the Soul, essential, vital energies), Pluto (intensity, crisis, transformation, death-birth), Vesta (The Detached Sacrifice / The Spiritual Facilitator / The Priestess) — focused on the part of your life that deals with the kinds of material manifestations (words, deeds, actions, presence, etc.) that effectively leave a Legacy for later generations to inherit. It does relate to your career path – in so far as how it relates to this legacy-making process. It also relates to status, ambition, authority and social prestige.

The Sun is also conjunct asteroid Okyrhoe (15 Capricorn). She was the daughter of Chiron and Chariklo, a young girl who became a prophetess, later turned into a mare by the God Apollo for daring to reveal the plans of the Gods to humankind. The name itself means ‘fast running’ and can indicate the misplaced use of prophetic / divination / intuitive work conducted in haste, or with so much eagerness without considering consequences. (I’m really happy I decided to reschedule my readings now! ). It is an energy that calls for patience in the exercise and usage of such gifts, no matter how greatly tempted you are to burst forward with them!

Uranus / South Node in Aries: Uranus (The Awakening Process, connection with ‘Higher Mind’, eccentricity, individuality, breakthrough energy of the mind) and the South Node (past-life dynamics, old karmic dynamics and strengths, past experiences that you no longer need to be attached to) are in the sign of Aries (I AM Consciousness, understanding of The true nature of the Self, Ego-Identity / Personality (at the earlier stage of consciousness) and the Physical Vessel (Body).

North Node in Libra: The North Node (direction of Soul’s Growth, the unknown path) in the sign of Libra (Balance, the ability to hold Paradoxes / Opposites together, the power of Detachment through the Mind’s Judgment, Partnership/Relationship dynamics, the Shadow (Unknown Self), Integration/Acceptance of Opposites)

All in all, taken together – this is an energy that really addresses your physical body, self-identity (known/unknown, conscious/unconscious), your interpersonal relationships, your shadow (unknown) self, your sense of what gives keeps you grounded/rooted in a collective identity with a strong Mother-Goddess connection, your sense of what kind of legacy you want to leave behind – all of the key Cardinal questions. Cyllarus and Okyrhoe warn us of jumping too high too quickly, they ask us to rein in our passions – especially those grounded in polarizing and/or a narrow definition of collective identity, and those impulses which come from spiritual/intuitive/psychic awakening of gifts.

It’s a very karmic time, indicated by the strong activation of the Nodes. Many of you will be revisiting past-life dynamics and/or finding ways to balance these energies in your present life. Try not to block the flow, simply relax into it and allow it to guide you to a deeper, fuller experience of Spirit-that-is-You.


Sun – Moon: 14 Capricorn / Cancer ’31
Pluto: 13 Capricorn ’19
Uranus: 12 Aries ’39
Vesta: 17 Capricorn ’21
Mean North Node: 14 Libra ’43
Mean South Node: 14 Aries ’43

Exact Time of Opposition: 12:53 pm, January 5th 2015, GMT + 8

— and a brief prayer of cleansing and beginning —

Blessings to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD