CELESTIAL INFLUENCES THAT SHAPE THE URANUS-PLUTO EXPERIENCE : Mercury in Pisces, Saturn Retrograde, Venus at 29 Aries and The Aquarian Moon

Celestial influences

Blessings to all. This post is about the other dimensions of change coming to us all, triggered by the powerful, final exact square of Uranus/Pluto – as expressed through Mercury in Pisces, Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius-Scorpio, Venus at 29 Aries, the Moon in Aquarius, and so on. Practical guidance and more information on Uranus-Pluto specifically is provided here: http://wp.me/p4OUNS-nW – I reccomend reading both pieces together for a fuller picture of what’s going on right now.

The biggest planetary change of late has been the start of the Saturn Retrograde on March 13. Over the next 13-weeks, Saturn will move backwards into Sagittarius, then Scorpio – asking us to revisit the lessons of the Underworld, the use/abuse of power, the honoring of sacral/intimate boundaries and the chance to resurrect the self from the fires of transformation. Right now it’s still in Sagittarius, but its energy has already ‘changed direction’ so to speak. Energetic lessons are processing now with a deeper inner focus, than what was just a week or two ago. Decisions made now feel like they have a greater weight and a heavier influence on karmic imprints and dynamics we’re working through. Bear in mind that Saturn is squared Mercury and Neptune (discussed below).

Mercury shifted into Pisces on the same day (March 13), allowing us to to find messages, insights, breakthroughs, information and the possibility of communicating with the deeper aspects of self – through all that Pisces represents. Here is where we go, as I like to say, ‘fingertip to fingertip with the Divine’. Here is the realm of the Collective Unconscious, the waters of the Cosmic Ocean that unite us all. Meditative practices that seek to transcend the mind and ego will be beneficial, as will simply allowing yourselves to ‘just be’. Practice compassion and with it, a detached perspective. Stay away from the cycles of blame, shame, guilt – and the archetypes of ‘victim’, ‘martyr’, ‘narcissist’, ‘abuser’ and so on. Generally good advice, but especially so now.

I feel that most people will be better off processing by themselves and finding the ways which are right for them to do so. Those who feel particularly vulnerable, would of course be advised to surround themselves with good company and in a supportive, space. It’s really not an alignment with a ‘one size fits all’ type of solution, which is why I’m keeping this post fairly open-ended.

Mercury is in a loose conjunction with Neptune, which stresses the need for open-endedness and a willingness to embrace the Mystery and its non-linear brand of magic. This is also why many are responding to the challenge of this alignment with the (quintessential) Piscean response of acceptance and surrender to the Divine. Remember that surrender is not the same as ‘giving up’ or ‘calling it quits’. It’s a more open, receptive and compassionate place born of Faith.

With the square to Saturn Retrograde, it’s important not to get too fixed in your own ideas of Truth, and to accept that everyone has the right to choose their own paths. Seeking to educate others on the perceived ‘folly’ of their ways is probably going to be an exercise in frustration … so I’d suggest avoiding that. Live and let live, being the operant phrase.

During the actual (exact) square (2:46 am, March 17th, GMT/UTC time), Venus will be at the Anaretic/Teminal 29th degree of Aries. Many of us will be feeling the need to break through some earlier understandings of Self and the right/need to Assert it in some way. Many of us will begin to release from Ego-centered perception, and to begin a new chapter, seeing the Self through the eyes of Spirit. Ideas surrounding what constitutes the Fiery/Assertive forms of Femininity will also undergo a significant change. More nuance, subtlety and understanding will come in working with the Solar Archetype of the Feminine (nope, She’s not always associated with the Moon, nor He with the Sun).

We will learn when to burn, when to roar, when to blaze through – and when that’s simply not required. This applies to just about everyone. The Goddesses who call to me the strongest at this time are Durga-Ma, Pratyangira Devi and Narasimhmi-Ma (fiery, Lion Goddesses). I wouldn’t be surprised if others were feeling drawn to similar figures in other pantheons – such as Lady Bast, Lady Sekhmet, and so on.

Those of you wondering about the Masculine, bear in mind that Mars (one of His representations) is in loose conjunction with Uranus itself, trined Jupiter Retrograde in Leo. The transformation is one that cuts across the male-female binary, in other words.

These shifts in self-perception and understanding of the Feminine will pave the way for a healthier, more grounded, more equitable value system through which we perceive, seek to manifest and relate to – as Venus enters Taurus. Here is when we begin to set the seeds of a new form or ideal of stability and rootedness. Here is when we begin to see how we are all connected through the womb of the Earth, as Her children, custodians, and recipients/givers within the flow of Abundance. Here is where we take that breakthrough energy with the Fires of Self and realize how they come from Mama-Gaia – and that all of us who exist on this planet share that same energetic origin and connection. It’s a powerful moment for those who work with the energy of the planet and the Rising Feminine Principle and an excellent time to clear the debris and prepare for the work of planetary healing.

Last but not least, the Aquarian Moon will be connecting your emotions and intuition the detached abstraction of mind in beautiful (what one might call whole-brain) balance. The Moon will be trined to the North Node in Libra and sextiled the South Node in Aries. This ‘Wedge’ alignment will help us find a way to navigate the karmic gauntlet and discover new ways of finding a deeper, truer sense of Balance and Co-existence, without compromising the truth of the Self.

The Aquarian Moon forms a second Wedge (opposing Juno, sextiling Saturn Retrograde with Saturn trined Juno). This particular Wedge teaches us more about opening to the Divine Feminine (Juno) and the soul-level experiences that seek to complete and complement the lessons you have come to learn. In Leo (and now direct), Juno speaks to the expressive, sacral-powered, sensual and creative aspects of the Feminine, as well as the archetype of the Lion/Big Cats. Little wonder that I’m drawn to the Goddesses listed above. In day to day practice – this alignment calls you to – Use your head, use your heart, and try not to take others’ judgment of your path personally, and avoiding judging others in turn.

The Moon will, later in the day (on March 17), oppose Jupiter Retrograde before it activates the above-mentioned Wedge. Even more opportunities for learning, expanding the understanding of Self, connecting with Guidance, healing the Sacral & Inner Child Archetype … The Moon will also be inconjunct to Black Moon Lilith at 12 Virgo. Those with placements at or near 12 Cancer will experience this as a profound Yod – Finger of Fate/Karma/God/Goddess Placement! The inconjunct alone pushes us all to develop a more balanced outlook on the energies of the Dark Mother and Dark Priestess archetype. (And no, Darkness is not Evil, it’s just a different form of energy – a lot of Sacred Nurturing can come from that space)

There’s even more happening in the skies – it’s just a very busy time in the cosmos. What I’d ideally want you to take away from this piece (at minimum) is the understanding that the Uranus-Pluto shift isn’t just focused on Aries and Capricorn – it links up to so many other houses, bodies and placements in the sky (and in our natal charts). As you would have noticed … I haven’t even talked about the significance of the approaching Solar Eclipse & Equinox in all this – stay tuned for that in a later pieces.

In Short,

There’s multiple layers and dimensions to the transformation that is taking place right now – making it a very exciting time to be alive! ❤ ❤ ❤

Blessings, and much Love to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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– Who am I? How did I get started on The Path?
– What is the Nurturing Feminine/Masculine?
– What is the Assertive Masculine/Feminine?
– Astrological Bodies that represent the Feminine/Masculine
– Interpreting Venus & Mars in the Natal Chart
– The Goddess & God in Astrology
– Reinterpreting Juno and Virgo
– The Fiery Venus: Going back to Goddesses Ishtar and Inanna
– The Compassionate Masculine: The Christ Archetype and Lord Shiva
– Eroding Gender Binaries and its Impact on Astrological Interpretation
– The Path of Formlessness / Dissolution
– What is ‘The Shadow’? (Goddess Chinnamasta as Compassion, Saturn as Crone-Love – Reversing the Archetypes and bringing them into balance)
– Nessus & Overcoming the Cycle of Abuse
– Eros & Intimacy
– Re-defining Astrology as a Tool of Healing

+ why everything said in this interview is but one Truth, not fixed, and open to Interpretation and Evolution … breaking through the stereotypes!


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Blessings to all,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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