Skypriestess Taurus New Moon May 2015

Blessings to All. The Sun and Moon conjuncted one another at 26’55 Taurus at 12:12 PM, May 18th 2015 (GMT + 8). New Moons are potent windows for seeding intentions that are then culminated in some form during the Full Moon of the same sign – in this case the Taurus Full Moon of October 27, 2015. Here we have the opportunity to set the seeds of abundance that will allow us to feel more supported and nurtured at the material, sensual level. We have the chance to examine our material value systems and decide what it is that matters to us, and what not.

The Sun and Moon conjunct Astraea, the Star Maiden – she brings our focus back onto the cycles of balance, justice, karma and renewing our relationship with the Earth-Bull-Abundant Mother Archetype. Time to start a new cycle, as the last Goddess to leave humanity, Returns. And she calls for a more just engagement and relationship with the Material World / Mother Nature, our Earth-Home. A far vaster energy than any one of us as individuals may be able to fully appreciate. But yes, my friends, the Goddess of the Stars, the Virgin that cast aside the Scales of Libra – now calls to us once more!

Owing to the sheer intensity of all the other alignments (Juno conjunct Jupiter, trine Great Attractor, trine Uranus, inconjunct Pluto + an unusually intense Mercury Retrograde), some people are feeling this energy in overdrive. In cases like that, I’d suggest going to some kind of natural space and grounding out. A crystal like smoky quartz can help, as can simply earthing (placing your bare feet on the ground). My preference is sitting under a tree I like (who hopefully likes me too) and simply grounding out that way.

Whilst the Bull (Taurus) can be playful and sensual, it comes with a great solidity of force that can charge (rightly or wrongly) through things. This New Moon energy seems to be a potent mixture of these various energetic tropes.

In addition to the Sun-Moon conjunction, we see a powerful YOD Alignment involving Varuna, Pallas Athena-conjunct-the Galactic Center-conjunct-Quaoar. Yods in themselves, are powerful ‘Fingers of Fate’ that lead us to key karmic crossroads of choice in our lives. We can truly get more attached to, or, completely detach from certain cycles or lessons that karma sees fit to impart to us. The lesson is is upon the attachment-detachment cycle, the question of how we can exist in this sensual, material, world without being overwhelmed by its dictates and seeming necessities.

The Sun/Moon conjunction sextiles Varuna at 26 Cancer. Lord Varuna is the pre-Vedic, Dravidian deity of the waters, associated with the movement of serpents and the coming of the rains. Prior to the influence of Vedic Hinduism, he was more of a primordial creator deity who existed more in the aether. Astrologically, his role in Cancer stimulates the movement of emotional, intuitive and subconscious energies in a fluid form, fixated upon the realm of the Mother and the Home. He is one of my favourite deities and plays a significant role in my chart and personal evolution.

The Sun/Moon – Varuna sextile both make inconjuncts to Pallas Athena (27 Sagittarius) and the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius), as the apex of the Finger of Fate. Here, we see the energy of strategy, assertiveness, the mind and the power of Pallas directed within. She seeks out the Teacher, and through that inward journey, allows us to connect with external sources of guidance – be it gurus, saints, mentors – sources of wisdom that exist in the Universe, guiding us all the while. As we go within, we discover the world beyond ourselves.

I have saved the best bit for last. Pallas Athena and the Galactic Center are also conjunct a body known as Quaoar. Quaoar teaches us to harmonize opposites, reconcile dualities and heal the divisions created by false binaries. He is activated through ritual song and dance. A powerful way to wield the energies of the Cosmos and arrive at a truly profound, transcendent understanding of All-That-Is.

What a Day. Truly, What a Day. There’s still 3 days left in which we can sow the seeds of powerful intentions that will culminate in late October of this year.

Enjoy this powerful, profound energy, my friends!

Vanakam, Namaste, and Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
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Image: Lord Varuna from Thanjavur Periya Kovil, 2015 by Bairavee Balasubramaniam ; Echinopsis Atacamensis and the Milky Way (wallpaper).jpg – By ESO/S. Guisard ( [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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The Sun conjuncts the Galactic Center at 27 Sag ‘3 between 9:21 – 9:44 am, GMT + 8 (Dec 19th) – prepare for major Source Downloads, to do with the Guidance you receive, your Spiritual Path/Philosophy and Paradigm, Astrology, Higher Education, Foreign Travels, Academia, etc. This is a fantastic annual moment in which the connection between you and your Guides / Guidance is strongly highlighted. Your sense of Conscious Awareness (the Sun) is focused upon the Pathways and Adventures/Expansive Activities through which you experience a particular understanding of Self-Hood. Yes, Sagittarius is adventurous, optimistic, etc. but also remember that it is the sign of the Philosopher-King. There is a strong mental-intellectual component to it as well. Sagittarius can be a jolly go-getter, but can equally become the harsh rejector, casting all that does not echo its own philosophical idea of truth and reality as somehow flawed or incorrect. Watch those Egos as Source (and Great/Grand Central Sun, and Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way) shows us the way forward.

Chariklo (at 26 Sag 59’) will also be a part of this conjunction, as well Quaoar (26 Sag ’26). Chariklo shows us the opportunity to find ways in which imbalanced relationships can be re-balanced in more harmonious ways. It requires us to pause, find a center or position of balance, and take stock of the situation before rushing into aggressive or submissive posturing. This is an opportunity for us to find our where our boundaries with others are overly lacking or present – an especially important concern for healers, spiritualists and empaths as well.

Quaoar asks us to find a way that is both balanced and harmonious as we seek to redress the issues that the Sun, Galactic Center and Chariklo highlight at this time. It shows us a way to connect back with the Root, or Flow of Source that runs through all of Creation – to understand that we judge as ‘Light/Dark’, ‘Good/Evil’ are but different facets of the same energy signature, each occupying its own place in the Balance of all Things. As we learn that all are equally Sacred (including ourselves), we come to a realization that we are Co-Creators of the Reality we individually and collectively inhabit. There is a need to recognize the Sacred Interconnectedness of all things, even in seeing how situations of ‘Death/Loss/Pain’ etc. are the precursors to ‘Life/Regeneration/Joy’, echoing deeply Scorpionic themes of Life-Death and Rebirth. Sacred Rituals involving song, dance, vocal invocations – particularly in the Native American / First Nations tradition – are linked with this energy of Creation-through-Transmutation.

In fact, the Sun/Galactic Center/Chariklo/Quaoar are part of a Grand Mutable Cross involving Terpsichore and Dionysus (26 Gemini), Elatus (26 Virgo), Salacia (26 Pisces). Very briefly, this indicates that Dance (Terpsichore) may be a pathway to access the energy of the Sagittarian cluster – remember to exercise some Balance, and not get too carried away with the merriment of Dance, warns Dionysus (next to Terpsichore) – Ecstatic Rapture is one thing and Escapism is Another! The Elatus-Salacia opposition (both squaring the other two sides) ask us to exercise our caution as we express our views on matters to do with sexuality, scandal, and so on. There is also an energy of purification/regeneration/reinstatement hat can come through better use of our healing energies. It is a time where the subject of abuse (particularly of a sexual nature) can reclaim his/her Sacred, Sovereign Authority, and no longer need to don the heavy mantle of Victimhood.

Taking it all together, the Galactic Center conjunct Sun make us aware of Source Teaching. Chariklo points to very intimate issues surrounding energetic boundaries and relationships with others. Quaoar challenges us to find ways in which what needs to be healed or balanced can be done so with an understanding of the alchemy behind the cycles of birth, death and rebirth. Phoenix energy, in Short. The other asteroids help us understand how to best access and work with these energies as part of a powerful Grand Mutable Cross!

At the same time of the exact conjunction between the Sun and the Galactic Center – I will be on air discussing the topic of ‘Awakening the Goddess Through Astrology’ on the Living Astrology Show, beginning at 16:00 Pacific Time (18th Dec), so in about 7 hours from Now. Here’s the link for those interested

Here’s a little writeup about what I’ll be speaking about:

On today’s show we will be discussing Juno, Vesta, Pallas Athena and Ceres, collectively known as ‘The Goddess Asteroids’ along with Black Moon Lilith. Together, all these astrological energies allow us to paint a more complex portrait of how the Goddess, The Sacred Feminine is rising through all Beings at this time. Each of these energies is truly multidimensional and casts so much light onto our pasts, present and potential futures. There is so much to be learned from a study of these astrological bodies and we will continue to deepen our knowledge about them in the years to come.

I will also be reading a few charts whilst I am on-air. Call in number to the show: 1-347-205-9869 – though be aware there will be a caller queue!

I hope many of you Tune in to what Source has to tell you today ❤ 🙂 Download one of the Meditations if you like and/or Tune into the my interview- whatever works for you, which you are called to do. It’s a day to celebrate and really, really, use to get deep within yourself and then Soar, Soar, Soar (inwards, outwards or both, that’s up to you)!

Blessings, Love, and Joy to All!

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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