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Blessings all! Astrologers and spiritualists everywhere are buzzing with the excitement of all that this potent Supermoon-Total Solar Eclipse at 29 Pisces is bringing about. ‘Let go of the past and live the life you want’, ‘Manifest Miracles’ , ‘Set the seeds for the Life of your Dreams’ – this is the kind of vibe I’m seeing represented in most writings on the subject. Upbeat, optimistic, and also cognizant of the fact that we have to do a lot of letting go, releasing and surrendering (to the Divine/Spirit/Soul) beforehand.

So that’s the energy in a nutshell – we’re all at the brink of a fantastic change in our lives – as we will literally manifest that which we put our intentions towards. The generation-defining Uranus-Pluto square series has just ended, its energy continuing to linger for months to come. The tower has broken down, the lightning has struck for most. And change is afoot. I doubt most of us alive today will experience any alignment of similar intensity (compared to what we’ve been facing between 2012 and now).

So that’s the backdrop for an extremely powerful Pisces New Moon/Supermoon/Total Solar Eclipse at what is quite possibly, the most karmic, fated, final degree in the zodiac (note that karma and fate aren’t always unpleasant things 🙂 ) at 29 Pisces 27”, 9:36 am, March 20 ( GMT/UTC time). The Moon will swiftly move into Aries shortly thereafter, whereas the Sun will make its entry at 10:45 pm on the same day, nearly 12 hours later (i.e. the Equinox).

Set the seeds now, my friends. Set the seeds for what it is that your Soul truly yearns to manifest. Taking a paragraph from an earlier post,

“The skies are supporting the manifestation of your dreams, the most powerful gifts of your imagination and passion. It’s a time where you can really Dare to Dream .. and Make it Happen.

A very magical time, and one in which you manifest exactly what you desire. So.. have a look at what you’re choosing to manifest”

You’re likely to see a sort of culmination, or a sense of how this energy has borne fruit during the Pisces Full Moon (Aug 29/30, 2015).

So that’s the general message of the energy present in the skies now. Those who want to dig deeper into the astrological details, feel free to read on. Practical Guidance is provided at the end 😉 Also, if you’re in the Western hemisphere, take the first date mentioned for alignments, if you’re in the Eastern hemisphere, take the second, later date 😉


I asked ‘ Can it get more dramatic’ , and Astrology answered, ‘YES’.

So let’s look at what the skies have in store for us 😀 😀 😀



We’re already building up to a powerful Grand Fire Trine, between Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius, The Sun in Pisces/Aries and Juno in Leo. This a part of the Great Goddess Fire Trine dynamic that lasts in the skies till October 2015.

This Fire Trine is teaching us about:

(1) [Sun] Finding the Truth of the Self and Embodying it .. once we’ve made the necessary releases…  A big shift comes once it enters Aries. The focus of one’e energies goes straight to the seat of the ‘I AM’ essence. Question is now whether that essence is perceived through the filters of the Ego-Self, or through the Soul?

(2) [Juno] The role of the Soulmate (not necessarily romantic/sexual/marital) in helping you understand the power, joy and creativity of the Sacral/Sexual/Swadisthana Chakra. The energy of completion, and of opening the self to multiple avenues of growth through the Divine Feminine comes into play here. The need to heal, and the wisdom of the vulnerable, authentic and powerful Inner Child will be strongly emphasized. Quite literally, a time where were are called to learn how to play, once more, as wise and sacred children.

(3) [Saturn Retrograde] Understanding that more discipline and care is needed in the way we relate to authority figures, structures of knowing/systems of knowledge, the power of ideas and paradigms, and an understanding of Spiritual Authority on the Spiritual Paths we take. It’s a time where we’re asked to look back with humility and accept where we need more focus upon.

The Fire trine is really supporting us all to express the Energy, the Joy and the Truth of the Self and the Creativity lies within. A powerful moment to let yourself roar and embody the strength of ‘I AM’ Consciousness. A time in which to recognize the gifts brought to us by the Assertive/Fiery Feminine. Goddesses like Durga-Ma, Goddess Bastet, Goddess Sekhmet, Goddess Narasimhi, Goddess Pratyangira Devi, Goddess Amaterasu, Goddess Bhairavi, and other Solar/Fire/Lion Goddesses come to mind.

You’re more likely to be conscious of the trine after the Sun enters Aries (Equinox), and when it makes an exact trine to Juno (March 23/24) and Saturn (March 25/26). Right now, the focus is upon the big releases and shedding of baggage that needs to precede the full expression of this potent energy.


These are two, intersecting Fingers of Fate/God/Goddess/Karma and they come together to bring us to pivotal decision points.

Jupiter Retrograde (13 Leo) questions the paths we take, the guides and mentors we seek out, and the understandings or paradigms that we seek in our Spiritual Path ahead. It asks us to look within and uncover the Teacher within you (though mentors are necessary for certain parts of the journey, and in unlocking energies).

The North Node (10 Libra) asks us to find a deeper sense of detachment and balance in the partnerships we find ourselves in (including the inner partnership between different layers, or self, and the co-creative partnership we have with the Divine).

Mercury (10 Pisces) highlights the role of the Messenger in the spiritual dream, bringing messages of spiritual liberation, or miring deeper into delusion (especially as it is still conjunct Neptune). Be careful with all that you see and perceive spiritually at this time – ask yourselves if your Ego is getting in the way! Bear in mind that Black Moon Lilith and Mercury will be in an exact opposition. As we work with Spirit, we will have to face aspects of the Suppressed Feminine and her role in manifesting a Powerful Path of Service. Practically speaking, it will entail re-thinking one’s view on which bodies, vessels and energies are deemed ‘holy’, and why it’s time to rethink some of those definitions (and the exclusions they have made). A great time for Spiritualists working with the Shadow of the Feminine to move past old wounds of systemic violence, exclusion and/or ridicule.

Pluto (15 Capricorn) is well.. doing his thing, as we’ve all been feeling! (more on him below)

The apexes of both yods are Mercury and Jupiter respectively – so essentially – the decision point comes in receiving/delivering potent messages/information pertinent to your spiritual evolution, and, in determining your relationship with Spiritual Authority on the Path Ahead. Some of you will receive these messages through dreams, meditative experiences and the like. Others may receive them through more conventional channels, depending on the house placement.


Now for those of you who see the Shadow, the Dark as something to celebrate – Not Evil, Not Negative, but equally sacred – you’re going to love this. The Moon in Taurus will trine both Pluto in Capricorn and Black Moon Lilith in Virgo, creating what I’m calling the Black Earth Trine.

The Moon is going to be lighting up issues where we have over-attachments to people, relationships, objects, things on/ideas about the material plane. It’s also going to be showing us how we can nurture those relationships – in a balanced way – to create a space of abundance and growth, for the self and others.

The trine to Pluto is going to re-ignite the Uranus-Pluto dynamic, so watch out for explosive expressions of energy today! Especially things that may have been seething under the surface around March 16/17…

The Moon-Black Moon Lilith connection is going to be looking at the ways in we we can find practical Pathways of Service – particularly through the archetype of the Dark Priestess. You’re going to finding the need to transform that Path or understanding of Service in a way that potentially – can give you an income, or maybe a general sense of greater groundedness and security.

Pluto and Black Moon Lilith … well .. let’s just say the Lord of the Underworld is going to have his hands full with the Dark Priestess. She’s going to want to challenge the way that things are done and the status quo is perceived. She’s going to make you question the way we use (and hopefully don’t abuse) power and authority (and a bunch of other things – it’s a huge alignment).

Taking it all together, an immensely fertile, transformative and creative time for us to dig deep within the Shadow to find the Gold hidden beneath the layers of rejection, fear, shame, dis-empowerment and non-acknowledgement.

And there’s more … 😀 But I’m going to cut it short here. Except to say that Moon will conjunct the South Node, Mars and of course — Uranus at 15 Aries (March 20/21). When it does it, it may set off the delayed reaction triggers that some of you have experienced during the Uranus-Pluto square itself. Watch out for March 22/23 when the Moon trines Pluto as well (remember – take the first date if you’re in the US/ (for example) and the second date if you’re in Australia/Asia.


(1) Ground out. I cannot stress this enough. Moss agate, smoky quartz are excellent gemstones to help in this process. Sitting on the grass beneath a tree will work wonders (be nice and say hi first and see if its vibes gel with yours)

(2) Drink plenty of water. There’s a lot of other cosmic happenings, mega solar storms and whatnot. Staying hydrated is very important as we move through this shifts. Water is the universal conductor and it helps us … shift through things a little easier, I find. (Plus, dehydration headaches are not fun)

(3) Get a decent amount of sleep. Unless the Universe is keeping you awake with all this CMEs and whatnot .. But do your best to get enough rest.

(4) Avoid alcohol and caffeine, if you can – this will help you shift more, without being too wired about it.

(5) Take nothing personally. We’re all going through .. a massive shift. I wonder if we’ll ever go through something this intense again, in our lifetimes, from an astrological perspective. People are likely to have their wounds raised to the surface now, egos are frail. That does not mean you have to stay silent against ill-treatment of any kind, it is to simply mean – as you walk away – you realize that it’s really not about anything you said, did, or are.

(6) Be compassionate, but keep the focus on you. Understand that everyone is struggling with their own baggage, but also realize that you carrying it for them, might actually just delay the lessons they need to learn. Knowing when and how to draw that line is part and parcel of the lesson of compassionate detachment that Pisces also seeks to teach us. This can be read in a controversial way – I’m not advocating apathy, or abandoning someone who’s got a dire need. I’m talking about being discerning about where and how you put your focus of development right now. Sometimes the best thing you can do for the collective is to sort yourself out first 😉

(7) Follow your own intuition, inner knowing and guidance. If your Soul is screaming out at your to do something, at least hear it out. Seeking advice on things that are unclear can be helpful, but remember to tune into your Soul’s inner compass, or inner knowing before making major decisions at this time. It really has to come from you ❤

I hope this review of the skies has been helpful to you 🙂 Many Blessings and Much Love to you All!

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ;

Page: Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

PS – Those of you who missed the first episode of my astrology radio show can hear it again at 6 pm Central Time (Thursday) and 2 am (Friday) at – I talk more about Uranus and Pluto there, by way of aspects – after providing an introduction to my work on astrology and the general take I have on this discipline and all that it offers to our individual and collective spiritual awakening process.

Text © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015
Image: Astrolog screenshot smile emoticon

Dissolution: Maya Un-Masked

Dissolution Maya Unmasked


Dissolve, Dis-illusion, Dis-assemble,
The words of fear and decay,
Yet without death never shall we see,
The Soul that Body Sheaths.
The Secrets that Matter Keeps
The Truth that is Concealed,
In Form, In Structure,
Waiting for The Big Reveal.

The Moon, the Sun, the Stars align so
My Goddesses of the Sky, of Serpent and The Old,
Ajima-Harati-Dhumavati-Kali they stand with Strength Untold,
Watching over me as I crumble,
My ego tumbles,
My desires shatter into dust,
As the Pisces Moon’s Secrets Unfold.

Karma Ceases, Ties Dissolve,
Attachment, Desire,
Ownership is Renounced,
Through Pain a new Freedom,
A New Vision, A New Birth,
Through Death, Decay, Formlessness,
In the Watery Womb of Chaos and Surrender,

A Pathway is Born.

And The Dark Goddess Smiles.

She Says: Now, My Child.
Stripped of your Certainty
You Stand Before me … Naked

Now, My Child,
Prepare …

For Your Journey has only Just Begun.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD