I’ve been reading quite a few posts and comments about ‘spiritual egotism’ and what is ‘true’ or ‘false’ in our search of spirituality. Whether we even need a Path, a Title, a Destination, Money, Status etc. – there’s been a lot of judgment on these matters flying about today on the Internet – some of which I agree with, and others not so much.

Based on my study of astrology, and the readings I have done – I see how each Path is unique. We try so hard to find Universals that seem to apply to all, but truly, there is no Ultimate or Absolute Standard.

No matter what I personally might or might not agree with, I see that each path is Unique, just as each Chart is. You’d be surprised at how much of a person’s deepest spiritual understandings is reflected in the birth chart.

Yes, that too is a product of Free Will, but what I’m saying is that it’s Unique for each person. Some people have to have a Title to do their job, and others need to stay away from it. Some have to charge so they themselves learn the worth of their work, and others simply can’t, even if they want to. Some people have to have a structured goal (that they later transcend), and others have to be more fluid and flexible (till they get to a greater understanding of the structure behind it all). Some people have to give up their fears of failure and become leaders, and others have to give up their insecurities and learn to follow another. Some will embody their path in a dynamic way, and others will be more receptive (and combinations thereof).

It’s so so varied – these are just a couple of examples I’ve seen cropping up in posts, etc.

So honestly …. what is the point of judging another’s path? If you’re headed for a different destination (and yes, each Soul has a different understanding of where it needs to go) .. and your tasks along the way are different,

then Yes… your take on the Road getting there will also be different.

So please be aware of people who claim to know what the ‘true’ path is for you, and how you should follow their understanding of it. The ‘Truth’ as I have seen it (or as close as thus far in my life) is that there is No One Path that works for everyone.

If there was, we would be a very different sort of species.

The great irony I find in all this is that spirituality is often touted as a means to discover our authenticity. And to celebrate the differences that make us who we are.

In the moment we try to apply standards to what qualifies as ‘spiritually authentic’, surely we defeat that purpose?

The moment we see fit to deem who is a true seeker and who is not, are we not engaging in the same kind of division that spirituality, at its essence (as I see it), seeks to erode?

Remember that the Soul does not know division, but the the Ego-Mind does.

As we judge another’s path (and ‘we’ includes ‘me’ as well), let us remember that it’s probably not that deepest, truest parts of ourselves we consider ‘Soul’, ‘Spirit’ or ‘Essence’ doing the judging.

Perhaps we could take a step back from those moments. And move behind those layers of thought and perception.

Perhaps then, we will be able to find that Authentic Connection that so many of us are looking for.

Release the need to judge another, and the need to judge yourself. (My take on all this). You’ll probably enjoy the spiritual process and all that it can lead to a lot more.

And yes – even then there will be things that you don’t agree with. And that’ you’re not in resonance with. So – it isn’t for you. Leave it at that. Walk away if you have to, but let the need to judge go.

Just as water does, when it can’t move through an obstacle. It winds its way around it. And keeps on moving …

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Goodbye Limbo, Hello New Chapter in Life


I’ve been thinking about what message I uniquely bring to the world, what I want to contribute and how, what will eventually be a large part of the legacy I leave behind when I ultimately leave this planet (yes that’s Mars in Capricorn talking, and yes I have a Capricorn Sun conjunct Neptune, and yes, that is currently conjuncting transiting Mars – all in Grand Cross involving Lilith-Apogee )

I’ve been thinking about writing books, organizing courses and workshops – and I’m the type of person who would rather say nothing at all unless I felt I had something to say of value. I’ve been involved in several different fields in my life so far – political science, creativity (from the neuroscientific perspective), social work, mentorship, educating children and young adults, public speaking – and of course, astrology and spirituality. (and other stuff)

I feel that the next step in my journey would be tying all that I know, and continue to learn together, with my awakening spiritual path.

Whilst nothing in the spiritual world is truly ‘new’, the way in we channel messages or impart teachings, infused with the originality that comes from our Unique Selves, often adds to that message in powerful ways. All of us have our own powerful messages to bring – this is an exploration of my own, and I hope it inspires a process of reflection and engagement with your own.

I feel that my key message at this is to re-introduce an awareness of the totality of Mother Kali. She goes beyond Death and Darkness — and is so much more than being just about Feminine Rage and Accepting the Shadow – in fact you could say that’s the first step of getting to know her and work with her. And whilst more and more people are starting to wake up to this realization (as I did too), the world really needs this information to get out there.

The last thing we need is more division and stereotyping in our individual and collective Journeys.

So this is going to be my focus, and my emphasis – and I’m pleased to announce – also the subject of my first Book. Whilst I will refer to scripture where required, it will be more of a personal exploration and the understanding of Her which she has inspired in me. She’s taking me someplace else in my life right now internally, but I feel as though this is the work that I am called to do externally.

(Finally! Now I know what I’m supposed to be doing at this time!)

And by no coincidence or surprise whatsoever, I was elected (earlier today) to to be the Director of International Affairs & Diversity at The Foundation for the Spiritual Practice of Creativity. It’s a yearly renewable position, and I hope to do much work with the Foundation.

Blessings and Joy to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


As the veil of illusion dissolves, you become aware of your intrinsic Divinity. You realize that you are not just a part of All-That-Is, but All-That-Is is also, equally, a part of you. You are the Divine and the Divine is you.

Most people have experienced this profound sense of clarity at least once in their lives. We label those who exist in this vibration all of time as Ascended Beings.

We can call this an internal alignment, integration or Awareness-of-Oneness – when it feels as though the turning wheels of the heavens, the vibrations of the Earth, the longings of your Deepest Self all levels of your Awareness rest on one perfect place.

The Universe can not only be seen in a grain of sand, it becomes that grain, and that grain is You.

To me – this inner alignment constitutes what we call ‘living or being in a State of Grace’. It flows just as true for the being who stands up to injustice, or watches over a loved one, a being who smiles at a sunflower or dances with the deep, wild night, a figure in prayer, a figure who rises in protest.

It matters not what form it takes on the outside, or how that form is judged by others – only that it resonates and echoes with you in that most sacred alignment of Self and Cosmos. Grace wears many faces and takes many forms, yet through it all – it vibrates with a particular frequency or energetic signature that is Universal.

You can think of it as a fluid movement or flow of energy through you. Perfectly poised, balanced, effortless. Especially in moments where such balance is deemed impossible, like the stones on this image.

These moments of heightened clarity are ones in which our actions feel somehow destined. There is generally a sense of calmness and detachment, even when engaging in the most dynamic activity. And a profound sense of peace. No Ego, No I, Nothing. Only that which must be done.

~ Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


I discuss this and other topics on the re-emergence of Balance, specifically through the rising of the Feminine as part of a panel of wise women:

Image: Stone & Rock Balancing Inuksuk style.jpg – By Peacefulmovements (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

VESTA, Goddess Asteroid of Priest/essing: A Few Notes by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


In the skies right now, Vesta is part of a Grand Trine and a near-Grand Sextile, as I discussed Earlier. She is helping us to (re) birth a Goddess-friendly intuitive paradigm, along with Juno in Cancer and Neptune Retrograde in Pisces. Juno is the element and energy of Divine Feminine energy as a whole – we know her as Asherah, Sophia-Gaia, Shakti – and so on. Vesta is her Priestess, tending the Sacred Flame in the Self and Others. And Neptune Retrograde drives us to dig deeper and to look at the Truth in our own Spiritual Conceptions.

Vesta generally asks us to look into ourselves, our most initimate (often sexual, reproductive) wounds that block our sacred-creative energy and Connection with Life-Source. She tells us that the healing of these wounds will allow us to tap into the wealth of regenerative, spiritually nourishing energy once more. She tells us how to Light the Lamp in ourselves, yet Again… Glowing with the Energy of the Goddess. In Scorpio (where she is now at 7 degrees), these lessons are further emphasized and highlighted. The challenge here is to know how to give, and how much.

Vesta, at present, is conjunct the asteroid Eurydike – Eurydike was a mythological figure associated with death by serpent, and confinement in the Underworld. There are many ways to interpret her mythology, but it resonates strongly with the element of sacrifice in the name of love. Her husband, Orpheus, fails to retrieve her from the Underworld as he is not willing to have faith and disobeys the condition of her release from death – to not turn around as he walks out of the place. He turns to look, and *poof* she’s gone.

With Vesta conjunct Eurydike, priest/esses in service of the Awakening Divine Feminine will be especially challenged all around to globe to sacrifice something or another. The question is what, why, and how? Sometimes it may be a sexual partner, other times, it may be an intimate friendship that is no longer compatible with your path. It can even be an outmoded view, as painful as it is, that you cling on to and limit yourself with.

But something clearly has to go – Give it up, but know why you do so.

Vesta/Eurydike oppose Bienor, another asteroid, at 7 deg Taurus. Bienor has many interpretations, most of which center around strength, and some concept of integrity. In opposition to Scorpio’s sexuality, underworld affiliations, healing/regenerative ability and deep magical connections – Bienor is likely to question how you manifest these Scorpionic energies through your activities of priest/essing.

It is important to note that the inclusion of Bienor completes the Grand Sextile – it would trine Mercury in Virgo (which opposes Neptune Retrograde) and Pluto in Capricorn (which opposes Juno in Cancer). So the act of service-integrity-sacrifice in your spiritual vocation, calling or path leads to a powerful anchoring of Energies for Manifestation.

Bienor represents a position of power that can also house those who perceive themselves to be ‘maintaining the status quo’ (Taurus), and casting judgment, or creating resistance to your Scorpio-based activities. The Priest/ess, facing this judgment, must then choose to respond to it with integrity, rather than revenge, retaliation or a further cycle of judgment or blame.

Perhaps what we’re called now is to Sacrifice the sense of control that Scorpio so enjoys and to realize that this Path is not a comfortable, or an easy one. It is ancient, but is also deeply challenging. At times we are called not to hit back, when we are attacked. At times, we are called to smile, stay still in the line of fire.

Wholly ignoring the Ego, we are called to Burn, Burn with the Flames of Spirit. I would associate this energy with Joan of Arc, with the Witches of Salem, with the energy of the Condemned, and hunted Feminine Spiritual Facilitator – She (or He) that has embraced the Divine Feminine in a spiritual vocation of Priest/essing in Her Name.

Now all this doesn’t mean you’re supposed to throw yourselves into a literal fire or anything. That’s where Eurydike’s lesson comes in: Perhaps it’s letting go of a snide remark or judgmental attitude towards you or your path. Perhaps it’s releasing yourself from a bond where you can’t continue your path without facing daily attack or criticism. Perhaps it’s simply Aligning yourself with Spirit, and realizing that whatever challenges and vulnerability we might feel now is just part of our Collective Learning Curve as part of this Massive Awakening.

In whatever way this challenge arises, and it will – especially Jupiter (at 7 deg Leo, loosely conjunct Venus at 9 deg Leo) is squaring Vesta (7 deg Scorpio), we’re likely to face criticism or the heavy hand of the judgment by others.

Stand Tall as your Tend To Your Sacred Fires, Sisters and Brothers.

For those interested – I speak about these energies here:

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image: Frederic Leighton [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Vanakam, Namaste and Blessings to all. My video speaks of the energies currently in the sky that issue an energetic challenge to us all, particularly those who take up the spiritual vocation of priest/essing, or facilitating spiritual services that involve the integration of Divine Feminine energy. These challenges are precipitated by key alignments of yods and a Near-Grand-Sextile in the sky, explained in full here:

The way we respond to these challenges of judgment and perceived wounding shall anchor a pathway of manifestation that gives rise to, or suppresses, our Inner Priest/ess from Awakening. The choice is yours as to how you respond to these challenges – remember that they occur with the energetic alignments of the G.Sextile and Double Yod I describe in my article.

I have shared relevant links to articles addressing the themes of Priest/essing-Choosing-Wounding-Transcending on my FB pages for those interested.

Blessings to all,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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