THE PHOENIX RISES; MAGIC IS AT WORK … – Saturn/Vesta septiles Pluto Retrograde, biquintiles Uranus Retrograde along with an Inconjunct-formed 5-pointed Star (and other stuff)

Magic is at work

The energy of the dying-resurrecting energies of the Sacral-Sacred Feminine (i.e. the Phoenix cycle) is currently underway in the skies (see also

This energy septiles Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn and biquintiles Uranus Retrograde in Aries. A septile is 1/7th of a circle, i.e. 51 ’26 degrees. When you see a septile aspect, what you’re looking at is a very mystical, transcendental relationship between two astral bodies in the chart. There is a lesson that can be learnt through the act of ‘rising above’ something and seeing things from a detached perspective.

In itself, Pluto represents crisis, transformation and the death-rebirth energy in and of itself. In the sign of Capricorn (which the Sun enters during the Winter Solstice – in the Northern hemisphere), Capricorn esoterically represents the Tomb (Alan Oken). This is the place where the Soul goes to rest, having ‘died’ (it need not be literal), before it awakens once more into the Light of Day.

The idea of ‘resurrection in the tomb’ is also very much linked with the energy of Scorpio – and the deep journey into the Shadow Self/Underworld you take before you emerge out under the open sky once more.

With the septile connecting Pluto Retrograde (the Rx element only intensifies this energy, making it profoundly felt at an internal level) in the Tomb of Capricorn and the energies of Saturn-Vesta (Sacral Wounding, Death and Rebirth) – we get a profound energetic impulse.

It will manifest differently for all, but manifest it will. Some may be feeling the need for rest, others may be ‘out of the tomb’ so to speak – and roaring to go.

This energy feeds both into the Grand Cardinal Cross (with Juno and Pallas) and the remnants of the Grand Sextile. To see how this aspect manifests in your lives, look at which houses Saturn/Vesta at 19 Scorpio and Pluto at 11 Rx are located in your natal chart.

For instance, if Saturn/Vesta is in the 5th, and Pluto in the 7th house, you might find this theme of death-life-rebirth and transcendence activated in matters of romance/children/creativity (5th house) and partnership, balance, your shadow side (7th houses).

The other aspect I mentioned is Saturn/Vesta’s Biquintile in Scorpio to Uranus Retrograde in Aries

The Biquintile is a 144 degree aspect which represents the coming together of two forces to create something new. There is a gift, or talent which comes to light and fruition as two people, entities, or energies interact with one another (Robert Wilkinson). To find out which, again, look to your house placements. For example: If you have Aries in the 10th house and Scorpio in the 5th house, then it’s quite likely you’re looking at the Inner Awakening (Uranus Rx) of the Self (Aries) with respect to its position in Society (10th house). This energy is interacting with a powerful impulse of Resurrecting the Sacral/Sacred Feminine (Saturn/Vesta) in its most Intimate (Scorpio) sense, particularly in matters related to romance/creativity/children (5th house).

Together, the flow of energy created by the Uranus – Saturn/Vesta Biseptile and the Saturn/Vesta – Pluto septile (with Uranus and Pluto connected by a square) creates a powerful flow of inspiration and the potential for deep transformation, resurrection and transcendence. Expect solutions to the impossible to be achieved, if you are willing to allow this flow of inspiration to move through you.

On top of all of this — we’ve got a 5 pointed star formed through the intersections of Inconjunct aspects. This isn’t the perfect star formed as part of a Grand Quintile, but I’ve seen it in enough charts to know that one cannot afford to overlook the alchemy and magic that this Inconjunct-formed-Star can bring to a chart. It’s one of those alignments where … you can only expect the unexpected.

One last note: We also have the Sun septile Ceres today. The energy of inspiration ‘from Source’ allows us to find ways to honor the nurturer within. We may find ways to heal the deepest parts of ourselves as we do so for others at the same time. Ceres is part of a powerful Yod (Finger of Fate) involving Pluto and apexing at the Moon in Gemini.

In short my friends, the energies of the Phoenix are powerfully at work – She is Resurrecting the Feminine in the most intimate, powerful and liberating way possible. Trust the Universe, Trust the Source and you will find what you seek, in the most unexpected ways

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image information: Phoenix, Canley Ford – – 246395.jpg – Mike Downey [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons



Blessings all. When I say the Sacred Feminine, I’m not just talking about women. I’m talking about an integral part of Divinity that moves through all of Creation. Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies, in the human body at least, most visibly play out their Cosmic Dance in the Sacral Chakra. Men and women tend to experience the interplay of those energies differently, owing to their different sexual characteristics. (But it’s not a hard and fast rule).

At the moment, following swiftly upon the heels of the Grand Sextile – we have an immediate energetic challenge posed in the heavens. (This is probably why I decided to continue ‘holding space’).

Mars is at 29 degrees Scorpio. The (stereotypically) masculine, assertive drive (Mars) seeks to penetrate intimate depths (of emotions, of sexuality and of power plays behind-the-scenes or through indirect means). This can be an amazing and wonderful thing if such penetration occurs with permission, often through the sexual act – though a powerful energetic connection can facilitate the same.

The problem arises when permission is neither asked nor given. Energy violation, or the sense of ‘energy rape’ can then occur. This then becomes an abuse of the power of the Sacred Masculine, over the energetic integrity of the Sacred Feminine. (Again, people can play these roles irrespective of what sex they were born as – I’m using a strong gendered binary here, but look past the constructs and see the energy of my words).

Power plays for domination, often through the violation of sexual or other intimate boundaries and the use of spiritual or magickal practices for less-than-honorable intentions are highlighted as these are ways that the energy of Scorpio can be abused.

This particular energy signature is highlighted now because of the conjunction of Saturn with Vesta at 19 Scorpio at 10:37 am (GMT + 8, 14-9-14), about 5 hours after Mars leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. However, we’re already feeling the intensity of this conjunction now and its energetic implications are already being ‘picked up’ by sensitives all around the world.

Saturn represents the Karmic Trial, or Ancient Pattern that arises, often causes some kind of Restriction or Pain – in its quest to teach you about a certain Limitation, Boundary or need for Ordering/Discipline/Structure. Vesta represents the energy of the Spiritual Facilitator (Priest and Priestess) who tends to the Literal and Metaphorical Sacred Flame: Temple of the Body, Kundalini Energy, and perhaps a literal flame at a constructed Temple. This energy is strongly linked to the Sacral Chakra and, in particular, the preservation of the integrity and continual embodiment of the Sacred Feminine. The use of flame as the vehicle for sacrifice (of ego, not others) and surrender (to Spirit, not other people) is highlighted. Flame can protect and destroy – and the Priest/ess understands both.

At this time, Karmic Fates await in the Balance, determined only by our Choices. Spiritualists, in particular, are challenged now to use the power of Mars in Scorpio to honor and protect Sacred Boundaries (particularly of the Womb, and the Sacred Feminine – in men and women). Scorpio, for all its notoriety, is the point in the zodiac where the Phoenix plunges into the Darkness to Die, and Ultimately to be Reborn. It is the place in which the Shadow is truly understood and its Gifts revealed. Those who decide to manifest the other side of Scorpio (discussed above) will set their own karmic chain of events into motion through their actions.

At the everyday level, the challenge is to honor the sacred boundaries of another, and not seek dominion over them in some form. It is to shy away form the idea that you are somehow entitled to, or have ownership or claim over another person’s energy, body, intimate moments, in any form – for you simply do not.

Whilst we are all one, at the Level of Unity Consciousness, we are clearly separate beings at the level of Form. The two may seem as though they are a paradox, but they coexist quite beautifully. For as we honor our sacred boundaries, we do so in a way that only affirms the Unity and Interconnectedness that we all Share. The desire to ‘own’, ‘conquer’ or ‘intimidate’ another to do your will, or that you may have what they have is indicative of a more divisive approach to Spirit.

For as we all come from the Same Source, we need not compete or seek to rob one another.

Many will be sensing this challenge to the Feminine as a familiar one. The presence of Saturn indicates these tests to be of a karmic nature, most likely one following from lessons in need of completion from previous times. The idea of a penetrative Masculine energy overriding the preferences of the Feminine is certainly not a new idea, in the slightest.

Take care of yourselves, honor your boundaries and those of others. Call upon the Nurturing Detachment of the Crone-Earth-Goddess/Dark Mother Energy to help you set those boundaries, if you have difficulties articulating it – this too is due to the influence of Scorpio – but in its more life-affirming forms. Crone/Earth goddesses include Dhumavati-Ma, The Cailleach, Goddess Hekate and so on – each guard the boundaries of different spaces in their own ways. Similar to the way a Mother might protect her Child, or a Grandmother protecting her grandchild.

This energy is likely to last a day at this current level of intensity.

Blessings and Love to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

A Guide to the Grand Sextile, 13 September 2014

A Guide to the Grand Sextile

The Grand Sextile, is a Star of David/Shadkona Yantra/Hexagram shaped configuration in the sky surrounded by a hexagon. It is a portal of Manifestation, a Divine Seal of Facilitation. This configuration is ‘completed’ through the motion of the Moon in the sign of Taurus.

Window of Time (19 HOURS, 27 MINUTES):
4:39 am, September 13 2014 – 12:06 am September 14 2014 (GMT + 8)
6:39 am, September 13 2014 – 2:06 am September 14 2014 (Sydney, GMT+ 10)
2:09 am, September 13 2014 – 9:36 pm September 13 2014 (India, GMT + 5:30)
4:39 pm, September 12 2014 – 12:06 pm September 13 2014 (New York, EDT)
1:39 pm September 12 2014 – 9:06 am September 13 2014 (California, PDT)
9:39 pm, September 12 2014 – 3:06 pm September 13 2014 (London, GMT + 1)

[[ The Grand Sextile Portal is now Open ]]


Enjoy 🙂 (And check out the FB event for further information: Calling The Tribes on FB – I’ll see you there — )

For those of you who prefer learning through an oral rather than verbal component (or who simply want to re-inforce what is written here) you can also look at my video explaining the Grand Sextile and the challenges and gifts it brings us.



Here are the components of the Grand Sextile, a planet/body in all Earth/Water elements:

Moon in Taurus – emotional security, subconscious relationship with the flow of abundance (be it wealth or inner resources like self-worth)

Chiron Retrograde in Pisces – the sense of wounding or vulnerability with respect to one’s Path and/or connection with Spirit – healing and wounding tends to take place at a very deeper internal level and involve past life wounds and karmic ties rising to the surface for resolution

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn – transformative crises (mostly internally generated) to find a new articulation of our relationship with power, status, career, prestige, the legacy we leave behind

Saturn conjunct Vesta in Scorpio – Saturn deals with karmic, the virtues of limitation and structuring of energy – Vesta deals with a path of Spiritual Facilitation, healing, the histories and memories of those who tended the sacred flame, be it within the self, or in ancient temples – in Scorpio , these energies unearth powerful memories of tasks or lessons from the past and ask us engage with our shadow beliefs and attitudes towards these aspects of life. They challenge you to find the gift in the Shadow, essentially.

Sun in Virgo – the focus of one’s essence/vital energies is on the Path of Service, ways to maintain, preserve, and nurture the integrity of the Self and Others in Balanced Harmony. The role of Priest/ess in Spiritual Facilitation and Honoring the Earth-Mother is also highlighted.

Juno in Cancer – The energy of the Divine Feminine moves through us as it seeks to elevate and transform our engagement with Spirit. She pushes us to the boundaries of our understanding of Home/Family/Motherhood/Goddess Love and helps us chart new waters in our engagement with her. Not to be underestimated.

So these are the main players in this alignment – their energies and lessons and challenges come together as one for 19.5 hours – the duration the sextile remains open. Astrologers will note that the Grand Sextile is formed if an 11 degree orb isuse for the Sun-Pluto Trine. Venus trines the Sun weakly, and She’s also 11 degrees away from the Sun as well. Still within the range of influence.

Three other factors intensity the experience of this Grand Sextile:

(1) The Final Grand Cross of 2014 – involving Juno, Pallas Athena (now conjunct Mercury), Pluto Retrograde and Uranus Retrograde. For more information see – this Cross challenges the Rising of the Feminine as She takes her Place on the World’s Stage and the Path of the Priestess, Witch, Goddessian is legitimated once more.

(2) A Triple Yod Configuration – 3 Fingers of Fate interconnect creating Karmic Decision Points which can radically alter the rate, progress and path that you take in your spiritual evolution

– Yod 1: Moon-Mercury/Pallas-Chiron Retrograde
– Yod 2: Chiron Retrograde-Jupiter-Pluto Retrograde
– Yod 3: Jupiter – Chiron Retrograde – Mercury/Pallas

Mercury/Pallas bring an intense analytical/mental/intellectual focus to any issue in your environment which is out energetic balance, particularly focused on your partnerships (due to its placement in Libra) – it even be the partnership within yourself with Spirit. For more information, see

Jupiter in Leo deals with your guidance, sense of adventure, willingness to explore through experience, and a general sense of amplification/blessings on your path. Leo relates to romance, children, creativity, self-expression, the Inner Child Construct and the challenge of remaining authentic through vulnerability.

With the Yods as interconnected as they are … expect powerful shifts through all of the energies / planets / asteroids mentioned here. They can and will surprise you in powerful ways.

(3) Mars shifts into Sagittarius and remains at 29 degree Scorpio throughout the duration of the Grand Sextile’s portal

The 29th degree is the Anaretic Degree. It’s the time and place where the lump sum, or intensity of the energy from a particular sign concentrates, just before it is transcended.

So look back to all of the lessons of Mars in Scorpio. The balanced use of assertive force or power, the desire to know/own/control kept in check, the penetrative emphasis on self-knowing, often through another.

So with that intense focus of assertive energy, penetrating to the depths of your subconscious, shedding light on your Shadow (sometimes seen in others) …

You’re going to feel the -shake-up-wake-up- at this time. Intensity of focus, powerfully deep emotions rising to the surface.

All in preparation for Mars’ entry into Sagittarius which will take place at 5:40 am, September 14th, 2014. Basically 5 hours after the Grand Sextile portal closes.

To Summarize – the Energy of this Portal of Manifestation Births a New Reality. It Anchors the Energies of the Rising Feminine and the Masculine which must now acknowledge and confront the deep emotions buried in its Shadow. the Masculine (energy of assertion, not limited to gender) will then teach the lessons of its emotive sensitivity as it moves through Sagittarius. Plenty of new information coming in the next phase of Mars’ Journey. The Feminine, on the other hand (again, not limited to gender) learns the lessons of the game of power, presence and challenging the patriarchy.

Pallas Athena and her androgynous energies will help us find ways to balance those energies and interpret them in powerfully new ways. 

There is a dance of Balance that these, and other Energies in the Universe will play together at this time And eventually, we will find that Unity.

So as you anchor your intentions for Manifestation, focus upon your Truest Understanding of Divinity Open your Heart and Work with its energies.

Blessings and Love to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD