Celestial Dynamics 9th June 2015

Blessings to All. The heavens are lit with cosmic energy, concentrated and channeled through several key astrological configurations: a Grand Mutable Cross, a Kite, 2 Grand Fire Trines, 2 Yods, and a Nodal Wedge.

GRAND MUTABLE CROSS: We have a Grand Mutable Cross involving Chiron (21 Pisces), Pallas Athena (21 Sagittarius), Black Moon Lilith (21 Virgo), and The Sun/Mars (18-19 Gemini). Grand Mutable Crosses challenge our ability to adapt and be flexible in the midst of changing situations.

Chiron reminds us to look at the vulnerabilities we face with regards to our connection with the Divinity, both Internal and External. Through the exploration of our wounds, be it from this life, or a previous time, we are called to heal these spaces in which we ourselves create a rift or disconnection with Source – simply because we have been conditioned to believe it to be something apart from who and what we are – Beings of Energy and Consciousness. Chiron opposes Black Moon Lilith, who serves as the Dark Priestess, finding the best way in which she can craft a material vessel, form or ritual that can truly express the lessons we learn from Chiron in Pisces.

Priestesses at this time are likely to be heavily projected upon, and it is imperative to understand that one’s task comes first, irrespective of social pressures and the ways in which society chooses to perceive the Rise of the Feminine. Both Chiron and Black Moon Lilith square Pallas Athena and The Sun-Mars conjunction.

Pallas Athena, still in Retrograde, teaches us about the inner resources we possess to guide ourselves on the Path we need to take. Whilst guidance from external gurus and mentors is not a bad thing, we are better off listening to our internal compass at this time, in the final instance.

Pallas Athena opposes The Sun-Mars conjunction in Gemini. The Sun focuses our attention upon the earliest stages of our mental conditioning (0-6 years typically), and asks us to re-examine that construct in light of present-day information. You will be called to adopt what works for the present moment, and to release your attachment to outmoded ideas or ways of seeing the world that simply no longer resonate. Mars in Gemini gives us the impetus, the ‘oomph’ you could say, to go about in the world and project our voices, words, ideas and intentions. You may also find matters related to your sibling/s to come to the fore at this time. Such revistation of childhood memories and inherited belief systems will only further Pallas Athena’s ability to strategize and forge the Path ahead, as required.


We also have a Grand Fire Trine involving Vesta (0 Aries), Saturn Retrograde (0 Sagittarius) and Venus (3 Leo). I wrote about this a little while back so I’ll just summarize here – it’s a fantastic time to act upon our passions, impulses and gut-level instincts. They will lead us to understand greater karmic tasks which we – as spiritual seekers and facilitators – need to come to terms with, especially as we connect with the Divine Feminine. You may find the focus of this trine to also involve your ability to create, co-create, pro-create and find a source of authentic joy in life, particularly within the context of personal and professional relationships.


A second Fire Trine is also present between Uranus (19 Aries), Pallas Athena Retrograde (21 Sagittarius) and Jupiter/Juno (17 Leo – 22 Leo). Uranus allows us to arrive at breakthroughs in our understanding of Self; Pallas Athena Rx allows us to internally strategize and arrive at an understanding of where we need to be to get to where we need to go and Jupiter/Juno essentially bring in the ability to receive guidance, blessings and ‘the way forward’ through a romantic partner, a child, a mentor, or someone you see as a soul-mate. Bear in mind that soul-mates aren’t always people who bring you joy, and that, at times, they can – at the human level – cause you great pain, even breakdowns, so that you can experience the conditions that will allow you to awaken to an even greater depth.

The 2nd Grand Fire Trine is, in fact, a Kite – owing to the opposition between Pallas Athena and The Sun/Mars – we discussed this as part of the Grand Mutable Cross as well. This basically focuses the energy of the Trine along the Gemini-Sagittarius opposition. It’s a wonderful time to discover and express the Self and its Authenticity through the Mind and all that it can unveil.


There are also 2 Yods (Fingers of Fate, Karma, Kismet, God, Goddess, Destiny etc.) at play in the sky. One is formed between The Sun/Mars (18-19 Gemini) sextiling Jupiter/Juno (17-22 Leo), both forming an apex by way of inconjuncts to Pluto Retrograde (14 Capricorn). The second Yod is formed by Pluto Retrograde sextiling Neptune (9 Pisces), The Moon (14 Pisces) and Chiron (21 Pisces – by conjunction), forming an apex back to Jupiter/Juno. As the yods share 2 points in common, they are Intersecting Yods. You can think of the energy that travels through these intense alignments as a pinball rapidly gaining momentum and bouncing back and forth across delineated grooves.The decisions and energetic consequences made through a dynamic created by the first Yod, feed into the second – and vice versa.

The Yods bring into play some of the dynamics mentioned previously, but also involve Pluto Retrograde and Neptune/Moon/Chiron. Pluto Retrograde’s role is to make us question our idea of what kind of legacy we leave behind in this world and the standards of attainment which we use to measure it. There is nothing wrong in achievement, wealth, success and status if you are seeking it for worthy cause. Be it to soothe your Soul’s yearnings (if that is the case), or to heed the call of your path, or to build something meaningful for later generations to use, or even to challenge the status quo through a radical re-imagining of what authority, power, order and discipline needs to look like in society. I find that Spirit teaches us how to negotiate material needs and requirements, provided we seek to effect change / experience / just be from the Soul, rather than the Ego seeking validation of some kind.

Neptune/The Moon and Chiron’s role in Pisces open us up to vulnerability in matters of Spirit. We are likely to experience such vulnerabilities in an intensely personal manner, potentially linking it back to karmic dynamics involving the maternal line. Those who have already worked through significant issues in this regard may experience this conjunction as a tender, emotional, vulnerability and yet sweet form of ego-dissolution, in which the Self no longer recognizes a separation between itself and Divinity.


Finally, I’d also like to point out a significant Mercury Retrograde (4 Gemini) trine with the North Node (6 Libra). This naturally makes a Wedge formation as Mercury is also sextiled the South Node (6 Aries). This is a fantastic time in which we can find pathways towards achieving a more spiritual understanding of detachment, balance, justice and acceptance through our relationships with partners, siblings, and collaborators. Pay attention to the words and ideas that come through now at this time as Mercury will, once it finishes its retrograde, revisit its trine with the North Node. The first exact trine between the two (6 Gemini-Libra) was on June 3rd, and it will be revisited on June 18 (depending on your time zone).

Those of you with placements at or near 4-6 Aquarius will experience this as a powerful Grand Air Trine.


Just a quick note on this – we’ve been experiencing an inconjunct aspect between Black Moon Lilith (21 Virgo) and Uranus (19 Aries) for some time now. The challenge to awaken to a more Authentic degree of Consciousness is rattling the cage and breaking open the archetype of the Dark Priestess – freeing it to be what it is – a Sacred Archetype of Facilitation and Service. Those who would like to know more might want to revisit an older Youtube video of mine on the subject:

Bear in mind that those with placements at or near 19 Aquarius and/or 21 Scorpio will experience this as a tremendously powerful Yod.

In short, it’s an extremely active sky that throws up some interesting challenges for our spiritual growth. There’s much to be learnt through the act of neutral observation (of self and other), along with a wilful surrender to the Hand or Agency of Divinity. Once that is achieved, we will begin to recognize humanity and divinity as different shades of the same expression of Cosmic Energy, Will and Consciousness.

Blessings to All ,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
bairaveebalasubramaniam.com ; fb.com/theskypriestess
Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

PS – I’m going to be on an extended pilgrimage and am free for the rest of the day. Those of you seeking readings, please get in touch as soon as possible as I am not likely to have internet access once I physically resume my journey. I am working on a new astro-spiritual facilitation that focuses upon The Dark Goddess/Mother/Priestess/Priest Archetype.

Vanakam, Namaste and Blessings to All.

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Triple Grand Trine

Blessings to all! What a surcharged day this is. We have 3 Grand Trines in the sky, bringing together the elements of Wind, Fire and (Black Earth), involving The North Node (8 Libra) – Ceres (7 Aquarius) – Mercury (6 Gemini) / Sun (15 Taurus) – Pluto Retrograde (15 Capricorn) – Lilith (17 Virgo) / Juno + Jupiter (11-13 Leo) – Uranus (18 Aries) – Moon + Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius) .

We also have the powerful Vesta (17 Pisces) -Black Moon Lilith (17 Virgo) opposition, along with the Venus (28 Gemini) – Pallas Athena Retrograde (29 Sagittarius) opposition.

Trine energy, as I understand it, is the promise of energetic amplification. It is neither a ‘good’ thing, or a ‘bad’ thing. It simply means that there is an abundance of energy that can be used for whatever purpose you wish.

Grand Trines look like equal-sided (equilateral) triangles in the sky, and they provide an even more intense connection between 3 energies that mutually amplify and interact with one another.

We have 3 Grand Trines in the sky – briefly – here’s what each teaches us:

(1) Air – North Node/Ceres/Mercury: The Grand Air Trine asks us to consider our thoughts, ideas, and modes of communication – particularly with siblings – (Mercury in Gemini), our desire to nurture and be nurtured through/with friendship groups, associations for charitable causes, connecting with Cosmic Consciousness and so on (Ceres in Aquarius) and our Soul’s karmic trajectory (North Node). Watch your words, your desires, and your sense of mental balance at this time and see which doors they take you towards. Whether it’s a painful or a pleasurable experience, you’ll find your way towards a deeper sense of balance, potentially through a partnership in life, or at work, this time. The South Node (8 Aries) opposes the North Node, making this a natural Kite formation. The emphasis of the alignment lies upon the Nodes themselves – karmic dynamics are afoot.

(2) Black Earth – Sun/Pluto/Black Moon Lilith: The Taurus Sun places our focus upon securing material objects, relationships and states of being that make us feel secure, whilst Black Moon Lilith challenges the way we share that sense of stability with others through some kind of pathway of service. Pluto completes the alignment, challenging us to reflect upon what we define as a ‘legacy’ that we deem ‘sucessful’, ‘acceptable’, ‘legitimate’, and able to stand the test of time. The Black Earth Trine is a Shadow alignment, indicating that our choices are not made in the visible domain of the Conscious Self. It is the that which we ignore, displace or desperately seek to ignore now that calls out to us as we try to understand just what it is we wish to materially manifest into our lives.

(3) Fire – Moon + Great Attractor / Jupiter + Juno / Uranus: The Moon and The Great Attractor connect with one another in Sagittarius, lighting the Path for Teachers, Guides and Mentors that show you the way of the Mother/Feminine Spirit. You will be drawn irresistibly to them at this time, or find some teachers who do not resonate as wholly unpalatable. No either/or dynamics here. Jupiter and Juno do their dance in Leo, which re-emphasizes the role of joy, innocence, love, creativity, sensuality, romantic partners and children in our lives. Here is where we find blessings and pathways of abundance and guidance. Uranus in Aries electrifies our cosmic antennae, allowing us to bridge different levels of Awareness, from Within and Without. It is a powerful Grand Trine that will help us find the Truth of the Self – in Awareness, Expression and Exploration. Find your path by following/flowing with your passion!

Venus and Pallas Athena oppose one another in Gemini and Sagittarius respectively, Venus is about to enter Cancer, and so here, she begins to intensify her mental searching and yearning for answers at the celebral-intellectual level. Pallas is in Retrograde, exerting her power of assertiveness from within the psyche, in search of a greater sense of truth. You may find romantic encounters and/or materialistic concerns to actually require you to act from a place of philosophical/religious/academic/other paradigm in order to find an answer to an everyday situation involving a sibling or lover – or even your own sense of femininity. You may find some fine-tuning required in understanding and embodying your Path at this time.

Vesta and Lilith are also in opposition. Vesta in Pisces is essentially the Priestess on the Path of Formlessness (yippee), dissolving the need for form, structure and ritual. She’s giving up everything she knows, including what she understand as an institutionalized form of Priestesshood. She’s stripping away the layers of illusion and rhetoric that separate us from the Divine in any way. Black Moon Lilith on the other hand is seeking to work through the shadow layers of projection and do what must be done. Even if it’s not glamorous, even if it seems like you’re doing something beneath yourself (in the eyes of others). She’s finding a way to make the material sacred once more, and with it, the relationship of the Feminine and element/nature/space of Earth. Either way, the Priestess (Vesta/Virgo) dynamic is at work, as is shadow-work (BM Lilith) and a transcendent sense of spiritual connection (Pisces). – Sexy, heavy, and powerful stuff..!

So, all in all – today is a tremendously powerful day for manifesting just about anything. Be mindful of your deepest desires and your conscious ones, and go ahead with your best foot forward!

Blessings and Love to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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