SCORPIO FULL MOON, 3rd/4th May 2015


Blessings to All ❤ Here’s my report on the Scorpio Full Moon, just past, at 13 Taurus-Scorpio (10:42 pm, Central US Time, May 3rd 2015). This has been a particularly difficult report to write, owing to great changes in my own understanding of spirituality, life path, and purpose. It would be safe to say that the Mystery of Underworld-ly Scorpio has lulled my usual words and activities into some kind of restful slumber, a necessary period of stasis, before something new begins to emerge.

For all of us – this energy brings with it the culmination of seeds set during the Scorpio Solar Eclipse in late October 2014. Look to them to see what was sown, and what now emerges in response. We will continue to see the effects of that eclipse unfold as part of the 19 year cycle of Eclipses. That makes this an unusually intense Scorpio Full Moon (as if Scorpio needed any help to get even deeper… )

Astrologically speaking, the crown jewel of this Full Moon is the T-Square between the Moon in Scorpio, Sun in Taurus and Jupiter/Juno in Leo. T-Squares are stressful, challenging aspects that can grind some down, whilst providing the launchpad for birthing and creative expression for others. It all depends on how you work with the energy.

Within the Sun-Moon opposition, the interplay between 13 Taurus and 13 Scorpio is one that makes us question our material attachments, desires, powerplays, control dynamics and such. We are asked to find a sense of identity that goes beyond what or whom we believe we can own or control. We are asked to detach from ideas of ownership and power so that we can finally catch a glimpse of some deeper sense of spiritual authenticity and sovereignty. Much of these dynamics are likely to play out in financial matters and questions surrounding your connection with Mama-Gaia. They can also play out in interactions with your intimate life partner/s and/or business partners.

This is not to say that we are called to renounce any and all material pleasures and/or material incarnations. It is that we are called to learn to experience the material, in the present moment, in as full and as engaged a manner as possible – without getting attached to it. That’s the tricky part.

To summarize a very long philosophical and spiritual discussion, I refer you to a quote by Ali ibn abi Talib “Detachment is not that you should own nothing, but that nothing should own you. ”

This Full Moon coincides with Wesak, the Full Moon under which the Buddha was born, gained enlightenment, and died. Much of his teachings resonate strongly with the attachment-detachment-transcendence dynamic that both Taurus and Scorpio teach us. Remember that Scorpio brings with it the dynamic of the Phoenix (Birth-Death-Rebirth) and that Taurus engages our connection with Matter/Materiality/The Earth Itself.

In short: If you’re holding onto the wrong things right now, prepare to see those attachments challenged with the full brunt of this Full Moon. What leaves your life now needs to go. Whatever stays and demands to be counted, is yours at this time.

And on a slightly different note, bear in mind that the Earth (Taurus), in Nepal, the birthplace of Siddhartha Buddha, has been massively shaken up in the recent earthquake. The timing of the Wesak Festival/Scorpio Full Moon so close to the quake is, whilst ironic and tragic, somehow explicable through the astrological paradigm. I’d encourage those interested to support relief efforts there – there are plenty of charitable organizations and aid efforts that you can volunteer or contribute towards to.

Now, moving to the epic T-Square with Juno/Jupiter … We’ve already got quite a bit on our plate as is … and the T-Square intensifies that further. Jupiter relates to the way in which we seek and connect with guidance, philosophy and the kinds of paradigms by which we find ourselves as part of a larger construct. It relates to academia, organized religion, systems of knowledge/learning and astrology. In Leo, Jupiter has guiding us to walk on the Path of Joy, Innocence, Childhood, Creativity, Sensuality, Romantic Love and Passion. Our Sacral and Heart Chakras have been lit by the Lion for some time now – and my friends – we will hear its Roar during this Full Moon. Jupiter also rules over our guides and mentors, meaning they can be the catalyst for the kind of creative (albeit) tense, birthing that the T-Square can bring. Some may also find their romantic partners and children to play a similar role in activating this energy.

Juno, as I understand her, is the Gateway to the Divine Feminine – She brings, by way of Soul-Mates, experiences that bring us towards completing the lessons that the Soul has chosen to experience in this lifetime. Her focus in Leo, amplifies and works together with the Path-Revealing energy of Jupiter. It seems likely that a Soul-Mate (not necessarily a romantic or sexual partner, but I wouldn’t rule it out) will also come forward to challenge you, and help you find a more stable, powerful, understanding of the journey you are taking. For some, this will be a sweet challenge, whilst for others, it can be unusually painful (depends on your personal circumstance).

Either way, the T-Square challenges us to find a path that resonates with our Soul’s Passions, in a way that transcends old ways of ways of relating to others, or defining ourselves in terms of objects or relationships or values … It’s a really a time for radical self-re-definition.

Other aspects of note are:

Mercury (4 Gemini) opposed Saturn (3 Sagittarius Retrograde) – Watch your verbal commitments at this time – they forge the way for far longer-term commitments. Measure each word you utter, and everything you commit yourself to. Exercise discretion in dealing with authority figures. They have important lessons to teach at this time.

Sun (13 Taurus) trines, Moon (13 Scorpio) sextiles Pluto (15 Capricorn Retrograde) – Deep, soul-stirring transformations are afoot. They concern themselves with how you understand your legacy/future contribution to the world. They challenge entrenched political and other institutional structures that hold in place ‘the status quo’. Watch the news for interesting developments – challenges and pathways – to creating newer forms of governance, or perhaps simply challenging the old.

Moon (13 Scorpio) trines, Sun (13 Taurus) sextiles Vesta (16 Pisces) – Many of us who walk the path of the Priestess or Spiritual Facilitator will themselves reaching a new milestone in their spiritual paths. Things are unlikely to be the same as before. Quite likely to be experiences that are hard to put into words, emanating from other realms or layers of existence. The same dynamic is at play with Neptune (9 Pisces). Bear in mind that Vesta Opposes Black Moon Lilith (17 Virgo) at this time – a lot of shadow dynamics surrounding the Path of the Feminine are likely to arise at this time. Keep doing what you need to do, ignore the projections of others – that’s their baggage, not your reality (unless you choose it to be).

When we include other bodies not normally considered in mainstream astrology, we see that the flavour of this Scorpio Full Moon is unusually potent. At 12 Scorpio, conjunct the Moon and opposing the Sun, we have asteroid Lilith (No. 1181) asserting the energies of the Dark Femininity and her Primordial, Sexual, Destructive-Transformative-Regenerative energies … Those of us who have always/already worked with her energies will see a new chapter emerged in which we begin to Journey out of the Cave, and into the Light once more. Those who are just now beginning their journey with her will begin their Hero/Heroine’s Descent into the Underworld.

A powerful time indeed.

Blessings to All, and Vanakam.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ;

Other Notes:

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