Mars Trine Chiron

Today’s Mars (21 Cancer)-Chiron Retrograde (21 Pisces) trine brings to the fore deeply karmic wounds connected with the Masculine Archetype. As Mars is in Cancer, we might find this to be an intensely emotional experience of such wounds triggered by a maternal figure, a domestic/familial situation, a housing matter and/or the emotions of a male/masculine partner. We may also equally, simply see this manifested within the animus (male archetype) within the psyche. Mars is also squared Uranus (who has just turned Retrograde at 20 Aries), making this situation or outburst appear ‘out of the blue’, in an unpredictable or erratic manner. Either way, it serves to shed light upon a level of awareness or consciousness that is required to ultimately heal the Masculine and integrate it as part of ‘I AM Consciousness’.

Chiron Retrograde’s role is to show us our deepest spiritual vulnerabilities, not to suffer through them, but to find ways we can heal ourselves and others in the process. Chiron’s medicine in Pisces tends to be compassion, unconditional surrender to Spirit and a willingness to remain open to the experience, emotion, sensation and vulnerability that such spiritual journeys often entail.

Those with placements between 14-28 Scorpio will experience this as a Grand Water Trine – and – we’re all experiencing that on account of The Moon’s ongoing Scorpio Transit. The Grand Water Trine is in its final stages, whilst the Moon meets Saturn Retrograde at 28 Scorpio. This brings an added sense of gravitas, and a need to make a lasting commitment, or decision to matters surrounding our sub-conscious fears and complexes, our relationship with intimacy, sexuality, finances and Power.

Those with placements near 13-28 Cancer or Capricorn will experience this energy as a Grand Cardinal Cross (if both are present), or as a Cardinal T-Square in the case of a single placement.

All in all, this Mars-Chiron trine brings to the fore karmic wounds of the Soul’s Journey as it seeks to re-member, reclaim and heal our individual and collective relationship with the Masculine Principle. The role of Cancer and its ruler, The Moon (The Mother) and Saturn (ruled by Capricorn, the Crone) point to the role of feminine / maternal wisdom in this process.


Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

Image: VietnamCombatArtProgramCAT01RobertCKnightWounded.jpg , public domain via Wikimedia Commons
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