Vesta, the Priestess or Sacred Facilitator, has been in the sign of Taurus since early March 2016. In this sign, she focuses upon finding her means of Service through the sensual, embodied, fleshy material realm. For some, it will be a call to renounce all these things, and for others, it will be a time to embody and celebrate them fully. Some will find that they´re doing both, in certain ways. Perhaps a letting go of conventional ideas of relating to the Earth and the material world, and a celebration of far older ways. There are many ways that can play out. In this article, I´m going to focus on the Earth-Gaia-aspect of it, with practical suggestions.

Unsurprisingly, the entry of Vesta into Taurus matches the time I spent in the UK on pilgrimage and strongly echoes the lessons I learnt and experiences I had there. Most of my time was spent in the countryside, far away from the cities. I felt the ancient heritage of the land and the ways its people have learnt to commune with that consciousness over time – and equally – how that relationship has been tampered with in more recent times.

At this time, those of us who work with the archetype of the Spiritual Facilitator, Earth-Worker, Priest/ess, etc. will be feeling this powerful call to serve Mother Earth. It is an excellent time to honor Her energy, presence and consciousness – and to acknowledge the harm that we, as a species, have done.

At times this comes through construction work and over-development that does not take into account the consciousness of the land it is built on. And at other times, this comes from intentional energetic tampering. You´d be surprised at how strongly that came through in the sites I visited whilst on pilgrimage. Be it through those seeking to tap into the energy hotspots to promote their personal growth (at the expense of others), or well-intentioned healers ending up amplying the damage that´s already been done.

Even in Glastonbury, of all places.

Since my last visit there to 2012, the vibration of that land has shifted (and not in a good way). More and more energy-workers and sensitives prefer to live away from the town center itself, or to avoid certain parts of it. It´s whispered between practitioners and those in the know, but really – it´s something that needs to be acknowledged.

And it´s certainly not an isolated incident. Consider the politics of control and the proposed commercialization of Stonhenge, an ancient ceremonial site!

Though .. coming back to the immediate present — Here´s a couple of ideas that you can use in your own celebration or dedication of Service to our Great Mother, Gaia.

Consider honoring the Earth in ways that celebrate her, allow her to ´remember´ her own beauty, fertility and vibrance.

Be it through ritual, focused intentions, prayers, gemstone grids – or simply a heartelt acknowledgement and the giving of thanks.

Sit under a tree, or on your favourite patch of soil and simply allow yourself to listen. Remember to unplug if things get too intense.

Working in groups is probably going to be more effective than doing it solo, for most. The land retains a lot of energy, and sometimes, when forced into an unnatural alignment, the pain and anxieties of the people who live on it (and its own consciousness). That´s too much for one person to handle.

It´s an excellent time to begin reaching out to others who can do this kind of work with integrity and knowledge. It´s quite a sophisticated skill-set … think of it as a long-forgotten form of energy technology.  In other words – If doing energetic work on a specific piece of land, seek guidance from an experienced practitioner.

That being said, honoring the Earth with your love in a simple, direct way is something that you can do as an individual. A prayer of thanks, a prayer of love.

Plant seeds if you can, and with each seed – set an intention of love, or of giving back to the Great Mother. Of finding ways of coexistence that allow us to honor Her cycles, and our own needs.

For those of you who prefer gemstone tools, try working with natural smoky quartz, black tourmaline, hematite, pyrite or moss agate – or whatever truly calls. There´s plenty of options.

Now, this is just one part of Taurus´energy – others will be working through the same dynamic, and need to serve, through others aspects of material manifestation – exploring other channels of abundance. For some that will involve the tactile body, and for others the exchange of goods, items, services and currency.

Whatever medium you use, treat it with integrity, but remember to give back  🙂 And keep the cycles of love flowing.

Those who are facing blocks surrounding that side of things – especially as there is so much spiritual shaming that comes on the moment you talk about money, sex or the material realm – consider working with the Carnelian gemstone on the sacral chakra center.

For those dealing with very raw, tender wounds that inhibit the creative expression – and pleasure within – your body, try working with Thulite or Rhodocrosite. For those who need help holding their own space in the process, try Rhodonite. You can lay these on your body or wear them as jewellery.

Finally, be it through Earth-energy-working, or simply dealing with issues of self-worth/self-esteem – if you do feel you need a mantra that can clear your space and bring you back into the present – I´d reccomend this one. The Lion Goddess (Pratyangira Devi) meditation. Deeply energizing, loving and … absolutely protective. .. Much like the Earth herself <3.



I hope these suggestions are of use and benefit. It´s a wonderful time to expand our spiritual tools and practices to work directly with the Earth-plane and to acknowledge what has been done, but also, what can be done to restore balance in the most loving way possible. And to reach out to others who do the same.

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam ❤  ❤  ❤

The Sky Priestess

Post & Image ´Sunset from Boscawen-Un, Cornwall, March 2016´ ©Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2016.

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