SUN-NORTH NODE CONJUNCTION, 19 Lib 12′, October 12 2014, 10:38 pm, GMT + 8


Blessings all! The Near Grand Sextile is activated and the Sun is now conjunct the North Node! This is an annual event of immense significance energetically and astrologically.

The North Node of the Moon is known as Rahu, or the Dragon’s/Serpent’s Head in other systems of astrology (e.g. Vedic, etc.). It represents a place of inexperience for a soul, an area or avenue through which further growth is possible.

The South Node of the Moon is known as Ketu, or the Dragon’s/Serpent’s Tail. It represents a place of familiarity or prior experience from previous incarnations.

The North Node represents the Direction we are to take, the South Node represents the Fallback point (into old habits, behaviors, expectations, patterns) that we may entrench ourselves in fearing change. There are many gifts and strengths to be also found in the South Node position, gifts which can be applied into the unfamiliar territory represented by the North Node. You could think of the North Node as the Direction for Greatest Soul Growth, whereas the Soul Node represents the Position of Greatest Stagnation or Entrenchment.

At this time, the North Node and the Sun are both at 19 Libra (and naturally, as the two are perfectly opposed, the South Node is at 19 Aries).

So what do we make of the Sun-North Node conjunction (or Sun-South Node opposition)?

The Sun represents the Light of Consciousness and also the flow of Spirit through our individuated Souls, Minds, Egos, Bodies and Being (according to astrologer Raymond Merriman). In Libra, the flow of Spirit is focused upon the ways in which we (Self) exist in relation to Others. It focuses upon the partnerships and collaborations which we find ourselves in at home or at work.

I see this energy as also addressing the Shadow Side of the Self which seeks integration in one’s Consciousness. For very often, we seek partners who exhibit qualities which we feel we do not or cannot possess – and so – at a subtle level – we seek to recognize those parts of ourselves through the process of mirroring one another.

With the Sun in this sign, the emphasis is on the choices we make in partnership, and also upon recognizing the play of light, dark, rainbow, gray, etc. within ourselves. It is a call for the wisdom and vision of detachment in which all sides are considered before judgement is made, and if required, justice meted.

The North Node indicates that this exercise of self-recognition, and the valuation of self, particularly in partnerships, etc. represents the greatest direction for Soul Growth at this time. It is a time to learn how to assert yourself and understand your own needs as part of a larger union. And to do so in a way that honors and values the principles of balance, harmony and equality.

The South Node in Aries, on the other hand, is all too aware of the Self, and is in need of recognizing ‘The Other’ as an equally valuable, and necessary part of Existence. Libran energy may seek to hide its own self-recognition in the identities of others, whilst Arian energy may seek to overly assert itself so as to avoid the need for the recognition of others and their needs, in the first place. Both signs do so as to avoid facing crises of fundamental crises in identity, or deeply rooted insecurities.

Essentially: Where Libra may be afraid to be seen as an individual, Aries fears getting lost in a crowd or becoming invisible.

With this current placement, know that individuals may be very polarized in their engagement with both energies. One party may be all too accommodating to another which essentially decides that it’s ‘their way or the highway’, etc. The key here is not to essentially to give up self/give into another person’s wishes – it is to find a centred place of self-assertion – without getting too aggressive about it.

It’s also about using the conscious energy of the Sun to choose which partnerships best suit you in the current part of your journey, and which do not. Which partnerships allow you to be the best you can be, and which bring you down? Why do certain dynamics keep occurring? Is there something about yourself that you are in denial of? Something you could do with addressing? etc.

These are some of the questions you could address right now. Food for thought, at the very least.

Intuitively, with the combination of the Near Grand Sextile in the sky and this Sun-North Node Conjunction, I feel as though the Universe is giving us a great opportunity to rapidly work through past karmic lessons and move into a whole new chapter of our journeys at this time. Do not be afraid to draw upon the strengths of the South Node (self-assertiveness, conviction, passion, etc. ) but know that this is but one aspect of energy in what is a much larger picture.

Seek Pathways of Balance right now in your Life. Try not to sweat the small stuff or take the erratic behaviours of others personally – just make sure you’re doing the right thing for yourself and harming no one else, including yourself.

Blessings and Peace to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Article on the Near Grand Sextile which the Sun & North Node are a part of –

** The Sun/North Node also form sextiles to Jupiter (17 Leo) and Mars (19 Sag). Those with planets at or near 18 Pisces and 18-19 Taurus will feel this as two powerfully karmic yods.
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