LIBRA’S LESSONS w. Mercury Retrograde, The North Node, Saturn & Co.


In nearly a week’s time, Mercury will end its Retrograde in Libra and the North Node will shift out of Libra, entering Virgo. Mercury, as part of its apparent retrograde motion, has conjuncted The Sun, Black Moon Lilith, Juno and is headed for The Super Galactic Center & North Node before stationing direct.

Basically, the energy of this particular Mercury Retrograde focuses on revisiting decisions made and ideas held within the context of partnerships. collaborations and relationships-between-Self-and-Other. Much was already revealed to us on this theme during the last Lunar Eclipse in Aries, and more revelations are underway.

It’s a very intense Mercury Retrograde for a whole bunch of reasons:
– the fact the North Node is completing its collective teachings for us in the domain of partnerships (Oct 9/10, 2015)
– the various conjunctions Mercury Retrograde has made along the way
– the fact it’s taking place within the 7-day window of the past Eclipse
– and that Mercury will be sextiling Saturn at 1 Sagittarius (Sep 30-October 18). In the next two weeks, those with placements near 0-2 Taurus will be seeing re-triggerings of past Yod (Finger of Fate) activity/themes seen in previous weeks.

So what does all this mean?

The energy is one that asks us to question everything we thought we knew about who we are, how we relate to others, and why. There’s a great emphasis on honoring our integrity, but at the same time, realizing that ‘integrity’ is not a code word for ‘holding onto bits of you that no longer resonate or for ‘being unwilling to change and adapt’.

There’s a different kind of `birth-death-rebirth process, one that can now involve two individual selves, finding ways to tear down the walls erected by the Ego-Mind that believes it is separate from all else. What is then created or formed is a bridge between unique souls as part of something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Bear in mind that also refers to the dynamics between the Conscious-and-Shadow Self, legal-contractual agreements, and partnerships of both a professional and personal nature. And – all of these absolutely reflect aspect of a much larger partnership that we are all a part of: as members of a Co-Creative relationship with our notion of ‘The Divine’.

I suspect many of us will feel the weight of this alignment ease over three phases:
– when the Mercury Retrograde ends – October 8/9
– when the North Node shifts – October 9/10
– when Mercury stops sextiling Saturn – October 18/19
– when Mercury exits the Shadow Phase – ( 15 Libra ’55, October 24/25)

Personally, I’d look to Nov 8/9, 2015 as the time by which we can definitely expect to see the contours of the new ‘normal’, or the new level of consciousness we now accept as the filter through which we construct our sense of ‘reality’. This is when Saturn exits its shadow phase by reaching the degree at which it first began its retrograde (4 Sagittarius ’56, March 13 2015).

It’s been a very, very, intense ride thus far – let’s see where it takes us all.


Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

PS – for those wondering about the dual dates, e.g. October 8/9 and so on – take the 1st date if you’re in the US/Canada and the 2nd date if you’re in Asia/Australia. Ciao!

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Mercury is still in a half-state from its recent retrograde. Communications, perceptions, mental activity of any kind is likely to be somewhat stalled or delayed for many at this time – in contrast to their usual selves. On the surface, whilst this may appear to be a ‘slowdown’ of sorts, in fact, Mercury is still making it’s journey back upwards through the Netherworld/Underworld of the psyche (the place where it goes each Retrograde – as the only Olympian god to be able to traverse the three worlds in Greco-Roman mythology). I like to see it as Mercury still processing things from ‘down below’ before it is ready to truly move out of that phase. Look back to the past few weeks to see what Mercury may be helping you process at such a deep, deep level.

The Mercury/North Node conjunction occurs at 7:11 am October 30 2014 (GMT + 8). They are also conjunct asteroid 1181 Lilith (17 Lib), Toro (19 Lib) and Typhon (19 Lib). All these bodies indicate powerful expressions of emotion or raw power, particularly to do with the Suppressed Feminine and archetypes linked with the Under/Netherworld. We are also asked to consider the right or proper use of power and force through the vessel of the voice, the mind, speech, analysis and all forms of communication.

Mercury/North Node will also be squared with the Moon at (21 Cap ’25) when the conjunction occurs, which in turn squares the South Node at 18 Ari ’16). It will be a Cardinal Nodal T-Square with the apex (focus) at the Moon in Capricorn.

The focus on the Moon signifies the potential for emotional stress deriving from a sense of duty, responsibility or a need to achieve something – and also the potential for a breakthrough in these areas. Those with placements at or near 18-20 Cancer will experience this as a Cardinal Nodal Grand Cross.

So with a foot in each world, Mercury now faces the full force of the North Node in a powerful Cardinal Nodal T-Square. We are challenged to walk our talk in the direction of our greatest growth, which may entail substantial difficulty.

The North Node is uncompromising and fully focused upon exploring ‘uncharted territory’ through new avenues of experience and pathways for growth in Libra-related areas: relationships, partnerships, justice, fairness, aesthetics, social harmony, detached judgment, etc. It’s asking you to make key decisions in the way you relate with other people, and the role you ascribe to yourself (and others) in partnerships. Self is just as important as Other, and Other is just as important as Self – it’s not an invitation to sacrificing your identity to keep the peace or trampling all over someone else’s just so you can do as you please.

Also remember that relationships are reflections upon our state of harmony and balance within ourselves and with the wider Cosmos. In some cases, you might not be able to repair a past relationship, and sometimes, walking away may be the best thing you can do.

Be careful of adopting a position of avoidance or denial. There may be some things that you can absolutely do, even with Mercury in this half-state. Look at what makes you feel the most _uncomfortable_ (but not violated / hurt / etc. ) in changing a particular relationship dynamic that may have come under scrutiny in recent weeks. And remember – ‘comfort’ – isn’t the same for everyone – people do get ‘comfortable’ even in unpleasant circumstances because they have adapted to it and consider it ‘normal’. In cases like these, moving towards healthier way of relating may feel like having to walk on hot coals.

Other Astrological Notes:

Mercury/North Node are in a Wedge formation, sextiling Jupiter (20 Leo 11) and opposing Uranus Rx (13 Ari ’39) / South Node. (Jupiter of course trines Uranus) In this configuration, Jupiter acts as a pivot point and can be a useful point to refocus one’s energies.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed – Engage in creative works, playing with kids, getting in touch with one’s inner child, falling in love, spending time with the love of your life – anything that reconnects you with what you enjoy! (And it’s a good general piece of advice in any case)

Those with astrological placements at or near 20 Aquarius will feel this as a Mystic Rectangle (which gives you the option of creating a stable pattern of harmony/balance, or a sense of being ‘confined/enclosed). Individuals with placements at or near 18-20 Pisces will feel this as a powerful, Karmic, Yod/Finger of Fate that pushes you to make a key life-decision of some kind.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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Codex 2

I’ve been thinking about what lessons this Mercury Retrograde in Libra has brought. For me, the biggest lesson has been self-reliance. Whilst I value the support of friends and family, I realized that everyone speaks from their own perspective of life – and truths that one person may hold dear may simply not apply for another’s situation – no matter how wise, authoritative, experienced and/or mystical they are/may seem to be.

I saw the need for detachment, to learn to interpret and discern information on my own accord – to be willing to make that judgment call for myself and honor my own wisdom. I saw the virtues of silence, and the peace that comes with patience. I began dancing (Dance – very Libran) after a long time, with some care taken not to stress my injured shoulder. I decided to surrender certain things to Fate and realize that other things I needed to Act Upon. And a lot of other stuff.

So it’s been quite a learning curve. And not an easy one as Merc Rx is trined my natal Chiron (wounded healer). Some of you may have noticed me posting less than usual – I’ve needed some time out to process deep lessons during this phase (and not damage my arms). So here’s what I’d like to share:

No matter how well-intentioned anyone else may be, at the end of the day – it is your own choice to live in the way you choose to. The most helpful spiritualists, mentors, friends (that I have seen) are those who encourage you to think for yourself, instead of becoming dependent upon the will and wisdom of another.

That’s always been my perspective, and I do my best to make sure that my clients/friends/anyone seeking advice from me understands and accepts that principle first and foremost. I tend not to encourage ties of dependency on the basis of some superior claim to knowledge or authority. Help is one thing, seeking guidance is another – and submitting your Will to Another (not talking about the Divine) is a whole other kettle of Fish.

For the Choices You Make Determine the Life you Lead. Not how well you followed the advice of another, but how well you decided to choose and act on your choices. And at the end of the day, the only person whom you are answerable to – in the spiritual sense – is You and Spirit Within. So this is what the whole Libra Stellium has been teaching me, personally. I suspect it will have resonance for you too.

(1) Be Yourself. That’s Good Enough. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be here, reading this. You’re just as much a part of Everything and have the Divine flowing through you/as you – as anyone else. This isn’t an invitation to egotism or arrogance, but rather a recognition that we are, at a purely spiritual level, Equals.

(2) If you don’t know what the next step is, wait for your Guidance to show you. If you seek a Guide, ensure that person is able to advise you towards finding the pathway to your Inner Wisdom – instead of simply seeing the world ‘through their eyes’. If someone is trying to convince you that _they_ know what you must do…. at the very least do a double-take, a gut-check and a heart resonance test (i.e. see if your deepest energies agree) before simply agreeing to do it.

(3) Treat others with respect and make no assumptions. We all come with our baggage, our perspectives, our needs, our wants, our desires. I have yet to meet an Ascended Being – in the flesh – so I can’t speak for their human manifestations yet. But for most of the people we meet – this applies. Know that all that is said by you, by another, by anyone – passes through a specific, subjective filter. Very rarely do you get information that is ‘straight from Source’ without the Ego-Mind playing a role in it. So take what comes, respect another for their time/energy/effort – and do not ‘attach’ to the information as though it were gospel itself. Keep an open mind/perspective and allow things to flow instead of ‘fixing’ on something that you think ‘must be’ because ‘someone said so’ – that applies to this post as well! (and certainly something we need to talk more about in spiritual circles – it’s not going to be an idea that everyone likes, but it has to be said)

This review comes just as the North Node (Rahu) conjuncts Mercury Retrograde at 12:33 pm, Oct 21 2014, GMT + 8 (in about 11 hours’ time). We essentially have an opportunity to make the kinds of decisions which the North Node (point of inexperience, direction of greatest Soul Growth) is pointing us to, in the sign of Libra. Mercury Retrograde brings in the energy of Review or Re-visitation of past dynamics, particularly in the context of relationships and collaborations – places where you interact and engage with others. Coupled with this, we have the movement of Pallas Athena, the Goddess Asteroid of War, Wisdom, Strategy and Healing exiting Libra and entering Scorpio (2:23 am, Oct 20 2014, about 23 hours ago). Pallas Athena’s energies are now focused upon understanding the inner dynamics of something, getting to the ‘root of things’, understanding how to wield and use one’s power in subtle (yet effective) ways, drawing appropriate boundaries between Self and Other, particularly in an energetic/intimate/sexual sense. Mercury stations direct (stops it retrograde) at 12:26 pm, October 25th. And don’t forget we’re already well into the buildup to the Scorpio Eclipse on the 23rd!!!

So watch the choices you make in partnerships/ relationships/ collaborations and past ways of relating which may not have served you well – and remember this if you can/if it fits your scenario –

(4) There has to be an I, a Self, a Perspective that is You for there to truly be a balance between you and Another. I’m not talking about dissolving boundaries in a transcendental sense, or the idea that we are all One. I’m talking about the human experience of this in 3-D reality. Do not be afraid to be yourself – walk your walk, talk your talk – no matter who you face. You have just as much right to have an opinion/path/perspective of where you’re heading as the next person. What I would suggest is to value your own instincts as well! Appreciate the perspective and wisdom that _you_ bring to the table. And that’s something that even the best of us forget at times.

Blessings and Love to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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Stellium post

Vanakam, Namaste and Blessings to all. Right now we’re experiencing an intense 5-body stellium in the sign of Libra, involving the energies of: Venus, North Node, Sun, Mercury Retrograde and Pallas Athena. We refer to the conjunction of several astrological bodies/sensitive points as a stellium – it’s a fancy way of saying, they’ve come together as a group and their energies have united.

Conjunctions, like any astrological aspect, are not ‘positive’ or ‘negative’. They simply mean that two energies will blend into one another. This can be a great thing, or a really difficult thing, depending upon how you work with each energy individually, and in combination. What I can tell you, off the bat, is that it’ll feel unusually intense, and powerfully karmic owing to the bodies involved in this stellium. Let’s take a closer look at what each brings to this energetic cocktail:

Venus in Libra – Venus teaches us how to attract what we desire into our lives. It also deals with the way we form connections with or attachment to things, people, anything on the material plane. It is related to the expression of femininity and the anima (female aspect of the psyche). At the mental level, it seeks refinement, and is involved in the formation of our value systems by which we judge what we like/dislike, are/are not, idealize/vilify, etc. In day to day life, Venus’ energy often addresses relationships and partnerships of all kinds. This energy is associated with Goddesses such as Mahalaxmi (venerated during this Deepavali/Diwali season) and Venus/Aphrodite herself.

North Node in Libra – The North Node represents the greatest point of Soul Growth in a chart. It is the direction of greatest inexperience, and therefore, the harder path for someone to generally take. In Libra, the North Node calls for the wisdom of balance, the exercise of discretion, detached judgement and the embodiment of integrity. It’s time to make sure that your needs are honoured alongside those whom you have entered into some kind of partnership with (personal and professional). Libra, ideally, seeks to perfect the balance of Self and Other, without compromising or degrading either party. It’s an energy which inspires us to navigate the boundary between self-negative and self-assertiveness. Due to the karmic nature of the North Node, the way in which you respond to this energetic call will determine the next chapter, or the way in which, your spiritual journey will unfold. Do not take it lightly.

Sun in Libra – The Sun represents the flow of your vital energies, the aspect of Spirit which we all have within us, that is currently ‘in focus’. When the Sun is in a particular sign, we collectively see an emphasized focus upon the activities related to that sign, irrespective of what our own Sun Sign is. It is as though the Universe holds up a temporary magnifying glass and says ‘Look at this part of your life/energy for a while’. In Libra, as previously discussed, the emphasis is on Balance, Relationships, Justice – and Fairness. An easy way to remember this is to recall that Libra is symbolized by the Scales of Justice, a symbol we use in courtrooms and in ancient mythological chambers which weighed the Soul in the Afterlife.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra – Mercury represents the mental realm, the formation of perception, the ability to communicate and convey information, the ability to discern one thing from another (critical thinking) – and quite a lot of other things. With Mercury Retrograde in Libra, the focus is likely to be upon revisiting words (spoken or written), particularly in the context of relationships. This could refer to vows you wrote to your wedding partner, a potential contract with a business partner, or words you spoke in anger to either. Watch out for miscommunications, and do not be surprised if people re-think and revisit things from the past. Retrograde phases are times in which you tend to look back to understand what doesn’t work, and how (if so) it can be fixed, or (if need be) walked away from.

Pallas Athena in Libra – Pallas Athena represents the energies of Goddess Athena (or as I call her Athena Androgenia). It is an energy that has androgynous features as it is both masculine and feminine (using those terms in a stereotyped manner). Athena is the goddess of war, healing and wisdom. She is the Strategos (General) who seeks to find her way to victory through diplomacy, strategic deals and partnerships (in Libra). She seeks to avert conflict unless she is convinced that battle is the only way for her to seek justice. She is a powerful energy to count upon if you are, for example, facing a legal battle through the justice system, or simply having to stand up to someone to say that some arrangement is no longer working for you. Her wisdom allows her to channel her courage and strength in a constructive manner, one which does not cast her as outwardly belligerent – but as focused, strategic, and powerful. In Libra, the focus will be on relationships – remember that, at the end of the day, you’re dealing with another person. Pyrrhic victories are to be avoided – try to find your way out of a situation without making things get unnecessarily ugly or messy. In personal partnerships, remember that using metaphors for battle is … probably not the best approach…. Somebody then ends up ‘losing’, and that might be someone you love or care for deeply – at times, even yourself.

Placing it all together, this stellium asks us to Balance Ourselves in our Partnerships with Others. It asks us to speak up in a way where no one is cast as a villain or adversary. Try to find ‘the middle path’, or a way in which both parties find a way to co-exist without having to compromise something essential. Some people will be removing themselves out of partnerships that no longer work for them, others will be finding new partnerships that do. Know that this is a very Karmic Time, and the people you interact with now (in this capacity) are directly involved in the path of spiritual evolution you forge for yourself on a daily basis. Actions now will continue to unfold and have wider implications for your journey to come. It’s a fantastic time to break out of old patterns – be they of avoiding partnerships, transcending the roots of co-dependent behaviour, or any other pattern of imbalance. Quite a bit of healing is possible at this time, especially if you look at it in terms of breaking away from habit patterns that have kept you from making wise decisions in partnerships. (I’ll talk more about this in a bit).

There’s plenty of sextile (60 degrees) energy between this stellium and Jupiter in Leo, Lilith in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius. Great potentials for growth, the expression of suppressed feminine emotions and assertion in areas of expanding your sense of self awareness. Those with astrological placements at or near 18-24 Pisces/Gemini will experience this as a profound Yod or Finger of Fate.

This stellium also loosely opposes Uranus Retrograde (which feels in the Uranus-Pluto square, of course) and the South Node (which directly opposes the North Node) – both Uranus Rx and the South Node are in Aries. This energy is the opposite of Libra – it’s modus operandi is to assert the Self, first and foremost – often to the extent of forgetting Others. (Libra, on the other hand, can ‘hide’ its identity through its relationships with Others, in an imbalanced state). Ideally, both Uranus/South Node will help you understand that self-assertion is not a bad thing – it’s a key component of self-love. Learning how to balance that in interactions with others is key – as opposed to erasing that emphasis on Self entirely. Remember to draw on the strength of the South Node in Aries – a place of familiarity, almost a fallback or default open – and use that strength to propel you into something new (i.e. North Node energy), currently in Libra.

Also – The Grand Fire Trine between Mars, Jupiter and Uranus Rx, has dissolved. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of Fire energy in the skies

Key dates and times (all in GMT + 8):

Stellium Begins: 6:37 am – October 12, 2014
Sun conjunct North Node: 10:38 pm – October 12
(Near Grand Sextile – Oct 12-13)
Mercury Retrograde conjunct Pallas Athena: 10:18 pm – October 13
Venus conjunct North Node: 11:08 am – Oct 15 ***
Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde: 4:34 am – Oct 17
Venus conjunct Mercury Retrograde: 1:47 am – Oct 18
Stellium Splits: 2:20 am – October 21, 2014

Blessings & Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD