The Virgo New Moon/Solar Eclipse (1 September 2016): Looking To The Future We are About to Create with Saturn, Pluto and Vesta (The Priestess)

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We begin this article by looking at the future that we are about to create.

At 9.03 am UTC, 1st September 2016 – the Moon conjuncted the Sun in a Solar Eclipse (New Moon) at 9 degrees Virgo.

Solar Eclipses / New Moons are potent times for the setting of seeds, or intentions which we reap – or see culminate – at moments predicted by the mathematics and energy of astrology. The seeds you set now you will most certainly see during the next Virgo Full Moon (March 12, 2017).

That´ll be interesting as the Sun will conjunct Pallas Athena and Chiron in Pisces whilst squaring Saturn and the Galactic Center in Sagittarius – and of course opposing the Moon at 22 Virgo.

Let´s just say that´s going be … a very telling time.

Many questions shall arise, such as: Are we on the road to Healing, or simply Self-Deception? Are we on a path of Service, or simply Self-Aggrandizement? (and so on and so forth)

Less than a month later (April 6, 2017), Saturn will retrograde at that exact degree – 27 Sagittarius (The Galactic Center), forcing us to re-visit these questions. Saturn will re-enter, and then finally leave Sagittarius from the last week of November till the first week of December 2017.

So really … the seeds we´re setting now, at the very least (putting aside the fact this is an Eclipse for a moment), will find structure, consolidation and form in fifteen months from now!!!!

I also note two curious features shared by the current Virgo New Moon (September 1, 2016) and next year´s Virgo Full Moon (March 12, 2017):

(1) The Sun and Moon square Saturn in Sagittarius
(2) Pluto in Capricorn opposes Vesta in Cancer (owing to Vesta´s long retrograde from the start of Leo and back into Cancer).

So let´s break that down.

The focus on Saturn tells us that – ALL – of this comes back to the question of what Path we ultimately take towards healing, learning, expression, service – or simply the paradigms we use to navigate our lives and find a sense of place in the world.

There´s going to be a lot of physical and/or intellectual movement as we expand our horizons. Be it by travel, migration, higher education, training, speaking – or finding sources of knowledge you see as authoritative in other forms.

Without surprise, this will equally translate into consolidation and/or conflict across the lines of political, spiritual and religious ideology.

As an astrologer, I also see this as a powerful time for the creation (and necessary destruction) of different approaches to this field of human-and-celestial understanding. The same message comes through strongly through the various other hats I wear: as academic, public speaker, global traveller – my own Saturn is in Sagittarius anyway 🙂 .

But long story short …

December 2017 is going to be a definitive time for the planet. And the seeds and energetic path-working we bring to our lives right now – is going to fuel whatever direction emerges then.

So … find the road you want to take and commit to it. You might change it over the next fifteen months – and that is fine. Just pick something, and get to it.

You might want to hold off signing paperwork till early October, just to allow Mercury to finish retrograding – unless of course, it´s just following through with something you previously committed to.

And it´s probably a good idea to let the Pisces Lunar Eclipse on September 16, 2016 pass first. The Moon (24 Pisces) will be conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer (22 Pisces), both trining Vesta (20 Cancer).

Amazingly, Vesta will be at the same degree (20 Cancer) during the Pisces Lunar Eclipse (September 16, 2016) and the Virgo Full Moon (March 12, 2017) – and when the Vesta Retrograde ends on March 7, 2017!

Interesting times … .. and such a focus on Vesta, The Priestess – to whom we now turn.

The second shared feature between the Virgo New Moon and Virgo Full Moon is the Pluto-Vesta opposition in Capricorn-Cancer.

This tells me that what we choose now is vital in helping us understand our Path of Service, Facilitation, Priest/essing – and its relationship with familial, ancestral, shadow-based karma, alchemy, manifestation and the deepest levels of energy-working.

That´s putting a very long story in a nutshell.

Vesta, the Priestess is going to want to sacrifice herself for her family, belief system, culture, custom, tradition – or simply to feel that she belongs someplace, that she has a Home.

Pluto will challenge Her by bringing her back into the Shadow-Domains, perhaps through the pursuit of power, perhaps through pain, perhaps both. I see The Priestess needs to understand the truth of what she seeks, what she is willing to sacrifice for it, and why – without giving into Pluto´s seductive wares and/or bullying ways. Remember – this is the planet that rules violence and breakdown, just as it does intimacy and rebirth.

Navigating this alignment alone will require an level of incredible transparency, groundedness and a willingness to ´cut through the karmic BS´ (as a loved one put it). You might prefer the language of transmutation, release and/or acceptance – it comes down to the paradigm of your choice.

Whatever you choose now, let it be a choice born of love, rather the fear of abandonment, betrayal, persecution or the desire to find brute power over another. It can be easy to give into those parts of the self when one believes they have no other way out. But that too is a belief, and one that can be shifted should you choose.

This bodes to be a very very transformative time for energy-workers and facilitators, particularly those who are not averse to exploring the relationship with the Shadow in its various forms. Those of you who do ancestral work will probably already be focusing on inherited (or mimicked) energetic vulnerabilities that have passed through family lineages.

I have found that working with the Golden Ray at the Solar Plexus Chakra in particular to be very, very effective at this time. Gemstones such as citrine or golden topaz will be of great use. Watch as well the messages that (literally) come from your gut, humanity´s ´second brain´, bringing with it the information of 100 million neurons. Probiotics and Vitamin C are also things I would encourage exploring to complement energetic work at this time.

But back to the astrology ….

I have also noted another curious emphasis on Vesta in a different Eclipse – the one coming right up on September 16, 2016. At that time, Vesta will be at 20 Cancer. She will be at that exact degree (as well) on the day the Vesta Retrograde ends (March 7, 2017) and the Virgo Full Moon (March 12, 2017) – when Vesta will oppose Pluto (just as she is doing now, albeit at 15 Cancer-Capricorn).

I would suggest looking into this particular degree (20 Cancer) in your natal and/or progressed charts to see what transformations arise. Vesta finally moves past this degree in the final week of March 2017 – which is when I would expect to see further movement in the way we navigate the Vesta/Cancer-Pluto/Capricorn opposition. The final Vesta-Pluto opposition in Cancer-Capricorn will take place in late July 2020, at 23 degrees. Then we get into the Leo-Aquarius oppositions, which is an entirely different kettle of fish.

To me, what this says is that we´re going to be challenged to move past, transform and/or embrace the role of Vesta-as-familial-caregiver-custodian, sacrificing her power and freedom and limiting herself into the home or domestic sphere. For some, this is ideal – for others, it is a prison. But there are too many ways that particular dynamic can play out – this is just one example. The possibility of resolution here comes in the Shadow (Pluto), in being willing to face what remains unseen in the deepest energetic chambers of the ancestral line. Certainly an interesting time for Priest/esses and Facilitators in general.

As a Priestess – I have to say that this has been one of the most … incredibly intense times of my life.

(I figure that will resonate with many others in a similar vocation).

To sum up what we´ve said so far … what you do during this Eclipse – counts – big time. The ripples you make in the pools of your sub-conscious will transform into ocean tides that move and shape (and dissolve and re-create) us all.

And last but not least – remember – this is an Eclipse. And eclipses come as part of families of eclipses, most popularly classified in terms of Saros cycles. To quote NASA:

“The periodicity and recurrence of eclipses is governed by the Saros cycle, a period of approximately 6,585.3 days (18 years 11 days 8 hours). It was known to the Chaldeans as a period when lunar eclipses seem to repeat themselves, but the cycle is applicable to solar eclipses as well. “

The current Solar Eclipse / New Moon in Virgo is No. 39 of 71 in Saros cycle 135. It began on July 5 1331 and will end on August 17, 2593. Eclipse No. 38 was on August 22, 1998, with No. 40 on September 12, 2034.

Look back to August 1998 to see how the events of then connect with the present (that´s been true to a ridiculously specific degree for me – AND – Vesta was at 20 Cancer on that date as well… you just can´t make this stuff up ). And, if you remember, look back on today if you´re still about in September 2034 😀 There will be considerable energetic linkages between all these dates (which you can find on Wikipedia).

And that is where I would like to leave this article. Rather than going into Saturn-Neptune-Nodes and their relationship with the Sun/Moon/Eclipse – I wanted to take this in a different direction – as we´ve all spent the past months moving through these exact challenges (in the mutable signs).

I felt it was time to take a step forwards and look to the future we wish to create in the time that we have NOW.

Blessings and Thanks,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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2016: When Truth and Power Meet The Spirit (Saturn-Neptune squares) & 2016 Astrological Calendar & Preparatory Alignments (Nodes square Galactic Center, Sagittarius New Moon Dec 2015)


Blessings to All. We’ve just come from an intense Sagittarius New Moon (19 Sag, Dec 11, 2015) in which we all discovered, or found the beginnings of, the Path we’re headed on. I had begun a pilgrimage to India with my brother. We visited institutions in which the Sacred Feminine was co-opted by later patriarchal traditions, but never truly represented. We also saw the lack of literature, perspective and space afforded to the Sacred Feminine in the ‘societal mainstream’. And that is a crying shame, coming from the land of ‘a million goddesses’. That being said, the ritualistic treatment of the Goddess as sacred is at times used as a proxy for treating real human women with basic dignity (which really, does not help the latter in they day to day lives – it was a theme that came up in my doctoral research on the Indian Parliament and its inability to hold the debate on the Women’s Reservation Bill. I might write more on that soon.

So yes, my path was lit like a beacon. In different ways, others would have found alignments or ‘pulls’ to their respective paradigms, roads of travel and wider philosophical/intellectual world in which their individual perspectives could be located (if at all). Significant changes in one’s relationship to long-distance travel, academia, institutions of learning, forms of organized religion, philosophical schools and such may also have been highlighted at this time. Many of you may have discovered the need to move past outdated ways of seeing the world that do not honor your own energetic presence and reality. And so the search for a new Path to Truth unfolds.

Watch for the Sagittarius Full Moon (May 21, 2016) to see how these intentions bear fruit in your world/s. Bear in mind that the window of influence for a New/Full Moon tends to be three days before and after the event itself, with longer window periods for Supermoons and Eclipses.

Whilst the Sagittarius New/Full Moon cycles bring us to an expanded (or need to expand) our sense of Truth and Being, we have two other longer-term aspects in the skies that have been continually transforming our relationship with this energy. Saturn (in Sagittarius) squared Neptune (in Pisces) and the North Node (in Virgo) / South Node (in Pisces) squared The Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius).

Saturn in Sagittarius is an energy that asks us to look at the institutions, established channels and authority that tells us how we can and ought to relate to Truth, and what happens when we refuse to comply. It is about that authoritative claim to power that on the one hand inspires us to find the path that connects us to our core-inner sense of strength – and on the other hand – it either asks us to resist institutions (governments, banks, etc.) that seek to deny that process. Those who seek power externally, rather than from within might seek to set themselves up as a new form of ‘authority’. It’s a great time in which Truth and Power are easily conflated. Saturn only leaves Sagittarius on Dec 20/21, 2017 – 2 years down the line. It will not re-enter this sign until 2044.

Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces throughout 2016. Let’s look at the challenge that Neptune poses:

Neptune represents our deepest connection with the Formless aspect of Spirit which we understand as the mystical, transcendental, deeply intimate and deeply compassionate form of the Sacred. It energies are linked with the infinitely compassionate energies of figures such as The Christ, and Lord Shiva (and many others – most if not all saints, at the very least). In day to day life it reflects upon the way we achieve a sense of Oneness, or are in a state of graceful flow, in synergy with the Cosmos. It is where you find Surrender in that which you call ‘The Sacred’. Truth no longer exists at a single point in Space-Time, nor is it, any longer, an intellectual construct.

Neptune’s energy can also tell us, where, in our lives we are going to need to exercise the greatest levels of compassion, release, and forgiveness. Much of this will relate to our personal spiritual curriculum, or opportunities for growth – and to past, karmic ties. It is also the location in the chart where an individual is most prone to becoming attached to false visions, or, living in an illusory reality or personal fantasy. So, it represents a great many things – and all of these strongly contrast to the fixity, solidity, power and form of Saturn and the passionate, ideational, Truth-Seeking arrow of Sagittarius.

During the Saturn-Neptune squares, you will see this as a continual challenge to find a Path, critique a governing authority, discover a new societal/organizing structure or principle – that aligns better with the compassionate, intuitive, deeply mystical and wholly impermanent nature of Neptune. There isn’t a quick and easy solution to the square, except that we will find our answers through the Titanic friction, or energetic engagement between the two. There are at least two ways this energy can pan out – governments may find themselves becoming more open, more willing to relinquish traditional ideas of security, control and power. Or … they might be go deeper into their own ideology and ethos reflecting the status quo. Institutions of power are resistant to change, as are many individuals. That’s the kind of thing which ultimately leads to a global crisis, economic/political turmoil, and so on – I only hope that that can be averted with more conscious leadership.

We will feel this energetic push-and-pull until September 2016. Bear in mind that Saturn and Neptune will experience their own retrogrades next year, as all Mars (in Sagittarius). Mars’ role will certainly give us the energy to act upon these new visions of Truth and challenge us to find ways to align them with our deeper sense of spirituality. It can also, conversely, fuel the flames of the downward spiral (the other way this can play out).

Key dates (1-3 refers to dates where the square is exact. Dates are given as A/B to reflect time zones – those in Asia/Australia, take the later date):

(1) Nov 26/27, 2015 at 7 Sag-Pis ** EXACT SATURN-NEPTUNE SQUARE **

— March 5/6 Mars shifts into Sagittarius



— March 24/25 Saturn retrograde begins

— April 16/17 Mars’ Retrograde begins

— May 21 Sagittarius Full Moon (watch the seeds set in mid-December 2015 come to fruition)

— May 27/28 Mars re-enters Scorpio (looks familiar, doesn’t it? – that’s what Saturn did in 2015)

— June 12/13 Neptune retrograde begins

(2) Jun 16/17, 2016 at 12 Sag-Pis (both planets in Retrograde, a Grand Mutable Cross forms with these bodies in early June as well) **

— June 29/30 Mars stations direct in Scorpio

— August 2/3 Mars re-enters Sagittarius

— August 12/13 Saturn stations direct


(3) September 10/11, 2016 at 10 Sag-Pis (Saturn is direct, post-retrograde. Bear in mind that Saturn and Neptune are within 3 degrees of one another in their respective signs all throughout July and August 2016) **

— September 16/17 LUNAR ECLIPSE IN PISCES!

— September 26/27 Mars leaves Sagittarius

— Nov 19/20 Neptune stations direct

To sum all of that up, we’re going to be seeing the most intense expressions of this energy between between June-September 2016. Different people, different states, different institutions of governance will respond to these challenges differently.

It is interesting to note that 3 out of 4 eclipses next year will involve the Mutable (Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo, Gemini) signs. We’ll see many cycles of beginning and ending with respect to the energies discussed in this article.

2016 is going to be a very transformative year, indeed.

But that’s not all 😉

In fact- We’ve already begun to prepare for this shift with the movement of the North Node through Virgo, and its current square with the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius. The Galactic Center, as I’ve written about before, is an astrological point that connects us with different Paths of Truth and Guidance. The North Node, on the other hand, asks us to explore a new chapter in our spiritual expression / unfoldment / evolution. At present, the North Node is in Virgo – relating to the themes and archetypes of: The Priestess, spiritual facilitation, earthly/material vessels and paths of service, pragmatism and discernment in spiritual matters, knowing when to draw needed boundaries, health, wellness, etc. The South Node, in Pisces, which relates very much to the Neptunian energy described above (formlessness, compassion, unconditional love, surrender to Spirit) opposes the North Node and squares the Galactic Center as well.

In practical terms, this means that we already facing a deeper spiritual need to find truths that align with us at the most profound level we can experience. We are also searching for physical ways in which we can contain or express this energy in a material, grounded, practical, form. Whilst this powerful, karmic Mutable Nodal T-Square can facilitate the re-birthing of (for instance) the Priestess Traditions linked with the Sacred Feminine, it can equally birth counter-movements to the same. Each of these energies does not have one single expression, but open us to multiple possibilities.

The North/South Node squares the Galactic Center (taking a 3 degree orb of influence) between early October 2015 – the end of January 2016.

You can think about this period as the energetic preparation for the Saturn/Neptune squares (and Mars retrograde in Sagittarius) set to dominate the energies of 2016.

I hope this guide, whilst lengthy, will provide you with your own spiritual-ideational roadmap to the immense energies arising in the year ahead. What an exciting time to be alive!


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess


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Blessings all. Today’s a fairly intense day with the powerful square between The Sun and Saturn at 4 Pisces-Sagittarius ’37, 1:56 pm GMT [Feb 23rd, 2015]. Let’s talk about what both these energies represent.

SUN IN PISCES – The Sun in Pisces asks us to focus upon our connection with Spirit, Mystery and the wider Cosmic Ocean that connects us all. In itself the Piscean Sun can represent a beautiful, vulnerable, tender and deeply intuitive connection with all Spiritual matters, perpetually seeking to experience and transcend the veil of Maya or Illusion.

But there is a flipside. Pisces is famous for its illusions and its ability to form a haze or veil over our perceptions. It speaks of no boundaries, but in physical life, we do require them. There is a great capacity for this energy to be thwarted or manipulated in some form using the rhetoric of transcendental love.

For instance, Pisces’ energy is capable of great surrender, even self-sacrifice when motivated by Pure, Detached, Love and Compassion. Think of figures like The Christ and Lord Shiva (as he lays down in front of Kali, surrendering to her rage). The same appearance of self-sacrifice can instead – when this energy is imbalanced – become an egoic form of matryrdom. Think of the kind of energy that goes accompanies such statements as ‘Oh, look how much I’ve sacrificed for you, etc.’. It then becomes a form of energetic and emotional manipulation masquerading in the guide of the most Cosmic Form of Love possible.

In short, the Sun in Pisces is a very wide-open energy. It can manifest in many different ways, all of which have to with the degree of authenticity with which we deal with matters of Spirit, Surrender and Sacrifice. It is all too easy to fall into the projected illusions that come from our individual egoes that may want to see us as Saviours, Martyrs, Spiritually Ascended Beings, etc.

SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS – Saturn is the great karmic task-master. Its energies often teach us through the modality of restriction and limitation, where you learn that at times, less is more. Especially when what little you have forms the basis of a stable foundation for where you want to go. I disagree with the reading of Saturn as a ‘Malefic’ planet as its transits leave us with a far stronger sense of stability and foundation. I think of it as the Universe’s response to the idea of ‘Tough Love’.

Saturn asks us to think about the ways that we find discipline, order, structure and to understand relationships of power and authority. In Sagittarius, these energies are fixated upon any pursuit of a greater sense or domain of truth that takes us beyond our own horizons. This includes higher education, travel, learning, philosophy, academia, religious institutions and so on.

It’s a powerful energy that tests and pushes us to to find answers, ideas, teachers, and teachings on our Spiritual Paths, Ideologies and Philosophies that can actually stand the test of time. It also tests the foundation of authority as held by anything that claims to hold an ‘established’ or ‘legitimate’ claim to a higher/deeper/special level of knowledge.

Those ideas, institutions, teachers, mentors, gurus and guides that present false claims to knowing the Truth of the Self will fare poorly under this transit. Those who take us deeper and farther on our pursuit of knowledge and Self-Expansion through knowing our place in the Wider World/Cosmos, will grow into positions of (earned) respectability, authority and legitimacy.

Now Sagittarius’ energy, whilst being a Mutable sign, can still be quite dogmatic about its truth. It can, especially with Saturn, throw around the weight of its (real or perceived) authority in claiming that another truth is Wrong, just because it is different. It can also hold onto to false ideas of Truth on the basis of its authority alone. A significant scope for the abuse of power and giving into a sense of hubris is possible, especially where one’s status is used as the basis of validating the accuracy of their statement/idea/path of knowledge. That does not mean that all who have status as ‘teachers’ are going to abuse it … it’s a possibility, not a certainty.


When the Sun meets Saturn, we see a situation where the karmic obstacle placed by Saturn challenges the fullest expression of our vital energies. In Sagittarius, this opposition or resistance is likely to come through an authority figure (if personified in flesh) that appears to dictate what is True for You or where you need to Go.

The knowledge that his figure (or potentially an archetype within your own mind, or both) puts forth may or may not be right – but its impact on your sense of Self can feel tense, harsh and restrictive. This is particularly uncomfortable for the Piscean Sun that seeks to Dissolve into the Cosmic Ocean, without a form, shape, vessel or definition. That doesn’t sit well with Sagittarian Saturn – it seeks to organize and structure the kinds of spiritual experiences the Sun in Pisces is opening itself to experiencing. For Sagittarius, those experiences are already set in stone through established Paths that make claims (very often) of Absolute Knowledge and Certainty.

Within our psyches, we may experience this as a tense conflict between the parts of ourselves that seek to resist labeling and confinement, alongside those bits that want a sense of – where the heck we’re going. One the one hand, we are the purest embodiments of Spirit, whilst, on the other, we’re looking to guides and those we consider authorities on the subject. Similarly, whilst we consider our claims of Truth to be entirely what we require, we also look to the claims of others who may have walked a similar road.

I wouldn’t call this a ‘bad’ aspect at all. Tense, yes. Difficult, certainly for some. I see squares as profoundly creative aspects – they create in the way that tonnes of pressure can transform a piece of coal into a diamond. Those who have placements at or near 4 Gemini and 4 Virgo will either experience this as a Mutable T-Square or a Grand Mutable Cross (if both are present).

The solutions that this particular Sun-Saturn square can bring are a powerful lessons for the collective.

We are, collectively now, being called to the idea that the One Truth, or One Absolute that exists in the Spiritual Journey – is that there is no such thing. There is still a legitimate space for what we call spiritual guidance, mentorship, and the role of authority and experience showing the way forward – but in ways that do not deny the validity or legitimacy of our own personal, sacred and deeply intimate experiences with Spirit. In fact, we’re seeing the need for further standards, greater discipline, and more structure in the way we collectively undertake this journey and recognize those who can lead or guide us, at least for a little part of the way (where appropriate).

On the flip-side, we can also find ways to ‘open up’, become more receptive, and less rigid in our understandings of Truth, Paradigms of Knowledge and Pathways of Spiritual Journeying. Too much restriction and limitation is just as bad as too little 😉 Open up to the idea of multiple authorities, paradigms, and ways to reach Spirit – and you’ll probably relieve yourself of the stress this aspect can bring.

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Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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ps dec 27 14

Blessings to all,

It’s been quite an intense time since Saturn shifted from Scorpio into Sagittarius on December 23rd. There are two reasons for this: (1) We all experienced the culmination of Saturn’s parting lessons in the sign of Scorpio. Whilst we will revisit these lessons as part of the Saturn Retrograde between June – September 2015, we were asked to set clear boundaries and no longer participate in power dynamics or relationships out of resonance with our sense of Truth. (2) Secondly, we are currently experiencing a POWERFUL STELLIUM (combination of planets acting as a group) in Scorpio, with The Sun, Vesta, Pluto, Mercury and Venus acting together in the sign of Capricorn. Saturn rules over Capricorn, just as Pluto rules over Scorpio. Whilst Saturn is no longer in Scorpio, the Stellium keeps some aspect of its intensity and energy alive.

At this time, this stellium is powerfully activated as the apex of T-Square with the North and South Nodes. In other words, it is the point of release for ancient karmic dynamics working through you, and the collective at this time. Owing to the large size of the stellium, anyone with astrological placements in any degree of Cancer is going to feel this as an immensely powerful Grand Cardinal Cross.

Moreover, this stellium is also part of a Double Intersecting Yod (Two Fingers of Fate that share mutual points), involving Juno Retrograde & Jupiter Retrograde in Leo, Chiron & The Moon in Pisces and the North Node in Libra. I cannot emphasize how powerful the effects of this energy will be for us all.

Please note that Pluto will conjunct Vesta – the Archetype of the Priestess or Spiritual Facilitator – at 10:54 am, December 28th 2014 (in about 21 hours’ time). Facilitators, hang onto your hats!

This is a time where great intensity can either lead to the breakdown of something established, and often through that breakdown, a breakthrough to some deeper level of Truth, the Sacred Source of your own Power. As Pluto’s energy (which dominates the Stellium) deals with a powerfully intimate aspect of our inner worlds, and Capricorn’s energy deals with a powerfully external manifestation of our material endeavors – we’re really experiencing this great push on both fronts. Pluto rules over health, regeneration, death, crisis, transformation – and a bunch of other stuff – so take extra care of your health, exercise reasonable caution.

So what do we do?

Breathe. Take it a day at a time. Let karma unfold around you see what structures in your life are collapsing/have collapsed. If there is no more you can do about it, allow the fallout to occur and the dust to settle before you begin to think of rebuilding.

On the other hand – some of you will be riding this energy like pro-surfers – Kudos to you – and allow that intensity to take you deeper and farther than you ever thought possible.

All of this is happening alongside Saturn’s shift into Sagittarius. This is a big move and signals a new chapter in our collective development. Remember that some of the themes of Saturn-in-Scorpio are still being played out thanks to the Pluto-dominated stellium in Capricorn.

Saturn is the great karmic taskmaster whose lessons operate in the dynamic of restriction. Like the farmer who realizes that too much water can flood his/her crops and cause famine, we are called to tighten down and exercise discipline over the area of Saturn’s teaching. I feel that the lessons we will learn over the next 9 months will somehow be linked to the energy of the past three years – owing to the re-entry of Saturn in Scorpio as part of its retrograde. We’re preparing for the next stage, and there remains some work to be done in Scorpio.

Also bear in mind that the Uranus-Pluto (who rules Scorpio) square is still in effect as we head towards the final, seventh exact square in March 2015.

Between now and mid-June, the lessons of Sagittarius will show us the way to transcend past perceptions and understandings of our Selves on our respective Paths. We will be called to use the mind in a focused way to make sense of all that Saturn-in-Scorpio has taught us in the past 3 years. What will learn will be of use to us when Saturn re-enters Scorpio – I’ll celebrate Saturn in Sagittarius proper when it has finally completed its retrograde through Scorpio on September 18. 2015.

In Sagittarius, Saturn’s lessons focus upon the parts of us that seek to expand and seek information beyond ourselves to make sense of our places in this vast Cosmos. It is linked to higher education, religious paradigms, spiritual paths, philosophy, theology, astrology, a sense of adventure and ‘moving forward’, a constant push towards a new direction that keeps you excited, aligned, motivated and with a sense of Self aligned with your sense of Purpose & foreign travel / immigration / visa concerns. It is also associated with your Guidance and connection with Gurus/Guides in different realms.

Here is where our lessons will come and through it all (even with the Pluto-led stellium), a sense of optimism somehow shines through, radiating the words: You will get through this, and it’ll be a blast!

On the flip-side, this is also a time where in institutions or persons of authority and power (e.g. governments) can also become increasingly punitive and restrictive on freedoms and laws surrounding one’s chosen religious or spiritual paradigm. These seeds are already beginning to reveal themselves in full clarity in different parts of Asia, and as I read earlier today, in the US as well. It is a time where institutions of authority will challenge our right to define ourselves in terms of a larger construct (be it religion, spirituality, a form of knowledge, etc.). This restriction or limitation can also be felt in institutions of higher learning and through individual persons associated with a sense of authority (be it professors, guides, gurus, etc.).

Bear this in mind as you learn the lessons of Saturn. Whatever restrictions come through this planet are ones which will you either have to learn to transcend, or go around as you move towards your Goal. As you pass these challenges and tests, you will create something that is truly resilient and will last you for decades (30 years or so, to be precise – till Saturn makes its next transit).

Those born between mid November 1985 – 1988 will be experiencing their first Saturn Return. It will be a powerful energetic test and opportunity for consolidation for these beings as they emerge into their own right as Teachers, Gurus, Guides, Astrologers, Paradigm-Makers, Adventurers, Travelers, Philosophers and so on.

Blessings to all.

Be Kind and Honor all Paths, even the ones you’re not on.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD