You Are Worthy of Love, Life, Happiness and Joy! – Aligning yourself with the Vibration of Worthiness

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Very often, we settle for a lot less than we deserve because we have not yet realized what we are worth. But when we do – when we realize, feel, know and awaken to our true worth – to the preciousness of the Spirit we house in the Temple of our Bodies, we experience nothing short of a Total Paradigm Shift. This is one of deepest realizations you can make through the channel of the Heart, echoing in the Chambers of Spirit. It is the precursor to living in alignment with your Fullest Potential.

Once you begin awakening to this Reality of Worthiness – old possibilities, potentials, ways of judging/knowing/perceiving will no longer apply. You will begin to align with new experiences, people, situations and energies that help you tap into and begin to live a life in resonance with your worth. Your reality will begin to shift.

This isn’t to say that you’ll never ever be sad or unhappy. It simply means that you will stop attracting those circumstances to confirm/eventually challenge deeply rooted ideas of being unworthy, unwanted, un-entitled to Happiness/Joy/What Brings your Soul into Completion. Life will come with its highs and lows, and still — that core sense of Worth or Value will remain Intact through the Process.

There is little point in trying to measure your worth by means of money, popularity, reason or even by comparing yourself with another. Each Soul is Unique, Precious, and Worthy of the Greatest Joy, Peace and Happiness it can Manifest. Each Soul is an embodiment of Fierce, Nurturing, Divine Love.

You are That Embodiment of Love. And You Are Worthy of All the Joys that Life can Bring.