This year´s September Equinox is woven into several other major celestial alignments. I begin with events that flavour the day itself (22nd September) and upcoming astro-highlights that gradually intensify their focus and energy – up to the point they go exact. It´s all about what´s going down between September 21-26, 2016.

Equinoxes are times where the length of the day matches the length of the night. They are turning points on the wheel of the seasons, more noticeable the farther we get from the Equator. They are celebrated as moments of time where we honor Balance. Of Light and Dark, Day and Night, Pain and Pleasure, Male and Female – or whatever other dualistic binary you prefer working with. I liken it to the symbol of the Tao / Taijitu / Ying Yang symbol and the overall impression of dynamic equilibrium that it evokes. You can use this symbol to equally interpret the significance of solstices. I leave it to you as an exercise in interpretation should you wish to gaze upon it and the messages it offers.

Astrologically speaking, the theme of balance is reinforced beautifully by the fact the Sun enters Libra at the time of the September Equinox. Libra is of course the energy of Balance and Equilibrium, represented by the symbol of the Scales of Justice. I (like a few other astrologers who prefer re-working codes and symbols) do not exclusively see Libra as representative of beauty, grace and harmony as per social codes or norms. There are multiple ways of finding balance in the world: one through gradual change and the other through violent disruption. The scales can re-balance themselves gently, or swing wildly till they finally settle. It´s diplomacy with the dove or by the sword.

As the Sun enters Libra, it also approaches the Super-Galactic Center (now at 1 Libra): what I interpret as one of the most powerful points of karmic/spiritual influence that we know of in our understanding of the cosmos through an astrological perspective. Between September 22-24, you will have the experience and opportunity to either re-negotiate, initiate or perhaps even dissolve long standing energetic contracts. This may manifest in terms of a personal partnership, a professional collaboration, or simply (and profoundly) the way one soul chooses to engage with another in on a one-to-one basis. Some of these negotiations will be graceful and others will feel like diplomacy wielded by the edge of a burning blade. It is also a fantastic time to do meditative work with the nature of the Primordial, Cosmic Void (if you are already familiar or initiated into that kind of spiritual work/element/experience).

At the same time, Mercury (14 Virgo) will be trined Pluto Retrograde (14 Capricorn). In fact, Mercury stations direct on the 22nd (same date as the Equinox, depending on time zone – 21st night for those of you in the Americas), hours before the Sun enters Libra. This is especially significant, for a whole range of reasons. You may find new answers arising to situations that have been taxing your mental nerves for the past month coming up after the Equinox. Look especially at questions or decisions you took around September 6 (as that is when the Sun was at 14 Virgo, close to the North Node and trining Pluto)

I see this as a powerful time for us to reconsider how we interpret our paths of service, healing and practical manifestation. Do we serve in ways that disempower the self, or others? Do we create cycle of dependency or sustainable self-sufficiency? Does our work tilt the scales in favour of a socio-politically tilted status quo, or do we, in our own ways, challenge it? Those of you with placements near 14 Taurus will experience this as a profound Grand Earth Trine – truly powerful possibilities for reconfiguring your relationship with the material realm and what and how you choose to manifest (and why).

Think about the bigger ripples that your work is creating in the world and whether they in fact lead to the right places. It´s certainly been a theme strongly informing my own thoughts as of late as I have been working with kids with genetic disabilities and families in need through a local charity. It´s been .. a very intense experience. Heartbreaking and heartopening in so many different ways. And it really makes you think about the legacy you leave behind through how you serve.

Some things, do need to be questioned – no matter how holy the garb they are adorned in.

Mercury will also square the Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius). It is a powerful time to orient one´s self with a Path, Paradigm, Teacher, Mentor or Journey which will lead you to a different horizon. It could even be a flight overseas or taking a new course to broaden your own mind, or learning a different language. Some of you will find what you want by realizing what it is that you don´t want, whereas, others will be guided straight to what they do need. It´s all about how we navigate the celestial information coming to us now.

In the buildup to the Equinox – on September 21st – we also see the Gemini Moon squaring Saturn, the North Node, the South Node, Neptune and Mercury. There´s going to be a lot of emotional intensity and the possibility for breakthrough coming through the form of an Intense! Grand Mutable Cross. It is … so incredible to note that the Cross (made by way of the Moon´s transit) ends right before the Sun enters Libra! ! ! Wowza! You could not make that up!!!

We´ve been experiencing this Mutable-Squared energy for quite some time now, and so some of the challenges that come up now may seem very familiar. Siblings and/or others who feature prominently in your daily environments/early childhood may be powerful catalysts for awakening.

Otherwise, just stay open and pay attention to the messages that appear, the writing on the wall and so on. Writing and speaking may have a cathartic effect for those who feel especially bottled up. Blue lace agate will help to calm the edge of unbridled anger whereas aquamarine will help to organize and clarify the expression of emotion and will.

As I (and many, many other astrologers) have been saying for much of 2016 – it is a year of Navigation. You find the road or Path to Spirit that truly brings you in alignment with the unknowable, formless, nameless – utterly transcendental – experience of the Sacred. We are also called to hone and harness more sophisticated and grounded paths of service that channel this energy whilst moving away from sacrifice-suffering-oriented models of growth that ultimately get us entrapped further in the karmic game. But everyone will have their own take on that.

* * *

Unsurprisingly, I´m now at Siem Reap (close to Angkor Wat, the temple-megacomplex dedicated to Lord Mahavishnu and Lord Shiva and …. as far as I am concerned, built by the descendants of the Southern Indian Chola empire) with my older brother!

Whoo!!! I´ve been trying to get here for the past 2 years and each time something has gone wrong with the booking. Either the flight didn´t go through or the hotel or some other weird shenanigan. But FINNAAAALLLYYY!!!!!!! SIEM REEEAPPP!!! YEEAAAAHHHHH!!!


I´m hoping to see more of the representation of the Feminine in some of the smaller temples. Graham Hancock´s reading of Angkor Wat and its cosmological significance is… well… stellar 😀

Okay .. back to the astrology, having got that out of my system.

* * *

At the time of the Equinox, Venus (28 Libra) will be squared Thereus (28 Cancer). It is an excellent time to be moving past victim-abuser dynamics passed down the generational line and reproduced in one´s personal and professional partnerships. If you´re in a relationship where you feel like you´re being controlled/are controlling – walk out of it and allow yourselves to open up to new definitions of what a relationship can look, feel and taste like. There´s going to be power play here and the best way to get out of it is to simply walk away. No one deserves to be bullied or made to feel as though they are undeserving of love, nurture, respect, and so on.

Mars (26 Sagittarius) will be nearly conjunct the Galactic Center of the Milky Way (27 Sagittarius). Find your Path and Launch! It echoes Mercury´s square to the Great Attractor in a powerful way. Choose a road, and if you find it´s the wrong one for you later .. you still get to change it. Either way … Initiate!

Now … for the two BIG celestial shifts that we´re already in the process of building up towards: Pluto stationing Direct. And …. URANUS CONJUNCT ERIS Pt. 2 (of 3) !!!!!

On September 25, 2016 – Uranus will conjunct Eris (exactly) at 23 degrees Aries. This isn´t something that a single article or series of articles can adequately do justice to.

Eris represents the Rising energy of the Feminine and Uranus brings in the possibilities of Change, Transformation and Awakening. Eris is also associated with the Discord that is wrought of wide-scale War (think of Troy). When these two get together, there´s going to be a multi-channeled awakening of Feminine energy.

Some of it will Fiercely Nurture and some of it will want to Destroy the world that enslaved it so. Personally, I believe that Fierce Love and Restructuring of the Collective need not necessitate Violence. That may be idealistic talk for some of you, but it´s the energy that I wish to bring to my engagement with Eris-Uranus. The first activation was in June 2016 and the final one will be in March 2017.

My suggestion to you would be to engage with this energetic signature (especially those of you who channel Dark Goddess energy) from a space of Calm. From the Heart. You may want to read my earlier piece on ´When Not All Darkness is Sacred: Things to Bear in Mind when Embodying or Channelling the Dark Goddess´ – .

Coming from the Heart and striving to find a space of Detached Calmness through the Storm does not negate the need for Change nor does it invalidate the pain and suffering that so many have borne. It simply means that we will be in a better space to act upon our deeper impulses and drives in ways that do not cause unnecessary damage. You will act out passionately, in whatever way you see fit, so it is best to have a counter-point, an anchor which allows you to reflect upon what you´re doing, how and why. The video attached was made during Uranus-Eris conjunction in June 2016, addressing this very issue:


Back to the present … and near-future . . .

Ungrounded souls will be in need of support and sanctuary. Those of you who can freely give it without condition, please extend your support. Being ungrounded at this time isn´t a measure of how ´spiritually awakened´ (whatever that is / however that is measured) you are. Some of us working with the new channels of Feminine energy have had to re-learn our spiritual alphabet as it were, back to the basics. Baby steps as we birth a new Love-Wave.


The picture I´ve used for this post symbolizes that energetic anchoring and intent.

I went to a Goddess temple after a long day of witnessing pain and contemplating the nature of the Universe that would tell a parent that a genetically … malformed? defective? (I really don´t know the right word – anger surges through me when I think about it) – that a genetically impaired child deserves their lot in life because of sins from their past births. And I roared and I prayed for two hours, which felt like all of five minutes.

I noticed that lights were lit for every major statue in the temple and that the wind had blown out the much-neglected statue of AshtaDurga (the Eight-handed Goddess Durga). I lit her lamp, prayed and – much to my surprise and joy – it stay lit through the wind. I obtained permission and took a photo of Her. The image is my take on that photo – and the Violet Ray came through. For others it will be Magenta, or even something different (it´s certainly not just one channel opening up for me and others at this time). I will discuss this further as we get closer to the actual Eris-Uranus conjunction.

Whatever you do, however you choose to engage with Her Energy …

Bear in mind the lesson of Libra: What will it be? Balance through Peace, or the Blade of War? You – We – will all pick.

Just a day later (September 26, 2016) – Pluto stations direct. It´s the end of the Pluto retrograde, this round of it at the very least. Some of the most intense aspects of the ´descent´ in the Underworld / Shadow Work / Ancestral Work / Deep Healing will cease. A moment of relief as it were. As we slowly move back into … shall we say a lighter shade of black.

I hope it is a time where we can choose to move past that drama (i.e. energetic, emotive intensity) of victimhood and bullying … suffering and struggle … power and its abuse …. or – at the very least – to see that other alternatives to the narrative are present.

September 25/26, 2016 is also a powerful time for another reason – Saturn´s squares to the North and South Nodes go exact at 11 degrees Sagittarius-Virgo-Pisces. If you´ve got a body near 11 Gemini, it becomes … one heckuva Grand Mutable Cross. If you haven´t aligned or chosen the path you want to align with yet, something will happen at this time to push you towards it. Be open, see what comes. If everything gets too intense – just remember to breathe. You win points just for being here and doing no intentional harm to Self and Others.

There´s of course other alignments going on … but I felt these to be the most important to address at this time.

* * *

Last but not least, I´ve been asked about sessions at this time. I will officially open sessions from the 28th onwards till October 7, 2016. Those of you who want to pre-book, just use this link (times shown in your timezone): – for the Vesta/Eris/Mnisession. If you´re looking for one of my other sessions, just get in touch here 🙂

Those of you who want to work with this … incredible energy in a focused way, consider booking a session between the 24-27th of September on an ad hoc basis. Alternatively, you might simply want to experience the energy first-hand, which is fantastic as well. I´m saying that I´ll be around, but … tune in to see if it´s an experience you need – and if you really need that extra edge or intensity.

I only offer a session if I feel it´ll benefit someone, and many of you will find answers in the skies themselves. Some of you will need to wait till the Storm passes and others will Dance at Her Center.

All Good. All Valid. All Needed Approaches. No one´s way is as good as the way you find for yourself, as part of your own process. Do not feel the need to make comparisons – your story, however you choose to write it, is a valuable, unique and original contribution to the story we are all collaboratively creating together… with the God/dess & Cosmos & Whatever-it-is-you-understand-as-The-Sacred.

Blessings, Love and Hugs!  ❤ 

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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