Baby Phoenixes & Gentle Breezes: Welcoming Libra & the Equinox!


Dancing with Darkness has its costs – especially if you’ve been dragged into it kicking and screaming as so many were with the Uranus-Pluto squares and Saturn in Scorpio. After a while we steeled ourselves for the inevitable, the unthinkable, the absolute – except that it came at us day, after day, without respite, one challenge more daunting than the next. And after a while we forgot what ‘normalcy’ felt like before it all kicked up, three years ago.

Many forgot the comfort of silence, the pleasure of a gentle breeze on a mild day when they didn’t have to push as hard, when they didn’t have to struggle and grapple our way through growth spurts and deep transformations on a near-daily basis. Many forgot that being in One’s Presence isn’t this do-all-or-die mantra that has to be repeated so we don’t go down with a sinking ship. Many forgot to simply sit, smile and take the long view of the road ahead with a tall cool glass of lemonade, sitting in the shade of the midday sun. Many would have felt such luxuries impossible in the heat of battle within.

What a road that has been..

The descent into Darkness has ended. Many are now ‘out of the cave’ with fresh eyes that haven’t quite accustomed to the sunlight and open air. There is a sense of alienness, as a new perspective – no, a new expression of Self – begins to take in its surroundings.

No longer this mad rush to transform, to die, to come back as the raging Phoenix burning in the flames of I AM. No longer pushed by some kind of existential urgency for something a lot gentler, cooler, detached – and oh yes – pleasant has begun breezing through.

I felt the change in the skies as it was happening, furiously ploughing through the last pages of Gone With the Wind. And when I finished, I looked at the charts and saw that the shift had happened. The Sun was now in Libra, and with it welcomed the Equinox.

The tenseness that I, and so many others were feeling, has somehow quite simply disappeared. Even yesterday, all that energy felt as though it were rushing to a terrible crescendo which, once reached, simply opened to a far vaster, wider, calmer space. A space that could somehow contain all, accept all, and remain with a good-natured smile about the whole thing.

It almost seems like an anticlimax in many ways, after such intense transformations and awakenings. Parts of us may still be on ‘survival mode’, indeed, some may still be finishing their lessons from Saturn-in-Scorpio. Personally, for those of you looking for dates – I’d set the first week of November as a marker to recognize, truly, the end of such an intense collective experience. There’ll be other key moments in this time, such as the Lunar Eclipse in Aries (described below), the North Node’s shift into Virgo (early October), and so on.

But why early November? Because it’s when Saturn returns to 4 Sagittarius ’56, the degree at which it began its retrograde that ultimately brought back Saturn in Scorpio with a vengeance! If there’s any use in holding onto an idea of ‘normalcy’, some sense of what that might look like will emerge for us all by then.

But don’t forget, the seeds which were set during the intense Uranus-Pluto squares (2012-2015) take time to reveal themselves, years in fact. So … yes, ‘normal’ is yet to be determined.

But still… still…The intensity to which we’ve become acclimatized has somehow begun to change. It’s still powerful, it’s still transformative, but it’s giving way to something new. Something that doesn’t feel like a mad, desperate rush to transform, die, be reborn and emerging fighting fit as the resurrected Phoenix ready to breathe fire into its enemies!

Enter the cool breeze that is Libra, the Cardinal Wind Sign, heralded by the Equinox.

The Equinox represents a time in which the length of day is equal to that of night. The Northern Hemisphere welcomes the Autumnal Equinox, whereas the Southern Hemisphere welcomes the Vernal Equinox.

Pagans (and those who share similar beliefs) celebrate Mabon in the North and Ostara in the South. Mabon is the mid-harvest festival, celebrated at the peak of the season. Celebrants give thanks to the Earth for a bountiful harvest. Conversely, Ostara welcomes the fertility of the land and the bounty it is to yield – it is a time in which seeds are blessed before they are planted, in the middle part of spring. Either way, both festivals/equinoxes represent powerful beginnings and endings. What one sows in Ostara, one reaps at Mabon, and the cycle continues thusly, in the middle or peak intensity of each season or turn of the wheel.

In astrological terms, this corresponds well to a Aries New Moon in March/April and a Aries Full Moon in September/October. Both ask us to balance our notions of Self-and-Other and how the two dance in Partnership. This year, it began with the Aries New Moon on April 18, a powerful time for setting the seeds of the Self to emerge – even more so as the New Moon was trined the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius! We shall see those seeds emerge during the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) in Aries on September 28.

We’ve begun the build-up process to the Eclipse a week ago, as its energies intensify gradually, but certainly, in the skies. This Full Moon is especially potent as it involves The Sun, North Node, Juno and Black Moon Lilith in Libra opposing Vesta Retrograde (The Goddess Asteroid of Priestessing), the South Node and the Moon in Aries.

But rather than the volcanic explosion that one might think an Aries Full Moon to be, this one feels a lot more powerful in less noticeable way. Something is to be sacrificed, and no it’s not the kind of thing you see in B-rate films about Goddess Kali. It’s a sacrifice of an old Self, a release of an attachment, the freeing of hold of the past onto the present being. It’s a sacrifice that leads you more completely into devotion, dedication and service – within Partnership.

The burning fires of the Self, having raged fiercely in the belly of the Underworld, no longer have to rage quite as hard. In fact, they can finally calm in the light of day as we decide just what we’re going to do with all this knowledge, experience and new realizations. The same rules no longer apply. One does not light and warm a home with the same intensity of fire that one uses to burn through the shackles of the subconscious.

But this death? Vesta’s (The Priestess’) sacrifice in Aries, doesn’t that sound like more of the same Saturn-in-Scorpio stuff we’ve had to deal with the past few years? I don’t quite see it that way.

I feel the winds of Libra breezing about us now, and contrary to what we’ve felt with Saturn-in-Scorpio, this ‘death’ and release doesn’t have the same quality. It seems to be unshackling us even more, and allowing to find a greater sense of completion and Balance in our lives. And depending on where this occurs in your chart, an understanding of what wholeness looks like and feels like.

I feel that much of this detachment and release will come swifter as we turn to the power of the mind and use its gifts, as we simply say the words that will free us into flying free – though not necessarily solo 😉

I’m sure everyone won’t be feeling it in quite the same way, as we individuate our interpretation of spiritual experiences and astrological movements. But this is my sharing, and I invite you to explore or express the same as you see fit. Be aware that older layers of the self simply have to be shed, if you haven’t already – and you might have a tougher time of things holding onto to things that no longer serve.

The Lunar Eclipse takes place at 4 Aries ’40 ”23 at 02:50 am on September 28th 2015 (UTC time, GM).

Time to see if the baby phoenix has begun to poke through its precious egg yet,

Time to see if that old self (dare I say it) has .. gone with the wind?

Stay Tuned!

 Post & Image ( ‘Ode to Butler’, 2015) © by Bairavee Balasubramaniam.  All rights reserved.


Stellium post

Vanakam, Namaste and Blessings to all. Right now we’re experiencing an intense 5-body stellium in the sign of Libra, involving the energies of: Venus, North Node, Sun, Mercury Retrograde and Pallas Athena. We refer to the conjunction of several astrological bodies/sensitive points as a stellium – it’s a fancy way of saying, they’ve come together as a group and their energies have united.

Conjunctions, like any astrological aspect, are not ‘positive’ or ‘negative’. They simply mean that two energies will blend into one another. This can be a great thing, or a really difficult thing, depending upon how you work with each energy individually, and in combination. What I can tell you, off the bat, is that it’ll feel unusually intense, and powerfully karmic owing to the bodies involved in this stellium. Let’s take a closer look at what each brings to this energetic cocktail:

Venus in Libra – Venus teaches us how to attract what we desire into our lives. It also deals with the way we form connections with or attachment to things, people, anything on the material plane. It is related to the expression of femininity and the anima (female aspect of the psyche). At the mental level, it seeks refinement, and is involved in the formation of our value systems by which we judge what we like/dislike, are/are not, idealize/vilify, etc. In day to day life, Venus’ energy often addresses relationships and partnerships of all kinds. This energy is associated with Goddesses such as Mahalaxmi (venerated during this Deepavali/Diwali season) and Venus/Aphrodite herself.

North Node in Libra – The North Node represents the greatest point of Soul Growth in a chart. It is the direction of greatest inexperience, and therefore, the harder path for someone to generally take. In Libra, the North Node calls for the wisdom of balance, the exercise of discretion, detached judgement and the embodiment of integrity. It’s time to make sure that your needs are honoured alongside those whom you have entered into some kind of partnership with (personal and professional). Libra, ideally, seeks to perfect the balance of Self and Other, without compromising or degrading either party. It’s an energy which inspires us to navigate the boundary between self-negative and self-assertiveness. Due to the karmic nature of the North Node, the way in which you respond to this energetic call will determine the next chapter, or the way in which, your spiritual journey will unfold. Do not take it lightly.

Sun in Libra – The Sun represents the flow of your vital energies, the aspect of Spirit which we all have within us, that is currently ‘in focus’. When the Sun is in a particular sign, we collectively see an emphasized focus upon the activities related to that sign, irrespective of what our own Sun Sign is. It is as though the Universe holds up a temporary magnifying glass and says ‘Look at this part of your life/energy for a while’. In Libra, as previously discussed, the emphasis is on Balance, Relationships, Justice – and Fairness. An easy way to remember this is to recall that Libra is symbolized by the Scales of Justice, a symbol we use in courtrooms and in ancient mythological chambers which weighed the Soul in the Afterlife.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra – Mercury represents the mental realm, the formation of perception, the ability to communicate and convey information, the ability to discern one thing from another (critical thinking) – and quite a lot of other things. With Mercury Retrograde in Libra, the focus is likely to be upon revisiting words (spoken or written), particularly in the context of relationships. This could refer to vows you wrote to your wedding partner, a potential contract with a business partner, or words you spoke in anger to either. Watch out for miscommunications, and do not be surprised if people re-think and revisit things from the past. Retrograde phases are times in which you tend to look back to understand what doesn’t work, and how (if so) it can be fixed, or (if need be) walked away from.

Pallas Athena in Libra – Pallas Athena represents the energies of Goddess Athena (or as I call her Athena Androgenia). It is an energy that has androgynous features as it is both masculine and feminine (using those terms in a stereotyped manner). Athena is the goddess of war, healing and wisdom. She is the Strategos (General) who seeks to find her way to victory through diplomacy, strategic deals and partnerships (in Libra). She seeks to avert conflict unless she is convinced that battle is the only way for her to seek justice. She is a powerful energy to count upon if you are, for example, facing a legal battle through the justice system, or simply having to stand up to someone to say that some arrangement is no longer working for you. Her wisdom allows her to channel her courage and strength in a constructive manner, one which does not cast her as outwardly belligerent – but as focused, strategic, and powerful. In Libra, the focus will be on relationships – remember that, at the end of the day, you’re dealing with another person. Pyrrhic victories are to be avoided – try to find your way out of a situation without making things get unnecessarily ugly or messy. In personal partnerships, remember that using metaphors for battle is … probably not the best approach…. Somebody then ends up ‘losing’, and that might be someone you love or care for deeply – at times, even yourself.

Placing it all together, this stellium asks us to Balance Ourselves in our Partnerships with Others. It asks us to speak up in a way where no one is cast as a villain or adversary. Try to find ‘the middle path’, or a way in which both parties find a way to co-exist without having to compromise something essential. Some people will be removing themselves out of partnerships that no longer work for them, others will be finding new partnerships that do. Know that this is a very Karmic Time, and the people you interact with now (in this capacity) are directly involved in the path of spiritual evolution you forge for yourself on a daily basis. Actions now will continue to unfold and have wider implications for your journey to come. It’s a fantastic time to break out of old patterns – be they of avoiding partnerships, transcending the roots of co-dependent behaviour, or any other pattern of imbalance. Quite a bit of healing is possible at this time, especially if you look at it in terms of breaking away from habit patterns that have kept you from making wise decisions in partnerships. (I’ll talk more about this in a bit).

There’s plenty of sextile (60 degrees) energy between this stellium and Jupiter in Leo, Lilith in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius. Great potentials for growth, the expression of suppressed feminine emotions and assertion in areas of expanding your sense of self awareness. Those with astrological placements at or near 18-24 Pisces/Gemini will experience this as a profound Yod or Finger of Fate.

This stellium also loosely opposes Uranus Retrograde (which feels in the Uranus-Pluto square, of course) and the South Node (which directly opposes the North Node) – both Uranus Rx and the South Node are in Aries. This energy is the opposite of Libra – it’s modus operandi is to assert the Self, first and foremost – often to the extent of forgetting Others. (Libra, on the other hand, can ‘hide’ its identity through its relationships with Others, in an imbalanced state). Ideally, both Uranus/South Node will help you understand that self-assertion is not a bad thing – it’s a key component of self-love. Learning how to balance that in interactions with others is key – as opposed to erasing that emphasis on Self entirely. Remember to draw on the strength of the South Node in Aries – a place of familiarity, almost a fallback or default open – and use that strength to propel you into something new (i.e. North Node energy), currently in Libra.

Also – The Grand Fire Trine between Mars, Jupiter and Uranus Rx, has dissolved. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of Fire energy in the skies

Key dates and times (all in GMT + 8):

Stellium Begins: 6:37 am – October 12, 2014
Sun conjunct North Node: 10:38 pm – October 12
(Near Grand Sextile – Oct 12-13)
Mercury Retrograde conjunct Pallas Athena: 10:18 pm – October 13
Venus conjunct North Node: 11:08 am – Oct 15 ***
Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde: 4:34 am – Oct 17
Venus conjunct Mercury Retrograde: 1:47 am – Oct 18
Stellium Splits: 2:20 am – October 21, 2014

Blessings & Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

SUN-NORTH NODE CONJUNCTION, 19 Lib 12′, October 12 2014, 10:38 pm, GMT + 8


Blessings all! The Near Grand Sextile is activated and the Sun is now conjunct the North Node! This is an annual event of immense significance energetically and astrologically.

The North Node of the Moon is known as Rahu, or the Dragon’s/Serpent’s Head in other systems of astrology (e.g. Vedic, etc.). It represents a place of inexperience for a soul, an area or avenue through which further growth is possible.

The South Node of the Moon is known as Ketu, or the Dragon’s/Serpent’s Tail. It represents a place of familiarity or prior experience from previous incarnations.

The North Node represents the Direction we are to take, the South Node represents the Fallback point (into old habits, behaviors, expectations, patterns) that we may entrench ourselves in fearing change. There are many gifts and strengths to be also found in the South Node position, gifts which can be applied into the unfamiliar territory represented by the North Node. You could think of the North Node as the Direction for Greatest Soul Growth, whereas the Soul Node represents the Position of Greatest Stagnation or Entrenchment.

At this time, the North Node and the Sun are both at 19 Libra (and naturally, as the two are perfectly opposed, the South Node is at 19 Aries).

So what do we make of the Sun-North Node conjunction (or Sun-South Node opposition)?

The Sun represents the Light of Consciousness and also the flow of Spirit through our individuated Souls, Minds, Egos, Bodies and Being (according to astrologer Raymond Merriman). In Libra, the flow of Spirit is focused upon the ways in which we (Self) exist in relation to Others. It focuses upon the partnerships and collaborations which we find ourselves in at home or at work.

I see this energy as also addressing the Shadow Side of the Self which seeks integration in one’s Consciousness. For very often, we seek partners who exhibit qualities which we feel we do not or cannot possess – and so – at a subtle level – we seek to recognize those parts of ourselves through the process of mirroring one another.

With the Sun in this sign, the emphasis is on the choices we make in partnership, and also upon recognizing the play of light, dark, rainbow, gray, etc. within ourselves. It is a call for the wisdom and vision of detachment in which all sides are considered before judgement is made, and if required, justice meted.

The North Node indicates that this exercise of self-recognition, and the valuation of self, particularly in partnerships, etc. represents the greatest direction for Soul Growth at this time. It is a time to learn how to assert yourself and understand your own needs as part of a larger union. And to do so in a way that honors and values the principles of balance, harmony and equality.

The South Node in Aries, on the other hand, is all too aware of the Self, and is in need of recognizing ‘The Other’ as an equally valuable, and necessary part of Existence. Libran energy may seek to hide its own self-recognition in the identities of others, whilst Arian energy may seek to overly assert itself so as to avoid the need for the recognition of others and their needs, in the first place. Both signs do so as to avoid facing crises of fundamental crises in identity, or deeply rooted insecurities.

Essentially: Where Libra may be afraid to be seen as an individual, Aries fears getting lost in a crowd or becoming invisible.

With this current placement, know that individuals may be very polarized in their engagement with both energies. One party may be all too accommodating to another which essentially decides that it’s ‘their way or the highway’, etc. The key here is not to essentially to give up self/give into another person’s wishes – it is to find a centred place of self-assertion – without getting too aggressive about it.

It’s also about using the conscious energy of the Sun to choose which partnerships best suit you in the current part of your journey, and which do not. Which partnerships allow you to be the best you can be, and which bring you down? Why do certain dynamics keep occurring? Is there something about yourself that you are in denial of? Something you could do with addressing? etc.

These are some of the questions you could address right now. Food for thought, at the very least.

Intuitively, with the combination of the Near Grand Sextile in the sky and this Sun-North Node Conjunction, I feel as though the Universe is giving us a great opportunity to rapidly work through past karmic lessons and move into a whole new chapter of our journeys at this time. Do not be afraid to draw upon the strengths of the South Node (self-assertiveness, conviction, passion, etc. ) but know that this is but one aspect of energy in what is a much larger picture.

Seek Pathways of Balance right now in your Life. Try not to sweat the small stuff or take the erratic behaviours of others personally – just make sure you’re doing the right thing for yourself and harming no one else, including yourself.

Blessings and Peace to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Article on the Near Grand Sextile which the Sun & North Node are a part of –

** The Sun/North Node also form sextiles to Jupiter (17 Leo) and Mars (19 Sag). Those with planets at or near 18 Pisces and 18-19 Taurus will feel this as two powerfully karmic yods.
Image Information: Eve at Eden – – 1229365.jpg – Jonathan Billinger [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons