Heavy Hearts & Astrology: A Sky-Perspective on Current Events

So much is going on in the world right now, and much of it brings heaviness to our hearts. You wouldn’t believe the messages I’ve been seeing in my in-box, from so many grieving, in their own ways, for their own reasons.
Astrologically speaking, I’ve been trying to identify the specific placements that brought about this wave of senseless, sad human losses (in Paris, Beirut and other places) – but sometimes astrology (or any other method of inquiring about and understanding your Universe) just does not provide you with neat and tidy answers. Sometimes, no matter how much we want a simple, rational explanation for things, we just can’t find one.
Here’s a collection of some of the celestial factors that _currently_ appear to reflect the heaviness and density that so many are feeling, be it through empathy for those who have lost loved ones, or from some kind of direct tragedy or loss in personal life.
Please bear in mind that the planets are not ‘to blame’. Astrology indicates certain possibilities for action and likely outcomes, but ultimately it comes down to how we choose to work with those windows of energy and opportunity.
I have been studying the astrology of November 13, 2015 (when so much of this stuff went down) and it does tell its own tale. I might do a piece on that later, but here’s what’s happening now:
Sun conjunct Mercury  (25 Scorpio, heavy influence: 16-18 November 2015)The Light of Awareness meets the Messenger in the Dark Den of the Underworld. Our thoughts, ideas, and mental focus finds a powerful vehicle for expression today. It is likely that we each identify a personal point of crisis (or simply intense focus) today, one that requires our highest/deepest levels of integrity. We are tested today on the use of our power and the ways in which we use words to exercise that power – for words can destroy, just as they can heal.
The Sun/Mercury are close to Achilles (24 Scorpio), whilst squaring Pandora & Hopi (23-24 Leo). We are asked to be mindful of our vulnerabilities and to acknowledge the role of fear in whatever self-defensive mechanisms we erect. We are also asked to take the leap forward into the dark/the Unknown by truly expressing what we feel (thereby triggering our vulnerabilities). There is a particular state of Surrender (with Faith) that Scorpio/Pluto encourages us to adopt as we experience its energy. It’s one of those moments where you just have to take that leap and trust that your hard-earned wings will beat into motion. Hopi encourages us to take multiple views of the same situation without letting one’s self become stuck in a persecution complex. We are asked to see the lesson behind whatever situations arise at this time.
The Sun, at this time, is also opposite Sedna (25 Taurus). Her energy is one that speaks to the themes of betrayal (especially by a masculine / paternal / father figure), release, rebirth and transformation. Her mythology is pretty graphic, and I leave it to you to do further research on her if so inclined. It’s just a little too heavy for me to deal with in this piece.
Venus conjunct Black Moon Lilith (9 Libra, 16/17 November 2015)We are asked to recognize some of the shadow qualities projected unto the bodies, sexuality and material forms of the world around us. These themes will directly relate to the feminine experience and its relationship with sex, power, rights and inequity. It can be a time in which deeply rooted fears can arise in partnerships (personal and professional). Alternatively, it can be a time in which we learn to represent, embody and bring into material manifestation aspects or qualities of the Shadow Feminine/Dark Goddess Archetype. There’s a lot of ways this conjunction (as with any conjunction) can play out.
Neptune stations Direct (17/18 November, 2015 – depending on your hemisphere – a day earlier for the US/South America, a day later for Asia/Australia)
Neptune is asking us to wake up now, and quickly. We’re being stripped away for any remaining layers of illusion, or ego-serving mis-perceptions as to the nature of the spiritual path and mysticism. For some, the wake-up call will be eye-opening, for others, the pressure of Neptune stationing direct will only serve to entrench them further in a distorted perception of reality. (see below for that that ties into questions of belief with the Saturn-Neptune square). Themes that are linked with Neptune: otherworldly realms, mystical experiences, things ‘beyond the veil’, working miracles, faith healing, martyrdom, obsession, escapism, spiritual vulnerability & sensitivity, addiction and in extreme cases – suicide. If you’re feeling particularly vulnerable at this time, get to friends or a support group that can help you. It’s going to be rough for quite a lot of people.
Saturn square Neptune (5-7 Sagittarius/Pisces, 2 degree orb). Whilst this alignment is not yet exact, we’ve already begun to see it take shape. High strung debates, polarized opinions and probing questions arise as to the relationship between organized religion and the compassion we seek out in spirituality. There are other arenas of life in which this can equally play our, e.g. in higher academia, foreign travel, philosophy/beliefs (Sagittarius) vis-a-vis our relationship with ‘The Sacred’, our personal experience of spirituality, otherworldly experiences, ideas of suffering and martyrdom and/or past-life karma. You can also see this as the conflict between the Guru/Pedagogue and the Mystic/Hermit.This square will go exact on November 26, 2015. Those with placements near 7 Gemini/Virgo will experience this as a Mutable T-Square or Grand Mutable Cross.
Mutable T-Square between Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius), North Node (28 Virgo) and Vesta/South Node (28 Pisces) – Ongoing
I could write a book on this alignment and it still wouldn’t be enough. The Galactic Center represents our connection with Ascended Beings, Wisdom Teachers, Gurus, Religious Figures and others whom we believe can inspire or lead us with their version of Truth. Whether that Truth is Valid, or Absolute is a different question. People are going to be drawn to different kinds or layers of Truth at this time, some of which seem outright incompatible with others. The North Node in Virgo challenges us to find ways to implement our truths in bite-site chunks, small acts of service, (supposedly) menial daily rituals and other practical actions. It’s an excellent time for those researching the Priestess Traditions, the Mysteries of the Womb, and for those seeking alternate paradigms to thinking about rituals, health and the concept of service. On the other hand, the same stressors can lead to overly harsh judgments, pronouncements about what standards of ‘purity’ are and a generally narrow view of what belief systems and forms/paths of service can and ought to look like. Vesta and the South Node jointly ask us to release what answers we believe we have to Neptunian concerns (spirituality, martyrdom, compassion) so that we can find new answers. We are not only asked to find new ways or paths of service, but to actually release our attachments to older understandings and the wounds, or sense of spiritual disconnection, that may have inspired them. As Neptune goes direct, we’re going to feel the power of the South Node (past karmic, older attachments, potential strengths) and Vesta (the Priestess) with greater intensity.
Those of you with placements near 27-28 Gemini (birthdays near June 18 & 19) will definitely be feeling this as a Grand Mutable Cross.
My suggestion to empaths, spiritualists and highly sensitive people would be to ground themselves as much as possible in this time. Sitting in nature under trees, eating simple but nutritious food, starting a practice of deep breathing each day – these are simple rituals that can keep you grounded through the emotional turbulence that the planet is feeling. Seek help from support groups if things feel overwhelming or get overly intense. One does not have to go at it alone, for we are all in this together.
Blessings to All,
Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess