I’ve been genuinely thinking about how I would describe the Sun-Vesta conjunction in Capricorn (20 Cap ’26, 8:09 am). The Sun represents the Light of Consciousness / Awareness, it’s the part of our Infinite Soul that we are aware of, sitting in the driver’s seat in this particular incarnation. It brings our vital energies to the fore and allows us to experience this energy consciously.

Vesta, on the other hand, refers to the Archetype of the Priestess / Spiritual Facilitator. She points to what you are devoted, or dedicated to, and asks you to sacrifice aspects of it that no longer resonate with your current Path and level of Spiritual evolution. When this sacrifice (i.e. letting go, detaching – nothing from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!) is cast into the metaphorical fires of Spirit, it is transmuted into a new sense of vision, purpose and re-dedication to one’s Path.

The Sun and Vesta are near asteroid Narcissus (19 Capricorn), which brings in a different element of self-reflection and the warnings of being overly focused upon your point of view to the exclusion of all else. In a balanced form, Narcissus can help us find a healthier understanding of self-love – in this context – in Capricorn dominated areas.

In Capricorn, these energies question the kinds of legacy-making work that we do, whether it be a material focus on a career, on earning a title, income, status, or on the material provisions required for a spiritual ideal (or both). Capricorn relates to the energy of the Tomb, the Crone, the idea of Legacy that spans across the generations. For more info on this sign and its beautiful, powerful energies – please read:

So taking all this together, the Sun-Vesta-Narcissus conjunction in Capricorn these aspects of our lives into full focus, for our conscious exploration and consideration. Vesta then asks us to make certain (potentially) painful sacrifices in this very area lit by the Sun. Narcissus asks us to engage the process of honest self-reflection, and ideally, to find a way to _love_ the work that you do, or perform work that simply enables you to love yourself more.

In Capricorn, she may ask:

– whether the long term goal you’re working towards supports the path of facilitation/service best aligned with Spirit?

– whether you’ve honored the material form as the vessel through which service is often facilitated (be it an internet connection to speak to a client, or finances as a measure of equal exchange for time, or a pencil to write down a post about Spirit – you get the idea)?

– whether you’ve forgotten that material gains, titles, status affiliations are perhaps incidental to the work you do, but never the focus themselves?

– whether you center the Authority with which you speak with Spirit, or Ego?

– whether the Legacy you seek to create honors the Earth and considers the longer-term impacts of your actions of service?

– whether you’re pursuing the Path you’re on with the right kind of discipline, planning, pragmatism and authoritative guidance (if applicable)?

and so on – these are just a few ideas. Vesta transits in general can be draining for some, and if you fall into this category know that Vesta is also the Master/Mistress of Regeneration and Transformation. You might need to retreat inwards a little and nourish the waters of your own Spirit, your seamless connection with Source as Vesta regenerates post-sacrifice/detachment.

I suspect spiritual facilitators may also be absorbing collective emotions and fears surrounding the immensity of the choices that Vesta brings to the fore, with the Sun in Capricorn. (S’part of the job). Salt baths, grounding/protective crystals, mantras, other spiritual practices that help you set healthy energetic boundaries at this time would be great use.

Personally, I’ve been challenged to look at the source of Authority I bring to my work, and whilst it’s been a tiring review, I’m satisfied with my findings. Quite an energetic test though, prompted by some hate mail I got. The outcome is a good one though… I’ve been sitting with myself, looking honestly with the work I facilitate and actually feeling even more comfortable with what I’m doing. Self-reflection works wonders when you do something you love.

Right now it’s the regeneration and healing bit whilst I rest which means (for me) listening to old 80s/anime tunes – and that works fine.

Similarly, give yourselves the permission to rest and retreat if you’re feeling the need to take stock, or simply integrate new vibrations and lessons as you let go of old ones. This is a reflective process, and I would not be surprised if public facilitators (priestesses, shamans, witches) in the public eye (Capricorn) are projected upon by those simply unwilling to look in their own mirror, using another’s persona as a proxy instead.

There’s plenty of other aspects in the skies, creating an already-charged energetic backdrop to this alignment. I hope you sail through this with as much grace and authenticity as possible.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image: Priestess.jpg – By Leticiabanegas (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons