SUPER ASTRO UPDATE! THE SKY IS LIT WITH MARS CONJUNCT PLUTO! (Major Yod + Grand Water Trine + Cardinal T-Square!)

Mars conjunct Pluto

At 6:31 am, 11/11/14 (GMT + 8), Mars will be exactly conjunct Pluto at 11 Capricorn. (numerologists – note the 11-s). Mars/Pluto is sextiled Chiron Rx (13 Pisces) and both inconjunct Juno (12 Leo) – creating a SUPERYOD. I can’t think of any other yod this year which has involved such a concentration of energy. With the apex of the yod in Juno – all of the energy is going to focus upon one’s soulmate relationships and/or one’s connection with the Flow of the Feminine, i.e. Goddess Consciousness! Refer to my previous article for more details –

Whilst this is going on, we also have a Grand Water Trine between the Moon in Cancer, Neptune/Chiron Rx in Pisces and Mercury/Pallas Athena/Sun in Scorpio – strong, strong, emotions from deep, deep, karmic ties come out to play.

The Moon in Cancer also creates a T-Square with Uranus Rx (13 Aries) and Mars/Pluto. Remember that Uranus Rx and Pluto are squared within 2 degrees of one another. Those with astrological placements near 13 Libra will experience this as a powerful GRAND CARDINAL CROSS. – a tremendous challenge to your sense of self, ideas of power/success and your most tender emotional being.

The Moon is inconjunct Ceres at 5 Sag – those with placements at or near 5 Aquarius will experience this as a YOD – a further point of karmic crisis and/or key decision point in life. This involves your ability to nurture and be nurtured, as well as key aspects of your emotions and subconscious make-up.

Pluto erupts and transforms through crisis. Mars asserts and acquires through action. When the two meet, we see a powerful amplification of energy. All of that feeds into the alignments described above.

Powerful transformations await us all. Go through them with as much grace and integrity as you can. Just under 4 hours to go!

With Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


Mars Challenge

Mars represents our ability to assert ourselves and act upon our desires. It is stereotypically linked with masculine or ‘yang’ energy and the animus (male aspect of one’s psyche). You find Mars energy in all beings, not just ‘men’. It is linked with our fundamental drives towards the gratification or acquisition of our desires and yearnings. In astrology, it can also refer to one’s male/masculine romantic partner. Mars entered the sign of Capricorn at 6:27 pm, Oct 26 and will remain there until 7:41 am, December 5, 2014 (GMT + 8).

Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth sign – it represents the pinnacle of material manifestation within the zodiac. Capricorn is traditionally ruled by Saturn and is linked to the 10th house cusp / Mid-heaven. This position is often interpreted to mean one’s career – but it goes above and beyond that meaning.

Capricorn is the Tomb (as the Sun enters Capricorn closest to the Winter Solstice) from which the Earth resurrects itself. It is also the energy of the long-suffering mountain goat which reaches the lofty summit that few other living things dare to approach owing to its disciplined hardiness and focused dedication. It is also the material pinnacle of manifestation that creates the Bridge or Gateway to Aquarian energies.

When I explain the energy of Capricorn to my clients, I call it the energy of ‘The Tombstone’. In some cultures, when we pass away, we are buried and all that remains of us (above ground) is summarized in a few lines on one’s tombstone. Who we were, what we did, what legacy we left behind for future generations. It is the sum of all that we were, in the public eye eye, and the kind of reality we (as architects) left behind for others to inhabit.

This is an energy which looks at the larger picture, and – when awakened – selflessly focuses its ambitions and discipline to creating material structures which will out-last the architect/engineer who made them. We associate Capricorn with the most powerful and authoritative forms of governance and institutions which wield power over us – with VIPs and other elites – anyone or anything that has ‘power’.

The more common manifestation of Capricornian energy would be to use all that discipline and focus to create self-serving structures – ultimately to be recognized as being powerful / authoritative / established by society. In the worst case scenario – as we have been seeing all around us – the desire for recognition is sometimes pursued without thought of consequence, morality, ethics or charity. Such actions we recognize as the abuse of elite authority by individuals and/or institutions.

We’ve already been seeing a powerful overhaul and a ‘calling to account’ of regimes and institutions that have abused this energy. This is due to the transit of Pluto through Capricorn, along with the revolutionary effects of the Uranus-Pluto square. In the lives of individuals, we’ve begun to see a collective shift towards a work culture that transcends a traditional obsession with Profit, Prestige and Status. We see more and more institutional cultures adapting to the idea that work can be done for the sake of fulfilling one’s passion, or of creating a common good/legacy for others to use (I see this expressed through the prevalence of Open-Source materials, e.g. Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, OpenOffice, the Creative Commons Distribution License, etc. ). We’ve also begun to see how governments and regimes are increasingly under scrutiny with the availability of such technologies – and how they can be used to inspire change (e.g. Arab Spring).

It’ll take us a while to see the full effects of the Uranus-Pluto square on transforming our manifestation of Capricornian energy -but let’s get back to Mars in Capricorn.

Mars in Capricorn is …. well … powerful. It has the drive to achieve anything it wants, to climb the social ladder as high as it wants – without restraint. When harnessed from a position of Spirit can manifest the creation of material structures, power relationships, etc which can benefit humanity greatly. Individuals can find ways to focus upon their careers and truly amp up their performance in their workplace, all cylinders fired and ready to go!

However, when harnessed from a position of Insecurity – where Capricorn seeks to achieve – to build a legacy in the public eye – because it fears insignificance — this same energy can be used in a very blunt, brutish manner in the belief that ‘the ends justify the means’.

Our earlier discussion on Pluto in Capricorn is particularly relevant to this Mars transit as Mars will remain in a 7 degree orb of conjunction with Pluto between 4:43 pm November 1, 2014 – 7:41 pm November 20, 2014 (GMT + 8) – nearly three weeks!

The exact conjunction takes place at 6:31 am, November 11, 2014 at 11 Cap ’35. Mars/Pluto will sextile Chiron (13 Pis ’11) and both will form a Mega-Yod to Juno (12 Leo ’02). This will most likely be the most intense Yod of 2014. A Nodal T-Square involving Mars/Pluto, Uranus Rx and The Moon in Cancer will also be in effect at the same time.

More on that closer to the date.

So taken together, we’ve discussed the amazing potential of Mars in Capricorn, along with the spiritual challenge of learning to harness the drive to achieve, build legacies, etc. in alignment with Spirit. When the Mars/Pluto contact occurs, we will also be faced with the choice of how we use this energy – with integrity? without mercy? with empathy?

That’s your choice to make, come Nov 11th.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image Information: Capricorn2.jpg, public domain via Wikimedia Commons + Mars / Pluto glyphs by Bairavee Balasubramaniam (2014)