It´s been quite an interesting day so far. And apparently, an interesting year in review. This is one of those – just need to let it out for a moment – biographical pieces.

Spent some time catching up with a friend over lunch earlier today. It amazes me how some of the most solid friendships in my life are with atheists and agnostics with an open-mind  – people who know me from other spheres of my life and have a deep sense of trust and familiarity. These are the friendships have lasted me for years and stood the test of time. And without surprise, the ones that need the least management.

I was planning to sleep afterwards as I had a Soul Portrait Masterclass in the morning (and that takes its own recovery time) – but there´s some major pre-Deepavali cleaning going on at home.

So I ended up making some coffee for and spending some time with my grandmother showing her pictures from my various travels and works done over the past year. And taking it all in for myself in review – yai chihuahua.

A lot got done, and a lot more will come to to pass, especially in November & December as I head for the 2nd Dark Goddess Workshop (Nov 12, Uki, Australia) –  and – the Goddess Conference (Nov 18-20, Sydney)), and a research / pilgrimage trip to the Navagraha Temples, the Himalayan foothils, etc.

They don´t call it a Saturn Return for nothing …

It´s not quite time to admire the view yet, but more of a nod to self as I keep going forwards….


The year started off quite … intensely as I found myself in a situation that could have become a tragedy. My brother and I had just been been paragliding, and I got covered in cuts and thought it a good idea to swim back to where my parents were. I prefer water and am a decent swimmer.

Before we knew it, dusk fell upon us – we´d been out longer than we realized and what was supposed to be a leisurely swim turned out to be something far more intense. Turns out we headed for some shallow waters (but not shallow enough to walk through at night, you can´t see where your foot´s going) and a small cliff! … Nothing was signposted in advance.

I swam through the waters carefully, my brother keeping pace alongside me, climbing over the rocks. It was safer to be afloat and I had to keep a pin-point focus at all times. My feet and belly touching over sharp stony edges and feeling through weeds and other detritus, unable to see anything in the dark waters. With waves coming in.

And I just kept telling myself : Stay Focused.

That was what got me through.

Haven´t quite shared that as it was on mum´s birthday, at the start of the year. Took us a few hours to get to safety. We told our parents that we got lost somewhere and downplayed the whole thing. Dad would have freaked …

And then of course, a month later, my trip to Europe, getting my passport pickpocketed on my first proper day in Barcelona – seeing the Black Madonna in Monserrat. Various trips and pilgrimages to the UK. Doing the Dark Goddess Workshop in Glastonbury. Energy working in Scotland, Cornwall, Cambodia. Interacting with Goddess energy and mythology in India. Sitting beneath the boughs of Buddha´s bodhi tree in Bodhgaya. Jumping in the Ganges (and freaking out a friend) in Dhakineshwar, Calcutta. Passing through Cuddalore, the land where many saints and Ascended Beings have walked. And many things of that ilk.

Oh and let´s not forget the surgery over my chest, getting my own e-stalker (and as an update, providing a facilitation for her that … seems to have addressed the issue). Friendships made and broken. Heartache. Heart-healing. Revisiting the past for release.

So much has happened. It sounds glamorous and action-packed (to some) from the outside, but … my gods it took courage, determination, and … single-minded focus. Some of those situations were … literally life-threatening and … being anything but brave would have led to a very different outcome.

And of course, hours and hours of intense session time to finance all this work (I gotta go where I´m called) and keep up with large sums of cash for monthly university debt payments. And pro bono work for many on the side. And articles. And … And … And…

Mother of Gods …

Let´s just say it has been one of the most rewarding, challenging and productive times of my life thus far. And massively transformative at the energetic level.

Just time to take a deep breath.

To recognize the celestial support I have had and the personal support I have had (especially through my brother) – but more than that the sheer amount of will, grit and effort that only I – as an individual – acting on my own Free Will could choose to bring to the challenge.

Without that, no amount of support is of use.

You have to choose to do it. And so I did.

The sheer of weight of transits and activations to my chart this year is staggering.

And I´m very proud of myself, which is something my Capricorn Sun needs to acknowledge a little more. Which is why I picked the image that I did. It came as a beautiful, unexpected gift by a young artist I spent a little time with. Contact info at the bottom of the post

To me, this is Spirit´s way of saying – BAIRAVEE.

THIS is what YOU are DOING.


Thank you as well, dear community – for reminding me that it´s ok to do so 🙂

And for the space to do in a public way. It´s that Vesta in Aries on my Midheaven ….



*big exhale*

3. 2. 1.

Back to work … Here we go!


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