Buzz, buzz: Grounding Out, Mindful Communication & Other Strategies for the Gemini Full Moon

Gemini’s energies can over-stimulate the brain, what we perceive, what we want to express and shout out loud to the world. Now whether any of this stuff is actually true or valid is besides the point – it all gets filtered through the ego-mind. Some of those responses will be a screaming need to be heard, or to express something that just wants to burst out in you. As a friend of mine reminded me, it’s not just the Full Moon, we’re also heading towards the exact Neptune-Sagittarius square on November 26. Bear in mind that Chiron is also preparing to go direct on Nov 28! The Gemini Full Moon itself goes exact on 25th November 2015 at 22:44 UTC time (that’s 26th the 26th for those in Asia/Australia).
Some of you will use this energy with ease and channel the writer, student, or seeker of knowledge within. Others will be over-taxed with information, energy and no place to put it!
Plus, Saturn’s proximity to the Sun (opposed the Moon) adds pressure to all of the above.. . . Yikes!

Practically speaking – the best response that I know of the energetic overloading of the mind at this time is to — GROUND OUT.

You can practice grounding or support the process by
  • Finding raw earth or soil to sit down on or walk on with bare feet
  • Sitting on the roots of a tree and leaning against its trunk (my favourite method)
  • Using certain gemstones like smoky quartz, boji stones, etc. either by holding them, placing them on the root chakra, or sitting with them in a circle
  • voiding stimulants like tobacco or caffeine for as long you feel the need to as the last thing you might want now is an extra buzz
  • Consuming foods that make you feel grounded – some prefer leafy greens, squash, nuts, and others prefer meat or chocolate (just listen to what your body is saying)
  • Increasing intake of Vitamin B and Omega 3-6-9 s (which support brain function) be it through supplements or foods where these naturally occur in high amounts. Bear in mind not to overdo it.
Another thing that I’d suggest at this time is to practice mindful communication:
  • Take the time to read, and re-read matters of significance to you: jumping the gun or responding with knee-jerk reactions isn’t going to help
  • Consider the impact of your responses or communications: Do they clarify things, or muddy the waters?
  • Consider your perceptions: are they coming from a place of balance, or imbalance within you?
  • Consider your audience: who are you speaking to, and why?
  • Consider alternate perspectives: if anything, Gemini teaches us that there are multiple paths up the mountaintop and that we are free to choose a path or perspective that suits us.
  • Take nothing personally. Quite a few people are going to be responding to themselves as they interpret your words (and vice versa). Just that kind of time. You cannot demand that people see your words a certain way, nor can they demand the same of you.
A few other generic techniques come to mind, use if in resonance you and check in with an experienced practitioner you trust if unsure. The results may vary individual to individual.
  • Detoxing / Releasing: Some of you may be feeling irritable with the sheer influx of energy wanting release, some of which may be older stuff related with early childhood experiences and conditioning. Salt soaks for the feet can help, as rituals of release, or, simply spending time by the ocean, or high up in the mountains (or any place in nature where you feel at peace).
  • Journaling: Some of you may need to express deep truths at this time, and may not want to share it with others. Write it down someplace. The need to be heard is a powerful thing, even if the only person who hears it is you.
  • Sleep: The brain needs time to integrate and process 🙂 If you’re feeling a little ragged around the edges, a little more sleep might help at this time.
  • Sound Healing: Singing, chanting, mantras, tuning forks and the cleansing energies of singing bowls. (If all else fails, belting out Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep‘ is a proven method of catharsis 😉  )
  • Chakra Focus: Throat (5th Chakra – Expression), the 3rd eye (6th Chakra – Perception, Insight) and the Root/Base (1st Chakra – Grounding).
  • Gemstones:
    • Blue Lace Agate allows you to release pent up anger through a gentler form of expression.
    • Aquamarine helps you tune into a deeper vibration of Truth at this time.
    • Smoky quartz and Boji stones provide deep sources of grounding.
    • Lepidolite may have a calming effect on brain function.
  • Essential Oils: I find Patchouli particularly grounding, but there are plenty of other options – see Additional Resources (Below).
More often than not, I suspect the case will be needing to calm over-active energy centers at this time, rather than the converse. I would suggest avoiding energetic practices, meditations, overly intense emotional interactions and high-energy gemstones if you’re already feeling a little ungrounded at this time, Spend a little time in nature instead, if you can 🙂
Blessings – and I hope this guide is of use amidst all the cosmic buzz!
Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess


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