Grand Air Trine  Nodal Kite

Blessings all. I’ve been wondering what’s up with the skies since yesterday and have just had a chance to have a look. We’re basically experiencing a very powerful Nodal Grand Air Trine. In all honesty, it is a Kite alignment, owing to the opposition between the North and South Node, making an axis along which the energy of the Trine concentrates.

This alignment has been in effect since May 25th and will continue till May 30th. Bear in mind that these dates reflect the points of greatest intensity, using a fairly tight orb for the North Node.

Trine energy is the energy of amplification – it basically brings together energies in a powerful manner. To use a chemical metaphor, it ensures that two substances are able to react with each other in the fullest possible sense. But not all reactions create something we might want – sometimes a great reaction leads to a wholly unusable product.

In the same way, Trine energy brings together different elements – and allows them to interact. It’s neither ‘positive’, nor ‘negative’, but certainly powerful – especially when there are Three Interconnected Trines, a.k.a. the Grand Trine.

As this is a Grand Air Trine, we need to first understand the element of Air and what it represents – mental, detached, intellectual, abstract realms that really deal with the different layers of Mind, and how that reaches out to the rest of the Cosmos.

We begin with Gemini, that focuses upon the development of consciousness in early childhood, then move to Libra that that looks to the energy of partnership (where 2 distinct minds are seeking equilibrium with one another, as is the different layers of Consciousness within the Self), and then finally to Aquarius, where the individual mind, now having understood itself, seeks to brings its gifts to the broader collective.

Looking at the specific bodies involved in this Grand Trine & Kite configuration gives us perspective on what its energies bring to us:


The Nodes are the gateways to the Soul. Here, they challenge the Soul to move away from past experiences and sureties, in search of something new and unknown. The North Node represents the area in which destiny calls, whilst the South Node tells us the position of strength or mastery from which we can heed that call. In Libra, the North Node tells us that what we are called to learn now is a deeper sense of balance and partnership. This could be between two people in daily life, collaborators at work, interpersonal dynamics for one seeking to understand both the conscious and unconscious self, etc. It calls for a recognition that all answers exist on a particular spectrum of possibilities, and that one seeks to honor the truth of the Self, and the Other together. Partnership dynamics will also be characterized by the need to find a dynamic equilibrium (balance isn’t necessarily a static concept), and for that balance to be one that resonates with deeper notions of fairness and justice.

In other words, if there is inequality in your partnership, the North Node demands that it be addressed.

The South Node warns us of becoming too complacent about the needs of others, focusing instead purely upon the self. It reminds us that the path to balance is to honor both/all sides of the equation. At times, striking out on one’s own is the most just thing to do, however, before going about it in that way – do your level best to exist with the group/partnership dynamic before heading off. Bear in mind that the cost of simply ignoring other perspectives may be damage to cherished connections in life.

The North/South Node opposition is the focal point of the experience of this Grand Air Trine. Just about all of the energetic lessons therein come back to the Self-Other dynamic described above.

In terms of asteroids, Askalaphus is at 9 Libra – reminding us to be discreet in the revelation of information within/about our partnerships. Persephone at 10 Aries shines the spotlight upon the deeper, internal work that we called to do. The retrieval of the Maiden/ Young Sexual Archetype from what we consider our personal (and collective) sense of the Underworld, or deep sub-conscious. This is an archetype I’ve been seeing in meditations as of late.


The energy of the Goddess Asteroid of Nurture permeates the Aether. We are encouraged both to nurture the self, and others, by deepening our connection with a wider/deeper/higher vibration of Cosmic Intelligence. We may find that our ability to nurture comes from bringing our individual gifts to a group situation/dynamic, potentially involving friends and/or networks of people that come together for some kind of charitable or humanitarian causes. Ceres reminds us that we have the power to manifest through the focused intention of the Higher/Deeper Mind, and that we only need to remember and believe in our ability to do so.


This stellium (or grouping of bodies/points acting as one) is powerful. We have The Sun (the light of awareness or focused consciousness, gateway to our vital energies), Mars (our ability to go forth and assert ourselves, using our willpower to acquire what we desire) and Mercury (ruler of Gemini, now retrograde) coming together in a 8-degree stellium. The Sun (3 Gemini) tells us where the focus of our efforts are in an everyday sense, whereas Mars (9 Gemini) tells us that we now have the ability to act upon that focus, taking action in a direct way.

Also note that the energy of Mars can represents the actions of the masculine (not necessarily male) romantic partner in a person’s life. This person may seem to be all over the place by way of actions-words-and-focus.

Mercury Retrograde (11 Gemini) tells us that our usual reliance on the mind, communication, logic, analysis and electronics is challenged at this time. The retrograde asks us to look further and revisit past commitments, ideas, thoughts and perceptions about certain situations in our life (partnerships, friendships, charitable projects, collaborations, etc.). We are asked to look back at the patterns of early childhood conditioning through which we developed the perspectives, mental constructs, or ways of seeing the world which we now take for granted as adults.

There is a whole bunch of asteroids close to this stellium, bringing us multiple layers of awareness, and adding different dimensions to the energy of this Grand Air Trine. Altjira (8 Gemini), for instance, tells about the importance of the dream-time and our ability to journey in that realm and retrieve much-needed information for the present. Eros (7 Gemini) asks us to reconnect with the original idea of ‘Eros’, as a powerful, intimate, primordial connection with Life-Source. The kind of ecstatic coming-to-life-experience that can, but does not always require, sexual activation.

In short, a time where the gateways of karmic experience are opening and requiring us to forge new ground as we find a deeper sense of Balance. Multiple channels add different flavours or nuances to this energy, taking us deep to the connection we share with Source, our partners, in the various parts of ourselves, and with the Cosmos at large.

Those with placements close to 7-8 of the Fire signs (Leo, Sagittarius – we all have the transiting South Node at Aries) will experience this as a Grand Fire/Air Sextile, bringing to the fore the full power of manifestation.

Blessings, Love and Great Joy to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
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The skies and energetics of today have been very strange. It feels as though the veil is thinner at this time than it normally would be. Turning to astrology, I see the most likely explanation to be the MERCURY RETROGRADE – NORTH NODE trine. The North Node asks us to evolve into new cycles of Balance (Libra), positions were we can be ourselves and let others to be who they are, and understanding of partnership dynamics (both inter-personal and intra-personal – they both reflect each other). Mercury Retrograde may pose us challenges in communication, particularly in friend groups or as expressed through social media (FB, Twitter, etc.) — that we may look deeper and find new, or better ways of expressing ourselves to the collective.

Even if you’re saying something as best you can, the other person might hear something different (and vice versa from their perspective). Same words, different meanings. Things like that. But What For, you might ask?

Mercury gives us the chance to reflect upon the ways we communicate in these larger group/collective dynamics and to refine both our listening/expressing skills – In Aquarius, it asks us to become aware of how we bring layers upon layers of meaning to what we say and how, by virtue of being the unique individuals that we are. it asks us to take ownership of the assumptions, the meaning, the perspectives we bring into communication – both conscious and sub-conscious. It also challenges us to put our individual ego-minds aside at times and see the truth that the other is offering, even if it seems opposed to your own. Practice the principle of compassion – and resist the temptation to respond in anger, defensiveness or fear.

Simply state your truth and be – no one has to accept it but you. For as a Collective, are we not entitled to Plural or Multiple Truths?

(I should add that – right now – Mercury is conjunct asteroid Icarus (12 Aquarius) — if you’re going to explore an idea of form of expression that is ‘out there’, try to do so with some restraint. Try not to leap too far ahead too quickly. Baby steps!)

Trined the North Node in Libra, it is likely that these opportunities for learning may come through a partner (at work, in life) or a social setting of some kind. It may occur as part of a intellectual discussion, legal arguments, or attempts at mediation between conflicting parties.

Rather than obstacles, I’d call them stepping stones towards a fuller expression of your being. The specifics of how that plays out depends on which houses that Mercury Retrograde and the Noth Node sit in for you.

In fact some of you might actually enjoy this time and find it a great moment to re-connect with people! It’s not always bad, or good – just depends on how you work with the energies with your own Free Will.

This is the second time that this trine is happening. The first trine between the two occured at 2:31 am, January 16 (14 Aqu-Lib ’09) , the second occured earlier today at 4:57 am, January 28 (13 Aqu-Lib ’31) and the third will occur on 5:57 pm, February 27 (11 Aqu-Lib ’54 – all times in GMT/UTC + 8). It is likely that the seeds of whatever is going on now may have been set during the first crossing, and that some form of culmination/release may come during the Feb 27th crossing. The fact this this back and forth is happening is of course due to Mercury’s apparent retrograde motion through the skies. (It’s not really moving backwards, it just looks that way to the observer on Earth)

Also – not all of you must or will experience this sequence in the way described, but some of you will – and so I hope it is of use.

At this moment, Mercury Retrograde is also sextiled the South Node and Uranus in Aries. This suggests the opportunity to find a harmony in the way we think, articulate, express and communicate by drawing upon the Truth of the Self. No… Not the Ego-I, but the I AM ūüôā¬†Work with the revelations (which for some of us, have struck like lightning in recent times) you have about yourself and – Dare to Step into a New Dynamic in the way you Think, Express Yourself, etc.. This is a fantastic opportunity to break out of old karmic cycles, related to the themes described above.

Those with placements at or near 13 Virgo will experience this as a powerful Yod – a potential karmic crossroad which punctuates, intensifies and accelerates your spiritual journey in many ways.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image: Blackbird, singing.JPG By HTO (Own work (own photo)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

CELESTIAL DYNAMICS: 13-18 January 2015 [mystic rectangle in the skies]

Mystic Rectangle

Blessings to all,

Today, I’m going to describe some of the celestial dynamics present in the sky, from the astrological perspective. At present, we have a Mystic Rectangle in the skies (Jan 13-Jan 18 2015), formed by the North Node in Libra, Venus nearly conjunct Mercury in Aquarius, Juno Retrograde in Leo and Uranus / South Node in Aries. Libra and Aquarius are both Air signs, whilst Leo and Aries are Fire signs – referring to¬†of ¬†intellectual / detached / mental energies (Air) and passion / inspiration / drive (Fire) components.¬†Fire/Air is generally associated with the Masculine, but bear in mind that this too is a form of stereotyping. There are intuitive, emotional, compassionate forms of the Divine Masculine just as there are fiery, detached, martial¬†forms of the Divine Feminine.

Mystic Rectangles in general represent a fairly stable flow of energy, less stressful than Crosses and T-Squares, less chaotic than Yods and more directed than Grand Trines. They create a strong bridge between complementary energies (Fire/Air or Water/Earth) and provide a stable structure for energy to flow through.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: Those with natal placements near 13 Sagittarius _ and_ 13 Libra  (between 6-20 degrees of either sign, +/- 7 degree orbs) will experience this as a GRAND SEXTILE: The Divine Seal of Manifestation and Protection **

At present, the Mystic Rectangle in the sky blends the following energies:

North Node in Libra – a new, unfamiliar direction for soul growth when seeking a deeper, more authentic form of Balance. Balance does not mean the erasure of that which is uncomfortable, it is acceptance and integration of diverse energies within / of the Self. We are asked to honestly look at ourselves and the shadow (unknown) aspects of our being brought forth in interactions with others. We are also asked to take responsibility for the kinds of vibrations we bring into partnerships (personal and professional) at a far deeper level of awareness now, than say, pre-2012.

South Node / Uranus in Aries – a familiar position of self-awareness, and the needs of the Self, bringing forth karmic dynamics which challenge self-focus by tempering it with the need to respect and honor the will/presence/dreams of the Other (Libra). Uranus refers to the awakening process that can come through the culminated experiences of previous lives (especially with the South Node in play), triggered at this time as powerful revelations of the Truth of Self.

Juno Retrograde in Leo – The energy of a soulmate / person / experience who opens you up to the totality of yourself, particularly those aspects of Self connected with the Mysteries of the Feminine. This person or experience can come through romantic encounters, creative expressions, working and interacting with younger people / children – any experience, in fact, linked with the energies of the Swadishthana Chakra / Sacral Chakra. Many will be opening themselves to receive the Wisdom of the Feminine in ways that may help them reach into and heal wounded aspects of one’s inner child.

Venus (nearly) conjunct Mercury in Aquarius – Both planets bridge the energies of desire, manifestation, sensuality and attachment (Venus) with the energy of the Mind, intellect, voice and ability of perception, analysis and self-expression (Mercury). By refining our perceptions and learning to express what we want, we are better able to tap into vibrations of abundance and manifestation, and potentially shed light on relationship dynamics. In Aquarius, these energies focus upon the awakening process that all of us are a part of. As we tap into collective consciousness, and – for some – begin to directly download information from Source via the ‘Higher Mind’, we begin to see how we are (simultaneously) connected and unique vessels of Consciousness at the same time. We might find innovative ways to manifest solutions in areas related to friendships, altruistic causes, electronic networks and work that raises the collective vibration.

Taken together, the Mystic Rectangle creates a powerful, stable, energetic dynamic which gives us an opportunity to play our role in the transformation of collective consciousness at this time Рas we understand what we uniquely bring to the table and how it all comes together. This is doubly emphasized by the Venus/Mercury conjunction in Aquarius and Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) conjunct the South Node in Aries.

Duration of the Mystic Rectangle: 6:19 pm, January 13 – 1:24 pm, January 18 2015

The double yod, double T-Squares I wrote about previously are still in effect in the skies, for more info Рsee:

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


Stellium post

Vanakam, Namaste and Blessings to all. Right now we’re experiencing an intense 5-body stellium in the sign of Libra, involving the energies of: Venus, North Node, Sun, Mercury Retrograde and Pallas Athena. We refer to the conjunction of several astrological bodies/sensitive points as a stellium – it’s a fancy way of saying, they’ve come together as a group and their energies have united.

Conjunctions, like any astrological aspect, are not ‘positive’ or ‘negative’. They simply mean that two energies will blend into one another. This can be a great thing, or a really difficult thing, depending upon how you work with each energy individually, and in combination. What I can tell you, off the bat, is that it’ll feel unusually intense, and powerfully karmic owing to the bodies involved in this stellium. Let’s take a closer look at what each brings to this energetic cocktail:

Venus in Libra – Venus teaches us how to attract what we desire into our lives. It also deals with the way we form connections with or attachment to things, people, anything on the material plane. It is related to the expression of femininity and the anima (female aspect of the psyche). At the mental level, it seeks refinement, and is involved in the formation of our value systems by which we judge what we like/dislike, are/are not, idealize/vilify, etc. In day to day life, Venus’ energy often addresses relationships and partnerships of all kinds. This energy is associated with Goddesses such as Mahalaxmi (venerated during this Deepavali/Diwali season) and Venus/Aphrodite herself.

North Node in Libra – The North Node represents the greatest point of Soul Growth in a chart. It is the direction of greatest inexperience, and therefore, the harder path for someone to generally take. In Libra, the North Node calls for the wisdom of balance, the exercise of discretion, detached judgement and the embodiment of integrity. It’s time to make sure that your needs are honoured alongside those whom you have entered into some kind of partnership with (personal and professional). Libra, ideally, seeks to perfect the balance of Self and Other, without compromising or degrading either party. It’s an energy which inspires us to navigate the boundary between self-negative and self-assertiveness. Due to the karmic nature of the North Node, the way in which you respond to this energetic call will determine the next chapter, or the way in which, your spiritual journey will unfold. Do not take it lightly.

Sun in Libra – The Sun represents the flow of your vital energies, the aspect of Spirit which we all have within us, that is currently ‘in focus’. When the Sun is in a particular sign, we collectively see an emphasized focus upon the activities related to that sign, irrespective of what our own Sun Sign is. It is as though the Universe holds up a temporary magnifying glass and says ‘Look at this part of your life/energy for a while’. In Libra, as previously discussed, the emphasis is on Balance, Relationships, Justice – and Fairness. An easy way to remember this is to recall that Libra is symbolized by the Scales of Justice, a symbol we use in courtrooms and in ancient mythological chambers which weighed the Soul in the Afterlife.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra – Mercury represents the mental realm, the formation of perception, the ability to communicate and convey information, the ability to discern one thing from another (critical thinking) – and quite a lot of other things. With Mercury Retrograde in Libra, the focus is likely to be upon revisiting words (spoken or written), particularly in the context of relationships. This could refer to vows you wrote to your wedding partner, a potential contract with a business partner, or words you spoke in anger to either. Watch out for miscommunications, and do not be surprised if people re-think and revisit things from the past. Retrograde phases are times in which you tend to look back to understand what doesn’t work, and how (if so) it can be fixed, or (if need be) walked away from.

Pallas Athena in Libra – Pallas Athena represents the energies of Goddess Athena (or as I call her Athena Androgenia). It is an energy that has androgynous features as it is both masculine and feminine (using those terms in a stereotyped manner). Athena is the goddess of war, healing and wisdom. She is the Strategos (General) who seeks to find her way to victory through diplomacy, strategic deals and partnerships (in Libra). She seeks to avert conflict unless she is convinced that battle is the only way for her to seek justice. She is a powerful energy to count upon if you are, for example, facing a legal battle through the justice system, or simply having to stand up to someone to say that some arrangement is no longer working for you. Her wisdom allows her to channel her courage and strength in a constructive manner, one which does not cast her as outwardly belligerent – but as focused, strategic, and powerful. In Libra, the focus will be on relationships – remember that, at the end of the day, you’re dealing with another person. Pyrrhic victories are to be avoided – try to find your way out of a situation without making things get unnecessarily ugly or messy. In personal partnerships, remember that using metaphors for battle is … probably not the best approach…. Somebody then ends up ‘losing’, and that might be someone you love or care for deeply – at times, even yourself.

Placing it all together, this stellium asks us to Balance Ourselves in our Partnerships with Others. It asks us to speak up in a way where no one is cast as a villain or adversary. Try to find ‘the middle path’, or a way in which both parties find a way to co-exist without having to compromise something essential. Some people will be removing themselves out of partnerships that no longer work for them, others will be finding new partnerships that do. Know that this is a very Karmic Time, and the people you interact with now (in this capacity) are directly involved in the path of spiritual evolution you forge for yourself on a daily basis. Actions now will continue to unfold and have wider implications for your journey to come. It’s a fantastic time to break out of old patterns – be they of avoiding partnerships, transcending the roots of co-dependent behaviour, or any other pattern of imbalance. Quite a bit of healing is possible at this time, especially if you look at it¬†in terms of breaking away from habit patterns that have kept you from making wise decisions in partnerships. (I’ll talk more about this in a bit).

There’s plenty of sextile (60 degrees) energy between this stellium and Jupiter in Leo, Lilith in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius. Great potentials for growth, the expression of suppressed feminine emotions and assertion in areas of expanding your sense of self awareness. Those with astrological placements at or near 18-24 Pisces/Gemini will experience this as a profound Yod or Finger of Fate.

This stellium also loosely opposes Uranus Retrograde (which feels in the Uranus-Pluto square, of course) and the South Node (which directly opposes the North Node) – both Uranus Rx and the South Node are in Aries. This energy is the opposite of Libra – it’s modus operandi is to assert the Self, first and foremost – often to the extent of forgetting Others. (Libra, on the other hand, can ‘hide’ its identity through its relationships with Others, in an imbalanced state). Ideally, both Uranus/South Node will help you understand that self-assertion is not a bad thing – it’s a key component of self-love. Learning how to balance that in interactions with others is key – as opposed to erasing that emphasis on Self entirely. Remember to draw on the strength of the South Node in Aries – a place of familiarity, almost a fallback or default open – and use that strength to propel you into something new (i.e. North Node energy), currently in Libra.

Also – The Grand Fire Trine between Mars, Jupiter and Uranus Rx, has dissolved. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of Fire energy in the skies

Key dates and times (all in GMT + 8):

Stellium Begins: 6:37 am – October 12, 2014
Sun conjunct North Node: 10:38 pm – October 12
(Near Grand Sextile – Oct 12-13)
Mercury Retrograde conjunct Pallas Athena: 10:18 pm – October 13
Venus conjunct North Node: 11:08 am – Oct 15 ***
Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde: 4:34 am – Oct 17
Venus conjunct Mercury Retrograde: 1:47 am – Oct 18
Stellium Splits: 2:20 am – October 21, 2014

Blessings & Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

SUN-NORTH NODE CONJUNCTION, 19 Lib 12′, October 12 2014, 10:38 pm, GMT + 8


Blessings all! The Near Grand Sextile is activated and the Sun is now conjunct the North Node! This is an annual event of immense significance energetically and astrologically.

The North Node of the Moon is known as Rahu, or the Dragon’s/Serpent’s Head in other systems of astrology (e.g. Vedic, etc.). It represents a place of inexperience for a soul, an area or avenue through which further growth is possible.

The South Node of the Moon is known as Ketu, or the Dragon’s/Serpent’s Tail. It represents a place of familiarity or prior experience from previous incarnations.

The North Node represents the Direction we are to take, the South Node represents the Fallback point (into old habits, behaviors, expectations, patterns) that we may entrench ourselves in fearing change. There are many gifts and strengths to be also found in the South Node position, gifts which can be applied into the unfamiliar territory represented by the North Node. You could think of the North Node as the Direction for Greatest Soul Growth, whereas the Soul Node represents the Position of Greatest Stagnation or Entrenchment.

At this time, the North Node and the Sun are both at 19 Libra (and naturally, as the two are perfectly opposed, the South Node is at 19 Aries).

So what do we make of the Sun-North Node conjunction (or Sun-South Node opposition)?

The Sun represents the Light of Consciousness and also the flow of Spirit through our individuated Souls, Minds, Egos, Bodies and Being (according to astrologer Raymond Merriman). In Libra, the flow of Spirit is focused upon the ways in which we (Self) exist in relation to Others. It focuses upon the partnerships and collaborations which we find ourselves in at home or at work.

I see this energy as also addressing the Shadow Side of the Self which seeks integration in one’s Consciousness. For very often, we seek partners who exhibit qualities which we feel we do not or cannot possess – and so – at a subtle level – we seek to recognize those parts of ourselves through the process of mirroring one another.

With the Sun in this sign, the emphasis is on the choices we make in partnership, and also upon recognizing the play of light, dark, rainbow, gray, etc. within ourselves. It is a call for the wisdom and vision of detachment in which all sides are considered before judgement is made, and if required, justice meted.

The North Node indicates that this exercise of self-recognition, and the valuation of self, particularly in partnerships, etc. represents the greatest direction for Soul Growth at this time. It is a time to learn how to assert yourself and understand your own needs as part of a larger union. And to do so in a way that honors and values the principles of balance, harmony and equality.

The South Node in Aries, on the other hand, is all too aware of the Self, and is in need of recognizing ‘The Other’ as an equally valuable, and necessary part of Existence. Libran energy may seek to hide its own self-recognition in the identities of others, whilst Arian energy may seek to overly assert itself so as to avoid the need for the recognition of others and their needs, in the first place. Both signs do so as to avoid facing crises of fundamental crises in identity, or deeply rooted insecurities.

Essentially: Where Libra may be afraid to be seen as an individual, Aries fears getting lost in a crowd or becoming invisible.

With this current placement, know that individuals may be very polarized in their engagement with both energies. One party may be all too accommodating to another which essentially decides that it’s ‘their way or the highway’, etc. The key here is not to essentially to give up self/give into another person’s wishes – it is to find a centred place of self-assertion – without getting too aggressive about it.

It’s also about using the conscious energy of the Sun to choose which partnerships best suit you in the current part of your journey, and which do not. Which partnerships allow you to be the best you can be, and which bring you down? Why do certain dynamics keep occurring? Is there something about yourself that you are in denial of? Something you could do with addressing? etc.

These are some of the questions you could address right now. Food for thought, at the very least.

Intuitively, with the combination of the Near Grand Sextile in the sky and this Sun-North Node Conjunction, I feel as though the Universe is giving us a great opportunity to rapidly work through past karmic lessons and move into a whole new chapter of our journeys at this time. Do not be afraid to draw upon the strengths of the South Node (self-assertiveness, conviction, passion, etc. ) but know that this is but one aspect of energy in what is a much larger picture.

Seek Pathways of Balance right now in your Life. Try not to sweat the small stuff or take the erratic behaviours of others personally – just make sure you’re doing the right thing for yourself and harming no one else, including yourself.

Blessings and Peace to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Article on the Near Grand Sextile which the Sun & North Node are a part of –

** The Sun/North Node also form sextiles to Jupiter (17 Leo) and Mars (19 Sag). Those with planets at or near 18 Pisces and 18-19 Taurus will feel this as two powerfully karmic yods.
Image Information: Eve at Eden – – 1229365.jpg – Jonathan Billinger [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons