Blessings all! … Yowza !!! We’ve got 10 nearly-exact aspects (within a 1 degree orb) in the sky right now, bringing down different threads of energy, experience and opportunities for learning – in the road up to the Uranus/Pluto (final) square on March 16/17, 2015. I’ve summarized them in 4 paragraphs and linked you to previous posts which address certain configurations where appropriate. Exact degrees, dates and times of configurations are given at the end.

(1) Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces – Our vital energies easily blend with the pursuit of transcendence, spirituality, detached compassion and lack of fixity or form. It’s easier to ‘swim’ in the Cosmic Ocean that connects us all at this time, but be warned of illusions of your own making (dynamics of projection, etc.). Seek the Truth, or the perspective of Love, that reveals the spiritual nature of lessons emerging now, instead of responding to them with ingrained habits such as defensiveness or holding onto an out-dated point of view.

(2) Black Moon Lilith in Virgo opposes Sun (+Neptune) in Pisces – The Sun-Neptune dynamic plays out one of the quintessential duality in spiritual journeying and facilitation. Piscean energy seeks to transcend, dissolve and unfortunately (at times) to escape the material form, rather than seeing Matter an as equal and necessary expression of the Essence of Spirit. The issue of Boundaries tends to become an issue. Black Moon Lilith will not stand for any of this. She will challenge you to find a practical, analytical, hands-on way to anchoring the spiritual energies that Sun/Neptune bring to us. She asks you to nurture the self, before seeking to nurture another that the cycle of receiving and giving can continue. She rejects the exclusion of the Feminine, particularly of her ‘Shadow’ (unknown, often misunderstood) aspects in our contemporary spiritual discourse. She is a powerful moment for female and male spiritualists who Honor the Call of the Dark Goddess and Love, in Her Name. You might find this video also of interest –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C82L1TXltsg

(3) Jupiter in Leo opposite Vesta in Aquarius, trines Uranus in Aries – The energy of the Guru/Guide/Teacher issues his challenge to the Awakening Priest/ess (any kind of Spiritual Facilitator). We are asked to dig into our deepest vulnerabilities that lie at the hearts of our Inner Child. We are asked to move past the pain and back into that warm, rich, generous source of Love and Warmth that we all have the capacity to embody. Vesta asks you to ‘sacrifice’ a particular perspective that may be holding you back from viewing this lesson – and then to share what you have learnt with the collective. It will require a certain degree of detachment from the Egoic sense of ‘I hurt/am hurt/have been hurt’ that is associated with cycles of hurt, wounding, or victimization. This does not mean that pain does not exist, it means that you can view it from a perspective that no longer needs to carry for that particular cycle of experience. Vesta is also sextiled Uranus – so you may find a certain bolt of awakening or insight that can help you transcend an older layer of Self, to discover a more authentic one. The Jupiter-Uranus trine activates the role of Uranus in creating this Bridge of Awakening and Transcendence of/through the Self.

(4) Mercury in Aquarius trines the North Node in Libra, sextiles the South Node in Aries – We are challenged to find ways to seek a more detached, deeper, inclusive, and accepting idea of ‘Balance’. Balance is not the erasure of all that is unpleasant, or the acceptance of abuse – it seeks to find a just way in which all can Co-Exist. Boundaries may need to be drawn, but with words that come from compassion rather than Anger or Defensiveness. Drawn upon past lessons to see where you may learn from your past responses to similar situations.

(5) Saturn Trines Juno Retrograde as part of the Grand Fire Trine with Mars and Venus in Aries – http://wp.me/p4OUNS-l2
(6) Jupiter Retrograde inconjuncts Pluto – as part of the Month-Long Yod –http://wp.me/p4OUNS-jY
(7) Uranus squares Pluto – we’ve been talking about these two for three years now 😀 a future article will spell out the exact impact of the final, seventh square!

Dates and degrees of aspects, based on GMT/UTC

February 21 – Saturn trines Juno Retrograde (4 Sagittarius – Leo)
February 25 – Vesta sextiles Uranus (14 Aquarius – Aries)
Februrary 26 – Sun conjuncts Neptune (7 Pisces)
February 27 – Jupiter Retrograde opposes Vesta (15 Leo – Aquarius); Mercury trines North Node, sextiles South Node (11 Aquarius – Libra – Aries); Jupiter Rx inconjuncts Pluto (14 Leo – Capricorn)
March 1 – Sun opposes Black Moon Lilith (10 Pisces – Virgo)
March 3 – Jupiter Retrograde trines Uranus (14 Leo – Aries)
March 4 – Mercury conjuncts Vesta (17 Aquarius)
March 16 – Uranus squares Pluto (15 Aries-Capricorn, late in the evening)

** there’ll be a lot of other stuff going on as well – this list is relevant to the preceding discussion. Also, the 10 aspect figure naturally changes if you include more astrological bodies into consideration.

Blessings to all, and I hope this is of use in understanding the complexity and intensity of the energies now.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Page: Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Text © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015

Dice Image: Green-d10-dice.png by Krdan; Multi-license: GFDL and cc-by-3.0 on Wikimedia Commons



At 3:05 pm (GMT +8, Dec 29 2014), Pallas Athena conjuncted Saturn in Sagittarius. This is a powerful blending of the mind / intellect / strategic / analytical gifts that Pallas Athena (the Goddess Asteroid) brings, along with the authority, structure, and discipline represented by Saturn. It is an excellent time to look at the kinds of structures which govern your relationship to systems, activities and teachings through which you broaden your knowledge and experience of Self. Pallas Athena may help you find a key strategy, or simply give you the strength of conviction that you need to address this challenge. You may, for instance, find a way to speak to or address an older, authority figure who may teach or guide you in some form. You may realize you ARE that authority. You may figure out the steps you need to reach a certain level of achievement which you deem as successful. In the sign of Sagittarius, this relates to fields of life and experience such as foreign travel, higher education, academia, spiritual paradigms, belief systems, religious institutions, Gurus & Structured Guidance, and so on. Also an excellent time for those of you seeking to learn more about astrology (as it is ruled by Sagittarius) and its secrets. Whilst this process may play out as an internal process for some, for others it may be projected onto others you see as authority figures in these fields. Rather than a time for judgment and division, allow the Blessings of Pallas Athena to safely convey you to where you need to be.

As I told a friend today, “You Be Your Own Guide”. Listen to others when you require advice, get feedback from experts or those you consider an authority, but at the end of the day, remember that it is your Voice and Truth that whatever advice you receive needs to resonate with. Those of you who are working towards the archetype of the Spiritual Teacher/Guru/Philosopher may also realize your need to and capacity for greater self-assertion, conviction and faith in what you do. Remember that Sagittarius fans the flames of ‘I AM Consciousness’ in a more expanded sense than Aries or Leo – it seeks to understand the Self in relation to the wider Cosmos.

Saturn conjunct Pallas Athena in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces. This indicates a classic clash between those who accept/reject the Guru/Guide system, and the relationship that one has with the concept of Formlessness as the central feature of a Spiritual Path. For more info on that you might want to read this:

At 9:29 pm (GMT + 8), a Grand Fire trine formed between Ceres in Sagittarius, the Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries and Juno Retrograde/Jupiter Retrograde in Leo. This only enhances the emphasis on Self Assertion, Expression and Definition that all three Fire Signs encourage us to find. Just bear in mind that the Self we’re talking about here is not the Ego-Self, but the one you find when you move past it. Call it the Flame of Spirit, if you like.

The Grand Fire Trine ends at 6:41 pm on the following day (Dec 30th, 2014).

All of this is taking place in the backdrop of two immensely powerful, intersecting Yods (Fingers of Fate), apexing at Juno Retrograde in Leo and Chiron in Pisces. The other components of this yod are Jupiter Retrograde, North Node and the entire Capricorn Stellium (Mercury, Venus, Sun, Pluto, Vesta). An intensely karmic backdrop to work through such key questions for spiritual facilitators and seekers!

Stay centered, and (as my dance teacher keeps telling me) – Remember to Breathe through it. If nothing else, take Baby Steps!

Last but not least, Ceres (The Goddess Asteroid of Nurture) is about to conjunct the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius. I will be offering discounted readings in honor of that conjunction. So stay tuned x

Blessings and Love to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image: By Giovanni Dall’Orto. (Own work) [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons


Durga's TridentVanakam, Namaste and Blessings to All. The Energies of Goddess Durga are powerfully represented by a Grand Fire Trine involving (Juno in Leo, Uranus Retrograde in Aries and Vesta in Sagittarius). Juno opposes The Aquarian Moon, making this a powerfully focused Kite Alignment. Here’s what each component brings to the table:

Juno (8 Leo) – The energy of the Soulmate, particularly through a child or a romantic partner, teaches you a lesson in self-expression, the need for authenticity and ultimately a reconnection with the Sacral Creativity of the Feminine.

Vesta (12 Sag) – The archetype of Priest/ess or Spiritual Facilitator is called to Serve. We are drawn to Paths which involve an expansion of the way we see ourselves and our Spiritual Journeys. (Note that Vesta is squared Chiron Retrograde in Pisces indicating this this journey comes with the lessons of the Wounded Healer who learns and Transcends. Those with placements at 12-13 Gemini or Virgo will feel this as a Mutable T-Square and/or Grand Mutable Cross)

Uranus Rx (12 Ari) – Uranus Retrograde in Aries facilitates this energy of awakening, often through perceived ‘errors’ in communication or perception, and/or in an abrupt form. As we awaken to the Truth of who we Are (i.e. Pure, Creative, Radiant Spirit), we will radically alter our embodiment of Self – the way we carry, represent, assert and simply exist as individuals in our own rights, entitled to our own spaces.

Moon (in Aquarius) – Emotional attachments to ideas of who you are, what you know and your connection with Spirit will be highlighted. Conditioned, ego-based understandings of this are likely to be challenged now. A gateway bridging deep internal intuition with the ability to receive guidance directly from Source is created. Harness this energy wisely and remember to stay grounded in case things get too spacey! Your mother/parental figure embodying the Mother archetype may act as a catalyst in communicating insights or information which allows you to access the energies of this Trident-like configuration.

The Kite began at 9:07 am Oct 31st and lasts till 2:43 am, Nov 1st (GMT + 8). The Grand Fire Trine began at 6:32 pm Oct 25th and will end at 6:15 am Nov 15 (GMT + 8) – in its current form, involving Vesta. The Grand Fire Trine itself ends at 6:11 pm, Dec 14 2014.

Those with astrological placements at/near BOTH 8 Libra and 8 Gemini will experience this as a phenomenal GRAND SEXTILE. Placements at or near 10 Virgo / 12 Cancer will form Yods to Uranus/Moon or Moon/Vesta sextiles. (As these bodies shift in the skies, so too would those hypothetical spots.)

Further kites with the Moon will be formed on November 9 and November 19 (albeit it will be Ceres – The Goddess Asteroid of Nurture – rather than Vesta involved in a different Grand Fire Trine).

So, what does it all mean?

This is a powerful Fire Trine which encourages us to light the three beacons which will ignite our collective Re-Awakening, Re-cognition and Re-turn of the Feminine Principle.

Shakti’s Rising, in other words.

– Self – Path of Service – Sacral Reconnection – Creation – Passion – Embodiment – The Next Step of The Journey … Begins!

A more Cosmic Level of Awakening is possible due to the Moon’s opposition with Juno – creating a focal point for all of this energy.

We also are called to re-connect with the Primordial Energies of the Earth (Bhumadevi, Gaia-Sophia, etc.) as per your spiritual heritage and to discover how Earth energies connect with the Sky/Cosmos. See how they ultimately mirror one another and teach us the same things, albeit through different ‘directions’. This can be bring life-changing perspective where Heaven and Earth no longer exist as polar opposites, but as complements and reflections of each other.

And what a day for it! Hindu temples are celebrating their monthly prayers to Goddess Durga on Ashtami Day. Pagans/Wiccans/Witches/Celtic Spiritualists and others are celebrating Samhain. Loads of people are celebrating Halloween. North Indian temples are celebrating Gopalashtami – a day of devotion towards Lord Krishna and the sacred cow.


In short – I would summarize this Kite/Grand Fire Trine with the GSS ( The Goddess, The Serpent and The Sea: Building Pathways of Light.) motto:


Much Love to you on this Durgashtami Day

Jai Maa!

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image Information (Durga Idol) : Durga Deity in Tiruvannamalai.JPG – By Ilya Mauter (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons



Blessings Everyone! The Mercury Retrograde ends today! Over the next few weeks, we will be revisiting decisions, communications, negotiations we made in partnerships and relationships with others. We will have the chance to make amends in situations which can (and ought to be) repaired, and the opportunity to find new approaches to move past old obstacles. Mercury Stations Direct at 12:28 pm (GMT + 8) at 16 Lib ’48.

Here’s a Head’s Up: At 7:11 am, Oct 30, Mercury will conjunct the North Node for the final time this year at 18 Libra ’16, activating a Nodal (Karmic) T-Square with Pluto and Uranus Retrograde. This will be a key opportunity to use the information you gathered during the Retrograde Period to work on some aspect of your relationships/partnerships/contracts or other negotiations.

Today, we’re also feeling the effects of Mars at the Anaretic Degree (i.e. 29 degrees) of Sagittarius. The lessons we have learnt from the ‘Action/Assertion’ planet in this sign to do with our sense of expansion, adventure, travel, higher education, philosophical understandings, Path in life, and our relationships with our Teachers/Gurus will be heightened. At 6:27 pm, October 26, Mars will move into the sign of the Sea-Goat, i.e. Capricorn.

At 10:38 pm, later today, Ceres will enter the 29th (Anaretic) degree of Scorpio. Here the Goddess Asteroid of Nurture (showing us how we best give and receive nurturing energy) is revisiting the lessons of her stay in the Scorpionic Underworld. Ceres or Demeter is the Goddess of the Harvest, of verdant abundance, of agriculture and the bounties of the Earth.

She is the mother of Persephone, the maiden who is abducted, raped and instated as the Queen of the Underworld by Hades/Pluto. The mother manages to secure 6 months out of 12 in the year where her daughter is free to roam the earth – the remaining months cause her mother to lament. The world experiences her grief and joy through the seasons: spring/summer (joy), autumn/winter (grief) or the simpler divisions of fruitful/unfruitful agricultural seasons (associated with Ceres) . Ceres moves into Sagittarius at 9:31 am, October 28.

The energy of Nurture, represented by Ceres, is focused upon the Deepest Moment of Darkness (Scorpio). We may find healing self/others by engaging in deep emotional catharsis and exploration as nurturing at this time. Physical touch and intimacy with a loved one can also bring us this sense of deep fulfillment. Others may fulfill Ceres’ longings through an exploration of the occult and the Deeper Mysteries it represents. As with all things, there is a balance called for in this placement – to ensure that the recipient of your healing, touch, explorations, etc. is firstly willing and able to participate in the process. Boundaries and the right use of power must be managed, particularly in parent-child relationships (owing to the Ceres-Persephone-Underworld connection).

On top of that, at 6:32 pm later today – we see the start of a Grand Fire Trine between Uranus Retrograde (13 Ari), Juno (6 Leo) and Vesta (9 Sag), whose effects will begin to build from this time. More on that in the days to come.

We’ve got other powerful influences already operating in the sky right now. Strongest of all is the aftermath of the Scorpio Solar Eclipse (see http://wp.me/p4OUNS-au for full article).

Blessings to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD.

Image Information: Palazzo Grimani a Venezia – Foto Giovanni Dall’Orto – 8 Ago 2011 426 – By G.dallorto (Own work) [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

Prepare to TrailBlaze or be TrailBlazed! A New Chapter in your Life begins Either Way! GRAND FIRE TRINE WITH URANUS RETROGRADE, JUPITER AND MARS


At 12:53 am, shortly past midnight on 26th September 2014, a Grand Fire trine between Uranus Retrograde in Aries, Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius began to form. This occurred shortly before the exact Trine between Uranus Retrograde and Jupiter (at 15 Ari/Leo ’00) at 1:21 am, coinciding with the first of the nine nights of Navarathri – one of the largest Goddess festivals in the world.

The Grand Fire Trine between Uranus Rx, Jupiter and Mars will last until October 14 2014. Fire Trines are times of intense energy, inspiration and that assertive drive to ‘go forth and do something’. In the Tarot, the element of Fire corresponds to the suit of Wands.

This is excellent start to a whole new beginning after 10 months of intense testing, shifting, dying-rebirthing. Between now and October 14 – the Universe is giving you an extra impetus and blessing to be bold, be confident, be daring and go forth and do what your deepest passions and truth yearn to do!

When the three expressions of Fire merge through the Grand Trine, you effectively have an amplification of three different forms, or levels of Consciousness that relate to your perception of Self as represented by Aries, Leo and Sagittarius – there’s an in depth discussion on that here: http://wp.me/p4OUNS-3d

Please bear this in mind – Just as easily as Fire can create, preserve and make life comfortable (think of a warm fire in your living room on a cool night) – it can destroy and scar if allowed to rage out of control. You may be able to work with the energy of Fire through the focus of Will – some may be forced to do so through sudden breakdowns or messages of departure!

In other words, Prepare to TrailBlaze, or be TrailBlazed! You’re going to have to make these steps for yourselves, and it will be gentler on you if you do so consciously, than being forced into that position. With Mercury Retrograde coming soon in the signs of Scorpio and Libra, my reading (and others’) is that this changes with either originate from or be channeled through our partnerships and mergers in the professional and interpersonal context. You could say that this Grand Fire Trine will also teach us to find balanced expression in as we seek Partnership or Balance Within Ourselves – and a deeper recognition of our roles as Co-Creators with the Divine.

So let’s see what this particular Grand Fire Trine teaches us:

Uranus Retrograde in Aries – A profound internal awakening of the Nature of the Self, the Physical Body, the way we describe, experience and conceptualize the ‘I’. Uranus’ energy deals with the awakening of consciousness, altruistic causes and networks, the ideals of humanitarianism, the celebration of individuality and the rebellion of Self from all that it sees as potentially constraining. It is also the energy of Surprise! Prepare for the unexpected 🙂 Because Uranus is in Retrograde, it’s hard to say whether the nature of the surprise will be pleasant, or not.

Jupiter in Leo – The Blessings of the Teacher/Guru, the bridge between Ascended Beings and yourself is light up as you learn how to Express, Represent and Present yourself to the World. You are being guided in ways that allow you to dig into your deepest vulnerability and creativity to help you find your Authentic Self. Leo energy is also associated with Marriage and Children / The Inner Child construct – and – like Creativity – is all linked with the Sacral Chakra.

Mars in Sagittarius – The planet of Assertion and Action is in the Sign of the Philosopher-King (associated with Jupiter). We are called forth to explore more established forms of knowledge, philosophy, religion and spirituality in search of Expansion. We are called to experience, explore and expand our Perception of Self through a Greater Knowing and Perception of the World, the Cosmos and the Infinite. Some may choose to manifest this yearning to know as a desire for physical movement or travel across international waters.

Be warned – this energy can become extremely judgmental and opinionated once it is ‘sure of something’ – know that your Path is your Own. Let no one tell you how to live it, and do not seek to do the same upon others.

Taken together, this is an excellent time to deepen, broaden and become more expressive about our Self-Constructs. We do so by learning about the Uniqueness and Individuality of the Conscious Self, the Gifts and Blessings that Teachers/The Guru within bestows upon our Creativity and Authenticity and that desire to Expand, Explore and ultimately understand the Role of Self-in-the-Cosmos.

Exact Trines:

1:12 am Jupiter trines Uranus Retrograde, September 26 2014 (1st night of Navarathri)

(The two will trine one another again in March and June 2015 – this is the first of three as other astrologers have also pointed out)

11:49 am Mars trines Uranus Retrograde, October 5 2014

5:21 am Mars trines Jupiter, October 9 2014

There are going to be other Grand Fire Trines coming up – this is the first in this series. Prepare to Trailblaze a new chapter in your Life!

Also – Remember that we’re approaching the Mercury Retrograde. This retrograde will take place in the signs of Scorpio and Libra, both of which deal with partnerships, mergers, contracts and collaborations. The Universe’s message is clear here:

Be extremely cautious with whom you collaborate, sign, or enter into some legal or energetic partnership with. Make sure that roles and responsibilities are clearly delegated and that all legal issues are in order. Don’t worry about it if you’ve already agreed to continue something which you’d already discussed previously – but still exercise some caution and discernment – here’s some key dates:

September 14 2014 – Shadow phase begins (16 Libra ’48)

October 4 2014 – Mercury Retrograde begins (2 Sco ’18)

October 25 2014 – Mercury Stations Direct (16 Libra ’48)

November 10 2014 – Mercury exits Shadow Phase (2 Sco ’18)

Blessings and Love to All! Enjoy this energy and get lots done! ❤ 🙂

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


SN 1006 Supernova Remnant.jpg – By NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons














Kali-Ma Dances her Tandava on the World’s Stage: The Rise of the Dark Goddess by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Kali Tandava

Blessings to all,Today, we’re collectively experiencing a Grand Fire Trine linking together Uranus Rx, Sun, Mercury, Lilith and the Moon in a potent configuration. I have written on the astrology of this here for those interested: http://wp.me/p4OUNS-3d
Lilith will also feature prominently during the Aquarius Full Moon, a few days from now. Those performing rituals to Her, or for the rise of the Feminine in general, may want to time their spiritual activities to align with the Full Moon.
This configuration energizes, charges and launches the energy of Lilith (the Suppressed/Dark Feminine) onto the World’s Stage, allowing her to emerge as a Leader, Teacher and Being in her Own Right.
The energy of Lilith in astrology corresponds to other ‘Dark Goddesses’ such as Kali-Ma, Goddess Lilith, Goddess Ereshkigal, Goddess Pele, Goddess Vajrayogini, Goddess Mariamman, Goddess Pechaiamman, Goddess Ishtar/Innana, The Morrigan, The Cailleach, Goddess Dhumavati, Goddess Hekate and other aspects of the Dark Crone / Protectoress / Mother / Destroyer (of Negativity). There are many others, including Goddesses for whom Darkness is but one aspect of their Being. I would include Lady Brighid and Lady Isis to that list.
To be a ‘Dark’ Goddess has nothing to do with being ‘Evil’. It simply means that this aspect of Divinity operates in the Blackness of the Earth, That Womb, or Eternal Night. It is She who watches over your Shadow as it moves between realms, or through different stages of birth-death-rebirth. It is She who burns so you can be Reborn; She who Destroys so Creation can continue.
To be a ‘Suppressed’ Goddess (and the two are often conflated) is to have your worship outlawed, banned, criminalized or demonized – made out to be something that it is not. It is a distortion of the protective and nurturing qualities associated with the Ancient Mother.
To be a ‘Goddess’, you only need look in the mirror and Re-member.
For there is Divinity in All.
As Lilith conjuncts the Sun (illumination, awareness), Mercury (communication, perception) and trines Uranus (revelation, insight) and the Moon (the nurturing Goddess, the Womb of the Earth) – She Awakens, Arises, and Becomes.

At this time, honor those parts of yourself cast into Shadow. Too often we believe that all that is Dark is Evil, and forget that our Shadow can simply be parts of ourselves we have no yet accepted – in this case – the (Feminine) Divinity in All Beings, and the Power She Wields.This is a time for Her to Rise, and I hope many of you will heed the call to Dance, Dream, and Embody this aspect of Sacred Energy as her influence only intensifies in the skies.Rising Woman, Rising Man, You cannot be stopped unless you choose to be at this Time. My Fire spreads through you and around you, Giving Life, Death and Birth to this World. I can no longer be Hidden.


That is Her Message, through me, to you.




For those of you would like to hear more of my perspective on The Dark Mother, here is a link to a 1-hour radio interview aired on Get on the Grid With Chessie Roberts Radio Show. Link:  http://intentionradio.com/2014/06/shining-a-light-on-the-truth-about-the-dark-mother-of-the-goddess-path/


For those of you would like to join a community devoted to honoring Her in this form, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/TheDarkMothersChildren on Facebook.


This page,  The Dark Mother’s Children will be celebrating its 6 month mark (in terms of moon cycles during the Aquarius Full Moon). I am its admin, as is my brother Ashoka Mohannan


A Virtual Shrine to Honor The Dark Mother: http://nshrine.com/shrine/Dark_Mother


Blessings and Love to All Beings,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD
A Daughter of Kali



Image Information: “Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple – Hindu goddesses” by Matthias Rosenkranz – originally posted to Flickr as Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sri_Veeramakaliamman_Temple_-_Hindu_goddesses.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Sri_Veeramakaliamman_Temple_-_Hindu_goddesses.jpg

— with Ashoka Mohannan and Tara Fire-Tiger.

GRAND FIRE TRINE IN THE SKY! Astrology Self-Study Series Article # 1 by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


Grand Fire Trine

Vanakam, Namaste and Blessings to All,

I would like to tell you of a potent astrological configuration in our skies that began 5 hours ago and will continue to influence us for another 21 hours or so.
This piece is a more detail-oriented, explanatory article suitable for astrological self-study and self-analysis. This is my first article published under that banner.

For a more intuitive, Goddess-oriented take on this energy, please see – http://wp.me/p4OUNS-3f

We are experiencing a Grand Fire Trine in the Skies, involving the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius or the 1st, 5th, and 9th houses of astrology.

First I will tell you about what Fire energy is/does in astrology and the three signs associated with it, then I’ll move onto the planets involved.

Fire energy is associated with alchemy, transformation, purification, inspiration and creative drive. It is the energy of the ‘go-getter’, the pioneer, the leader that pushes through a new vision or idea in the world. Aries is the Path-Maker/Path-Breaker, Leo is the Dramatic, Dynamic, Creative Performer & Child, Sagittarius is the Philosopher-King-Adventurer that Journeys forth with an energy of pure Optimism. In various traditions, Fire energy is associated with the Masculine or Yang Archtype. Shakta traditions, in contrast associate Kali (active feminine) energy with Fire as well. So it is not an energy limited to men, but rather, it involves what we call the ‘Masculine Archetype’ in all beings.

One of the common threads that sun through the three manifestations of Fire energy are the different ways in which the Self is Perceived in relation to the World, shown by their different mottos:

Aries – I AM
Leo – I Am my Persona
Sagittarius – I Am my Experiences
(inspired by Gargatholil’s Depth Astrology)

Aries does not reference anything outside of its self to understand its role in the world. For that reason, the energy of the Path-Breaker – can, to some – seem like the energy of the tyrant or the autocrat if unbalanced. In its most intense form, Aries can be a vessel of the Divine sense of ‘I AM Consciousness’ or — a pure manifestation of the Ego’s I AM (more important than anyone else) perception.

Leo focuses upon its Persona – the mask that it wears to others as it presents itself to the word. Ever the lover of the stage, Leo enjoys the spotlight – even in personal interactions. This is wonderful if what is performed uplifts collective consciousness, but can easily become a situation where an insecure ego seeks to manipulate the views of others to get validation.

Sagittarius has difficulties separating its true essence from its perception of the external world. It believes that it experiences itself through adventure – whether that is travel, mental stimulation, philosophical study, etc. is an individual choice. This sign can become overly judgmental or opinionated, not allowing other perspectives to flourish or be seen as equally valid – as – any view apart from its own can be seen as a threat to the ego’s freedom and identity.

Moving onto the Trine aspect – as I have explained previously, Trine energy is one which simply opens a channel for the abundant flow of energy between two bodies. Whether this is a flow that leads or happy or sad experiences, an abundance of poverty or wealth, depends entirely upon how you choose to work with it. A Grand Trine is the connection of three trine aspects in the shape of a triangle.

Grand Fire Trines, therefore, combine these different levels and aspects of Fire energy. They allow you to experience, question, and assert the ways in which you experience your true Essence of Self. Is it through what your body tells you? your ego? the way other people see you or approve of you? through experiencing the world?

In this Grand Fire Trine, we have Uranus Retrograde in Aries trining the Moon in Sagittarius, trining a stellium (combination of planets) in Leo: Lilith, Sun and Mercury. I shall give a brief summary of what each planet does before concluding this article:

Uranus (awakening, revelation, flashes of insight, humanitarian causes, rebellion, electronic communications) Retrograde (felt internally, emerging through the psyche’s reaction to something in the external world) in Aries (Self as the Source of Knowledge, the Body, The ‘I AM’ perception)

Moon (tradition, mothering, nurture, caregiving, collective identity – tribe, etc., sub-conscious conditioning, intuition, Goddess energy) in Sagittarius (expansion, adventure, travel, philosophy, exploration, higher education)

Mercury (communication, analysis, perception, ability to travel / perceive other realms) + Lillith (Dark Goddess / Suppressed Feminine archetype, female wounding) + Sun (focused awareness, creativity, children, Inner Child, joy, light of consciousness) are in the sign of Leo (considered the home of the Sun).

When you get a powerful combination such as this — there are too many possibilities to generalize any outcomes. What I can tell you is that there will be some kind of unexpected breakthrough of insight, which will probably require you to assert your self/skills/creativity in front of others, drawing upon things that you have already experienced through your Journey. This energy will likely draw upon and give rise to an aspect of your femininity that has been suppressed, or left unheard for far too long.

For us Goddessians, this a time for Kali-Ma to dance her side of the Tandava on the World’s Stage.

For instance: I just received an invitation to speak from a company here in Malaysia. Wholly unexpected (Uranus), requires public performance (Leo) and chimes perfectly with my desire to ‘move forward’, in a position of inspiring/teaching others (Sagittarius). Unsurprisingly, these are my 10th, 5th, and 6th houses.

That’s a lovely example of how it can manifest, but there are other possibilities as well. Stay positive – just let your Spirit guide you where it needs to go. Allow yourself to remain open to insight, breakthroughs and inspiration (from out of the blue) and allow the Alchemy of Fire to Transform you.

I wouldn’t take this Grand Fire Trine lightly as

(1) it preludes powerful energies that we will experience during the Aquarius Full Moon, and of a longer-term Grand Fire Trine later in 2014 (

(2) the Lilith/Sun/Mercury stellium is the tip or apex of a powerful yod involving Pluto Retrograde and Chiron Retrograde. The Grand trine and Yod only intensify their square to Saturn in Scorpio.

(3) As wonderful and transformative as Fire energy can be, it can literally fan the flames of conflict if used without integrity. Watch your words now, and even if you have to disagree with someone, do so with integrity and compassion without putting them down. Your/Their Words may have more impact than you/they realize at this time. A tall order if someone is behaving unfairly with you, but, it’s exactly what we – as spiritual seekers – need to do, especially in times like these.

Much Love and Blessings to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

6th August 2014,
1:40 pm, Selangor,

Image of Flame: “Fire” by Awesomoman – Own work. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons –http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fire.JPG#mediaviewer/File:Fire.JPG