A Quick Note on the Scorpio Full Moon

The Scorpio Full Moon went exact about 12 hours ago (2 Scorpio, 22 April 2016, 5.23 am UTC). There´s nothing that really jumps out at me – energywise – that we haven´t already been seeing the building up to over the past week. Much of the work we´re doing involves The Shadow – and that can be an incredibly powerful, sacred, loving, terrifying, humbling and all-round-indescribable experience.
Personally, and this may be different for you, I felt last week to be a lot more intense. Especially with Vesta, Mercury, Pluto Retrograde and Jupiter doing their thing. Whatever Scorpio´s energy is rendering visible to you at this time appears to be connected with messages that came through about seven days ago.
There´s one other factor that I feel compounds the intensity of the Scorpio Full Moon (again, a subjective take) – and that´s the buildup to the Mercury Retrograde (coming on the 28th of April). It may be because of the multiple retrogrades we´re in the middle of, or the energy of Scorpio and its famous intensity, or the fact Mercury is trined the North Node in Virgo – most probably all those factors.
Long story short – it´s a great time to go within and clarify your motivations, intentions and thoughts – especially as they relate to the deeper subconscious. And there´s a wide variety of ways, paths and disciplines you can use to take that journey.
This energy is fantastic to for delving into the depths of the psyche, in the effort to better understand the who, how and why of what we are.
This is also good in learning more about energetic healing pathways, the power of transformative ritual, the mechanics of shamanism – and topics of that ilk.
Also a fantastic time to take stock of how you relate to others at the energy level and if your exchanges are balanced, i.e. do you give as much as you take and vice versa?
Do your exchanges leave you feeling empowered or utterly debilitated (ditto for the people you´re exchanging energy with)?
Time to look in the mirror and take stock of what you see.
Gemstone suggestions :
  • Black Obsidian – detached vision, moving away from illusions
  • Lepidolite – stress, release of worry, anxiety, etc.
  • Amber – solar energy and protection
Essential Oil suggestions:
  • Frankincense or Neem – protection (different types of energy, but both absolutely effective)
  • Rose – self-love, protection, tenderness, holding space for vulnerability (use with the Rhodocrosite gemstone if seeking to do inner child work)
There´s plenty of other things you can work with as well, but here´s just a few suggestions to get you started.
Also – have a look back to Nov 11/12, 2015 to see what seeds you set during the Scorpio New Moon – now coming to fruition and culmination 🙂
It´ll take a few days for the energy to come back to balance – and then the Mercury Retrograde comes along. So .. more deep processing work on the cards.
Last but not least –
Quite a bit of fear – of the the deep conscious – of the potential shadows that lurk within is going to come up for a lot of you. That´s a perfectly sane, legitimate thing to be feeling right now.
But bear in mind that our fears (especially of finding our own authenticity, worth, strength, and power) may not even be warranted. That´s case specific – but the general message is not to take our fears at face value.
Examine further, and you might just find the gold hidden in the shadow 😉
Full Moon Blessings,
Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2016.
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