~~ Mercury trines the North Node, sextiles the South Node ~~

Mercury (26 Capricorn) trines the North Node (25 Virgo), creating an energetic current that allows us to use the power of our intellect to find specific ways, detailed plans, pragmatic approaches needed to evolve into the Virgo Nodal Energy. Virgo’s energy covers so very much (just as all signs do) – health, wellness, daily routines, rituals, paths of service, Priestessing, and so on. We are likely to draw upon the wisdom of the Crone, or far older, established sources of power and authority, to help us understand how we can best realize Virgo’s energy into being.

Those with placements near 25-27 Taurus will experience this as a powerful Grand Earth Trine. Happy Manifesting! πŸ™‚

~~ Mercury squares Mars, Mars inconjuncts the South Node ~~

Mercury (26 Capricorn) also forms a potentially stressful-and-creative aspect to Mars (26 Libra). Watch the way you communicate/with masculine energy today. Are your words, expressions and ideas in balance with your larger sense of self? Are you responding to another’s sense of imbalance? Another way of thinking about this energy is to see what kinds of actions you can take to bring your ideas about authority, power and legacy into greater alignment with your partnerships, both personal and professional. At the intrapersonal level, this energy asks us to integrate both the wisdom of the Crone, and the Masculine Archetype (not always the easiest fit πŸ˜‰ ). Generally speaking, it’s a day to think twice before leaping / speaking / acting forcefully on something.

Those with placements near 26 Cancer and/or Aries will experience this as a Grand Cardinal Cross! Patience will be key, in those cases.

Mars also inconjuncts the South Node (25 Pisces). Watch for men (or those who strongly represent the Masculine Archetype for you) with whom you have strong karmic contracts from previous times. They might make contact, or you might simply be very strongly reminded of whatever partnership dynamic you had with them before. At the intrapersonal level, this also refers to the soul’s individual journey (and embodiment) of the Masculine. We’ve all cycled between different sexes/genders before …

Those with placements near 25-26 Taurus or Leo will experience this as a Yod or Finger of Fate. Prepare for a karmic fork in the road that asks you to make a critical choice as to how you relate to the Sacred (or Dysfunctional) Masculine. You choose what you experience, so choose wisely.

~~ Grand Fire Trine & Yod with the Moon in Leo ~~

The Leo Moon currently trines Saturn (10 Sagittarius) and Uranus (16 Aries), making a Grand Fire Trine. We are called to express our most vulnerable, authentic, playful and powerful selves. Watch your gut-impulses, passions and drives as you consider matters to do with your idea of Truth / Self / Purpose / Authenticity / / Authority / Rebellion.

The Moon is also the focal point in a Yod (Finger of Fate), making inconjuncts to both Pluto (14 Capricorn) and Chiron (17 Pisces). You may find yourself wrestling with insecurities and concerns surrounding your sense of inner mastery, power and depth, especially as as you are reminded of how (equally) vulnerable you are. The Leo Moon may feel unduly stressed by Chiron’s need to learn, heal and teach through its wounds and Pluto’s uncompromising, (potentially) bullying approach to asserting who or what is in charge of you. And, as always, the apex of the Yod asks us to respond to an old karmic dynamic in a new way.

What’s the way through, you might ask?

Go back to the Leo Moon. Watch your emotional responses and reactions to other people. Get deeper with your feelings – be it anger, disappointment, and go further into it till you find, once more, your own core-self. Channel that into whatever creative or expressive channels you have – be it art, dance, play, rolling in the mud, singing, sex – whatever works for you. You might find that these activities clear your head and allow you to respond to the situation that triggered you in the first place (or you might choose to let it slide).

~~ Conclusion ~~

Quite a few potential triggers today πŸ˜‰ Think twice before you act. Practice compassion to yourself, and others. Sometimes that means cooling off and walking away, sometimes it just means forgiving someone for being less-than-loving. Stay grounded, focus on the ‘small stuff’ (not that it’s really small), even if that’s taking out the trash, sharpening your pencils, or writing your New Year’s Resolutions …

Whatever happens, take nothing personally, the stars are at play.

Also – for those interested – here’s my Leo-Moon-inspired-message : Hello, 2016 πŸ™‚

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

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Image: Leo By Johannes Hevelius – Scanned by en:User:Bronger. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons