The Sun is at 29 Taurus. We’re revisiting the lessons of the Earth-Bull as the Sun prepares to head into airy Gemini in a little under 15 hours’ time. There may be a heightened focus on seeking security, stability and material grounding. The Sun is conjunct Admetos (29 Taurus) and Astraea (28 Taurus). Whilst Admetos brings in the energy of the Bull once more, now able to think before it charges – Astraea brings in the energy of justice, balance, and new beginnings. Quite an interesting position and mixture of energies at this time. I’d say before acting in haste, or charging at anything, it’s a prudent time to take a moment, tune in with your inner instinct, intuition and/or connection with what you perceive as sacred – before jumping ahead.

Certainly a powerful position that demands action of some kind, and very often related to a financial, sensual, earthy/earthly and/or what one might call a ‘worldly’ issue. Strategic, decisive actions can yield great fruit when the broader picture is considered. Try asking yourselves questions like: Is this fair? Is this just? Will this re-hash the old, or give rise to something new? Is it in tune with my sense of things, my innate connection with the Cosmos? Will I serve just myself, or also others through this choice?

Then, when it makes it shift into Gemini, we’ll see its energies focused upon ideas, communications, siblings, early childhood/conditioning, and the like. Bear in mind that the Sun is preparing for its face-off (opposition) with Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius (May 22 night/May 23 morning depending on where you are in the world).

That is when the Self meets the Authority. There’s a chance for a clash of wills and egos, or the true opportunity to discover one’s Mastery on their Path / Paradigm of Choice. More on that (and some other aspects) closer to the date.

Also bear in mind that there’s a bunch of other things happening as well: Pluto’s exact inconjunct to Jupiter/Juno, Mars trining the North Node and Ceres, Venus opposing Pluto, BlackMoon Lilith opposing Chiron, and the like!

It’s not as intense as it has been (especially in April/May 2014), but there’s still a great shifting of energies underway. Also bear in mind that Saturn re-enters Scorpio in under a month’s time. That’s going to be a very very interesting, and intense time for us all. May we find the strength to uncover long-lasting structures that guide us to the truth of ourselves, and our deepest, purest innate source of strength, alchemy and power.

Blessings to All,

Priestess B. Bairavee

Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Image: Taurus by Johannes Hevelius.JPG РPublic Domain via Wikimedia Commons

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