Grand Mutable Cross w. Isis, Amor, Ixion, Chaos & Hephaistos – REFLECTIONS ON THE VIRGO NEW MOON/SOLAR ECLIPSE (13-Sep-2015, 6:41 am UTC)


In addition to the Chiron-Eclipse opposition yesterday, we also experienced a powerful Grand Mutable Cross involving Isis (19 Virgo), Amor (20 Pisces) and Ixion (21 Sagittarius), Chaos & Hephaistos (21 Gemini). As so much has been said of Virgo energies as of late, I’d like to focus on this lesser-explored dynamic.

Grand Mutable Crosses bring with them the challenge of resilience and adaptability – they ask us if we’re able to roll with the punches and make adjustments as need be. That was very much my experience yesterday.

I was planning to write a post on the Eclipse, but throughout the day, I had to manage a balance between doing spiritual work, going on an abrupt pilgrimage someplace, performing acts of service and maintaining a level of self-nurture through trying circumstances (very Virgo-an). I woke up in the middle of the night, fueled by the need to write on the Virgin archetype – and this words flashed in my mind as I was waking up – Venus (a personal message for myself) & Ixion (a collective placement)! I had no inkling why until I had the choice to ground out, center myself and actually look at the star alignments for the Eclipse just past. We’ll get to what it all means.

Sometimes the Universe has a different idea for the work you’re meant to be doing at a given time. I find it’s just best to go with the flow.

The Sun and Moon conjunction in Virgo essentially asked us to honor our powers of discernment, and to understand how we are all essentially Vessels of Service. The strength of Virgo lies in its ability to be of the Earth, and to maintain a certain earthly humility despite its spiritual gifts and prowess. Other themes that would have been highlighted include our conceptions surrounding priestessing, parthenogenesis and the Womb. That was what I was wrote/channeled through at 2 am last night, half-asleep – you can read about it here: The Virgin Goddess. The Virgin Sacrifice. The Vestal Virgin

Chiron opposed the Sun/Moon conjunction and essentially asked us to – equally – surrender. Despite the power of the Virgin, at times we were simply told to turn the other cheek. To experience the vulnerability that comes with letting your guard down – and equally – to know when to put it back up. There are moments in which Spirit works through us best when we simply open ourselves, and others when we draw a line past which certain energies are not granted access.

At times – for those of us who serve as Priestesses or in a similar spiritual vocation, our willingness to surrender and take on the pain of others is used to perpetuate energy dynamics that are in themselves, unbalanced. For instance, when you meet a person who is not willing to do their inner-work and constantly seeks some external intervention or ‘help’. The former may appear child-like, somehow immature or undeveloped in constant need of a wiser, older guide. Whilst that can feed an ego that desires to be needed, it becomes counterproductive in the long run. Knowing when to to walk away and send love from a distance or to pitch in/step in/take on the burden of another is where the discretion of Virgo comes in.

It’s a fairly complex opposition of energy, and one that would have echoed strongly with most people doing any kind of spiritual work or vocation.

But what struck me just now as I was called to (finally) look at the charts, was the Grand Mutable Cross woven into the Eclipse-Chiron opposition, to which we now turn.

Isis (19 Virgo) conjuncted the Eclipse. We saw the hand of the bounteous Egyptian Mother Goddess guiding us all to find the parts of ourselves connected to the vibration of Nurturing, Protection, Guidance and Security. You may have connected it through different archetypes of deity, depending upon your path.

Amor (20 Pisces) conjuncted Chiron. We were encouraged, through the act of surrender and ‘turning the other cheek’ of discovering Unconditional Love in its most pervasive, ephemeral form. Note that this has nothing to do with the vibration of victim-hood or codependency that can be read into this – but it comes from a place where you surrender without expectation of any kind.

Chaos & Hephaistos (21 Gemini). Chaos refers to the Void from which all things emerge. You can think of it as the mystery of the Abyss, in which life somehow thrives, the black holes at the hearts of galaxies, or even the dark womb through which we all (in one way or another), emerge. Hephaistos refers to the act of self-redemption, the forgiveness of betrayal and the ability to find worth in a self that has been rejected by others. In Gemini, we see these sudden emergences that require forgiveness, acceptance, or the re-discovery of self worth come through siblings, issues in the immediate environment, issues from early childhood, thought-forms, perceptions and ways of seeing/expressing the self to others.

Ixion (21 Sagittarius). This was one of the aspects I dreamt of at 2 am last night. Ixion represents the tyrannical abuse of power, in ways that seek to deny the individual worth of others. This can arise in issues pertaining to citizenship/visa/immigration matters, foreign travels, ideas within belief systems, philosophies, etc and connections with guru, mentor, preacher, Hierophant-like figures.

For me, all this simply lit up the Grand Mutable Cross that was already in my natal chart, sitting within the Mutable Houses. I saw each element listed above present itself through a series of unexpected events requiring my attention. So much of these lessons connect with different aspects of the Spiritual Journey – be it of seeking, teaching, preserving or sacrificing. It was quite a powerful day indeed.

Let’s not forget that all of this energy, woven into the Eclipse-Chiron opposition was already inconjunct Uranus (19 Aries). Those with placements near 19 Scorpio would have experienced this as an almighty Yod or Finger of Fate, with its apex at Uranus. An alternate yod placement arises at 19 Aquarius. Damocles was close by at 21 Aquarius, making the apex of the Yod the Eclipse itself. That would have brought many of us to a critical decision points that either asked up to rescind or accept fully a certain ideal in our paths. Such choices prepare us to accept greater responsibilities in our lives, or to realize that certain ideals may exceed our capabilities.

Taking all of this together, what we do see is the immensity of the Eclipse just past and its Energetic challenges. I hope this explanation of the Grand Mutable Cross woven into the skies last night (it persists, but without the Eclipse in full force) will help you better chart your spiritual pathways.

Blessings and Love,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess ;

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VESTA’S CHALLENGE – THE TRIALS OF THE PRIESTESS & THE GRAND FIRE TRINE (w. Jupiter, Venus, Ixion, Nessus, Uranus, Mars and others)

Vesta's Challenge

Blessings to All! We have a Grand Fire Trine in the skies involving Jupiter-conjunct-Venus, Uranus and Pallas Athena-Moon, along with a Nodal T-Square involving Vesta-South Node, North Node and The Sun-Mars. Long story short, there’s a lot of expressive, assertive energy bursting into our world, bringing with it the need to surrender the Ego’s understanding of the Self, giving way to the true Form/Flame of Spirit. Those who embody or connect with the Archetype of the Priestess / Spiritual Facilitator will be especially challenged to find that which is authentic within their paths at this time – what with Ixion (The Tyrant), Nessus (The Abuser) and Hubris (Excessive Pride/Arrogance) in the mix. Hang onto your hats!

First, the Grand Fire Trine:

Jupiter (21 Leo) and Venus (21 Leo) focus upon our ability express our deepest vulnerabilities and our authentic selves. Jupiter expands upon and intensifies our need to express the path we believe is true, whilst Venus speaks to us of the embod(y)ment of Spirit into Matter, the energy of the Feminine (in her Assertive/Passive/Formless/Other Forms as well), and the tendency to ignore or distort the blind-spots of our own perception. Jupiter and Venus together can show us the way forwards towards a balanced place of detached perception, one that does not respond to the ego and its dictates. One that does not act out of a wound, but rather transcends it.

On the other hand, Jupiter and Venus can equally magnify the wounded-child-self – where one’s self-expression and methods of evaluating material objects and relationships strongly influenced by the experience of ‘wounding’ / ‘woundedness’. It is where a value system that has been distorted by a particular experience reinforces that view with the power of belief.

Jupiter and Venus are conjunct asteroid Isis (22 Leo) – She appears as a powerful Guide to those who reach out to her at this time. However, both Jupiter and Venus trine Ixion, the energy of the Tyrant. Be aware of the tendency to seek to impose your Truth unto others, and yours response to such impositions. Stay authentic, stay open, stay vulnerable and connected with the Fires of Spirit. Responding to such power play in kind, unless it truly cannot be avoided, is ill advised at this time.

Jupiter/Venus/Isis trine Uranus (20 Aries), The Great Awakener/Revealer who has been lighting the rod, or antennae that connects us with a Higher/Deeper sense of Consciousness. It’s a time where new energies and perspectives of the self are likely to break through into being. Watch your communication with friends and in online spaces/networks. Something is about to push through, triggering a profound learning opportunity for understanding what your true embodiment of Divine energy really looks like.

Pallas Athena Retrograde (15 Sagittarius) and the Moon in Sagittarius, together, provide an emotional impetus to act upon one’s belief systems. Many are likely to jump the gun, and feel the need to defend their points of view whilst, simultaneously attacking, the viewpoints of others. A calmer expression of this energy can come about when one is open to experiencing their emotions, and not merely reacting to them.

Looking at the skies – in all honesty, it’s a Kite rather than a Grand Fire Trine – completed by Mercury’s (17 Gemini) opposition to Pallas Athena-Moon. This only heightens the emphasis on communication, and its role in propelling this fiery, assertive, energy forward. Many are likely to be revisiting early childhood triggers that conditioned a person to see themselves in a a particular way. There’s likely to be strong reactions surrounding a person’s right to embody or walk on particular spiritual paths, and early experiences that denied them those freedoms.

In short – there’s the great potential to burn through the falsehoods that surround the self altogether, and there’s equally the potential to burn in them (and then to valorize it). How honest you are about which of the two processes you’re a part of depends entirely upon you.

It’s not a great day to seek out the wisdom of others as the Self is quite likely to rebel against any other source of Wisdom, no matter how sound it may be. (Probably why I had the message to bring the Vesta-Sessions to a close today).


We have a very powerful T-Square involving Vesta (7 Aries)-South Node (5 Aries), North Node (5 Libra) and The Sun (8 Cancer) -and-Mars (4 Cancer). T-Squares are intense, dynamic and ultimately creative sources of birthing new energy. They’re tense alignments that push through with new forms of consciousness, much in the same way a child is forced out of the birth canal.

Vesta conjunct the South Node deals with our Soul’s engagement with the archetype of the Priestess/Facilitator in Aries. That’s a very very individualized path, and so, it’s hard to generalize what that will look and feel like for everyone. What I have seen, however, is that the Vesta-in-Aries theme is one that focuses upon the embodiment of the Priestess Archetype.

Up to a certain point, the Path tends to need the explicit expression and declaration of ‘I AM SHE’ ; I AM HER SERVANT ; I AM A DAUGHTER OF THE DIVINE ; I AM PRIESTESS ; I AM GODDESS RISING’ and so on and so forth (Or Son, or Child, you know what I mean – and Priestess as an archetype is not, just to be clear, limited to a single gender).

At some point, from what I’ve observed in myself and others … that need to outwardly express the Self-as-Divine tends to go. Once you realize, with every fiber and cell in your body, exactly what you are … you no longer need to say it. It speaks the moment you enter a room. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say it, it just makes it a very different vibration of Priestess-ing/Facilitation when you truly do so, having realized just What You Are. A Expression of Source, of Divinity.

Some Priestesses will take this vibration and embody it as part of a public path, whereas others will do it in private. Some will use ceremonial robes and headdresses, and others will not. Some will bear the title, and others will eschew it. All choices are equally sacred.

But, conversely, and I know this is not a happy thing to discuss – as a fellow Priestess Sister wrote to me recently (and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me quoting her here), there is also the increasing tendency to ‘play dress-up’ and to label the self as Priestess/Goddess/etc. without embodying that vibration within. I know people dislike speaking about it, but that’s exactly why it needs to be discussed.

In the skies now, we have Vesta trined Hybris (7 Sagittarius), essentially a body that deals with the quality of Hubris (knowing it all, arrogance, excessive pride, and so on). It’s going to be a time where some Priestesses cast their hubris into the flames, and others conflate their path with it.

In other words – There’s a huge difference between the Ego declaring the Self to be Divine, and Spirit making that realization. A delicate point, but clearly demarcated in the skies. One who has walked the path long enough (in this lifetime, or across various lifetimes) will instantly be able to perceive the difference – again – something which the current discourse on Spirituality and Priestessing finds hard to accept. Issues with being judged, or evaluated come to the fore, with the unspoken resentment of How Dare You Judge Me?

Every Priestess, Every Facilitator that has been around long enough has made ass of themselves by believing themselves to have ‘arrived’ and rejecting an authority figure/mentor/teacher/guide/friend who presents an alternative – Myself included. It’s a part of the learning curve … and nothing to feel ashamed, resentful or defensive about. Vesta trined Hybris, however, presents that as a challenge to all awakening Priestesses / Facilitators.

Coming back to the larger astrological alignment at play:

Vesta conjunct the South Node in Aries challenges us to place the parts of the Ego that require ourselves to declare our identities as Priestesses – embodying that vibration instead, only when guided by Spirit. The North Node, asks us to take the Ego and its Wounds surrounding the archetype of the Facilitator and to transform them into a more detached, balanced understanding of what it means to be the Spiritual Bridge.

The Sun/Mars in Cancer square the Nodes/Vesta, forming the apex of the T-Square. Emotions are likely to run high and to head for overkill – so try to step away from any such situation and find a place of balance once more.

Also bear in mind that Mars is trined Nessus (3 Pisces) in the skies. Nessus reflects one of the deepest wounds that we bear, disconnecting us from the erotic, passionate, sparkling-with-life-quality love affair that we can have with the Universe. It’s a vulnerable day in which we explore the wounds of projection, passive-aggression, narcissism, and the lack of boundaries – related to past-life dynamics, our relationship with the Masculine, the Mother, our relationship with Mystery or the most formless aspects of the Spirit, with the Mystic within, and so on and so forth. Quite a gambit of archetypes triggered by that one alignment.

Taking these aspects together, the skies brim with assertive, powerful energies of self-expression, at multiple levels. What is important to remember is that what we feel, may not always reflect our deepest sense of self. What we believe may shift, What we perceive may be a distorted reflection of that which is seen.

In short, it is a day where many will rise and roar – but the real question is – what are they roaring for? The Ego? The Spirit? The Heart?

Are you ready to burn away the Ego that seeks to appropriate the I-AM-Rising/Embodying energy for its own ends?

Are you ready to cast the Priestess Archetype into the Flames of Spirit? What will then emerge?

As for me – I’m considering letting go of the Priestess Title. I’m moving into a new space and I’m not sure what to even call it. Am having my Vesta Return, we’ll see what She says …  I suspect many answers – to many questions – will come through when Vesta returns to 7 Aries on September 22/23, 2015 and again on January 4/5, 2016.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ; ; @theskypriestess (on Twitter)

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