Blessings all. When I say the Sacred Feminine, I’m not just talking about women. I’m talking about an integral part of Divinity that moves through all of Creation. Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies, in the human body at least, most visibly play out their Cosmic Dance in the Sacral Chakra. Men and women tend to experience the interplay of those energies differently, owing to their different sexual characteristics. (But it’s not a hard and fast rule).

At the moment, following swiftly upon the heels of the Grand Sextile – we have an immediate energetic challenge posed in the heavens. (This is probably why I decided to continue ‘holding space’).

Mars is at 29 degrees Scorpio. The (stereotypically) masculine, assertive drive (Mars) seeks to penetrate intimate depths (of emotions, of sexuality and of power plays behind-the-scenes or through indirect means). This can be an amazing and wonderful thing if such penetration occurs with permission, often through the sexual act – though a powerful energetic connection can facilitate the same.

The problem arises when permission is neither asked nor given. Energy violation, or the sense of ‘energy rape’ can then occur. This then becomes an abuse of the power of the Sacred Masculine, over the energetic integrity of the Sacred Feminine. (Again, people can play these roles irrespective of what sex they were born as – I’m using a strong gendered binary here, but look past the constructs and see the energy of my words).

Power plays for domination, often through the violation of sexual or other intimate boundaries and the use of spiritual or magickal practices for less-than-honorable intentions are highlighted as these are ways that the energy of Scorpio can be abused.

This particular energy signature is highlighted now because of the conjunction of Saturn with Vesta at 19 Scorpio at 10:37 am (GMT + 8, 14-9-14), about 5 hours after Mars leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. However, we’re already feeling the intensity of this conjunction now and its energetic implications are already being ‘picked up’ by sensitives all around the world.

Saturn represents the Karmic Trial, or Ancient Pattern that arises, often causes some kind of Restriction or Pain – in its quest to teach you about a certain Limitation, Boundary or need for Ordering/Discipline/Structure. Vesta represents the energy of the Spiritual Facilitator (Priest and Priestess) who tends to the Literal and Metaphorical Sacred Flame: Temple of the Body, Kundalini Energy, and perhaps a literal flame at a constructed Temple. This energy is strongly linked to the Sacral Chakra and, in particular, the preservation of the integrity and continual embodiment of the Sacred Feminine. The use of flame as the vehicle for sacrifice (of ego, not others) and surrender (to Spirit, not other people) is highlighted. Flame can protect and destroy – and the Priest/ess understands both.

At this time, Karmic Fates await in the Balance, determined only by our Choices. Spiritualists, in particular, are challenged now to use the power of Mars in Scorpio to honor and protect Sacred Boundaries (particularly of the Womb, and the Sacred Feminine – in men and women). Scorpio, for all its notoriety, is the point in the zodiac where the Phoenix plunges into the Darkness to Die, and Ultimately to be Reborn. It is the place in which the Shadow is truly understood and its Gifts revealed. Those who decide to manifest the other side of Scorpio (discussed above) will set their own karmic chain of events into motion through their actions.

At the everyday level, the challenge is to honor the sacred boundaries of another, and not seek dominion over them in some form. It is to shy away form the idea that you are somehow entitled to, or have ownership or claim over another person’s energy, body, intimate moments, in any form – for you simply do not.

Whilst we are all one, at the Level of Unity Consciousness, we are clearly separate beings at the level of Form. The two may seem as though they are a paradox, but they coexist quite beautifully. For as we honor our sacred boundaries, we do so in a way that only affirms the Unity and Interconnectedness that we all Share. The desire to ‘own’, ‘conquer’ or ‘intimidate’ another to do your will, or that you may have what they have is indicative of a more divisive approach to Spirit.

For as we all come from the Same Source, we need not compete or seek to rob one another.

Many will be sensing this challenge to the Feminine as a familiar one. The presence of Saturn indicates these tests to be of a karmic nature, most likely one following from lessons in need of completion from previous times. The idea of a penetrative Masculine energy overriding the preferences of the Feminine is certainly not a new idea, in the slightest.

Take care of yourselves, honor your boundaries and those of others. Call upon the Nurturing Detachment of the Crone-Earth-Goddess/Dark Mother Energy to help you set those boundaries, if you have difficulties articulating it – this too is due to the influence of Scorpio – but in its more life-affirming forms. Crone/Earth goddesses include Dhumavati-Ma, The Cailleach, Goddess Hekate and so on – each guard the boundaries of different spaces in their own ways. Similar to the way a Mother might protect her Child, or a Grandmother protecting her grandchild.

This energy is likely to last a day at this current level of intensity.

Blessings and Love to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD