Prepare to TrailBlaze or be TrailBlazed! A New Chapter in your Life begins Either Way! GRAND FIRE TRINE WITH URANUS RETROGRADE, JUPITER AND MARS


At 12:53 am, shortly past midnight on 26th September 2014, a Grand Fire trine between Uranus Retrograde in Aries, Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius began to form. This occurred shortly before the exact Trine between Uranus Retrograde and Jupiter (at 15 Ari/Leo ’00) at 1:21 am, coinciding with the first of the nine nights of Navarathri – one of the largest Goddess festivals in the world.

The Grand Fire Trine between Uranus Rx, Jupiter and Mars will last until October 14 2014. Fire Trines are times of intense energy, inspiration and that assertive drive to ‘go forth and do something’. In the Tarot, the element of Fire corresponds to the suit of Wands.

This is excellent start to a whole new beginning after 10 months of intense testing, shifting, dying-rebirthing. Between now and October 14 – the Universe is giving you an extra impetus and blessing to be bold, be confident, be daring and go forth and do what your deepest passions and truth yearn to do!

When the three expressions of Fire merge through the Grand Trine, you effectively have an amplification of three different forms, or levels of Consciousness that relate to your perception of Self as represented by Aries, Leo and Sagittarius – there’s an in depth discussion on that here:

Please bear this in mind – Just as easily as Fire can create, preserve and make life comfortable (think of a warm fire in your living room on a cool night) – it can destroy and scar if allowed to rage out of control. You may be able to work with the energy of Fire through the focus of Will – some may be forced to do so through sudden breakdowns or messages of departure!

In other words, Prepare to TrailBlaze, or be TrailBlazed! You’re going to have to make these steps for yourselves, and it will be gentler on you if you do so consciously, than being forced into that position. With Mercury Retrograde coming soon in the signs of Scorpio and Libra, my reading (and others’) is that this changes with either originate from or be channeled through our partnerships and mergers in the professional and interpersonal context. You could say that this Grand Fire Trine will also teach us to find balanced expression in as we seek Partnership or Balance Within Ourselves – and a deeper recognition of our roles as Co-Creators with the Divine.

So let’s see what this particular Grand Fire Trine teaches us:

Uranus Retrograde in Aries – A profound internal awakening of the Nature of the Self, the Physical Body, the way we describe, experience and conceptualize the ‘I’. Uranus’ energy deals with the awakening of consciousness, altruistic causes and networks, the ideals of humanitarianism, the celebration of individuality and the rebellion of Self from all that it sees as potentially constraining. It is also the energy of Surprise! Prepare for the unexpected 🙂 Because Uranus is in Retrograde, it’s hard to say whether the nature of the surprise will be pleasant, or not.

Jupiter in Leo – The Blessings of the Teacher/Guru, the bridge between Ascended Beings and yourself is light up as you learn how to Express, Represent and Present yourself to the World. You are being guided in ways that allow you to dig into your deepest vulnerability and creativity to help you find your Authentic Self. Leo energy is also associated with Marriage and Children / The Inner Child construct – and – like Creativity – is all linked with the Sacral Chakra.

Mars in Sagittarius – The planet of Assertion and Action is in the Sign of the Philosopher-King (associated with Jupiter). We are called forth to explore more established forms of knowledge, philosophy, religion and spirituality in search of Expansion. We are called to experience, explore and expand our Perception of Self through a Greater Knowing and Perception of the World, the Cosmos and the Infinite. Some may choose to manifest this yearning to know as a desire for physical movement or travel across international waters.

Be warned – this energy can become extremely judgmental and opinionated once it is ‘sure of something’ – know that your Path is your Own. Let no one tell you how to live it, and do not seek to do the same upon others.

Taken together, this is an excellent time to deepen, broaden and become more expressive about our Self-Constructs. We do so by learning about the Uniqueness and Individuality of the Conscious Self, the Gifts and Blessings that Teachers/The Guru within bestows upon our Creativity and Authenticity and that desire to Expand, Explore and ultimately understand the Role of Self-in-the-Cosmos.

Exact Trines:

1:12 am Jupiter trines Uranus Retrograde, September 26 2014 (1st night of Navarathri)

(The two will trine one another again in March and June 2015 – this is the first of three as other astrologers have also pointed out)

11:49 am Mars trines Uranus Retrograde, October 5 2014

5:21 am Mars trines Jupiter, October 9 2014

There are going to be other Grand Fire Trines coming up – this is the first in this series. Prepare to Trailblaze a new chapter in your Life!

Also – Remember that we’re approaching the Mercury Retrograde. This retrograde will take place in the signs of Scorpio and Libra, both of which deal with partnerships, mergers, contracts and collaborations. The Universe’s message is clear here:

Be extremely cautious with whom you collaborate, sign, or enter into some legal or energetic partnership with. Make sure that roles and responsibilities are clearly delegated and that all legal issues are in order. Don’t worry about it if you’ve already agreed to continue something which you’d already discussed previously – but still exercise some caution and discernment – here’s some key dates:

September 14 2014 – Shadow phase begins (16 Libra ’48)

October 4 2014 – Mercury Retrograde begins (2 Sco ’18)

October 25 2014 – Mercury Stations Direct (16 Libra ’48)

November 10 2014 – Mercury exits Shadow Phase (2 Sco ’18)

Blessings and Love to All! Enjoy this energy and get lots done! ❤ 🙂

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

SN 1006 Supernova Remnant.jpg – By NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons