MARS IN SCORPIO, AGAIN (27 May – 2 August, 2016)


Between now till the end of June 2016, our journey into the Shadow/Underworld/Sub-conscious realms is going to be unusually intense. We will revisit skeletons in the closet not yet unearthed, heal and release parts of ourselves that are wounded (or specific relationships with that sense of wounding), slay – or – befriend your demons and dragons (depends on your paradigm). And energetic work of that ilk. Whether consider it a domain of torture, or of profound rebirth, or alchemy, or all of the above …  whatever you do  is going to be intense and transformative in an all-or-nothing kind of way. (Hello, Scorpio).

This is due to Mars´ upcoming return / re-entry into Scorpio that so many of us are tuning into nearly 2 days in advance!. We´re feeling it particularly intensely due to two factors:

(1) the current Mars-Venus opposition.

She (Venus) brings Mars´energy back to the body through the vehicle of relationships and brings it firmly to the realm of the mind / headspace for processing (Gemini)

(2) the fact that Mars will be closest to the Earth on May 30 – – thank you Eric Starwalker for connecting the dots there

The proximity of the Red Planet to our own probably accounts for why we´re all feeling it so intensely so quickly.

So, back to topic.

Mars first exited Scorpio this year in March 2016. It will re-enter the sign due to its retrograde on 27 May. The Mars Retrograde ends on June 29. Mars will exit Scorpio and re-enter Sagittarius on August 2.

You´re going to be feeling a return to or revisitation of themes from December 2014, June 2015 and September 2015 – Saturn´s exit, re-entry and 2nd exit out of Scorpio. This will be especially pronounced at this time, and again, in early August. Time to act on those life-altering decisions made in previous years (if you haven´t already).

Generally speaking, the Mars-in-Scorpio-Retrograde period (late May – late June) is a good time to to see where you´ve invested your energy and resources and whether merger or withdrawal seems most appropriate. Try not to make major commitments until the start of July at the very least.

Things like karmic entanglements, ancestral work and matters of a less visible ( ´occult´ ) nature may need your attention at this time – look for a qualified practitioner if in doubt. Practices of psychic protection will be of great use (grounding, salt baths, wearing or using black obsidian and selenite) as a general rule.

But bear in mind that this isn´t about going to War in the Shadow. It´s about healing your relationship with Darkness, or that which is dis-acknowledged, hidden or suppressed within the Self. We hold so much of ourselves in this space – the good, the bad, the nameless, the formless, the infinite. Whilst the Descent may seem daunting, remember that the Darkness – or Sacred Shadow – is a place that can equally hold great healing, nurture, regeneration … in a deep, deep, embrace.

You emerged from Darkness. Just ask any fetus, seed, or shooting star.

The Darkness is a place that equally holds great healing, nurture and profound embrace. With Black Moon Lilith, Juno and Isis together at 0-1 Scorpio and the Venus-Mars opposition in the skies now – I would say a fair amount of the work will take us back to the Womb of the Dark Goddess, the Primordial Void.

It´s going to be an interesting month ahead.



Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess


PS – Bear in mind that Jupiter and Saturn square off on the 26th of May – and that we´re going to experience a lot of dynamic square-offs and eclipses in the Mutable Signs till the end of September. This is part of a much larger picture of adaptation and navigation. See ´Navigating the Mutable Signs – Overview of May-September 2016´ – . Please also note that the current round of astro-consultation sessions I offer lasts till June 23, 2016 –


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Image: William Blake (1757–1827), illustration to Dante The Divine Comedy, Inferno, Canto I, 1-90, Public Domain

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